This Vietnam Vet Watched 7 Friends Die of Prostate Cancer…


Then he discovered an
all-natural secret to beat it
—and it saved his life!

The same breakthrough
can save you,
your prostate—and your
sex drive—from a
surgeon’s knife!

Effectiveness confirmed by
an independent researcher
hired by M.D. Andersen
Cancer Center – yet you
won’t hear about it from
your doctor!

     Dear Friend,

     Imagine watching seven of your friends die from prostate cancer and then wondering if you’re going to be the next one facing a death sentence…

     That’s exactly what happened to John S.

     Guys he served with in Vietnam suddenly started dropping like flies from prostate cancer. Seven men from his platoon died of the dreaded disease. And many of them were only in their 50’s!

     Some experts say it’s because soldiers in Vietnam were exposed to high levels of Agent Orange, a toxic jungle defoliant.

     In 2002 John thought his number was up, just like his 7 buddies before him.

     A biopsy of John’s prostate showed 10 out of 12 tissue samples were full of cancer. His Gleason Scores, which show how aggressive the cancer is, were a high 6 and 7.  In his own words…

“I was advised that even with surgery and radiation,
I would need a miracle to survive”

     John got a second opinion and then a third one.  Every doctor told him there was no hope.  But the doctors were wrong. (As you’ll see, they often are when it comes to prostate cancer.) There WAS hope.

     Eighteen months later, John called family and friends with great news: “My ‘terminal’ prostate tumor is shrinking!”

     That’s unheard of with advanced prostate cancer when it’s treated with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. But John didn’t use any of the treatments his conventional doctors recommended. He figured, why go through hell just to die anyway – the same as 7 of his army buddies?

     Instead, he tried an amazing natural prostate cancer breakthrough prized in top alternative cancer clinics around the world. And this natural breakthrough could save you or someone you care about from prostate cancer. You see, not only did John’s prostate tumor get smaller, the so-called ‘terminal’ cancer went away completely!

     Four years later, when conventional doctors said he’d be dead, John was very much alive. And without a single sign or symptom of prostate cancer. Even better, he suffered absolutely no side effects.

Hi, I’m Lee Euler, publisher of Cancer Defeated.  I’ve spent the last six years investigating cancer treatments. And I’ve got some really good news about prostate cancer that can save your life or the life of someone you love. 

Click the play button to play the three-minute video and see for yourself

This is big news for men everywhere!

     If you undergo surgery or radiation for prostate cancer in any stage it can steal your bladder control and your sex life.  I’m not going to beat around the bush: prostate cancer treatment can leave you unable to have sex AND wearing diapers! And if you’ve got what they call late-stage cancer, the treatments probably won’t do you a bit of good. Studies show one to four more months of life is considered a big 'success!'

     Why suffer for a cure that probably won’t work?!!  I want you to know all about the remarkable all-natural discovery that saved John…

The Prostate Cancer Cure Hidden in
Your Kitchen Pantry

     Imagine, the cure to prostate cancer—in your own kitchen!

     One common, all-natural food is proving more powerful against prostate cancer than radiation, surgery, even chemotherapy. I’m not talking about something expensive or far out.  You can find this food in almost every kitchen.

     M.D. Anderson Cancer Center hired an independent cancer researcher to review this natural discovery, and here’s what he said: “This is incredible! How come nothing has ever been done about this before?”

     Most surprising, this food isn’t a deep green leafy vegetable or a fruit that’s rich in vitamins and minerals. In fact, it isn’t considered a health food at all! (Far from it, if you want to know the truth.)

     You see, this food tastes too wonderful to be good for you. Kids especially love it.

     What is this great tasting, magical cancer-fighting wonder?

     Sugar. Nothing more complicated or dangerous than that. But you don’t eat it!

     You could eat sugar until the cows come home and you won’t cure prostate cancer or cancer of any kind. You’ll probably just gain weight and send your blood sugar through the roof!

     If, God forbid, your days are numbered because of advanced prostate cancer like John then remember this ‘sweet’ life-saving secret:

     When doctors put a special concentrated mixture of sugar and potent natural compounds into an IV, prostate cancer cells are goners.

     Suddenly, sugar is deadly. Or so it appears.  But actually, the sugar isn’t what kills the cancer. It’s just the bait that gets cancer cells to open their big hungry mouths and take in the natural compounds that REALLY kill them.  Cancer cells LOVE sugar and you can fool them into committing suicide, if you use it the right way!

     Studies show “sugar treatment” does to cancer cells what kryptonite does to Superman—it makes them weak and virtually powerless. It breaks down cancer cells’ defenses so they can be annihilated from the inside out.  Meanwhile, your healthy cells stay safe.

     Even cancer specialists from the National Institutes of Health were impressed when they saw the research, and they’ve asked for more. But you don’t have to wait for more studies…

     All-natural “sugar treatment” is saving men’s lives right now. The bad news is, you can’t get it from most doctors. But you can get it for yourself or a man you care about if you know the right doctors to ask. And that’s the information I want to give you.

Announcing today’s leading alternatives
that beat prostate cancer

     My name is Lee Euler.  I’m the head of a publishing group called Cancer Defeated. For the last 6 years my colleagues and I have traveled the world searching for the best alternative cancer treatments being ignored by conventional doctors.

     We find unknown and even banned cancer treatments and put them in the hands of health-conscious people like you. We don’t sell the treatments. We just tell people what they are and how to get them.

     We’ve visited 40 clinics and talked with scores of cancer doctors and experts about better, safer ways to treat cancer…

     We’ve met dozens of patients whose lives have been saved by powerful alternative treatments that are free of dangerous side effects…

     We’ve given hope to more than 75,000 people who NOW know exactly what to do for themselves, their loved ones or their friends when cancer strikes. And we’ve made some absolutely incredible discoveries about prostate cancer.

     I’m here to tell you that you can slow, stop and even cure prostate cancer. And you can cure it naturally without damaging surgery or dangerous radiation and chemotherapy.

     What this means is that you get to keep your prostate, your sex drive and your bladder all in working order—so you’ll never be impotent and in diapers. In fact, because these treatments are non-toxic, you'll most likely experience NO side effects at all!

     The “sugar treatment” that saved John is only the beginning. And it’s urgent that you hear about all of these wonderful discoveries, because even after decades of research and hundreds of lives saved, conventional medicine is completely ignoring them!

Why you can’t get this life-saving knowledge from your doctor

     Even though your doctor has your best interests at heart, he or she can’t tell you about the incredible breakthroughs that are healing prostate cancer, or any cancer for that matter.

     But don’t blame doctors!  They’re no more responsible for this outrage than John and his buddies are for losing in Vietnam!

     Doctors’ hands are tied.  The FDA has made it practically illegal for doctors in this country to treat cancer using anything but radiation, surgery and chemotherapy.  They can’t tell you what I’m telling you here even if they want to!

     But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to travel to a faraway clinic to find a cure. You can still get alternatives like natural “sugar treatment” right here in the U.S.– and it’s all on the level—IF you know who to ask and what to ask for.

     I’ve prepared a new Special Report to tell you all about the life-saving alternatives.  This Special Report is called ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects.

     Five minutes from now, you can be reading where to go to get the “sugar treatment” that saved John from advanced prostate cancer.

     If you want to save your life with this amazing treatment, you need to hook up with a certain doctor, and in Chapter Two I give you his name, address and phone number. Plus, you’ll learn additional little-known secrets that can heal prostate cancer at any stage – even late-stage cancer that conventional doctors have declared hopeless…  

     Do these treatments work for every single patient? No, of course not.  But they boast a much higher success rate than the chemotherapy, radiation and surgery options offered by conventional doctors.

     Depending on whether your cancer is early-stage or late-stage, these treatments give you a fifty to ninety percent chance of success!

     Personally, if I had prostate cancer I wouldn’t hesitate for one minute to choose these alternatives first.  I’ve spent six years looking into this, and now I know what to do. Let me show you, your loved ones, even your friends...

How to nearly DOUBLE your chances of a prostate cancer cure!

     I want to let you in on an important secret about prostate cancer:  Not every alternative treatment is effective against this particular type of cancer.

     You may have heard about alternative treatments that work against stomach cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer or another kind of cancer. But please understand that’s no proof they’ll work well against prostate cancer.

     In other words, just knowing about powerful alternatives isn’t enough to ensure you’ll find a safe, successful cure for prostate cancer! But there is something you can do to increase your chances of success…

     If you or someone you care about is ever diagnosed with prostate cancer, make sure you select a treatment with a strong track record fighting prostate cancer—and fighting your particular stage of prostate cancer. By doing this one simple thing you can nearly double your chances of a cure. Best of all, my new Special Report makes it easy…

     ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects tells you when each alternative is effective, such as, in early- or late- stage prostate cancers. This saves you precious time and money sifting through—or even trying—other alternative treatments that may not work as well.

     For example, if you’ve got early prostate cancer, there’s a brand-new breakthrough that can help you get rid of it quickly and safely!

Sound treatment “melts away”
early prostate tumors

     At Indiana University in Bloomington, scientists are on the cutting-edge of a medical breakthrough. This amazing treatment attacks aggressive tumors at the cellular level.

     Prostate cancer cells are like little fortresses—your immune cells can’t penetrate them. That’s how prostate cancer cells grow with wild abandon and leech into nearby organs and bones, slowly killing you. Prostate cancer cells, like many cancer cells, seem untouchable.

     It’s why conventional doctors often recommend cutting out your prostate if there’s any sign of cancer—even if the cancer is still in an early stage. Their motto? When in doubt, cut it out.

     And that’s what makes this new breakthrough from Indiana University so remarkable. You don’t have to lose your prostate or your sex drive to a surgeon’s knife. Scientists developed a way to melt away prostate cancer—and leave your prostate intact—using sound waves.

Independent researchers announce discovery
“effective in 9 out of 10 men!”

     This sound wave breakthrough went through clinical study in the U.S., Germany and Japan with excellent results. In fact, researchers in Japan found men with early prostate cancer had a 94 PERCENT cure rate, even three years after treatment.

     And treatment couldn’t be easier.  Just ask Gary. According to him, his treatment was a pain-free “breeze.” In fact, Gary recounted how he “celebrated” getting rid of his prostate cancer that very same night with a buffet dinner.

     Great results like this are why the FDA has begun clinical trials. Unfortunately, it could be years before sound wave therapy sees the light of day—if ever!

     The FDA has a history of covering up alternative breakthroughs that threaten the medical industry’s money-making status quo.

     They did it to a Texas doctor who’s famous for treating ‘hopeless’ breast cancer successfully using a specialized gene therapy. The government tried to yank his license, but after decades of legal wrangling he’s allowed to treat patients on a limited basis.

     Tragically, most people still haven’t heard about him or his amazing treatment!  After six years of studying cancer treatments, I could tell you about at least a dozen proven, effective cancer treatments that have been forbidden and denied to American patients. (And I DO tell you about the best ones for prostate cancer in my new Special Report.)

     Don’t wait to uncover this sound wave breakthrough for yourself. You get the full story in ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects. My new report may be the only way you’ll ever hear about it. Just turn to Chapter Six to learn exactly what sound wave treatment involves and where men like Gary are going to get it.

     Then, you’ll want to check out Chapter Four where you’ll discover another remarkable treatment. This one saved Herb from recurrent prostate cancer, even after other alternatives failed.

Herb thought he’d whipped prostate
cancer, but it came back even worse!

     Stanford University Medical Center doctors couldn’t cure Herb’s prostate cancer. In spite of undergoing a radical prostatectomy (prostate removal surgery), thirteen years later Herb had prostate cancer again. Herb’s not the only one. I’ve seen this happen to many men who’ve undergone conventional surgery or radiation.

     You may wonder, how can prostate cancer come back when you don’t have a prostate?  Answer: The cancer grows in nearby tissues and bones. That’s exactly what happened to Herb…

     His PSA shot up to an unbelievable 135. And positron emission tomography scans or PET scans confirmed the worst news. In Herb’s own words…

     “[there were] widespread bone metastases in my spine, ribs, pelvis and right femur.” 

     Herb decided to seek treatment at a reputable alternative cancer clinic. But to his great surprise, they couldn’t cure him either! Their treatment worked like gangbusters for other types of cancer, but they didn’t do a thing when it came to Herb’s prostate cancer.

     That’s when Herb made a shocking decision. He opted to treat his cancer at home, on his own. Herb's doctors scoffed, but within two weeks he felt stronger and his pain had diminished… Within six months scans showed a dramatic improvement in his cancer…

     Within ten months the cancer was gone!

Remarkable at-home treatment puts
prostate cancer cells on a starvation diet!

     The power of Herb’s alternative prostate cancer treatment is amazing. Especially when you consider how easy it is to use on your own, at home.

     You see, this treatment doesn’t require turning your life upside down, changing your diet, or taking a dozen different supplements. You need nothing more than one amazing liquid that’s so safe you can give it to a baby, yet it’s such a potent cancer killer that it wiped out nearly 100% of cancer cells within 48 hours in tests at the National Cancer Institute.

     How does it work? By targeting cancer cells’ ability to feed.

     It’s a medical fact: when you don’t eat, you die. The same thing happens to cancer cells. They literally starve to death. This amazing treatment blocks them from eating.

     Find out all about it in ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects.  This liquid comes in two varieties, and you’ll discover which type is the best for prostate cancer. Chapter Four tells you everything you need to know to order it.

     But please, don’t wait to uncover this life-saving information! The earlier you begin treatment the higher your chances of success.  And that’s another way my new Special Report can save your life or the life of someone you care about: by giving you the tools to find prostate cancer months or years before the tests most doctors offer

How to find prostate cancer
up to 19 months earlier than a PSA test!

     Imagine being able to find cancer growing in your prostate over a year and a half earlier than it could ever be picked up by your doctor! 

     The sooner you know you have prostate cancer, the greater the chance of a cure. And that’s true whether you choose conventional treatment, alternative therapy or use them both together – which you can do.  In fact, almost all the breakthroughs in my Special Report can be used along with conventional treatments – if that’s what you want. It’s your choice to make.

     But if you’re relying ONLY on the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test to tell you if there’s cancer growing in your prostate, I’ve got urgent news…

     You’re missing out on an incredible breakthrough that could save your life or the life of your loved one from this silent killer!

     A brilliant doctor from Harvard developed what may be the earliest cancer-detection test ever discovered.

     It can find cancer up to 19 months before it can be felt, seen or even picked up by your doctor’s PSA test. Studies involving over 4,000 patients with prostate and other cancers show an early-cancer-detection success rate of 95 percent.

     That means if you’ve got a prostate tumor—or any other kind of tumor—you’ll know you’ve got cancer silently growing out of control in your body. And you can spring into action right away to get rid of it, using the information in this Special Report!

     But before you ask about this test at your next check-up you should know that it’s not available in your doctor’s office. And it’s not because it requires special high-tech equipment—hardly! This amazing test is a simple blood test just like the PSA. And like the PSA, it’s even approved by the FDA. So how come your doctor isn’t using it?

     The cancer industry is still choosing profit over precision. Even cancer industry experts admit it! Especially when it comes to prostate cancer…

Think you’re cancer-free?
Don’t trust what your PSA tells you!

     In a clinical study, the PSA test missed cancer in 2,950 men. Many of these men had high-grade prostate cancer—yet they were told they were cancer-free! It’s not just one study. Other studies have come up with the same kind of results.

     The inventor of the PSA test now calls his own discovery a “profit driven public health disaster...[that’s] hardly more effective than a coin toss”…

     Would you risk your life or the life of someone you love on the flip of a coin? Of course not.

     If you’re worried about prostate cancer—or cancer of any kind—you’ll want to turn to Chapter Eight right away. You’ll learn how to get a FREE early detection test kit for you and every member of your family (you pay for the lab work—about $165).

     Besides telling you about this better alternative to the PSA test, ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!blows the lid off another test that’s causing problems for men everywhere.

     I’m talking about biopsies. The prostate biopsy is a test I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It involves a long needle and your rectum—I’ll spare you the gruesome details (they’re all in my Special Report).

     For now, what you need to know is biopsies spread cancer. The report reveals a BETTER alternative to prostate biopsy. Let me explain...

Now you can find prostate tumors
WITHOUT a needle!

     A cutting-edge medical test may one day make prostate biopsy obsolete. The Chairman of Urology and Surgery at the famous Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center calls it “the greatest diagnostic test that we have ever had for prostate cancer.”

     Instead of a needle this test uses magnetic fields much like a traditional MRI—so there’s no dangerous radiation either.

     Besides showing you whether there’s a tumor in your prostate, this new test can also reveal if your prostate tumor has spread. It works much better than a traditional PET scan. But even though this test is readily available, don’t expect to hear about it from your doctor anytime soon.

     Doctors are still using PSA tests, biopsies, and PET scans! Recent research shows it can take 17 years for new breakthroughs to get into doctors’ hands. But ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects will tell you all about this cutting-edge test and how to request it for yourself or a loved one. Details in Chapter Eight.

     The tests and each of the treatments for prostate cancer that you’ll discover in my new Special Report are backed by science. Not only that, my colleagues and I have seen most of them in action.

     They’ve also been used by countless prostate cancer survivors including celebrities. While I’d rather not mention their names here, I can give you a hint about one you’d surely recognize…


Famous TV action hero cures
his own prostate cancer—naturally!

     A famous television action hero from the 1980’s cured his prostate cancer on his own.  Now he’s been cancer free for more than 30 years!

     He used a nutritional treatment he heard about from legendary movie actress Gloria Swanson of “Sunset Boulevard” fame. His amazing story of recovery and what this treatment entails is described in detail in Chapter Three of my new Special Report.

     But don’t worry, while many celebrities rave about it, you don’t need to be famous or rich to get it. All you need is a grocery store and a refrigerator—that’s it.

     If you’re ever diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, you’ll probably want to try it right away.

     In a Tulane University study it helped “terminal” prostate cancer patients survive an incredible 19 years—nearly two decades—compared to only 6 years for men who didn’t use it.  

     That’s an extra 13 years that these men were able to enjoy their lives. 13 MORE YEARS to share with their loved ones. And they suffered absolutely no side effects to damage their quality of life.

     It’s so safe, easy and affordable (just the cost of some food) that if prostate cancer runs in your family or your PSA is high you may want to start using this approach anyway to protect yourself!

     This is just another one of the treatments we’ve found that you urgently need to know NOW, without delay. Because I’m sad to say your own prostate cancer ‘curse’—or that of a loved one—may be closer than you imagine…

If you don’t get prostate cancer,
someone you know or love will

     More men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer today than with any other cancer. The latest statistics show that one out of every six men will get prostate cancer. That’s a six-fold increase since 1985. The fastest rise in cancer detection in human history!

     Some might call it a curse, but if you ask me the real curse is modern day treatments for the disease. What you’ll face if you want to “cure” prostate cancer is pretty awful…

     A surgical technique called radical prostatectomy cuts out your prostate and often steals your sexual function, your bladder control—and in some cases even control of your bowels…

     Radiation “fries” your prostate and also causes impotency. And in spite of that misery and mutilation, studies including one in the journal Cancer show the cancer often comes back. Radiation actually causes cancer.  It can lead to new cancers in your bladder and rectum…

     And even WORSE is surgical castration.  Yes, they’re still using this dark-age treatment in advanced cases – they literally remove your testicles. If your doctor recommends chemical castration instead of surgical cutting, be warned: it’s not much better. Yes, if you choose chemical castration you’ll still have your testicles but you’ll lose the ability to have sex…

     As one prostate expert puts it, if you leave it up to conventional doctors they’ll leave you “a sexless eunuch in diapers!”

     If you’re interested in more effective ways to beat prostate cancer and survive with your prostate, your sex drive, your bladder and bowel control—even your testicles— and actually enjoy better health than ever before, then I urge you to send for a print copy OR an instant digital download of ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects.

Get life-saving alternatives for prostate cancer
—clinical breakthroughs from leading alternative clinics
and ‘do-it-yourself’ treatments, too!

     ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects is the one place you can discover alternative treatments for prostate that are working wonders for men with cancer in all stages. You’ll find these alternatives at clinics here in the U.S. and abroad, plus you can even use some of them at home, on your own. You’ll get everything you’ve read about here including…

  • the powerful all-natural “sugar treatment” that’s like kryptonite to aggressive prostate cancer cells and saved Vietnam vet John from ‘terminal’ prostate cancer...
  • the sound wave breakthrough that’s melting away early prostate tumors and proving effective in 9 out of 10 men...
  • the remarkable at-home treatment that puts prostate cancer cells on a starvation diet. It cured Herb’s “incurable” prostate cancer in just 10 months...
  • the nutritional breakthrough praised by Hollywood stars that saved a television action hero from prostate cancer—he’s been cancer-free for 30 years and counting...

     And more all-natural cancer treatments I haven’t mentioned yet, such as…

  • the natural treatment that sent Bill’s ‘terminal’ prostate cancer packing in six months. It’s so powerful, it led a conventional oncologist to declare “CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE”…
  • the ocean wonder that transforms prostate cancer cells from deadly to harmless. Success in aggressive prostate cancer has been confirmed in a study by alternative doctor Charles Simone, M.D…
  • the trace mineral that does what big Pharma’s drugs can’t—boosts the all-important tumor-fighting compound interferon. Not just for prostate cancer patients, this helps anyone with cancer!

     And remember, you’ll learn which treatments are working in advanced or early prostate cancers. It’s life-saving (and money-saving) knowledge at your fingertips to help you pick the right treatment for you and your stage of prostate cancer. Don’t wait until you’re diagnosed and then start experimenting on yourself!

Plus, you’ll get cutting-edge tests for the earliest,
 most accurate detection and much more…

     The sooner you know that you or a loved one has prostate cancer, the better the opportunity for a cure. ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects can help you benefit from life-saving early detection. You’ll discover how to get…

  • The Harvard M.D.'s ‘early-detection’ test that can detect prostate cancer—or any cancer—up to 19 months earlier than it could ever be picked up by your doctor...
  • How to know if you’ve got a prostate tumor without a painful, dangerous biopsy. This test can even tell you whether your tumor has spread, then…
  • How serious is your prostate cancer? Some strains of prostate cancer are slow moving but others are so aggressive they can drain the life out of you faster than a vampire in a horror movie. Now you can tell the difference. Don’t miss this urgent news on how to get a life-saving ‘growth factor’ test...

Then, do you really have prostate cancer, or something else?

     50 percent of all men with high PSAs actually have a very common prostate problem (I don’t mean BPH) that’s often overlooked by doctors. The good news is, it’s easy to treat. Find out how…

     But if you do have BPH—many men do—you’ll find new help for that too. Discover the natural treatment that’s gone head to head with finasteride in a clinical study and was proven just as effective!  Best of all, while finasteride can leave you with uncomfortable side effects, this treatment tested side effect free!

     Plus, how to heal painful prostatitis (prostate infection) with a powerful new doctor-formulated supplement. Shown in double-blind placebo controlled clinical study to reduce prostatitis inflammation by two-thirds!

     And I’m just getting started...

     When you order ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects today you’ll also receive three bonus reports that will help make prostate cancer—or any prostate worry you could face—a lot less scary. 

Free Bonus Report #1:
Your Prostate Cancer Action Plan:

What to Do if You Get Prostate Cancer

     Ask any prostate cancer survivor and he’ll tell you that being diagnosed was one of the worst days of his life. Imagine how you’d feel—shocked, scared and just plain confused. That’s why I created Free Bonus Report #1: Your Prostate Cancer Action Plan: What to Do if You Get Prostate Cancer.

     If your doctor ever says those fateful words “your prostate tumor is cancerous” just open this free report and you’ll know exactly where to begin. You’ll have crucial information right at hand to help you make your most important decisions like:

  • How to choose the right alternative treatment for you.
  • Six crucial questions you MUST ask your oncologist before you consent to ANY conventional treatment.
  • Want to try conventional therapy? How to take advantage of NASA-rated protection against radiation damage! Then…
  • How to double chemo’s effectiveness and REDUCE SIDE EFFECTS like nausea and vomiting by almost half!
  • How to keep prostate cancer from coming back after you’ve whipped it!
  • How to test the effectiveness of an alternative therapy against your tumor BEFORE you try it.
  • And many more life-saving secrets.

     Put this report on your bookshelf for safe-keeping in case you, a friend or a loved one is ever diagnosed with prostate cancer. But when it comes to your second and third free reports, you’ll want to start reading those right away… 

Free Bonus Report #2:
How to Prevent Prostate Cancer:
The Overlooked Tips that Lower Your Risk

     Accurate advice on prostate cancer prevention is hard to come by. Click on “prostate cancer” on the American Cancer Society website and they tell you what you’ve already known for years: stop smoking, get regular exercise, cut back on fat and eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

     While I’m not slamming the recommendations—they’re mostly on target—we know so much more about how to successfully prevent prostate cancer and you’re not hearing about it! But that’s all about to change. In Free Bonus Report #2: How to Prevent Prostate Cancer:  The Overlooked Tips that Lower Your Risk you’ll learn how to:

  • Separate fact from fiction about what really causes prostate cancer. Your doctor may be trying to get you to lower your levels of this natural compound, but you really need to raise them. Studies show men with higher levels had healthier prostates—they even went to the bathroom less! Get full details on how to easily raise your level of this natural body chemical.
  • Slash your risk of prostate cancer IN HALF by taking a tropical vacation—it’s true! It’s not relaxation that boosts your prostate health, but something else that’s just as enjoyable. Then, a simple way to get the benefit at home on your own, without spending a dollar!
  • Discover the “most effective nutrient” for fighting prostate cancer. Praised by Disease Prevention and Treatment, this simple nutrient has been shown to LOWER PSA BY UP TO 20 PERCENT! What it is and how much you need every week to keep PSA in check.
  • Block the cancer causing enzyme “aromatase”—the trigger for both breast and prostate cancer. Drug companies are spending big bucks trying to come up with a better drug to block this enzyme, but you can do it naturally, right now for just a couple of dollars a week! Works 8 TIMES BETTER than existing drugs!
  • Slow prostate cancer growth with an all-natural citrus extract! Hailed by the International Conference on Diet and Prevention of Cancer, this fruity supplement slowed the growth of cancer cells in men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Plus, discover 14 more vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that have been shown to prevent or slow prostate cancer in research studies!

Free Bonus Report #3:
Male Plumbing Problems:  The Hidden Causes
& Surprising Solutions

     You’ll also learn how to protect your sex drive and bladder function from other problems that can threaten your prostate and your manhood.

     All you have to do is look at Free Bonus Report #3: Male Plumbing Problems: The Hidden Causes & Surprising Solutions.
You’ll discover the real reason why so many men suffer from urinary urgency and frequency. More important, you’ll learn how to take back control of your bladder and your life when you find out:


  • The hidden culprit behind urinary frequency, urgency, and even dribbling. Plus, its shocking link to something men do every single day— change this one thing and watch urinary problems vanish!
  • Why problem digestion can be a warning sign of urinary trouble on the horizon and what you can do about it! The all-natural supplement that heals digestion and your urinary tract in one fell swoop!
  • Why prescription drugs only help urination for a short while. What you must know before you let your doctor give you any drug for your prostate!
  • A foolproof fix for urinary dribbling—many women know about it, but almost nobody knows it works for men, too! No drugs or supplements necessary. It can even strengthen your ejaculation for better sex!
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