Cancer is a hopeless, uphill battle if you don't know this: The X-Factor in Fighting Cancer This hidden health problem feeds cancer and most doctors don't even know it exists.

Dear Friend:

Treating cancer successfully—and stopping it from ever returning—comes down to one crucial question:

How can a person cure this disease if they
don’t eliminate THE HIDDEN X-FACTOR
that’s keeping cancer alive and thriving?

That’s right, there’s an insidious cancer-maker—it lurks silently and stealthily inside the body—and mainstream doctors are completely unaware of it. Because they don’t know anything about it, they’re not doing anything to treat it.

Believe it or not, even most alternative practitioners don’t recognize the sinister effects of the X-Factor. They can provide a treatment plan that seems great, but it’s probably missing an absolutely essential piece.

The result of this crucial oversight?

New cancer cells keep forming inside your body and existing ones are much harder to kill. This makes fighting cancer an uphill battle.

You can undergo surgery, radiation or chemo, enduring every miserable second of these “slash-poison-burn” methods, and you won’t get rid of the X-Factor. These traditional treatments barely make an impact on the ruthless killer that hides inside you.

You can take natural supplements by the wagon-load, even supplements known for their cancer-busting power, and they won’t solve the problem. They’re not targeted enough or given in the proper combinations to eliminate the X-Factor.

Even the famous Budwig anti-cancer protocol won’t make a dent in this hidden condition. You might kill some cancer cells, but the underlying conditions that created them will still remain. This is exactly what you DON’T want.

What’s more, it’s not just cancer patients who should be concerned about the X-Factor.

Millions of unsuspecting people have this health-destroying condition and don’t even know it. These folks can seem to be healthy, but they’re much more vulnerable to cancer and many other diseases in the future. This hidden condition is like a ticking time bomb.

So what exactly is the X-Factor?

I’ll reveal this valuable information in just a little bit. You don’t have to buy anything, or give me your email address. I’m offering it to you for free!

But before I do, let’s explore some success stories about folks who beat even the most “hopeless” and “incurable” cases of Stage Four cancer. Their secret? It’s revealed in a new Special Report.

Renee defeats the X-Factor and
ends her 14-year cancer ordeal!

Renee was a 21-year old college student when she came down with breast cancer. She submitted to a double mastectomy, but her cancer kept coming back.

Over the next 14 years, Renee had multiple surgeries, but eventually she became so sick her doctors insisted on a leg amputation, a liver transplant, and fistfuls of toxic prescription drugs.

Renee was prepared to meet her Maker and joined a Bible class. It was there that a friend who knew a great deal about alternative health suggested that Renee might suffer from the X-Factor. Renee thought it was ridiculous—at first.

Then Renee started doing some reading. She was astonished by the cancer-causing power of this unlikely perpetrator. She cancelled the leg amputation, refused the liver transplant, and tossed her drugs in the trash.

To handle her cancer, Renee immediately began a remarkable natural treatment plan to eliminate the X-Factor and improve her overall health. It included targeted natural formulas, organ cleanses, and dietary changes.

The result? The protocol worked like gangbusters! Renee kept her liver and her leg and got rid of her “hopeless” and “terminal” cancer, once and for all.

Renee was so inspired by her own recovery, she went on to become a naturopathic doctor with a PhD in nutrition - - and cancer patients flocked to her clinic from all over the world.

She’s not the only one who got rid of cancer by getting rid of the X-Factor. Keep reading. . .

She was “on a mission” to beat cancer—
and her prayers were answered!

Jane and her husband were US citizens serving as Christian missionaries in the Far East. They were extremely passionate about this higher calling.

Unfortunately, when Jane was diagnosed with lymphoma, they had to return to the States. After a year of cancer treatments, including lumpectomies in her cheek and left shoulder, Jane and her husband returned to the Far East.

Tragedy struck again six months later. Jane started having excruciating pain in her lower back. It was so serious that she had to return to the US again. Doctors explained that the chemo and radiation had collapsed one of her vertebra.

Not only that, but another cancerous lump was now growing under her jaw.

Enough was enough. Jane decided she needed to try another route and started researching all the alternative options. She soon discovered the astonishing truth about the X-Factor and the powerful strategies for beating it.

In just a few short weeks, Jane had CURED HER CANCER COMPLETELY!

Her husband didn’t have cancer, but he took the extra precaution of getting rid of the X-Factor in his own body to prevent cancer in the future. Today, the couple is back in the Far East and spreading the Word of God. Jane is cancer-free, pain-free, and happy!

So what did Jane know that most cancer patients don’t? You’ll be amazed when you find out the secret!

Ty Bollinger

About the Authors

Ty Bollinger is a happily married father of four, a CPA, health freedom advocate, and author of best-selling cancer books.

After losing 7 members of his family to cancer (including his mother and his father), Ty had seen the dark side of chemo, radiation and surgery and began to explore alternative cancer treatments.

In his journey, Ty has made a remarkable discovery: the vast majority of cancers can be prevented or even cured without drugs or surgery, but it’s not happening because the pharmaceutical companies are running the show.

That’s why Ty spends countless hours writing, going on TV and radio talk shows, and giving speeches to thousands of people around the world. He’s spreading the word that there are better solutions for cancer.

Andrew Scholberg is a freelance writer who travels the world researching alternative cancer treatments. He has authored or co-authored several best-selling Special Reports on cancer, including Adios Cancer!, Cancer Breakthrough USA, German Cancer Breakthrough, and How to Cure Almost Any Cancer for $5.15 a Day!

Andrew and his wife have four children and live in Chicago. He was the defendant in a landmark First Amendment case before the Supreme Court. He is an adventurous outdoorsman in his free time.

The usual answers about cancer
are just not good enough!

My name is Ty Bollinger and I’m not a physician. I’m a CPA by profession and a health advocate by necessity. You see, my family hasn’t just been touched by cancer, we’ve been absolutely savaged.

How bad has it been? Seven of my beloved relatives died in less than a decade:

It was a living hell for my entire family, going through unsuccessful cancer treatments—over and over again.

After seeing my closest and dearest family members die of cancer, I knew cancer was coming after me—and maybe my children someday—if I didn’t do something about it.

I needed a real solution to cancer—a different kind of solution. I needed something that would work.

I also knew the conventional treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (cut, burn and poison) were useless against this disease.

I knew there had to be a better solution for cancer—one that really works—so I started a full-time effort to crack the cancer code. And after vast research and reading hundreds of books and articles, I found what I was looking for.

I was surprised by what I found -- to say the least! I identified unrecognized health issues that keep cancer growing out of control inside the body. I also found little-known treatments that turn off these cancer triggers.

I discovered this precious life-saving information too late to save my mom and dad and grandparents. But I found it in time to save myself and my kids—and you. It’s all compiled in my new Special Report The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Because the fact is, without addressing the deeper issues, it’s infinitely harder to heal your cancer.

That’s why you need the very best alternative cancer information right at your fingertips. My newly-minted Special Report helps you take charge of your own cancer treatment and gives you the very best odds to come out on top.

It also includes the identity of the X-Factor—the scourge of cancer patients everywhere. Are you ready to find out what it is? Get ready to be shocked!

The X-Factor is…parasites!

Blood-sucking, disease-causing,
potentially LETHAL parasites!

Did you know that most Americans have parasites infecting their bodies and don’t even realize it? If you’ve eaten sushi or undercooked beef, you’ve probably got parasites. You can get up to a whopping 10,000 larvae from a single piece of beef!

“(Parasites) are one of the primary underlying causes of disease and are the most basic cause of a compromised immune system,” says leading expert Dr. Hazel Parcells. “They are the biggest toxins in the human body.”

Here are just a few of the frightening facts about parasites…

So these nasty invaders make it much more likely you’ll get cancer…and much less likely that you’ll be able to kill cancer. This is a double whammy for anyone who’s fighting with all their courage—trying to get healthy and stay that way.

Here’s what some common parasites look like

Hookworm Image

This common parasite, a hookworm that grows to a length of nearly half an inch, can sneak into your intestines, suck the blood out of your intestinal walls, and use your body as its latrine.

Trichinella Image

This parasite, the trichinella worm, is one of the most common parasites in America. You can pick it up from undercooked food, and it can grow up to three millimeters long. It can cause fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Tapeworm Image

This is one parasite you don’t want to have in your body. If it takes up residence in your guts, the tape worm can grow to a length of 19 feet. Ewwww!

To eliminate parasites, you must
know and use the right natural treatment plan!

In The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure—my hot-off-the-presses Special Report—you get the best all-natural strategies to detoxify your body…remove unwanted occupants…boost your healing ability…and put a real licking on cancer!

In just 31 days, your body becomes a cancer-fighting machine!

One of the most important aspects of The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure is a protocol—a treatment plan -- for putting an end to parasites inside your body.

After digging through the best cancer treatments in the world, I settled on a parasite-killing plan developed by a genius scientist who used her revolutionary insights to cure the cancer patients that no one else could.

This legendary scientist recognized that two factors are always involved in cancer: 1) the presence of parasites and 2) the presence of chemical solvents and other carcinogens that a person can easily pick up from the everyday environment.

My 31-day protocol eliminates both. Most cancer patients who follow this plan get results incredibly fast. Many notice dramatic improvements in LESS THAN A WEEK for many different kinds of cancers, including:

My protocol has also been successful in cases of colon cancer… skin cancer… cancer of the thyroid… cervical cancer… kidney cancer… bladder cancer… pancreatic cancer… uterine cancer… ovarian cancer… bone cancer… stomach cancer… leukemia... and many, many more.

This protocol is outlined step-by-step in The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure, which also includes other astounding advice for waging war against cancer—powerful advice you won’t ever hear about unless you find it out for yourself.

Thousands of cancer patients
are benefiting from this unique information.
Do you want to be one of them?

Now you can, with my lifesaving Special Report The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. With these valuable insights at your fingertips, you can understand exactly why people get cancer—and exactly what you can do about it.

Expensive Medicine

This Special Report is a cornucopia of under-recognized facts and under-utilized secrets for defeating cancer. I’m always surprised that more people don’t know about these methods, but I probably shouldn’t be.

The fat cats in the medical establishment want to keep the profits rolling in. More surgery. More radiation. More drugs. With all the misinformation flying around, it’s no wonder cancer doctors are struggling to keep their cancer patients alive.

Alternative doctors know the score about the medical establishment, but sometimes the best treatments escape their attention, too. There’s an overwhelming amount of information to sort through, much of it conflicting and contradictory.

Only the most informed and sophisticated health experts and caregivers have this information at their disposal.

You can have it, too, when you request The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Inside this Special Report, you’ll discover:

To say that The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure is jam-packed with powerful information would be an understatement. This remarkable Special Report is a “must-have” for all cancer patients and their families.

How good is the knowledge inside this incredible manifesto? As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Here are two more terminal cancer patients who took responsibility for their illness and ultimately kicked it to the curb.

Richard Wiebe Image Richard Wiebe’s doctor gave him six months to live with the last two months in diapers—a devastating blow for a 31-year-old father of three from Georgia. But Richard got rid of his terminal brain cancer and is now as healthy as a horse, thanks to treatments you’ll find in the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Doctor proclaims, “You’re
a miracle from God!”

Richard was only 31 years old when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the deadliest form of brain cancer. He had a wife and three very young children. He was only supposed to live six months—and the doctors told him he’d spend the last two months in DIAPERS.

But that’s not how things turned out.

Something different happened when Richard found the same eye-opening information I now feature in my Special Report The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Believe it or not, Richard cured his “incurable” brain cancer with some of the strategies contained inside the Special Report. His doctor was totally mystified but had to recognize the power of Richard’s methods, even if they weren’t the ones the doctor had prescribed for him.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing,” said the doctor. “You’re a miracle from God.” Ditto for Kevin, a cancer patient who discovered my book on the Internet.

Kevin Irish Image Kevin Irish from Michigan broke down in tears when his doctor told him he had terminal lung cancer. But he beat his cancer and is now able to enjoy golf and travel, thanks to treatments you’ll find in the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

He said “Thank you, no”
to more chemo!

When the doctors told him he had inoperable Stage 4 lung cancer, Kevin consented to a body-and-soul-crushing mainstream program: five days of chemo, then radiation, five more days of chemo, then more radiation, and so on.

This went on for four months. The pain and nausea were unrelenting and Kevin needed the painkilling drug Vicodan to cope. When the cancer went into remission, the doctor wanted to do more chemo “just to be sure.” Kevin was devastated.

That’s when he decided he wasn’t having any more chemo. He started looking for natural alternatives.

Kevin stumbled onto my advice. Not only did he prevent his cancer from coming back, he was able to stop his pain medication completely. No more Vicodan for this guy!

The next time Kevin saw his doctor, the doctor was truly amazed. “Are you the guy I saw a couple of months ago? I can’t recognize you. You look great!”

Are you ready to wipe out the X-Factor
and set the stage for greater healing?

By now you know you must destroy the parasites in your body if you want to kill your cancer, and make sure it stays away for good.

Mainstream doctors won’t help you with this. Alternative doctors might not either, so it’s up to you to put this plan into action.

It’s quick and easy with my Special Report The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. This valuable report tells you…

…the parasite-killing protocol to get rid of those awful invaders…

…the 31-day program to sweep the body clean of other toxic influences…

…other major cancer-causers that derail your healing process…

…plus proven natural therapies, dietary recommendations, easy exercise suggestions, and much, much more.

The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure is valued at a highly reasonable $29.95 and people have indicated they’d be glad to pay it. But right now, I’m willing to give you this Special Report for the powerful introductory price of $19.95.

Why am I offering you this? For one thing, I don’t want what happened to my family to happen to you and yours. I think it’s an outrage that cancer patients don’t have access to accurate information. I think it’s a downright shame that folks could cure themselves, but are led down blind alleys by uninformed or shortsighted doctors.

One doctor I know, after giving a cancer patient a six-month death sentence, had the gall to ask her, “You’re not going to do any of that alternative stuff, are you?” She said no and he patted her on the shoulder. “Good girl!” he said!

Why not let her try some alternative strategies that might make her better? He was just that pompous, and I don’t want you to find yourself in the same situation. There’s so much you can do!

That’s why I’m chomping at the bit for you to have The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure at a reduced rate. And to make it even more enticing, I’m giving you not one or two, but THREE additional reports—absolutely FREE!

Free Report #1
Cancer Survivors Reveal Their Personal Secrets
($5.95 value—yours FREE!)

Free Bonus Report #1

It’s eye-opening to hear the stories of other cancer patients who can share their hard-fought experience about battling their disease.

They can tell you what treatments worked wonders for them—and which backfired terribly.

Some stories are inspirational and some are sobering, but they can give you powerful insights and clear direction that you wouldn’t normally have as you navigate your own treatment.

This is must-know info, that’s for sure!

Inside this Free Report, you’ll discover… the shocking truth about “chemo brain”… the cancer treatment your body will never fully recover from… the lifestyle mistake that cuts your cancer-fighting ability in half… the right way and the wrong way to eat cancer-fighting foods… how a job on the night shift promotes cancer… how to vibrate your cancer cells away… and much, much more.

In addition to your first Free Report, you’ll also receive this second Free Report:

Free Report #2
Here’s What You Can Do for the “Ugly” Cancers
($5.95 value—yours FREE!)

Free Bonus Report #2

When I say “ugly cancer” I mean a potential killer that needs a remedy that’s extra strong. And I do NOT mean mainstream treatments that haphazardly kill both cancer cells and healthy cells.

Rather, the treatments I recommend for the “ugly cancers” are powerful NATURAL remedies that give cancer the old “heave-ho!”

This Free Report will outline the $900 natural remedy that gives you the same results as $100,000 chemotherapy and without the side effects…the natural therapy forbidden in America that sends patients flocking to Mexico…the remarkable power of medicinal mushrooms for cancer…the “superfood salad” that works like gangbusters for brain cancer…and much, much more.

Why not have these weapons in your arsenal? The right natural secret can put your cancer in the crosshairs, then pull the trigger on it!

And last but not least, you get this third report—absolutely FREE!

Report #3
The ONLY Soy You Should Ever Eat
($5.95 value—yours FREE!)

Free Bonus Report #3

Is soy a healthy food? Should you consume it regularly? The answer is… it depends.

Certain kinds of soy products are good for your health. Other kinds are a total disaster, creating digestive difficulties, immune problems, hormone imbalances, sexual dysfunction, and increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

Sorry to say, you’re probably eating the wrong kind of soy. This is especially damaging if you have cancer right now.

When you read this Free Report, you’ll find out why the Japanese can eat soy without worry…the mysterious truth about anti-nutrients…how the wrong soy damages your DNA…the shady facts behind soy production in the USA…soy foods you can consume freely and enjoy…and much, much more.

Don’t let the wrong kind of soy sabotage you. Request and read this report now.

Here’s the whole deal in a nutshell!

You get my Special Report The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure plus THREE Free Reports Cancer Survivors Reveal Their Personal Secrets, Here’s What You Can Do for the “Ugly” Cancers, and The ONLY Soy You Should Ever Eat—all for the modest price of $19.95.

That’s a complete value of $47.80—giving you a $27.85 savings!

And to make this offer even more attractive, I’m giving you something else…

My “good gracious!” guarantee!

Since I want you to order The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure and feel terrific about it, I’ve persuaded my publisher to give you an absolutely unbeatable guarantee.

Usually, he promises your money back—in full—any time you ask for a full year. That’s probably the best guarantee in the business, but I persuaded him to go even further for you.

With this special offer, you can get your money back at any time in the future. From now until eternity with no strings attached and no questions asked. Good gracious, did I get him to offer you that good a deal? Yes, I most certainly did!

I absolutely insisted on it. That’s how certain I am that you will treasure this Special Report. If you’re not completely impressed by the value of this powerful information, my publisher will refund every penny you paid. No ifs, ands or buts!

It's all the more reason to get the 31-Day Cancer Cure today.

Go ahead and request this Special Report so you can gain access to this information immediately. I look forward to hearing your cancer success story, or that of someone you love, thanks to these amazing natural alternatives.

Ty Bollinger

P.S. Want to put an end to the X-Factor? Find out how in my Special Report The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure, available now at the limited-time introductory price of $19.95. If you’re not completely wowed by the information, you can get your money back at any time, no questions asked. There’s no risk whatsoever!

P.P.S. When you receive my Special Report, you’ll also receive THREE additional reports—absolutely FREE. These include Cancer Survivors Reveal Their Personal Secrets; Here’s What You Can Do for the “Ugly” Cancers and The ONLY Soy You Should Ever Eat. Don’t delay. Get them all today!