Shocked Doctors Forced to Eat Crow

Shocked Doctors Forced to Eat Crow!

…after patients use
The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure

Richard Wiebe Image

“You’re a miracle from God!”

said Richard Wiebe’s doctor after he used The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure to get rid of his terminal brain cancer

Kevin Irish Image

“Are you the terminal patient I saw two months ago? You look great!”

remarked Kevin Irish’s doctor after Kevin used The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure to get rid of his stage four lung cancer

Frank Woll Image

“Well, I know the cancer is here somewhere”

said Frank Woll’s doctor while looking through a magnifying glass. But Frank’s deadly skin cancer was gone—totally GONE!—after he used The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure

Dear Friend,

In a moment I’ll give you more details about these cases that prove The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure works. I’ll also give you more proof, including photographic proof.

First let me briefly tell you who I am.

My name is Ty Bollinger. I knew hardly anything about cancer until it killed seven members of my family, including my mom and dad! That’s why I’ve spent the last seven years investigating alternative cancer treatments.

I’m going to tell you about the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure so that you won’t have to watch a loved one die in misery from outdated cancer treatments.

And because I’m a layman, not a doctor, I’m free to tell you the truth—that conventional cancer treatments are poisonous and barbaric. I’m talking about radiation and chemotherapy. Radiation burns, and chemo poisons. They’re awful treatments.

It never entered my mind that I would help “terminal” cancer patients from around the world cure their cancer themselves, at home. But my mom’s death was the last straw! That’s when I put my career as a CPA on the back burner and plunged full-time into researching natural cancer cures.

During this research I also uncovered some shocking facts about the cancer industry’s conspiracy to keep Americans ignorant about natural cures for cancer.

Expensive Medicine

You see, it’s a matter of money. It costs about $850,000 to die of cancer after using the cancer industry’s recommended treatments: surgery, radiation, and chemo. But The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure I’m going to tell you about costs so little that just about anybody can afford it—even uninsured patients on Medicaid. No wonder the cancer industry hates it!

The 31-Day Cancer Cure could save you or a loved one from dying an early death from cancer. Yes, there’s a better way to beat cancer than suffering through the misery of chemo and radiation.

Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. It’ll take just a few minutes, yet the rewards can be enormous because The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure is a breakthrough for incurables.

Can it cure every case of cancer? Of course not. No one can make a claim like that. But it’s astonishing how many doctors were forced to eat crow after their “incurable” and “terminal” patients used The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

How I cured the skin cancer on my face

Now that I know how to beat cancer without chemo and radiation, I’m no longer afraid of falling victim to my family’s “cancer curse.” In 2008 I had skin cancer on my face: one spot on my nose and the other on my left temple. It’s a diagnosis that would terrify most people. But I knew exactly what to do.

Instead of having the cancer removed surgically, I used a natural, inexpensive remedy that I recommend in my new Special Report The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. Here are the “before” and “after” photographs .

Before Image: SideThis is what the skin cancer on my temple looked like before I used the natural remedy I describe in my new Special Report.
Before Image: Front

I also had skin cancer near the bridge of my nose.

After Image This photo was taken two weeks after I started using the natural cancer remedy I recommend in my new Special Report The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. The cancer is gone, and my face healed without scarring.

Granted, my skin cancer wasn’t all that severe. But here’s the story of someone who used my 31-Day Home Cancer Cure to get rid of the most severe kind of skin cancer: malignant melanoma! I’ll also tell you about others who overcame a variety of deadly cancers using the same cure.

Frank Woll Image Frank Woll and his wife were devastated when the doctor gave him less than a year to live. But he avoided disfiguring facial surgery, got rid of his terminal melanoma skin cancer, and plans to spend the next few decades with his wife in the Florida Keys, thanks to the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.
Frank Woll Image Frank Woll and his wife were devastated when the doctor gave him less than a year to live. But he avoided disfiguring facial surgery, got rid of his terminal melanoma skin cancer, and plans to spend the next few decades with his wife in the Florida Keys, thanks to the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Frank’s surgeon wanted to carve his ear off!

Frank Woll’s doctor scared the heck out of him when he told him he had an extreme case of malignant melanoma—the deadliest kind of skin cancer. He said, “You have a year to live if the cancer keeps spreading.”

The doctor’s recommendation was simple: surgery to cut off half of Frank’s ear and to cut into his neck to check the lymph nodes. “It’s your only hope for stopping the cancer,” said the doctor. He also instructed Frank to stay out of the sun for good.

Frank is an outdoorsman who lives in the Florida Keys. He told his wife: “There’s no cure. It’s just a ‘cutting game.’ You know what? I don’t think I want to do this.” Frank’s doctors were speechless when he cancelled his appointment for surgery. But his mind was made up.

During Frank’s search for an alternative cancer treatment, he discovered my book. The results speak for themselves.

The doctor could find no trace of the cancer

After one month, Frank returned to his doctors to show them his cancer was gone. A nurse who wanted to take another biopsy became frustrated when she couldn’t find the trouble spot. She called for the doctor.

The doctor couldn’t see the trouble spot with his naked eye. So he grabbed a magnifying glass and tried again. While hunting for the deadly melanoma, the doctor said, “Well, I know it’s here somewhere.” But no matter how hard he looked, he could find no sign of the cancer. None whatsoever!

The doctor was speechless when Frank told him how he got rid of his cancer. But the doctor had no choice: He was forced to eat crow and confirm Frank’s cancer-free status in his report.

As you can imagine, Frank couldn’t be happier about avoiding drastic surgery that would’ve disfigured his face. His future is bright. And he’s now able to enjoy the Florida sunshine.

You might think Frank’s recovery is a miracle. It’s not.

You see, the real miracle is the human body. When you treat your body right—getting rid of the toxins that cause cancer, boosting your immune system, and eating the right foods—it’s astounding how you can bounce back from disease!

One unique aspect of The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure is the systematic detox plan, which is based on my seven years of arduous research. I’ll tell you more about the detox plan in a moment.

Kevin Irish Image Kevin Irish from Michigan broke down in tears when his doctor told him he had terminal lung cancer. But he beat his cancer and is now able to enjoy golf and travel, thanks to the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.
Kevin Irish Image Kevin Irish from Michigan broke down in tears when his doctor told him he had terminal lung cancer. But he beat his cancer and is now able to enjoy golf and travel, thanks to the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Incredible but true: Kevin’s return from the brink of the grave

When Kevin Irish’s doctor told him he had inoperable stage four lung cancer, he fell to the floor and wept. This is the same kind of cancer that killed ABC’s evening news anchor Peter Jennings. And Kevin’s tumor was HUGE—a real monster.

With no health insurance, Kevin had no choice but to go on Medicaid in Michigan. And his doctor put him through conventional cancer treatments for a few months.

Kevin says, “I can’t describe the hell I went through. The chemo and radiation were horrible. I felt as if I was dying. I made a video journal and I couldn’t believe it: I looked like Uncle Fester on the Addams Family. I felt self-conscious. I even had to wear a face mask when I went out in public because my immune system was wiped out! If you catch a cold while you’re on chemo, it’s BAD NEWS.”

When Kevin’s doctor told him he needed more chemo, he knew he couldn’t take it anymore. So he stopped all treatments no and looked for an alternative. He found out about my 31-Day Home Cancer Cure and started using it.

What really impressed Kevin was the effect of the nutritional “smart bomb” that’s a key part of the home cure. Not only did the “smart bomb” kill Kevin’s cancer, but it also killed his pain. I’ll tell you more about this nutritional “smart bomb” in a moment.

When Kevin returned to his doctor for a follow-up visit, no longer did he have the swollen face that made him look like Uncle Fester on the Addams Family. Kevin’s doctor asked, “Who are you? Are you the terminal patient I saw a couple months ago? I can’t recognize you. You look great!” The doctor confirmed Kevin’s cancer-free status.

Kevin now feels so good he’s able to indulge in his favorite hobby: golf. And he warmly recommends The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Rev. Cobus Rudolph Rev. Cobus Rudolph from South Africa was dying of stage four colon cancer. His oncologist wrote him off as “terminal.” But Rev. Rudolph got rid of his cancer using The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. His flabbergasted oncologist told him: “Congratulations, you’re cancer free!”
Rev. Cobus Rudolph Rev. Cobus Rudolph from South Africa was dying of stage four colon cancer. His oncologist wrote him off as “terminal.” But Rev. Rudolph got rid of his cancer using The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. His flabbergasted oncologist told him: “Congratulations, you’re cancer free!”

The minister who reversed his stage four colon cancer

As you may know, when cancer spreads beyond the original tumor, doctors consider it terminal. In South Africa, doctors gave Rev. Cobus Rudolph a death sentence on March 27, 2009. They told him his “terminal” colon cancer had spread to his lymphatic system. Even if he submitted to chemo, they said he only had a few months to live.

This was the same kind of cancer that killed Hollywood legend Jack Lemmon.

When Rev. Rudolph discovered my 31-Day Home Cancer Cure, he began to see a ray of hope. Having been sentenced to death, he knew he had nothing to lose by trying an alternative. And so he said no to chemo and started using the home cure.

Here’s the e-mail Rev. Rudolph sent me a few months later: “My blood was tested on September 9, 2009, and the following day, the oncologist told me: ‘Congratulations, you are cancer free!’ I thank God for my healing. Thirty-one different tests were performed on my blood, and I am perfectly healed. No cancer in my body! Since day one that I started the alternative healing route, I never, ever used any drug or other tablets for my pain. Yet I experienced hardly any pain. Thank you, Ty.”

Rev. Rudolph practically swears by the nutritional “smart bomb” that’s a key part of The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Richard Wiebe Image Richard Wiebe’s doctor gave him six months to live with the last two months in diapers—a devastating blow for a 30-year-old father of three from Georgia. But Richard got rid of his terminal brain cancer and is now as healthy as a horse, thanks to the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.
Richard Wiebe Image Richard Wiebe’s doctor gave him six months to live with the last two months in diapers—a devastating blow for a 30-year-old father of three from Georgia. But Richard got rid of his terminal brain cancer and is now as healthy as a horse, thanks to the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Devastating news for the 30-year-old father of three

Richard Wiebe from Georgia had glioblastoma multiforme, the deadliest form of brain cancer. This is the kind of cancer that killed Senator Ted Kennedy. Just about all patients with “glio,” as it’s called, are dead within a year or two.

Even with conventional treatments, Richard’s cancer was so far advanced that his doctor gave him only six months to live. And to add insult to injury, the doctor told Richard he’d spend his final two months in diapers!

Richard was only 30 years old. His children were four, two, and one.

Because he thought his life was quickly drawing to an end, he planned to do a sweet 16 video for his daughter before he became bedridden. He also planned to make wedding videos for all three children because he wouldn’t be at their weddings.

Before Richard had even finished conventional treatment, he met other "terminal" cancer patients who had beaten their cancer by using elements of the same home cure I describe in my Special Report. So he, too, adopted the home cure plan.

Richard’s friends at church were puzzled

After six months, the people at Richard’s church noticed that Richard didn’t look like he was dying. Yet they knew he was supposed to be dead, according to his doctor’s prognosis. Some of them privately asked his wife what she was doing for him. She gladly told them about the home cure.

After surviving a year—twice as long as the doctor’s six-month prediction—Richard bluntly asked the doctor, “How many patients have made it 12 months with my kind of brain tumor?” The doctor was like a deer in the headlights. After a pause, he said, “Just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a miracle from God.”

Richard’s doctor confirmed that he’s cancer free. In the coming years Richard looks forward to attending his daughter’s sweet 16 party and his children’s graduation and marriage ceremonies.

Part of the secret is putting the right nutrition into your body, which is good for everybody. It makes you feel better and look younger. Not so with chemotherapy. Just the opposite. It makes you look old, sick and half-dead.

Remember when the late Hollywood star Patrick Swayze—who starred in the hit movies Ghost and Dirty Dancing—got cancer? His doctors put him on chemo. He was only 57 years old at the time, but the chemo made him look like an elderly man with one foot in the grave.

See for yourself what chemo did to this handsome young actor in these “before” and “after” photos:

Patrick Swayze: Before and After Image Patrick Swayze was a handsome young man before chemo made him look decades older. But if he’d survived the harsh cancer treatments, he likely would have had to live with “chemo brain”—a form of dementia that impairs memory.
swayze before chemo

Before Chemo

swayze after chemo

After Chemo

Here’s another effect of high-dose chemo you should know about: “chemo brain.” Cancer survivors with chemo brain sometimes have the same kind of memory problems that bedevil elderly dementia patients. They can have trouble remembering where they put their car keys, where they parked the car, or the name of the person they just met five minutes ago, even though they still remember events from decades ago.

And there’s no cure for chemo brain. None at all. The damage is permanent. The way to prevent chemo brain is to avoid chemo. And you can—just by trying my 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

It bears repeating that the home cure I recommend is inexpensive. Just about anyone can afford it—even uninsured patients on Medicaid. Lots of people spend a fortune on outmoded, ineffective conventional treatments only to die in misery, and that’s not what I want for you and your loved ones.

Paul McCartney didn’t know about the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure

In 1998 after 29 years of marriage, the great pop legend Paul McCartney lost his beloved wife Linda to breast cancer. Paul spared no expense to help his wife. She was the love of his life, and he would’ve done anything for her.

But like most people, he trusted the doctors. And the doctors put Linda through the standard grueling cancer treatments that ruined her immune system, made her feel rotten, and finally pulled her under.

Could Linda McCartney have been saved if she’d used The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure? I can’t say for sure. But consider the case of someone who had the same kind of cancer Linda had: Lesya Brown from Pennsylvania.

Lesya had just turned 48 when her doctor found a lump in her breast. When she went in to see the results of her biopsy, he asked, “Did you bring someone with you?” That’s when she knew the news would be bad—really bad. The doctor told her, “It’s malignant.

It was hard for Lesya to tell her husband and sons about her deadly cancer. And just as hard for them to hear the devastating news.

But Lesya found a ray of hope when she came across my 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

Lesya’s doctors were flabbergasted when she refused their chemotherapy. Instead, she followed the home cure religiously: the head-to-toe detox, the nutritional “smart bomb,” the immune-boosting supplement, and the delicious anti-cancer eating plan.

The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure cure made Lesya cancer-proof. It changed her body chemistry from acidic to alkaline—a health secret that has saved thousands. As a result, she’s cancer-free.

How to cancer-proof your body

To explain what I mean by cancer-proofing your body, let me use the analogy of a forest.

Dry Forest vs Wet Forest

The ideal conditions for a forest fire are a dry forest, low humidity, and strong winds. Just one match will start a catastrophic firestorm!

But if the forest is soaking wet, there’s no wind, and it’s pouring rain, you could apply a blowtorch to the forest without starting a fire.

That’s exactly how cancer is. The ideal conditions for cancer are an acidic body chemistry plus the Standard American Diet or “SAD.” When cancer starts in an acidic body, it finds a welcoming environment—an environment that can help it spread like crazy. And the standard American diet changes your body chemistry to acidic, which cancer loves. No wonder so many Americans are getting cancer!

But if you eat the right foods, you change your body chemistry from acidic to alkaline.

Even if you don’t yet have cancer, you could certainly benefit from my new Special Report. The eating plan I recommend not only can help cure cancer but also can help you cancer-proof your body.

In fact, many happy people report that they got rid of just about ALL degenerative diseases—not just cancer—by changing their body chemistry from acidic to alkaline. Alkalinity is a healthy body chemistry that makes disease feel unwelcome.

Another unexpected benefit: weight loss!

Here’s a surprising benefit of the eating plan I recommend. Most Americans would love to lose, say, 10 or 15 pounds. You can easily do that—without depriving yourself and without any hunger—just by making one simple adjustment in the eating plan I describe in my new Special Report. At the end of a month, you could expect to weigh 10 or 15 pounds less.

I quickly lost 25 pounds without any effort, and I ate all the time!

Unless you hate chocolate, you’ll want to indulge in one of my favorite treats on this eating plan: raw carob pie. It’s unbelievably creamy, and it tastes chocolatey, just like a chocolate cream pie. It includes carob, avocados, honey, dates, and strawberries, blended in a food processor. It’s hard to believe that such a fantastic treat is actually healthy for you.

You’ll get the recipe for raw carob pie in my Special Report, along with other ideas for delicious foods you can eat while losing unwanted weight and getting healthy.

What other eating plan lets you eat a piece of pie for breakfast and lose weight? Try it for a month and see how much weight you lose.

Here’s what’s unique about the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure

The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure consists of four parts, as described below. My new Special Report, The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure, gives you the “bottom line” immediately! You can put it to work for you right away.

Here’s a summary of the easy four-step 31-Day Home Cancer Cure:

  1. Detox, detox, detox for the first 31 days. Poisons in your body can cause cancer, so you have to get rid of them to cure your cancer. My detox plan is unique because it’s so thorough and effective yet gentle on your body. If you can find a better detox plan, use it! Please be aware, however, that most of the liver cleanses out there are grueling: just plain BRUTAL! In contrast, the liver cleanse I recommend is mild yet effective. It’s perhaps the best detox plan available today, based on my seven years of arduous research—and I use these cleanses to keep my health in balance.
  2. A nutritional “smart bomb” that massacres cancer cells without harming your healthy cells. This “smart bomb,” which is completely natural , also lowers your blood pressure and kills pain with no bad side effects. It’s a miracle from God! My family and I use it for the nutritional benefits and also to prevent cancer.
  3. The most effective immune-boosting supplement I’ve found. It kicks your immune system into high gear, unlike conventional cancer treatments such as chemo and radiation, which devastate the immune system. It’s so easy to take this immune-boosting pill—and the benefits are HUGE.
  4. A delicious anti-cancer eating plan and common-sense recommendations that most cancer-doctors completely overlook! Incredible as it sounds, my eating plan includes a treat that tastes like chocolate cream pie—yet it’s healthy for you! I give you the recipe. It’s easy to make.

Do you suffer from these health problems?

Considering the standard American diet, it’s no wonder so many Americans have health issues. Do you have any of these?

  • Hard to lose weight?
  • Constipation?
  • Gall stones?
  • Gout?
  • Arthritis?
  • Kidney stones?
  • Halitosis often covered up with breath mints?
  • B.O. after just one day without deodorant?

If so, you may suffer from a clogged, sluggish colon, an overworked liver, or dirty blood. These problems can often be traced back to toxins.

You see, toxins can overload your organs, preventing them from functioning at their peak level of performance. It’s that simple.

Once you get rid of the poisons that have been clogging your colon, overburdening your liver, and making your blood dirty, you’ll be amazed at how many health issues simply disappear.

A sluggish colon is perhaps the most common problem—yet it’s the easiest one to solve! How do you know your colon is working right? Simple:

Your colon is in tip-top shape if you have three bowel movements a day. Your colon is healthier than average if you have two movements a day. Your colon may be in trouble if you only have one movement a day. And if there are days when you don’t have a bowel movement at all, your colon is in serious trouble.

Fortunately, this problem is easy to solve. It’s a snap to cleanse your colon—as I explain in my Special Report.

Now, cleansing the colon is the best place to start for detox. But it’s not enough. When you have cancer you also have to cleanse your kidneys, your liver, and your blood. Fortunately, those cleanses are also easy to do. In my new Special Report, The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure, I lay out a simple 31-day schedule so you can easily do every step of the detox in the right order.

This detox includes one key cleanse that’s often overlooked: the parasite cleanse.

Do you have these signs of parasite infestation?

You might wonder about the parasite cleanse. Is it really necessary? Are parasites a common problem for Americans?

Well, let me ask you this. Do you have any of these problems?

  • Dull, dry, itchy skin?
  • Low energy?
  • Headaches?
  • Poor digestion?
  • Nausea?
  • Constipation?
  • Vomiting
  • Pain?
  • Insomnia?

If you answered yes to one or more of these issues, it’s possible you may have parasites. Getting parasites is surprisingly easy. Have you ever eaten sushi or undercooked meat? If so, you might have picked up some unwanted “guests”—parasites. And these disgusting bloodsuckers that worm into your body also use your body as their own personal latrine.

Even if you always cook your food thoroughly at home, can you be certain all of the restaurant meals you’ve ever eaten were properly cooked? Parasites are a big problem—even in America.

Here’s what some common parasites look like

Hookworm ImageHookworm Image

This common parasite, a hookworm that grows to a length of nearly half an inch, can worm into your intestines, suck the blood out of your intestinal walls, and use your body as its latrine.

Trichinella Image Trichinella Image

This parasite, the trichinella worm, is one of the most common parasites in America. You can pick it up from undercooked food, and it can grow up to three millimeters long. It can cause fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Tapeworm Image Tapeworm Image

This is one parasite you don’t want to have in your body. If it takes up residence in your guts, the tape worm can grow to a length of 19 feet. Eewww!

Doing the parasite cleanse is easy and won’t hurt you. What’s more, it’ll give you peace of mind to know you’re parasite-free.

If parasites are the culprit behind one or more of your health issues, the parasite cleanse is the answer!

The good news is that the parasite cleanse I recommend is the best on the market. It kills parasites dead! Not just the parasites but also their eggs. After all, there’s no point in killing the pesky, bloodsucking parasites if you allow their microscopic eggs to hatch.

After you’ve done the parasite cleanse and the other cleanses in the 31-day detox, don’t be shocked if you feel like a million bucks! I recommend this detox for all cancer patients without exception.

To help my readers beat their cancer, I also recommend a health secret from northern India. It’s a key part of my home cure, and it’s one of the most astonishing cancer cures I know of. It’s the nutritional “smart bomb” I told you about earlier.

Bill Henderson Image “If you or a loved one has cancer, you MUST read Ty’s new Special Report. Nothing else presents this subject in layman’s language with the thoroughness of Ty’s Special Report—especially the section on cleansing and detox. Just buy it. You won’t be sorry.”—Bill Henderson, the best-selling author of Cancer-Free, Your Guide to Non-Toxic Gentle Healing
Bill Henderson Image “If you or a loved one has cancer, you MUST read Ty’s new Special Report. Nothing else presents this subject in layman’s language with the thoroughness of Ty’s Special Report—especially the section on cleansing and detox. Just buy it. You won’t be sorry.”—Bill Henderson, the best-selling author of Cancer-Free, Your Guide to Non-Toxic Gentle Healing

How nature’s “smart bomb” blows cancer cells to smithereens

A century ago, a British doctor discovered something remarkable. He stumbled across a remote and isolated tribe at the extreme northern end of India. He lived among the tribe members for seven years to learn the secret of their robust health.

In 1921, Oxford University published this doctor’s amazing findings.

He reported that the tribe members were “unsurpassed” in freedom from disease. Cancer was unknown in this tribe. The doctor also discovered that their lifespan was unusually long.

And he also noted a peculiar thing about what they ate: they used a certain highly nutritious food “very largely” in their diet.

You might be surprised to know that Americans routinely throw out this highly nutritious food. Why? Because hardly anybody knows it’s good to eat—and good for you, too!

One exception is President Bill Clinton. In 2004, the Wall Street Journal published an article describing one of Clinton’s strangest eating habits. According to the article, Clinton habitually eats the part of a certain food that most Americans throw out. And it may be protecting Clinton from cancer, even if he doesn’t know it.

Whatever you think about Bill Clinton, he’s right about eating this particular food! It’s edible, flavorful, non-toxic, and highly nutritious. It’s a simple, inexpensive cancer cure.

When you bite into this food, you taste a strong flavor, like an extract that’s used in some cake recipes. I personally like the taste.

You’re probably wondering how the cancer remedy from northern India works? Cancer cells have a unique enzyme that unlocks and detonates a substance in this food that kills cancer cells by the millions. In other words, it works pretty much like a smart bomb.

Also kills pain and lowers blood pressure naturally

How does this affect healthy cells? I’ll continue using the “smart bomb” analogy to answer that. Healthy cells have a different enzyme that “defuses” the “smart bomb,” converting it into a harmless substance similar to aspirin. But this powerful pain remedy has none of the side effects of aspirin — no bad effects at all — only beneficial effects!

That’s why cancer patients who use the cure from northern India typically go off their pain medication. They no longer need it.

The “defusing” process also lowers blood pressure naturally—another huge benefit. But perhaps the biggest benefit, besides curing cancer, is that if you’ve never had cancer, it can prevent you from getting it. And if you’ve gotten rid of cancer, it can prevent it from coming back. That’s why I eat this food substance every day without fail.

You’ll get all the details, including how much of this natural cure to take, in my Special Report, The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure.

When you should disbelieve a doctor

Don’t believe a doctor who tells you, “You have three months to live” or “three weeks to live.” No doctor can know how much time you have left. Only God knows that.

Think of all the doctors I mentioned at the beginning of this letter. They told their patients they were definitely going to die. And then one after another, those doctors had to eat crow and admit they were wrong—because their patients listened to me and cured themselves at home!

My new Special Report, The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure, could save your life if you have cancer. And it could change your life even if you don’t have cancer. It offers a ray of hope—not just false hope but a solid, proven plan to get rid of cancer and keep it away and even prevent cancer in the first place.

Here’s what else you’ll get in my new Special Report

So far I’ve told you about a few of the highlights from The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. Here are some other fascinating facts you’ll also get when you have this Special Report in your hands:

When you get my new Special Report you’ll discover these facts and more at no risk.

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Did you know…

There are a lot of things the soy industry doesn’t want you to know!

BUT you’ll discover something else, too: there’s a certain kind of soy that can be a lifesaver for cancer patients. It can even save you from heart disease! But it’s NOT the kind most people eat.

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Ty Bollinger

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