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The Strangest Cancer Story I’ve Ever Heard

As she drifted into a coma, Anita Moorjani’s organs started to shut down. It looked like her four-year battle with cancer was finally over. The oncologist told her husband Danny that “it’s too late to save her. It’s only a matter of hours.” But something happened while she lay in that near-lifeless state. Something so […]

This Chinese herb stands up to cancer
– and a lot more

There’s a venerable Chinese herb, used in Asia for thousands of years, that is now demonstrating profound actions against cancer at a molecular and cellular level in experiments all around the world. But before I let you in on the impressive details about this plant remedy, I want to point out why there’s so much […]

Chemotherapy for Late-Stage Cancer Patients
Is Just Plain Unethical

Doctors and patients should question whether a particular test or treatment is really necessary. No need to take my word for it. This is the advice of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMRC), A UK organization that represents 22 medical colleges. In October 2016, they listed 40 routine medical procedures that have little or […]

You may want to get your
genome mapped and prevent this

It’s a big word that you probably don’t think applies to you. And your doctor may not even know about it yet. Yet it’s becoming the latest buzzword in natural health – and for good reason. Methylation affects your ability to think, repair DNA, turn genes on and off, fight infections, and get rid of […]

“Brown ribbons” from the sea fight cancer like crazy

The ancient Chinese believed you could enjoy amazing health benefits by consuming certain “brown ribbons” from the sea. And nowadays, many believe the “brown ribbons” may hold the secret to the low incidence of disease and health problems in Okinawa. Ever since records have been kept, the residents of that Japanese island have ranked as […]

Why I don’t worry much about asbestos

There’s a cancer out there we’ve all heard of, but not in the usual ways. You’re probably familiar with this type of cancer – mesothelioma — because of lawyers trolling for clients by way of radio and TV commercials, or headlines around the country about class action suits. Even though asbestos — the substance that […]

This little berry is super-sized
when it comes to health benefits

The best way to fight cancer is to eat the foods that improve your odds of never getting cancer in the first place. But even if you do get cancer, researchers are finding that, remarkably, many of the fruits and vegetables that help the body prevent cancer are also useful in fighting cancer once it […]

Perfect cancer-fighting
sweet treat for holiday tables

Is there such a thing as a super-fruit? The word is used so indiscriminately these days, you may wonder if it means much. Well, it does. There really are super-foods. And today I want to draw your attention to a special one. It will reduce your risk of cancer, and it’s a fun, candy-like sweet […]

New hope for treating
pancreatic cancer – from a sponge

Two of the most frightening and disturbing words in any language have got to be pancreatic cancer. Although survival rates are improving, this form of cancer is still widely seen as a death sentence. The disease has been in the news a lot recently, having taken the lives of some beloved heroes and icons like […]

Most expensive food on earth
is a super cancer remedy

Saffron has been revered for its medicinal properties for 3,500 years. This highly prized spice appears in the works of Hippocrates, Galen and other famous clinicians of ancient times. It’s so expensive that fake or adulterated saffron is a common problem today – and likewise centuries ago, when sellers of fraudulent products were burned in […]

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