Dear Friend:

When you’re diagnosed with gallstones, mainstream doctors always want to remove your gallbladder.

"If we don’t cut out the gallbladder, it will keep making gallstones." That’s what they’ll tell you.

Too bad it’s FLAT OUT WRONG!

In fact, gallbladder surgery is the worst thing you could possibly do in the face of gallstones. Patients often agree to this surgery because they want to follow their doctor’s advice, and they think it will bring them instant pain relief.

But the problem is, doctors are removing an organ that has nothing to do with gallstone formation.

Even worse, gallbladder removal can make your pain even more excruciating... lead to dangerous bile stones in and around your liver... and lead to a slew of serious health problems... both now and down the road.

Please be absolutely clear about this: After your gallbladder is removed you may STILL be in intense pain and STILL forming stones (now in your liver). You may be sicker than ever!

And it’s not like you don’t need your gallbladder – you absolutely do! It’s essential for storing excess bile, breaking down dietary fats, and removing wastes from your body.

Take out your gallbladder -- and your liver and GI tract go haywire!

Why don’t your doctors know this? Because they’re blindly following what they were taught in medical school and making the same outrageous mistake over and over again. Physicians everywhere are doing it. But for goodness sakes, don’t let them do it to you!

As a doctor who’s treated scores of gallbladder cases, my advice is simple: If you want a future that’s pain-free and symptom-free, you MUST keep your gallbladder.

(And by the way, those popular gallbladder flushes may NOT be the way to do it. They’re often a terrible idea. They can send you to the ER screaming in agony! More on that later.)

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Let me show how you can...

Treat your gallstones safely and naturally

Reduce your pain to practically nothing – fast!

And reject the surgeon’s scalpel once and for all.

You just need to know the secrets – the same ones I used to help this patient...

Sweet relief from gallbladder attacks!

For 79-year-old Mabel B., the gallstone pain had become so bad she couldn’t take it anymore.

Her doctors wanted to remove her gallbladder without delay, but Mabel’s intuition sounded a warning bell. Even though she was in pain, Mabel refused to make a knee-jerk decision or give in to the pressure from her doctors.

Mabel also realized that the risk of surgery was even greater for a person her age. Older folks are more prone to infections, to side effects from anesthesia, or to the shock of having a surgeon cut deep into their belly.

Just walking into a hospital puts your health at risk! Hundreds of thousands die every year as the result of medical mistakes and hospital-induced infections.

For Mabel, that meant a great big "no!" to surgery.

When Mabel appeared on my doorstep, I told her she’d made the right decision. I put her on my gallbladder diet (adding some foods, and taking out others) and I also gave her special supplements to soften and dissolve her stones.

I also supplied her with a natural pain formula to use whenever she had a flare-up.

Within just a few weeks, Mabel looked and felt years younger. She lost a lot of weight and felt full of energy. Best of all, her pain had been WIPED OUT!

And she did all this without cutting out her gallbladder!

Your gallbladder is getting a bad rap!

My name is Dr. Arlan Cage. As an expert in alternative health, I get more questions about gallstones than any other subject – including cancer, AIDS or other health problems that have captured the media spotlight.

I always tell my patients, gallstone formation depends almost entirely on the quality of bile your liver produces, not on anything that’s going on in your gallbladder.

That’s right! The problem is in your LIVER, not your gallbladder!

About the Author

Dr. Arlan Cage, ND LAC

Dr. Arlan Cage is a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist based in Mount Shasta, California. He founded his own clinic in 2003 and specializes in using holistic care to treat patients for a wide variety of conditions.

A former engineer on the Space Shuttle, Arlan Cage first discovered natural and alternative medicine as a patient. For many years, he suffered from chronic bronchitis and his mainstream doctors could do absolutely nothing to help him.

Frustrated and desperate to try anything, Dr. Cage turned to a holistic practitioner. Much to his surprise, the holistic expert got rid of his brochitis... Dr. Cage had found a new direction in his career – and in his life.

Dr. Cage was awarded his doctorate by the esteemed Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He also received a master’s degree from the prestigious Samra University of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Cage has been published in renowned alternative publications and has served as President of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association.

He currently resides in Mt. Shasta, just minutes from his clinic.

That’s why I’m SO OUTRAGED by the current glut of gallbladder surgeries:

Over 700,000 Americans are having worthless and risky gallbladder amputations every single year...

Up to 25% of those folks are still in the same amount of pain or worse after their surgery...

Gallbladder removal means the excess bile produced by the liver has nowhere to go, so it starts to clog up your liver and make bile stones there...

Gallbladder surgery damages your digestion once and for all, setting the stage for a serious lack of vital nutrients...

Conventional doctors ignore the root causes of gallstones – the same causes that can lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, strokes, and other illnesses...

And what gets my dander up is, gallbladder removal does nothing to fix the actual problem, which is the quality of the bile coming from the liver.

Your gallbladder and your liver are very closely related. Both are found in the upper right abdomen below the ribcage. When the liver makes bile, the excess is stored in the gallbladder. From the gallbladder it’s dumped into the intestines where it helps digest fat.

When this excess bile from the liver becomes too thick, the result is gallstones.

Despite what your doctors might say, this is largely about your body’s chemistry. If you change the conditions that caused thick bile in the first place, you can reverse your gallstones – without losing your gallbladder.

Would you throw away your automobile instead of just changing the oil? Of course not! But that’s what you’re doing when you cut out your gallbladder. And you can’t ever get a new one. Once your gallbladder’s gone, it’s gone.

It doesn’t have to happen to you!

So many people are suffering needlessly from gallbladder surgery, and I don’t want you to be one of them.

That’s why I’ve compiled my one-of-a-kind Special Report Keep Your Gallbladder! How to Eliminate the Pain of Gallbladder Attacks and Reverse Gallstones Naturally, Without the Risks of Surgery.

In this comprehensive report, you’ll discover the most effective natural therapies to put the brakes on gallbladder attacks... shrink your troublesome gallstones... and ensure that gallbladder problems never return.

This is the only Special Report of its kind, with all the best natural and alternative secrets of gallbladder health compiled into a single source.

Now, you can get the little-known details about foods that soothe your gallbladder... and foods that inflame it.

You can find out how to stop your spasms using natural supplements, herbal formulas, and "do-it-yourself" home remedies.

Best of all, you can thin your bile safely and naturally, eliminate your stones, and get your liver and gallbladder running like clockwork again.

And what if you’ve already had your gallbladder removed? Don’t fret. My report gives you a plan to make up for the loss of this important organ.

These very same treatments have worked wonders for my own patients, and they can help you return your gallbladder to health.

I’ll prove it to you. To show just how powerful my natural treatments can be, here are some recent success stories...

Completely stopped his agonizing pain!

Despite growing up in a health-conscious family, 60-year-old Ron S. had let his habits slip as he climbed the corporate ladder.

One day, right in the middle of a family birthday dinner, Ron felt a searing pain in his stomach. It hurt so badly, he was sure it was appendicitis. But when he reached the ER, doctors told him it was actually a gallbladder attack.

Their suggestion? Cut out the gallbladder!

That didn’t make any sense to Ron. Instead, he began searching for a natural and effective solution that didn’t involve getting his gallbladder cut out. That’s how Ron came to be my patient.

After our initial interview, I put Ron on my gallbladder treatment plan. I removed the "no-no" foods from his diet (he was eating them by the truckload!) and I gave him supplements and herbs specifically targeted for the gallbladder and the liver.

I also gave him a pain-relief formula to handle any discomfort while we changed his body’s chemistry.

Ron’s symptoms started to go away almost immediately. He never even needed the pain-relief formula. In just a few weeks, he was TOTALLY PAIN-FREE!

Ron came to see me in person, but you don’t have to do that. The guidance you need is readily available in my hot-off-the-presses Special Report Keep Your Gallbladder! How to Eliminate the Pain of Gallbladder Attacks and Reverse Gallstones Naturally, Without the Risks of Surgery.

This report outlines the natural strategies that heal gallstones like a miracle. It also steers you clear from the remedies that can backfire and do more harm than good. You’ll no doubt be surprised by one of them.

By all means, no gallbladder flushes!

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet looking at natural treatments for gallstones, you know about the gallbladder flush. It’s widely reported to be a safe and effective method to get rid of gallstones fast.

But it’s not always safe. It’s not always effective. In fact, doing a gallbladder flush at the wrong time can be a disastrous mistake.

A gallbladder flush is used to SQUEEZE the contents out of the gallbladder. The problem is, your gallbladder is already too tight if you have gallstones or even just discomfort. It’s like running on a sprained ankle, and it could push you over the edge.

In fact, I’d estimate that gallbladder flushes cause an excruciating attack in about seven out of ten gallbladder patients -- and the searing pain can often last for hours and hours.

And that’s not even the worst part. In certain cases, gallbladder flushes can cause a gallstone to get stuck in a bile duct where it can’t be passed. The gallstone blocks the flow of bile from the liver and you’ll end up in the ER, screaming in agony.

The only way to get the stone unstuck? Gallbladder removal, which is the very thing you’re trying to avoid. Talk about an unfortunate turn of events!

I’ll never understand how health practitioners – even ones steeped in alternative medicine – can recommend these gallbladder flushes WITHOUT ANY CONCERN. Hate to say it, but I don’t think they really know how the gallbladder works.

I’ve already asked you to avoid gallbladder surgery, no matter what it takes.

Please, don’t try a gallbladder flush either. Not without knowing the facts and making an informed decision first.

My goal is to give you the insights that other patients just plain don’t have when it come to the gallbladder and gallbladder attacks. That’s the reason I created Keep Your Gallbladder! How to Eliminate the Pain of Gallbladder Attacks and Reverse Gallstones Naturally, Without the Risks of Surgery.

With the natural remedies included in this Special Report, my own patients have dramatically altered the course of their illnesses. Here are two more of those stunning successes.

Eliminated her "trigger foods"!

Betty H. was wracked by gallbladder pain – and I wasn’t surprised. She had some of the biggest risk factors for gallbladder attacks: she was over 40 years old, overweight, and worked insane hours at a stressful job.

Because of her crazy schedule, Betty consumed mostly high-fat, low-quality food.

During our initial interview, this rang a bell for me. Betty admitted that her gallbladder attacks always came after meals. I realized she was eating all of the classic "trigger foods" – ones that can almost instantly provoke gallbladder pain.

Once we removed the "trigger foods" from her diet, Betty’s pain stopped immediately. My Special Report reveals what these trigger foods are.

Two years without an attack!

58-year-old Frederica F. had severe gallbladder attacks that left her debilitated. That’s why she came to see me.

Federica worked in the restaurant business and her diet was a disaster. I helped her move away from the commercially prepared foods she was eating. We also got rid of the "trigger foods" that cause gallbladder pain.

Going even deeper, I worked diligently to dissolve Federica’s stones and change the way her liver functioned. The result? She hasn’t had an attack in TWO YEARS!

You can get the same results
if you follow my plan!

My patients are fortunate because they never knuckled under to the pressure doctors put on people to submit to gallbladder surgery. Now they’re pain-free AND they’ve still got their gallbladders.

They knew there was a better, natural way and they kept looking till they found it.

You don’t even have to search! It’s all right here at your disposal.

It’s my Special Report Keep Your Gallbladder! How to Eliminate the Pain of Gallbladder Attacks and Reverse Gallstones Naturally, Without the Risks of Surgery. No other report goes into this depth about natural gallstone treatment. Read this and you will have the knowledge and the power to make all the right decisions.

I wish I could say that mainstream, conventional doctors are learning from their mistakes and will stop cutting out gallbladders. But I don’t see it happening any time soon. The last new gallbladder research was performed 17 years ago. In a medical world where 5 years is ancient history, that’s an absolute ETERNITY!

Nobody in mainstream medicine is studying this problem. Nobody! And why not? Because they think they’ve solved it – even though gallbladder surgery removes an organ you need for good health. What’s worse, it often fails to solve the pain problem that caused you to agree to surgery in the first place!!

Good thing you can get your hands on Keep Your Gallbladder! and stay far, far away from mainstream doctors on this one. There are times when the conventional approach is necessary, but this is certainly not one of them.

Keep Your Gallbladder! outlines my entire gallbladder protocol – the natural solutions that can help prevent your next gallstone attack and make permanent changes inside your body so you never have the problem again.

Inside this Special Report, you’ll discover:

  • 9 warning signs that you’ve got a gallbladder problem – even if your doctor hasn’t figured it out yet...
  • The "morning mistake" that can lead to gallbladder attacks...
  • The everyday foods in your pantry that can bring blessed relief for gallbladder discomfort...
  • 3 common "trigger foods" to avoid at all costs... Follow this tip and you could stop your gallbladder pain in its tracks...
  • The "healthy" household item that can cause gallstone formation...
  • When a gallbladder attack is the sign of something much worse... Don’t put your life on the line by ignoring these warning signals...
  • The only time a gallbladder cleanse is a good idea... and it’s NOT when you think...
  • Little-known herbal tonics to relax your bile ducts... stop your shooting pain... reduce liver congestion... eliminate cramps in your GI tract... and stimulate your digestion...
  • How gallstones can silently and stealthily lead to heart and even brain attacks!
  • The folks out there who should absolutely avoid natural gallstone treatment! Are you one of them?
  • And much, much more!

With this Special Report, you can avoid the surgeons who cut first and don’t ask questions later.

You may think I’m being unfair, but it’s even worse than you think. Doctors are cutting the gallbladders out of patients who don’t even have gallstones yet. If you just have a little discomfort it can be enough to put you on the operating table. Ditto if an ultrasound shows your bile is sludgy – they’ll wheel you into the operating room. I’m telling you, watch out for guys with knives!

Sludgy bile can be reversed easily through natural treatments. Removing the gallbladder in these cases should be unthinkable. Emphasis on "should be!" Your doctor won’t tell you this. That’s why it’s so important for you to read my Special Report and get the facts.

Luckily, many patients have walked away from this potential disaster and headed straight to my clinic. Let me tell you about a couple more...

New mother soothes her own discomfort!

Right after the birth of her third child, 33-year-old Nancy S. started having pain and discomfort in her upper right abdomen. An ultrasound showed bile sludge, but no gallstones. Nancy was SHOCKED by the doctors’ recommendation.

"Gallstones are on the way, so get ready for surgery!"

When Nancy asked about non-surgical or nutritional solutions, her doctors couldn’t suggest any. So rather than risk her gallbladder, she came to see me.

I recognized right away that Nancy had too much stress... ate too many fast foods... and was struggling with the fluctuating hormones of pregnancy and childbirth. This was the "perfect storm" for gallbladder disease.

Just by by implementing my natural gallbladder protocol, Nancy got all these factors under control. Wouldn’t you know, her pain disappeared!

No gallbladder attacks for this guy!

Tom M. was a 54-year-old man who wasn’t having any gallbladder pain... yet.

But he was having discomfort in his upper right stomach. The pain would come and go for no reason. Or so it seemed. At our first visit, Tom told me he was only having a bowel movement every 2-3 days and his cholesterol was high.

I knew this was a gallbladder attack waiting to happen, so I put him on my natural treatment plan. Within two weeks, Tom was having a bowel movement every day. After a month, he was having two or more bowel movements per day. Although many people don’t know it, two or three a day is healthy.

Not only did Tom’s digestive discomfort vanish, but he also lost 12 pounds.

The risk for gallstones vanished, too. Tom never had a SINGLE gallbladder attack.

Now, you can have my natural gallbladder
treatment plan right at your fingertips!

It’s time to get rid of this old adage once and for all, "He who treats himself has a fool for a doctor."

In the 21st century, conventional, mainstream doctors are cutting out body parts when it’s not necessary and wrecking people’s health instead of making them better. Any reasonable person would realize, you must take responsibility for your own health and for your own treatment.

Otherwise, you could find yourself without one very important gallbladder. And one is all you get in this life.

If you’re in enough agony and you end up in the hospital, you might be convinced that surgery is your only option. You’ll be told the pain will stop if you get your gallbladder cut out – that there aren’t any side effects. Your doctors actually believe this, but it’s NOT TRUE.

The truth? Gallbladder removal can make your pain worse...

...wreak havoc on your liver and your digestive system...

...and it doesn’t even prevent your body from making stones!

Now picture the better alternative. You stop the pain from gallstone attacks... dissolve existing stones... and restore your bile to its normal composition. No harmful drugs. No invasive surgery. Just natural therapies.

To find out all about these natural secrets, request my Special Report Keep Your Gallbladder! How to Eliminate the Pain of Gallbladder Attacks and Reverse Gallstones Naturally, Without the Risks of Surgery.

This Special Report is valued at $39.95 and worth every penny. But right now, I’m offering you Keep Your Gallbladder – with pages and pages of valuable insights and information – for the special introductory price of $24.95.

Such a small price to get rid of the searing pain of gallstones – and to avoid ever experiencing that pain if you’re just starting to shows signs of gallstones. Believe me, you don’t want to know what it’s like. Best of all, the tips in my Special Report will keep the knife-happy doctors away and let you keep your gallbladder!

Why am I offering you this special introductory price? Because I want to help as many people as I can and get this Special Report into as many hands as possible, right from the start. But I can’t make this offer forever, so ask for your copy now.

And when you do, I’ll also give you two additional reports – absolutely FREE. This extra information dovetails perfectly with the valuable facts in Keep Your Gallbladder!

Free report #1
What Should I Do if I Already Had
My Gallbladder Removed?
($5.95 value – yours FREE!)

As I’ve already mentioned, if doctors have taken your gallbladder, it’s changed your biochemistry permanently. Bile is backing up into your liver, dietary fats aren’t being digested, and wastes are trapped inside your body.

Now, it’s vital to offset the damage and you can definitely do so – as long as you take the right steps.

Inside this free report, you’ll find out how to eliminate any remaining pain and discomfort... how to change your diet to suit the changes in your digestion... how to lessen your risk for diabetes, heart disease, strokes and cancer... what nutritional supplements you absolutely must take to stay healthy... and much, much more.

Please, don’t delay on this! You should do these things RIGHT NOW to ward off unnecessary health problems in the future.

In addition to this first free report, you’ll also receive a second free report:

Free report #2
The 5000-Year-Old Secret for
Saving Your Gallbladder!
($5.95 value – yours FREE!)

Why do Western doctors always want to remove gallbladders? Using Oriental medicine, Asians doctors have been curing gallbladder problems for thousands of years – without relying on harmful drugs or invasive surgeries!

This free report explains why Oriental medicine could be the alternative you’re looking for. You’ll discover whether energetic medicine is right for you... why acupuncture is rarely used for gallbladder problems... how ancient herbal formulas can clear your gallbladder and liver... and much, much more!

If Oriental medicine has worked for you in the past... or if it’s totally new to you... this is DEFINITELY a free report you want to have handy.

Add up everything you get: you’ll receive the Special Report Keep Your Gallbladder! plus the 2 free reports What Should I Do if I Already had My Gallbladder Removed? and The 5,000-Year-Old Secret for Saving Your Gallbladder – all for the affordable price of $24.95 during this special introductory period.

It’s a total value of $51.85 and you get it for the modest price of $24.95. That’s a savings of over $25.00 for the ONLY GALLBLADDER GUIDE OF ITS KIND!

And it gets even better...

My completely pain-free guarantee!

To make it even easier for you, I’m giving you my "completely pain-free" guarantee. You can get your money back at any time in the future. No strings attached and absolutely no questions. Sound good?

If you’re not powerfully impressed by this wealth of information and the depth of natural therapies in this Special Report... if you’re not completely sure that you can stop, reverse or even prevent gallstones... I INSIST on giving your money back.

That’s how confident I am in this Special Report. It can be a real game-changer in the fight against gallstone problems.

I hope you’ll request your personal copy and explore every page of this Special Report. I’ve seen these natural treatments work time and time again and I know they can work for you. I’m looking forward to hearing your success story as well. Out of pain, feeling great, and still in possession of your precious gallbladder.

Yours for gallbladder health,

Dr. Arlan Cage, N.C., LAc

P.S. We all hear about heart attacks all the time, but gallbladder attacks are one of the top reasons people have to head for an emergency room. More than 700,000 gallbladders get cut out every year. If you suddenly end up in the ER with gallbladder pain, chances are they’ll schedule you for surgery right away. Don’t wait until this happens to you. Act now while you’re still in control and you can call the shots. Order my Special Report Keep Your Gallbladder! Then you’ll be prepared! You can solve this problem easily and naturally – at home! But you have to act now!

P.P.S. When you request my Special Report, you’ll also receive two additional reports as my gifts to you: What Should I Do if I Already had My Gallbladder Removed? and The 5,000-Year-Old Secret for Saving Your Gallbladder – completely FREE OF CHARGE! Why wait? Get yours today!