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The Cancer Cure That Grows On Trees

Studies show that a certain species of tree is practically a neighborhood pharmacy when you look at all the things it can do. Scroll down and find out!

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Breast Cancer Breakthrough BANNED!
U.S. Government Blocks Release
of Doctor's Life-Saving Book

A mammoth discovery is wiping out most breast tumors better than anything seen yet in modern medicine. It makes surgery, radiation and chemotherapy look like something from the Dark Ages.

A Cornell-educated doctor followed more than 25 years of case studies and PROVED this treatment can cure breast cancer. With the discovery I'm going to tell you about, almost every woman makes it and without losing a breast to surgery or taking any toxic chemicals. Even those with late stage cancer!

You've got to include this treatment if you want to have any REAL hope of defeating breast cancer. Click here now and watch a new video presentation about this important discovery…

  • The bark has properties powerful enough to fight the most fearsome fungus…
  • The unripe fruit has been used to treat diarrhea and dysentery…
  • The leaves, roots and stem have been shown to clobber in bacteria grown in lab cultures…
  • The plant seeds are known to send parasites packing…
  • The root bark has been used to tame raging fevers…
  • A leaf extract stood its ground against malaria

And best of all—a 1976 National Cancer Institute plant screening declared that the leaves and stem of this remarkable plant could even poison and kill cancer cells naturally.

So what is it called? Well, it depends on who you ask!

In Brazil it's called chirimoya… elsewhere in Latin America people call it guanábana… other people know it as soursop or custard apple… but in English, most people call it graviola.

This small, evergreen tree typically is found in the rainforests of Central and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The tree produces a large heart-shaped fruit with a yellow-green, prickly skin and white, fleshy fruit inside.

This is no ordinary fruit! Indigenous people have long understood and treasured graviola's medicinal value. After the groundbreaking research of the National Cancer Institute, the Western world sat up and began to take note…

What makes graviola such a fierce cancer warrior?

In 1977, researchers at Purdue University used grant money from the National Cancer Institute to answer that question.

They narrowed down a group of plant chemicals in graviola called annonaceous acetogenins that seemed to pack a powerful punch. The in vitro (test tube) studies suggested the acetogenins had an amazing ability to inhibit cancer cells—while leaving healthy cells untouched.

Apparently, graviola plant chemicals can attach to tumor cells and stop them from reproducing. Eventually the acetogenins go in for the kill and wipe out the cancer cells!

Some critics of this natural wonder argue that in vitro studies don't tell the whole story. They say we need in vivo studies (where real, live humans take the substance) to determine if it's safe and effective.

Well, hold on to your hats! The July 2011 Journal of Nutrition and Cancer1 published study results conducted by researchers from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA (near Cancer Defeated's home offices, as it happens).

These scientists discovered that dietary graviola fruit extract (GFE) "selectively inhibited the growth" of breast cancer cells—both in lab cultures AND in live humans.

These findings fall right in step with a host of study results published by research groups in the U.S., China and India.

You should know that graviola isn't the only plant that contains the acetogenin cancer warriors. In fact, some research about acetogenins focuses on those from another plant…

Graviola's got a cousin named Pawpaw!

I'm talking about a remedy we featured in Issue #53: the pawpaw tree. You don't have to go to the rainforest to find this one. It's native to eastern North America and produces the area's largest edible fruit. You can view this back issue and others by visiting our issue archive at

Native Americans and early settlers used the tough inner bark of the pawpaw tree to make ropes, fishing nets, and mats. The bark, leaves and twigs also contain natural insecticides that can be used to make organic pesticides.

As a Professor of Pharmacognosy at Purdue University, Dr. Jerry McLaughlin spent over 20 years studying the pawpaw tree. He found that there were differences in the potency of trees based on their geographical location. (In case you were wondering, pharmacognosy is the study of medicines that come from natural sources.)

Dr. McLaughlin learned that the highest concentrations and most powerful acetogenins were in the Asimina triloba species of the pawpaw. These acetogenins drastically reduce ATP energy produced by cancer cells.

Without sufficient energy—the cancer cells eventually choke and die!

Dr. McLaughlin's research uncovered 50 acetogenins in pawpaw, compared to 30 found in graviola. Further, he discovered a 'double-ring' chemical structure in pawpaw as opposed to a weaker single ring chemical structure in graviola.

Based on his findings, Dr. McLaughlin developed a procedure to standardize pawpaw extracts containing a certain amount of acetogenins, and licensed it to a company in Utah.

There are several companies that offer graviola and pawpaw herbal supplements through online and retail stores. Be sure to consult a medical practitioner if you want to include either nutrient as part of a cancer treatment regimen.

In any case, despite the funny names—these herbs are shaping up to be some top-notch natural cancer killers!

In the last issue we wrote about an exciting new exercise breakthrough that almost every person reading this should take advantage of. It's absolutely the easiest form of exercise there is. Meaning, with almost no effort you can reap a huge reduction in your risk for a whole bunch of diseases, including cancer. If you missed this exciting development, scroll down and find out about it now.

Soviet Space Program Discovered the
Absolute Easiest Way to Exercise
This secret breakthrough enabled their cosmonauts
to stay in space three times as long as our astronauts!

Chances are good you remember the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States during the 1950s and 1960s. If you're too young to remember it, you probably studied it in history class.

The spectacular feat of men and machines racing to the moon and exploring outer space thrilled a generation. But because of the military rivalry between Russia and the U.S., the game was played out partly in secret. Only in recent years have the Soviet discoveries been let out of the bag.

Now we know the Russians came up with a secret fitness technique to keep their cosmonauts in space three times longer than our astronauts… 400 days compared to our 130 days. Quite a difference!

This little-known Russian discovery has huge implications for your health and well-being. How huge? It may cut your risk of cancer by about half. Keep reading…

How G-Forces helped Russian cosmonauts…

The Russians were the first to discover a breakthrough to keep muscles strong and build bone mass in spite of the zero gravity environment of space. Before blasting off into space, cosmonauts spent time in vibration training, also called whole body vibration.

Increasing force by increasing acceleration acts on the body in much the same way as the force of gravity. This fact is at the heart of vibration training. A quick review of high school physics might be in order:

Force = Mass x Acceleration

You can improve the amount of strength or force your muscles exert by either applying more mass (weights/resistance) OR more acceleration to your body. An increase in speed can be substituted for lifting a heavier weight. This simple fact is the key to easy, sweat-free and highly beneficial exercise.

When you work out with free weights, you're increasing mass in order to build strength. That's how traditional weightlifting builds muscle. But if you could increase acceleration instead, you could eliminate the high impact (and hard work) of lifting heavy weights.

It's a well known fact that weight lifting strengthens bones and muscles. Vibration training is a way to achieve the same result without the work.

This is good news for a person recovering from injuries or illness. Likewise for someone who just doesn't care for exercise.

One way to take advantage of this breakthrough is to jump on a trampoline or rebounder (a mini-trampoline). When you jump on a trampoline your gravitational pull ranges from zero at the top of the bounce to two or three times the force of gravity at the bottom, depending on how high you jump. Plus it's not as hard on your joints compared to jogging or jumping on hard surfaces.

But the cosmonaut's secret was even more powerful than a mere trampoline. The Russians developed a plug-in machine that accelerates the body much more thoroughly by vibrating it from head to toe.  Essentially, they automated the process of acceleration, as opposed to jumping up and down on a small trampoline using your own muscle power.

Train like an astronaut: Shake it up!

As you may know, people tend to lose lean muscle mass after about age 40. You burn fewer calories… your body builds less muscle and creates more fat… and the slowdown in your metabolism deals a harsh blow to your natural production of human growth hormone (HGH).

Something similar happens during space travel. So what's good for astronauts is also good for aging, sedentary people at risk for cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.

More than 200 studies attest to the benefits of vibration training. I'll highlight a few of the results for people who use the Russian secret:

  • Weight Loss and Faster Metabolism. A Belgian study showed a 56% improvement in weight loss versus conventional exercise alone.1
  • Strength. A 2004 study looked at post-menopausal women who might be unable to undertake conventional exercise programs. The researchers compared vibration training to conventional resistance training (weights).2

    Two measures of muscle strength increased about equally (from 14% to 18%) in both groups. But the marker of functional muscle strength (climbing stairs, rising from a chair, etc.) in the acceleration or vibration training group jumped 19.4%, compared to just 12.9% in the conventional training group. That's more than a 50 percent increase (19.4 divided by 12.9). And the speed of movement improved 7.4% in the acceleration or vibration training group compared with the conventional group.

    Functional muscle strength and speed of movement is important in keeping your balance and preventing falls. And here's a key thing to remember: vibration training is so much easier than weightlifting!

  • Bone Density. Study participants increased bone density 1.5% using vibration training regularly, when most people generally LOSE bone density. It increases bone mineral density and prevents age-related bone loss.3 It's a HUGE deal to start building bone at an age when most of us are losing it. An increase of 1.5% may not sound like much, but it's comparable to what the osteoporosis drugs can achieve, and with far greater safety. I won't go into the details about the drugs — that's a topic for another day — but they're a bad idea. They actually increase your long-run risk of fractures.
  • Reduced Cellulite. Participants in a German study reduced cellulite 25% using vibration training alone.4

This giant leap in technology means you can enjoy new bone mass, higher levels of human growth hormone (HGH), and effortless slimming down. Equally important, your own body does all this naturally, without drugs! This remarkable exercise secret tones your muscles, improves your balance, helps prevent osteoporosis — and it's easy.

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Reap the Benefits of Exercise
With Practically No Effort

Find out how Acceleration Training™
can safely and effectively improve your life

Physical activity is the best way to maintain independence, prevent falls and improve wellness. Power Plate® equipment offers one of the most efficient workouts available — providing a full-body workout in mere minutes. It's low-impact, fun — and almost anyone can do it. It's especially ideal for older people and those (like me) who have only limited time to exercise.

"I'm 60 years old and my hips hurt. I used the machine for four months 15 to 30 minutes twice or three times a week. My hips quit hurting almost instantly. I'm in much better shape and I don't hurt anywhere. At my yearly physical the bone density test showed more bone growth than the physician could account for with the medications I was taking. The only new event in my life was the Power Plate®."
          Carl A.

The advanced Power Plate® equipment was first used by Soviet cosmonauts in the 1960s to counteract muscle and bone loss caused by the zero gravity conditions they experienced while in space.

As far as I know, there haven't been any specific studies on how vibration training may reduce cancer risk. But I do know that exercise as such reduces cancer risk. If you want to know more about exercise and cancer, see issue #94 at

A Harvard study showed that women who walk at a moderate pace for two or three hours a week cut their risk of breast cancer by 20 percent. Those who walked three to five hours a week reduced their breast cancer risk by 50 percent.

Men with early stage prostate cancer who did NOT exercise were more than twice as likely to see their cancer come back, compared to those men who walked just three times a week.

I believe vibration training is a much easier, more convenient way to get the benefits of exercise. You don't have to walk outside for hours a week, in all kinds of weather.

The benefits of vibration training are well-documented, so it makes sense to me that it would be useful against cancer in the same way as other types of exercise. I hope to see studies in the future that confirm this. Meanwhile, one of the world's best alternative clinics told me that vibration training is a great therapy, for sure.

This clinic says the acceleration principle is vital to de-toxing

I learned about this exercise theory at one of the top Mexican alternative clinics we recommend for cancer treatment in our Special Report, Adios, Cancer. The doctors there pointed out a benefit I haven't mentioned yet: detoxing.

According to these experts, toxins accumulate in the lymph system — that's what they're supposed to do. But it takes body movement to flush the toxins out so they exit the body in your waste. It's up to you keep your lymph fluids moving. If you're a couch potato, the toxic fluid just sits there in your lymph glands.

When it comes to your blood, you have a pump called the heart to keep things moving constantly. Not so when it comes to the lymph system. You have to take "affirmative action" to get the fluids moving out of your lymph glands. It doesn't happen all by itself.

The Mexican clinic introduced me to the mini-trampoline or rebounder as a simple way to force the lymph fluids to circulate. This clinic has a mini-trampoline in every room, and they consider it one of the most important parts of their treatment protocol. They make a point of getting patients to do it.

Based on the Mexican clinic's recommendation, I bought one of these simple trampolines. They're about three feet across. You jump on it and perform various simple exercises. It's small and fits under the bed, and it's very little work. As I said at the outset, this form of exercise yields more benefits per minute of time and effort than any other.

But now I've come across the "Russian secret", which is commercially available in the United States by way of a machine called Power Plate®. I believe Power Plate® is easier and more effective than the mini-trampoline. How good is it? Let's see. . .

Train like a professional athlete

Elite athletes, celebrities, and NASA use Acceleration Training™. Acceleration Training™ is Power Plate's trademarked form of vibration training.

  • Professional athletes on more than 90 NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams use it
  • 40+ top-tier college and university athletic programs use it
  • More than 20 professional golfers from the PGA use it
  • The US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs uses it
  • NASA uses it
  • Many celebrities use it

And rehab programs in conventional medicine, such as the one at the Mayo Clinic, use it to help patients get well and strong.

I can't say it enough: The Power Plate® device can give you exercise benefits without the grueling workout… or the huge time commitment.

This is superb news for those with injuries, mobility problems, time constraints, or who just plain don't care for exercise — as well as for elite athletes and weekend warriors.

Almost anyone, even frail seniors, can easily participate, and improve their bone density and muscle mass -- and reap other health benefits as well. Many of the people who go to that Mexican clinic are elderly, very sick and very frail. They're still able to do vibration training.

If you're fearful of falling and breaking a bone, this is for you. The Power Plate® vibration helps your osteoblasts lay down new bone. Osteoblasts are the cells in your bones responsible for new bone formation. These cells respond to the miniscule electrical impulse created by your bones while they're torqued.

What's torque, you ask?

You see it when tree trunks and branches bend in the wind. The bending strengthens them.

Torque does the same thing for your bones by stimulating your osteoblasts to create stronger, more flexible bones.

Get the benefits of full-body vibration training

As I said, Power Plate® equipment uses the secrets of the Soviets to promote muscle tone. All it takes is a mere 10-15 minutes per day, three times per week (more often is even better). Power Plate® uses the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate your body's natural response.

The Power Plate® machine is something like the scales at a doctor's office. You stand on it, but it doesn't weigh you, it vibrates you. (It's actually about twice the size of a doctor's office scale, but still small enough to fit in your home somewhere.)

Power Plate® uses PrecisionWave™ Technology and a two-motor system to deliver a 3-D type workout. Its waves move up and down, side to side, and front to back — called tri-planar movement — at a rate of 25 to 40 times per second. This is a thorough, automated way of doing what the mini-trampoline does more haphazardly.

The up and down movement improves muscle tone. The sideways and front to back movements work on your balance and coordination, which are important for preventing falls as you age.

Exercise like you've never experienced before…

Vibration training engages as much as 95 percent of your muscle fibers. Compare that to a conventional workout, which engages as little as 20 percent.

This near-total muscle fiber involvement means a more complete workout — most likely different from anything you've experienced before.

In about fifteen minutes you get a complete full-body workout, including stretching, balance, core, strength, and massage.

Besides strength, agility, and speed, many professional sports teams use a Power Plate® machine to accelerate their players' rehab and get them back on the field or court faster. These impressive machines are becoming more common in hospitals, clinics, and physical therapy centers as well. Chiropractors have become some of the biggest advocates for Power Plate®.

What's more, Power Plate® machines are helpful for people recovering from trauma, strokes and other debilitating illnesses. They help patients improve gait, balance and core stability.

Some retirement communities use them to improve quality of life and reduce injury potential.

Power Plate's one disadvantage…

There's no use beating around the bush: Power Plate® is pricey. It costs around $2,700 for the entry-level model, and goes up from there. If your income is limited you can seek one out at a nearby health club. For the cost of buying a unit, you can probably get about two years of Power Plate training at a club or rehab facility -- depending on your local costs. The other way to look at this is that the unit will pay for itself in about two years if you buy one instead of joining a club.

I'm told that a club may require you to use its Power Plate® equipment under the supervision of a trainer at a typical cost of $50 per hour. That would run up your costs even more, and a home unit starts to look like a bargain. You need to use the product at least three times a week. At a $150 a week for a trainer. . .well, my goodness.

I think it's better to buy one because you'll use it much more frequently and faithfully -- and get more good out of it -- if you have it at home.

So if you can manage the finances, get a home unit. Most of us don't exercise anywhere near enough. That's tragic, because the benefits of exercise are enormous. For some types of cancer, such as colon, your risk of getting the disease goes down as much as half if you exercise just a little bit. Yet most of don't have time or motivation.

And for older folks, most types of exercise can be hard and painful. Acceleration training is so easy and painless that almost anyone can do it. If you've got a Power Plate® at home, you can do it on impulse, whenever you have a few spare moments. It only takes 10 or 15 minutes a day, three days a week, to see measurable results.

There are competing brands, but I have a high level of confidence in this one, which is also recommended by some of the top alternative doctors in the United States. In Europe, Power Plate® is a certified medical device. And the requirements there are very strict.

If you'd like to order a Power Plate® or get additional information, you can call the company at 888-457-6191. Your best chance of reaching them is during their regular office hours, 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Mention that you heard about them in Cancer Defeated. They'll be delighted to send you literature and tell you about all the models they have available. The basics are the same on all the models.

They've told me they'll arrive at the office earlier and stay later during the time this newsletter is published, to accommodate the expected calls. So you may be able to reach them around 7 AM Pacific and also after 5. When the office is closed you'll be able to leave a message, and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.

Please be aware that Power Plate®'s marketing people work out of a small office with a limited number of people to take calls. You won't be talking to a telemarketer at a call center, much less someone in India. You'll be talking to the people who work for the company. Your patience is appreciated.

As the song goes, "It's so easy, it's so easy, it's so easy. . ."

I admire people who are out running or walking on cold winter mornings and on rainy days. But that ain't me. And I'm honest enough to admit that it probably wouldn't be me even if I had the time — which I don't, because I'm working flat out to build a business.

Acceleration Training™ is, in my opinion, THE answer to this dilemma. Only you can decide if the price tag is worth it for you, compared to other options — or compared to the dreadful health risks of doing nothing at all.

Kindest regards,

Lee Euler,

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