A Few Sips a Day,
Keeps Cancer Away...

The Astonishingly Simple
Secret That's Saving Thousands
of People Around The World
from Deadly Cancers...

See the proof for yourself! Let author Tanya Harter Pierce tell you in her own words how she discovered this remarkable cancer treatment. Then hear from cancer patients themselves, as they share their own amazing recoveries from "hopeless" cancers using this simple treatment! Click the “play” button to play this inspiring 5 minute video.
See the proof for yourself! Let author Tanya Harter Pierce tell you in her own words how she discovered this remarkable cancer treatment. Then hear from cancer patients themselves, as they share their own amazing recoveries from "hopeless" cancers using this simple treatment! Click the “play” button to play this inspiring 5 minute video.

Dear Friend,

    When the results came in, researchers at the National Cancer Institute were amazed …

    Cells from six of our deadliest cancers — lung cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, ovarian cancer, renal cancer and melanoma — were knocked out. In every test almost all of the cancer cells were dead. Wiped out within just 48 hours of being exposed to one novel cancer treatment.

    If you’ve known someone who has battled lung cancer, colon cancer or melanoma, then you understand what a medical breakthrough this is.

Imagine the millions of lives it could save,
Then brace yourself for a shocking surprise …

    You won’t read about this medical breakthrough in the New York Times or any other newspaper. You won’t hear about it on 60 Minutes or CNN or Fox News. In fact, you won’t even learn about it from your doctor.

    Your doctor risks losing his medical license if he prescribes any non-surgical treatment for cancer other than a chemotherapy drug or a radiation treatment. And this medical breakthrough is neither. In fact, it’s not even made by the big drug companies, but it’s not a vitamin, mineral, herb or common antioxidant either…

    It’s a remarkable treatment developed by a renegade cancer researcher from the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research.

This brilliant cancer treatment
came to him in a dream…

    When he was young, this cancer researcher hoped and prayed that he could use his intellect to help mankind, and one day cure cancer. In fact, curing cancer is almost all he thought about, even when he was sleeping. One afternoon while he was taking a nap he dreamed of a cure. In his own words…

    “Somehow, the dream suggested the possibility of controlled altering of the pathway of energy flow and energy production in [a cell’s] respiratory system to cause a cancer or cure a cancer… When I woke up, I felt that I had received my marching orders.”

For the next fifteen years
he refined his formula until
he achieved an 80% cure rate…

    Using Nobel Prize-winning research on cancer cell growth, he spent hours in the lab looking for ways to interrupt a cancer cell’s energy cycle. Eventually, he found one…

    He blocked a cancer cell’s ability to get energy by using a special liquid he created.

    This liquid works very simply: it cuts off a cancer cell’s energy supply. As a result, a cancer cell is as dead as a car battery after leaving the headlights on all night! His liquid was such a breakthrough that he received a rare private grant to work at the Detroit Cancer Institute to improve his discovery. And improve it he did…

    Studies at the Detroit Cancer Institute documented that this liquid treatment cured cancer in 80% of laboratory animals and without side effects.

    This remarkable liquid sucks the life from cancer cells only – because they have a different energy source than healthy cells. As a result, healthy cells remain unharmed.

    The laboratory tests are remarkable. But even more amazing are the stories from cancer survivors themselves.

Thousands of patients are living proof!

    Already, thousands of cancer patients have used this amazing “liquid in the little brown bottle” to send their cancers into remission. One independent cancer treatment expert confided, “I could find more complete recoveries from cancer with [this liquid] than I could find on any other cancer treatment.”

    Over the next few minutes, you’ll learn how you can get this “liquid in the little brown bottle” today, over-the-counter. You’ll also learn how to use it to cure cancer in yourself or someone you love. Just like Don Tartoni…

Don’s doctor gave him a one-in-five chance of surviving metastasized colon cancer…
Now a CT Scan confirms there’s no cancer anywhere in Don’s body!

    Don’s life turned upside down when a routine colonoscopy revealed Stage Three to Four colon cancer. It’s a cancer so serious that only 6% of patients are alive after five years, according to the American Cancer Society1.

    Don's chances were slim to none, even if he started aggressive chemotherapy and radiation right away. Don might have listened, but his daughter happened to come across information like you’re reading now. Lucky for Don, she didn’t delete it like most of us do.

    Don was convinced to try this researcher's "liquid in the little brown bottle" instead.

What happened next is
nothing short of remarkable…

    One year and two CT scans later, Don’s doctor pointed to the images where the aggressive cancer used to be and exclaimed “Wow! You really made the right decision! You’re almost clean.”

    After another year, a CT scan, blood draw and colonoscopy showed no cancer. Don looked at his doctor and said, “So does that mean I’m in remission?” The doctor said, “No. It means you’re healed! There really is no reason for you to come back.”

    As if curing Don’s “hopeless” cancer wasn’t enough, the “liquid in the little brown bottle” didn’t cause a single side effect.

    Instead of feeling tired, nauseous and ill the way cancer patients usually feel, Don felt healthy and energized throughout his treatment. In fact, he didn’t miss one day of work during the whole time he was taking this liquid cancer remedy. That’s simply unheard of with chemotherapy or radiation.

    And something else that’s unheard of with conventional treatment or even most of the alterative treatments that I’ve investigated…

You can use it easily at home,
without a doctor

    The “liquid in the little brown bottle” is perhaps the easiest-to-use cancer treatment on the planet. All you do is mix a little with water and drink it several times throughout the day. It’s that easy.

    That’s right, the cancer treatment that’s curing “hopeless” Stage Four cancer is nothing more than a liquid that you drink.

    Sipping your way to a cure sure beats extreme juice diets where you purchase pounds of vegetables to juice for hours each day. And it’s far easier and more affordable than expensive alternative cancer clinics.

    Now, I don’t have anything against either one. In fact, I recommend them. But I’ve been publishing information about cancer for eight years and I know it’s hard to get people to take those steps. In comparison, taking this “liquid in the little brown bottle” is easy.

Sound too good to be true?

    I’m Lee Euler, Publisher of Cancer Defeated newsletter. I’ve traveled the world with my team of health investigators searching for the best ways to treat and cure cancer so I can share them with my readers. When I heard about the “liquid in the little brown bottle” I was skeptical, to say the least.

    Then I saw the research from the National Cancer Institute confirming it was “highly effective.” Even more important, I read dozens of real life case histories of patients like Don. Each one suffered cancers that continued to grow and spread despite surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Then they tried this “liquid in the little brown bottle” and at long last their tumors started shrinking like a grape in the hot sun, eventually shriveling up into a raisin.

    These are medically documented cases of men, women, even children who have survived virtually every kind of cancer, at every stage—yes, even advanced cancers declared “hopeless” – thanks to this “treatment in the little brown bottle”.

    Results are documented in CT scans, PET Scans and MRI’s performed by oncologists and in medical case histories provided by the very patients themselves. In each of these cases, the tumors not only shrank and the cancer got better, but all of the cancer went away completely. In many cases, the healing happened very quickly.

Ginger’s Doctor gave her no hope at all for beating metastasized ovarian cancer...
Yet ONE month later, scans and blood tests confirmed her stage three cancer was gone!

    Ginger had watched her mother die of ovarian cancer while suffering through the terrible side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. So when doctors diagnosed her with hopeless Stage Three ovarian cancer—just like her mother—Ginger said “no way” to their toxic therapies.

    Instead, Ginger and her husband started juicing and using another alternative approach. It took hours a day to juice the vegetables and prepare the other therapy, yet the cancer only appeared to slow down. It never went away. Then she discovered the “liquid in the little brown bottle”…

    Once Ginger stopped all the other alternative treatments and took only this one, her results were astonishing. One month later her blood marker for ovarian cancer (called CA-125) plummeted from cancerous to normal. Best of all, her scans showed there was no cancer in her lymph nodes or anywhere else!

So why aren’t cancer treatment centers
around the country recommending it?

    The answer is simple: this remarkable liquid was officially buried. And not just once, but three times…

    First, by the American Cancer Society, which refused to approve clinical testing because the cancer researcher who discovered it couldn’t “prove that he owned the idea.” Then by the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research that fired the renegade researcher and burned — yes, burned — his research. And finally by the Food and Drug Administration that put a “clinical hold” on the researcher’s application to get his discovery approved as a New Drug.

    Despite opposition from the authorities, a colleague of our cancer researcher was able to make the formula available to a few fortunate people. Thanks in part to his efforts, this cancer solution wasn’t lost but was kept alive during the dark years of government repression. That’s why I’m writing to you today.

This breakthrough could save your family,
your friends and even you from
dying of cancer, but…
only if you know about it!

    The cancer survivors whose stories you’re hearing about today discovered the “liquid in the little brown bottle” in the book Outsmart Your Cancer.

    This remarkable guide from author Tanya Harter Pierce has sold over 105,000 copies. It was declared “important and timely” by Dr. Julian Whitaker, Editor of Health & Healing Newsletter and Founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute.

    “Outsmart Your Cancer is an important and timely book… This book gives patients and their loved ones an action plan for evaluating conventional and alternative treatments as well as offering a measurable dose of hope.” – Dr. Julian Whitaker, Editor of Health & Healing Newsletter and Founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute

    When it comes to the “liquid in the little brown bottle” it’s the only guide on this liquid I’ve ever seen.

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    Tanya has spent the last 11 years learning everything she can about how this remarkable liquid cures cancer. Considered the world’s leading authority on this treatment, her knowledge is sought after by cancer patients the world over. She has shared her discoveries with countless cancer patients on the phone and in radio interviews.

    In this Second Edition of Outsmart Your Cancer Tanya reveals how you can get this “liquid in the little brown bottle” and use it at home to cure yourself or a loved one. The secrets inside Tanya’s book have helped cancer patients use this liquid to cure virtually every kind of cancer: prostate, breast, liver, brain, kidney or colon cancer, even America’s deadliest cancer—lung cancer.

Arch’s lung cancer,
tonsil cancer and neck cancer vanish!

    “I credit Outsmart Your Cancer with what seems to be a cure of my three cancers: lung, tonsil and neck. The section of the book dealing with [this liquid in the little brown bottle] and a recommendation by a doctor caused me to order and take this material. I was given a 15% chance of living by a panel of oncologists [cancer specialists]; to date I have survived more than seven years with no evidence of cancer in repeated CAT scans.” — Arch Wakefield, cancer survivor 

John’s melanoma disappears!

    John had surgery to remove melanoma from his back. After one of John’s lymph nodes tested positive for cancer, his oncologist told him he needed interferon or the cancer would spread. 

    “My oncologist… told me originally that I would have a 35% chance of [melanoma] going to internal organs through my bloodstream, and after the Interferon it would only go down to about 33%. I would be bedridden for up to a year. So I went for [the liquid in the little brown bottle].  I’ve been taking that for a year now.  My last test did not find any cancer.” — John, cancer survivor

Zetta’s grapefruit-sized tumor
gone in one year!

    Zetta Scaranda had a tumor in her spleen the size of a grapefruit. Surgery was the first recommendation, but she didn't want anyone cutting into her. After losing her hair and her health to chemotherapy, and yet being told the tumor was still there, she was ready for something else. Zetta found Outsmart Your Cancer online [from information like you're reading now.] Almost immediately after taking the 'liquid in the little brown bottle,' she felt better. In fact, during her first year she did not miss a single day of work as a flight attendant and never caught a cold or flu despite being on long international flights with sick travelers. Best of all, at the end of that year, her CT and PET scans showed no cancerous tumor, or cancer anywhere. Zetta's doctor literally said, "Go home, I can't find the tumor!"

Just knowing the name of this
little brown bottle is not enough…

    ..you need Outsmart Your Cancer to tell you what no one else can.

    You’ve already heard how doctors are prohibited from explaining how to use this “liquid in the little brown bottle.”

    Remember Don? Don’s doctor wouldn’t even let him talk to his other patients about the liquid that cured his Stage 4 colon cancer. “I’d lose my license,” he said.

    Well, the liquid’s makers live with the same fear. They can sell you the treatment only if they don’t tell you what it can do for you because the FDA hasn’t approved it as a cancer treatment.

    Fortunately, Tanya is not a doctor. She’s a retired psychotherapist so she’s in the clear. And since she does not manufacture, market or profit from the sale of this treatment, she has more freedom to tell you how to use it to cure virtually any cancer.

    In the Second Edition of Outsmart Your Cancer, you’ll learn:

    Follow the simple secrets in Outsmart Your Cancer and this liquid can cure even hard-to-reach cancers, like brain tumors. 

4 year old Scott’s brain
tumor dissolved! 

    Scott was only 4 years old when he started having seizures. Brain scans showed he had a brain tumor. Doctors recommended surgery, even though it could permanently damage his ability to speak. Scott’s parents wouldn’t hear of it. Instead, they gave him this “liquid in the little brown bottle” to drink, following the secrets you’ll find in Outsmart Your Cancer

    Three months later, Scott’s seizures stopped. The tumor shrank and soon doctors could no longer see it on brain scans. Today, Scott is 21 years old and cancer-free! 


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    This “liquid in the little brown bottle” has cured many children like Scott. And it is far easier for children to drink this safe liquid than undergo dangerous chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. But that’s not all… 

    You can even use this “liquid in the little brown bottle” to cure beloved family pets of cancer.

Prize winning bulldog
saved from cancerous tumor,
shocking veterinarians

    Your pet is an important member of your family. That’s exactly how Gabe and his wife feel about their dog Maverick, a 107-pound American bulldog.

    Maverick took top prize at the National Bulldog Competition at Purina Farms in St. Louis in 2008. But a couple of years after his big win, Maverick developed a tumor on his back left leg that grew bigger than a tennis ball.

    Veterinarians called chemo and radiation his only hope. But Gabe had seen the suffering those treatments had caused another beloved family dog who eventually died of cancer anyway.

    Luckily, Gabe had heard about the miracle “liquid in the little brown bottle.” He decided to give Maverick the human dose and every time Maverick took a dose, so did Gabe—even though he didn’t have cancer!

    Gabe felt great and so did Maverick. Pretty soon the mass shrank down to the size of a ping pong ball hanging in a huge sack of skin. Veterinarians were amazed at Maverick’s transformation from sick to healthy. They say the tumor is no longer alive and appears to be a dead or benign mass.

    Get full details on how to use this “liquid in the little brown bottle” to cure cancer in cats, dogs, even horses! Outsmart Your Cancer can help anyone you love beat cancer.  In fact, the list of cancer survivors and the different types of cancer they’ve beaten using this “liquid in the little brown bottle” and Outsmart Your Cancer goes on and on…

Paul's Prostate Cancer Disappears
for Less Than $100 a Month!

Paul was 79 years old when a doctor took 14 tissue samples from Paul’s prostate and every single one was positive for cancer. The cancer was aggressive, too, with a rating on the Gleason Scale of 8.

    Paul’s doctors wanted to charge him $28,000 for surgery and radioactive implants. Instead he healed his prostate cancer on his own using Outsmart Your Cancer and the “liquid in the little brown bottle” that costs only $89 a month!

    Besides healing his cancer, Paul noticed other health benefits, too. He was breathing more easily at night when he used to feel breathless and struggle for air.

Kat's Hopeless Breast Tumor Disintegrates!

    Doctors told Kat she had only 18 months to live, even with radical surgery and chemotherapy. But this registered nurse decided she’d had enough of the cancer treatment system. She tried the “liquid in the little brown bottle” following the instructions in Outsmart Your Cancer. Eight months later, her scans showed the cancer was gone. All of her reports say NED—no evidence of disease!

    The vital information on the amazing “liquid in the little brown bottle” makes Outsmart Your Cancer a life-saving guide for every family. However, it’s just the beginning of what this remarkable book can do for you…

Your complete guide to the WORLD’S BEST
life-saving alternative cancer treatments…

    Outsmart Your Cancer gives you 20 other cancer treatments, each one of them a lifesaving breakthrough that may be just as potent as the “liquid in the little brown bottle.”

    You see, the “liquid in the little brown bottle” isn’t the only alternative cancer breakthrough. There are many ways you can beat cancer and you deserve to know about them! But you don’t hear about them because they’re not pharmaceutical drugs – and that means there’s no profit in them.

    Pharmaceutical cancer drugs cost as much as $10,000 a month There’s no way the medical establishment and the big drug companies are willing to let go of those profits. The “liquid in the little brown bottle” is only about $89 a month, and some alternative treatments are even cheaper!

    The 506-page softcover book Outsmart Your Cancer details the most successful, safest treatments for cancer that Tanya Harter Pierce has discovered since she began investigating alternative cancer treatments in 2001. 

    Her investigation led her through thousands of pages of research on 37 different alternative cancer therapies. She’s interviewed prominent doctors and scientists and talked to hundreds of cancer patients to determine which treatments have produced record numbers of cancer recoveries. For example…

Gerry exclaimed,
“They can’t find my prostate tumor…
and I feel wonderful!”

    Gerry was only 56 years old when a needle biopsy of his prostate confirmed aggressive cancer. One doctor told him he needed surgery to remove his prostate. Another doctor prescribed radiation treatments every three to five months for the rest of his life.

    While Gerry was considering these options, he learned about a special mineral that has been shown in human clinical trials to cure cancer.

    This mineral is a natural trace element in our foods, but we normally ingest it in extremely small amounts. However, in high doses, scientific research shows it can kill cancer cells.

    A pioneering physicist who held the renowned position of Chief of the National Bureau of Standards Mass Spectrometer and Isotope Division made this remarkable discovery.

    Gerry followed this physicist’s protocol, outlined in Outsmart Your Cancer. When four months later he decided to have a radiation treatment, his doctor did an ultrasound and a CAT scan… and he couldn’t find the tumor!

    The doctor couldn’t believe it and neither could Gerry. He went to seven other oncologists. None of them could find the tumor!

    In Gerry’s words, “I think I made the best decision by staying away from the oncologists and just treating myself.”

    You can heal your cancer just as quickly and easily. Simply turn to Chapter 16 of Outsmart Your Cancer to get all of the facts on taking this affordable mineral. Then turn to Chapter 6 and discover another astonishing secret that’s saving lives…

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    If you’ve ever known anyone who has battled cancer, then you know they’re never really sure that the cancer’s gone for good. The truth is, cancer usually comes back after you think it’s gone. That’s why you’ll want to know about the remarkable seed shown in clinical study to keep cancer away for nearly two decades.

The natural secret that left 83% of cancer survivors still cancer-free 18 years later!

    In this medical study, 180 patients suffering from 30 different kinds of cancer took an extract of this common seed. An astonishing 83% went into remission. And 18 years later, every single one was still cancer-free. There were no toxic side effects.

    Among the cancer survivors who tried this treatment is a woman diagnosed with colon cancer that had spread to seven lymph nodes in her body. The odds of her surviving five years were one in one thousand. Yet thirteen years later she was living a normal life with no cancer!

    In Chapter 6, Outsmart Your Cancer tells you how to find and use this common seed extract to heal cancer. Then you’ll also discover…

    The 21 alternative cancer treatments you’ll discover in Outsmart Your Cancer have routinely cured thousands of cancer patients in all stages of cancer. In fact, many patients have recovered completely and have enjoyed 10 years, 20 years, even 50 years of living cancer-free! 

    A success rate that stands in stark contrast to conventional medicine’s dismal track record…

The cancer industry’s shocking failure

    Sadly, patients with advanced cancer who’ve submitted to conventional treatments often struggle to survive even five years without a cancer recurrence. Here’s surprising proof that conventional treatment is failing our loved ones:  

    During a 14-year review of chemotherapy, oncologists examined the results of all of the randomized, controlled clinical trials of chemotherapy. The oncologists concluded that chemo improved a patient’s chance of surviving advanced cancer for 5 years by only 2 percent. It hardly budged the needle at all! And, according to the oncologists themselves, that is “the upper limit of effectiveness.”

    Two percent! Any other medical treatment with such a dismal success rate would be branded a complete failure. Yet many conventional doctors still tell cancer patients that if they refuse chemo, they’re making a deadly mistake! With Outsmart Your Cancer, you’ll have the life-saving TRUTH at your fingertips to help you decide what to do.

If you get cancer, do this first…

    Before you talk to any doctor about conventional cancer treatment, please turn to Chapter 22 of Outsmart Your Cancer. You’ll discover a list of eight questions to ask your doctor. The answers you get will help you honestly evaluate any conventional treatments he or she recommends for your particular cancer case.  

    Outsmart Your Cancer gives you the same help for rating alternative doctors and alternative treatments, too. In Chapter 23, you’ll find a set of guidelines for choosing the absolute top alternative treatment for your particular cancer case. 

    The mother of a two-year-old little girl who survived deadly cancer with an alternative treatment in Outsmart Your Cancer said it best:

Take courage, then take charge…”

    Outsmart Your Cancer makes it easy to take charge of any cancer situation you or a loved one could ever find yourselves in. It wipes away the confusion and misinformation surrounding cancer treatments.

    Just as important, when you need courage, Outsmart Your Cancer gives you that, too… 

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You’ll get a FREE CD with
12 inspirational stories of cancer survivors

    Just listening to the amazing stories on the CD Everyday Miracles: How 12 Ordinary People Outsmarted Their Cancer will inspire you. You’ll hear 12 cancer survivors describe in their own words their personal battles with cancer. You’ll hear exactly how they beat their cancers using the alternative cancer treatments revealed in Outsmart Your Cancer. For example: 

    This inspiring CD is YOURS FREE when you order the Second Edition of Outsmart Your Cancer today through this special offer. Plus, we’ll also give you a FREE transcript of all 12 survivor stories when you order Outsmart Your Cancer. Remember, printed copies of the first edition sold out in just 5 days and we expect these to go just as fast.

    Better yet, when you order today you’ll also receive… 

Second FREE BONUS — an exclusive interview with Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D.

    In your SECOND FREE BONUS, you’ll get an exclusive interview with Dr. Julian Whitaker about his all-time top recommendations for cancer patients. Dr. Whitaker is a living legend in alternative medicine, or as he calls it, “good medicine.”

    On page one of this special report, Dr. Whitaker reveals his #1 recommendation to cancer patients who visit his clinic. 

    You’ll also learn important ways to prevent cancer and all chronic illnesses such as diabetes. For instance, on page 5, Dr. Whitaker reveals his simple secret for losing weight. Dr. Whitaker himself used it to lose 30 pounds without eating any less.

Plus, you’ll get a third FREE BONUS — How to Put Out the “Fire” Behind Your Cancer

    In your THIRD FREE BONUS, you’ll discover how some foods cause cancer, and how other foods can cure it.    

    For instance, on page 4, you’ll find seven cancer-fighting fruits and one immune-boosting spice that every cancer patient should eat every week. 

    Then on page 3, you’ll discover how one important enzyme can teach your immune system to fight cancer. And flip to page 2 to learn the four hidden causes of cancer and then discover five ways to stop them in their tracks. 

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    You have no doubt heard the saying, knowledge is power. Well, that’s never been truer than when it comes to cancer. 

    This amazing “liquid in the little brown bottle” and each of the 21 cancer treatments you’ve just discovered could save your life or the life of someone you love. But only if you know the secrets of where to get them and how to use them correctly!  

    Outsmart Your Cancer is your how-to guide for choosing and using the best treatment for your cancer. It’s information your doctor is not allowed to give you—even if he wants to.

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1 - The American Cancer Society. Cancer Survival Rates.