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Cancer remedy in the
cold & flu aisle?

A recent review by five researchers from Georgia State University rhapsodized about a naturally-occurring compound derived from the poppy plant. It has powerful anticancer properties delivered by multiple mechanisms, with few if any side effects. And it’s remarkably versatile. In fact, the Georgia State people described it as “a veritable ‘Renaissance drug’ worthy of commemoration….the sky […]

Exciting superfood
or just another fad?

About twelve years ago, marketers started touting goji berries as a wondrous new cure-all, a super antioxidant. At the time, when I looked into it, I didn’t find many studies to support these claims. A lot of time has passed, a lot of new research has been published. I decided to take another look to […]

Does fish oil cause cancer?

  I won’t sugar coat it. An argument is raging over how fish oil and its omega-3 fatty acids affect your chances of cancer. The subject is complicated. On the one hand, there are researchers who seem to have it in for omega-3s. They’ve come up with studies that suggest, in at least in some […]

“Healthy” body cells that help cancer tumors grow

There are normal cells in your body that will never become cancer cells but which may still increase your chances of succumbing to a tumor. Until recently, medical researchers didn’t fully understand the function of these cells. They were thought to be largely inactive. Now, however, studies are showing that far from being passive bystanders, […]

Grow these cancer-fighting herbs
in a window box or patio

  Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue to find these potent healers. Of course, he found America instead. Hippocrates, called the Father of Modern Medicine, believed this food was the best medicine. But guess what? You no longer have to traverse oceans to find herbs and spices. You can grow many of them on your […]

Some sugar is good for you

One of the elements of food that’s most misunderstood when it comes to cancer prevention and treatment is sugar. In fact, there are times when you can benefit from adding sugar to your diet. Long-time readers of this newsletter are probably picking themselves up off the floor at this point, because I’ve been crusading against […]

Is it possible for chemo to be safe and effective?

Developing a drug that targets cancer cells while avoiding healthy ones is the goal of many researchers around the world. Up until now they’ve had little success. But one scientist and doctor has adopted a rather different approach. He’s using the same standard chemotherapy that aggressively targets tumors, but in addition he employs an antidote […]

Sweet, luscious dessert is rich
in cancer-fighting nutrients

  The mango is a juicy stone fruit (also called a drupe) that grows in tropical regions around the world. It’s known as the “king of fruits” – for good reason, as far as I’m concerned. And it’s in the same plant family as pistachios and cashews, which seems a bit odd to me, but […]

This food fertilizes cancer and
pokes holes in your brain

  Every time you eat this, you kill some of your brain cells. . . within hours. It’s not obscure or uncommon. In fact, you probably eat it every day. It’s in your freezer, your fridge, your pantry, and even at your favorite restaurant. And it’s highly addictive, which makes it dangerous. Yet it doesn’t […]

Freezing Technique Looks Like a Good
Alternative to Surgery for Cancer

  When treating cancer, the best alternative treatments are those that are minimally invasive. The less a person’s insides are exposed, the better. But sometimes it’s a good strategy to get rid of large cancer masses with surgery or radiation, then kill off the millions of remaining, invisible cancer cells with alternatives. Now there’s another […]

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