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Could This "Food of the Pharaohs" Be
A Natural Cancer Killer?

In keeping with their pagan religion, Egyptian pharaohs were buried with items they would need in the afterlife. Of course we've all heard about the golden treasures and marvelous furniture, chariots and even boats.

Grave robbers later made off with most of this stuff, but they also would have seen something that didn't interest them, something they probably left behind. . . something that may have been worth more than all the gold when it comes to the most precious thing of all: saving your life.

Continued below. . .

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Quite often the Pharoah's tomb would have included a stash of bee pollen!

Bee pollen contains blended pollen grains that honeybees collect from a wide variety of plants. It seems the ancient Eygptians knew it was an amazing superfood that could provide sustenance the king needed on his journey into the netherworld.

But the Egyptians weren't the only ones who used this remarkable nutrient…

Historical accounts show the Chinese have used bee pollen as a medicine for thousands of years. And the ancient Greeks and Romans reportedly called bee pollen "life giving dust" and the "secret ambrosia."

So what makes this byproduct of bee labors so amazing? Well, just start with the fact that it contains EVERY vitamin known to man!

As if that's not impressive enough—it also contains 22 elements and amino acids your body needs to function properly.

Not only is bee pollen nutritious, but it also has a proven reputation as a health healing wonder. For example, this food has been known to...

  • Destroy salmonella and other harmful intestinal bacteria
  • Eliminate allergies and boost your immune system
  • Flush poisons and toxins from your body
  • Help prevent high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes by flushing impurities from blood
  • Help reduce high cholesterol levels
  • Relieve symptoms of diabetes
  • And much more!

So you might be wondering what effect bee pollen has on cancer cells. Well, wait till you read this…

It's time to end SIX DECADES of silence on
promising cancer study results!

In 1948, the Department of Agriculture published the article "Delay in Appearance of Palpable Mammary Tumors in C3H Mice Following the Ingestion of Pollenized Food". The article contained details of a study led by Dr. William Robinson of the US Bureau of Entomology.

The article reported results of a trial in which a strain of mice was bred specifically to develop and die from cancerous tumors. The mice would develop tumors when they were between 18 to 57 weeks of age and die shortly after.

The study examined the effects of "bee gathered pollen" on these tumors. One group of mice was fed mice chow only. Another group was fed mice chow spiked with bee pollen at a ratio of 1 part bee pollen to 10,000 parts food.

The results were astounding! Specifically:

  • Mice that did not receive bee pollen developed mammary tumors at an average of 31.3 weeks. Tumor incidence was 100% and they all died.
  • Mice given bee pollen developed tumors around 41.1 weeks—roughly 30% later than mice that ate chow only.
  • Seven mice in the bee pollen group had still not developed a tumor at 62 weeks of age when the tests ended!

Remember these mice were bred to die from tumors. The study proved that without the added protection of bee pollen—the lab mice developed tumors and died right on schedule.

Dr. Robinson concluded that bee pollen has anti-cancer properties that could be beneficial if added to food. So what happened when he revealed his bombshell findings?

Sadly, not very much! Robinson's amazing findings were quietly published—and ignored by the American medical community.

Since then, the majority of studies on the health benefits of bee pollen have been conducted in Europe.

In one such study, Dr. Peter Hernuss and colleagues from the University of Vienna studied 25 women suffering from inoperable uterine cancer. Because surgery was not an option, the women were treated with chemotherapy.

When doctors gave some of the women bee pollen with their food, they noticed three significant results:

  1. The women quickly developed a higher concentration of cancer-fighting immune-system cells,
  2. Their bodies increased production of antibodies, and
  3. They experienced a remarkable improvement in their ability to fight infections, as well as a boost in oxygen-carrying red blood cells!

The Viennese researchers also noted that the women suffered less from the nausea and hair loss that chemotherapy causes.

In contrast, the team noticed that the control group receiving a placebo did not experience these benefits.

Bee pollen boosts immunity—and
provides a natural force field of protection!

There's more evidence to show bee pollen has the ability to strengthen your immune system and help you fight diseases.

Researchers at the Agronomic Institute in Romania documented an increase in white blood cells (lymphocytes) and blood protein antibodies called gamma globulins in patients given bee pollen when compared with control groups.

The study results suggested that bee pollen can also help turbocharge the body's infection-fighting resources—raising a 'force field' of protection from cancerous cells, viruses, and other harmful substances!

A word of caution is in order for folks who are allergic to bee stings or bee products. You probably should steer clear of bee pollen as it may cause a serious allergic reaction.

But for those of you interested in exploring the health benefits of bee pollen—you'll be glad to know many health food stores carry it in gelatin capsules, tablets, and granule formulas.

This ancient 'food of the pharaohs' just might provide a superior cancer protection that will have you BUZZING!

Kindest regards,

Lee Euler,


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