Dear Friend,

When you have cancer, finding a truly great doctor is often the difference between life and death. It’s that simple.

Here’s a story that shows the difference.

Eight Vietnam veteran platoon mates -- one by one -- got deadly cancer from their exposure to Agent Orange, a chemical that was used in the war to defoliate jungles.

Seven of the eight were treated by the cancer doctors at their various local hospitals. Those seven died.

But the eighth platoon mate, John S., did something different when he got the very same deadly cancer.

He didn’t settle for the cancer doctor at his local hospital. Instead, he put his life in the hands of one of America’s best cancer doctors.

I’ll just call him Dr. Bob.

Dr. Bob gave John a ray of hope that he could survive the cancer that had killed his seven platoon mates.

The centerpiece of the treatment plan was a detox therapy to get rid of the poison that was the cause of John’s cancer, PLUS an immune-boosting protocol to enable his immune system to kill the cancer cells.

The result: John’s cancerous tumor began to shrink.

You won’t hear about this from most cancer doctors

Doesn’t it just make sense? If a poison gave you cancer, remove the poison!

But none of John’s buddies had received anything like Dr. Bob’s therapies.

In fact, their doctors didn’t even know about this approach.

John says, “Today, almost four years from my original diagnosis, I’m healthy and happy with no symptoms of the disease.

I only wish my disease would have attacked me sooner so that I might have been in a position to talk to my seven platoon mates about my doctor.”

Dr. Bob is just one of the 16 doctors I feature in my new book, America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets: A Patient’s Guide to Making an Informed Choice.

Let me briefly introduce myself to you. I’m Andrew Scholberg, a medical journalist who has traveled far and wide to meet the best cancer doctors in America.

I personally interviewed the 16 extraordinary doctors at the top cancer clinics in America -- clinics that are spread out all over the country.

After touring the 16 clinics and interviewing the doctors and quite a few patients -- a research project that spanned seven years and cost thousands of dollars -- I wrote the book America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets with my colleague Frank Cousineau, the president of the Cancer Control Society.

Our aim in writing this new book was to tell you who America’s best cancer doctors are and to describe their methods, their clinics, and their results.

Our book is objective. Neither Frank nor I receive referral bonuses, kickbacks, or any financial benefit from any of the doctors we recommend.

Our standards are high. We only recommend extraordinary doctors that we would recommend to our own loved ones.

You and your family could have one of these doctors in your corner!

Your family doctor wants what’s best for you, but he or she doesn’t know who the best cancer doctors in America are.

That’s why family doctors typically refer cancer patients to the local cancer doctor -- a doctor who’s an unknown quantity -- a doctor you know nothing about. 

Now, while I don’t know your local cancer doctor either, I do know that the average cancer doctor has an incredibly bad track record: only two patients out of a hundred survive late-stage cancer more than five years.

But you don’t have to settle for a doctor who’s an unknown quantity.

You have a choice.

You’re free to hire the top cancer doctors in America.

Let me tell you a few stories about America’s best cancer doctors that I learned during my seven years of research.

It bears repeating that you could have one of these great doctors in your corner if, God forbid, you ever get cancer!

Let me tell you some of the incredible results these doctors have achieved. . .

Disfiguring surgery avoided

Little girl’s agony soothed fast

Businessman avoids permanent feeding tube

Recovery from late-stage leukemia

Hope for late-stage lung cancer

Pancreatic cancer death sentence lifted

Late-stage breast cancer cleared up

From the brink of the grave to the golf course

Knowing you’ve found an extraordinary doctor gives you a huge advantage in the battle against cancer.

In a moment I’ll tell you stories about the other top cancer doctors in America.

But first I need to make this key point.

America’s best doctors use God’s way to get rid of cancer

Some of America’s top cancer doctors use chemotherapy, and others don’t.

But all 16 of these outstanding doctors have one thing in common: they use God’s way to get rid of cancer.

You see, God created the immune system to mop up the cancer cells that even healthy people produce every day.

That’s God’s way of getting rid of cancer.

Cancer only becomes a problem when the immune system collapses.

America’s best cancer doctors cooperate with God’s way by giving patients immune-boosting therapies along with whatever detox and nutritional support the patients need.

As you may know, the typical cancer doctor at local hospitals uses too much chemo and radiation.

This is overkill.

It weakens or cripples the immune system and sickens the patients.

It works against God’s way to health.

It’s bad medicine.

It harms cancer patients more than helping them.

If chemo is necessary to save a life, let me tell you about a much, much better way to give it.

A revolutionary way to give chemo

For example, one of America’s top cancer doctors, Dr. Keith Block, places a chemo pump inside a fanny pack, which he straps onto his patients.

Thus equipped, one of his patients takes her chemo while rollerblading on a lakefront path.

Another gets chemo while walking through the woods. Yet another gets chemo while taking a cha-cha lesson.

What’s most important, the way Dr. Keith Block gives his patients chemo doesn’t make them feel rotten.

Rather, his patients sail through chemo easily because his method is so gentle on their bodies.

In a further refinement of his system, Dr. Keith Block cleverly uses the patient’s circadian rhythm to give the chemo at the time of day when it’s most effective, with hardly any side effects.

His patients don’t lose their hair, they don’t dread the chemo, and they don’t lose their joy of living.

Dr. Keith Block’s patients live twice as long!

How effective are Dr. Keith Block’s treatments? I’m glad you asked that.

His studies prove that his patients live more than twice as long as the patients of ordinary cancer doctors.

That being the case, why don’t all cancer doctors use Dr. Keith Block’s methods?

Sadly, the medical profession is slow to change.

And the cancer treatment industry has become a racket that revolves around exorbitantly priced chemo drugs and expensive, unnecessary tests.

This racket offers no incentive to cure cancer patients.

“I rejected the limitations of conventional medicine along with its statistics and classification systems. It was necessary to think ‘outside the box’ to regain my life. I knew I must find individualized and personal care... I am forever grateful to [Dr. Keith] for creating a place of healing... I cannot give enough praise to the staff. It is obvious they are hand-picked and the cream of the crop in their fields... In March of 2008, just after my 46th birthday, there was no sign of cancer in my body... Cancer can be reversed.”

— Karyn H.

In sharp contrast, Dr. Keith Block has had success with the toughest, deadliest cancers.

He says, “If a patient at any time expresses a sincere desire to fight their disease and battle for their life, who am I to deny them that right?

That’s enough reason for me to pull out all the stops and guide them along the road to recovery.”

For example, one of his patients, a cattle rancher, got kidney cancer that was so bad his kidney had ballooned to the size of a cantaloupe.

Except for the grossly enlarged kidney, he was little more than skin and bones.

His doctors wrote him off because his cancer wouldn’t respond to their chemo or radiation treatments.

Somehow this cattle rancher found Dr. Keith Block, whose immune-boosting and nutritional therapies helped him get rid of his cancer.

Today, this former cattle rancher tells people who have cancer:

“If you want to live, call this number”

 And he gladly gives out Dr. Keith Block’s phone number -- a phone number you’ll find at the end of the chapter about Dr. Keith Block in America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets.

Click here to examine my new book for yourself, risk-free.

The dead giveaway that you have the wrong cancer doctor


“If your doctor has you in an IV room with other cancer patients who are glum, gloomy, and bummed out, that’s a dead giveaway that you have the wrong doctor.”

Chemo can be given the right way or the wrong way.

When I interviewed another remarkable doctor, Dr. Frank, he told me, “My chemo nurse for a while had a second job in the oncology unit at the local hospital, which has an IV room like ours.

She told me, ‘You ought to see it. Here people are bright and bubbly, but in the IV room over at the hospital, they look like a bunch of zombies. They’re all messed up.’”

If your cancer doctor has you in an IV room with other cancer patients who are glum, gloomy, and bummed out, that’s a dead giveaway that you have the wrong doctor.

When the mood in the IV room is cheerful and optimistic, that’s a good indication you’re in the right place.

One of the most dreadful side effects of too much chemo is “chemo brain” -- a memory disorder like Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Frank’s patients don’t get “chemo brain” or other nasty side effects of chemo.

Even an unfit patient can beat cancer!

Dr. Frank told me about one patient, Jack, who “astounds” him even today.

Jack’s colon cancer had spread far and wide. What’s more, he had a horrible ulcer on his foot from diabetes, he was overweight, and he smoked.

Dr. Frank said, “He was the most unfit human being you’ve ever seen in your life. I gave him about two minutes to live!”

But Jack had a good attitude, and he and his wife decided to get serious about juicing fresh fruits and vegetables and detoxifying.

They never missed an appointment with Dr. Frank.

Dr. Frank’s ozone treatments and other therapies helped Jack get rid of the diabetic ulcer and the cancer.

He recently heard from Jack’s wife that he’s doing just fine.

Dr. Frank gets astonishing results because he understands the three keys to treating cancer:

(1) treat the root cause
(2) boost vitality and immunity, and
(3) bring cancer cell growth under control.

Amazingly, he says, a revolutionary approach called ozone therapy accomplishes all three!

What’s more, ozone therapy is dirt cheap and non-toxic. It can’t possibly harm you.

And Dr. Frank knows how to deliver the ozone exactly where it’s needed.

Doesn’t this make more sense than poisoning patients with so much chemo and radiation that it makes them look and feel rotten?

You’ll find out much more about Dr. Frank and his clinic, plus doctors at 15 other clinics spread throughout America when you get your hands on America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets.

And if you’re thinking “the best” cancer doctor means the “most expensive” – think again! The 16 doctors I recommend charge a mere fraction of what your local cancer doctor charges.

That’s because the average cancer doctor prefers exorbitantly expensive treatments that are usually ineffective. He ignores the most effective cancer therapies, like detox, ozone, and immune support, which cost little! So, because you’ve stayed with me this far, it’s time to ask yourself. . .

Which kind of treatment is better?

As Dr. Frank told me, “Here in America we have two kinds of cancer treatment. One is safe, inexpensive, and harmless, and the other is expensive and dangerous. Most people resort to the expensive and dangerous treatment first, and if that doesn’t work, then they go to the safe and harmless treatment. It should be the other way around. At our clinic, we work with people where they are. I’m just here to help people.”

America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets should be in your home and at your fingertips – whether you or someone you love has cancer now – or you just want to be ready if you EVER get cancer (as nearly half of Americans will).

A valuable health tip from Dr. Lance:
This allergen may be the culprit!

Here’s a free health tip from Dr. Lance. Pay attention to his warning, especially if you have trouble with allergies.

Dr. Lance says, “Milk is the number one allergen on our planet! The dairy industry and doctors perpetuate the notion that milk is the perfect food -- withhold it from a child, and the parent is negligent! But if you go to a daycare center, you’ll see the kids snuffling, sneezing, hacking, dripping from the nose, getting ear infections, and taking antibiotic after antibiotic. Nine times out of 10 it’s a dairy allergy.”

Avoiding allergens is especially important if you’re trying to recover from cancer or prevent it from coming back.

That’s because allergens place a heavy burden on the immune system.

Oxygen therapy kills cancer cells by the millions

Several of the doctors featured in America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets have hyperbaric oxygen chambers in their clinics.

One doctor even has four hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

That’s because cancer hates oxygen. Cancer thrives in an oxygen-deprived, anaerobic environment.


“Do you want an ‘average’ cancer doctor?”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Powerful treatment, but not available from average cancer doctors

As you may know, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a pressurized, oxygen-filled chamber that “fills the patient to the brim” with extra life-giving oxygen.

Because you’re breathing pure oxygen – and it’s at high pressure – the oxygen reaches places in your body that receive little oxygen from breathing normal air.

Keep in mind that cancer cells are actually weak and abnormal -- not powerful and invincible. Give the cancer patient a blast of fresh oxygen, and cancer cells die by the millions!

One of America’s top cancer doctors, Dr. Dick, goes one step beyond hyperbaric oxygen therapy at his state-of-the-art clinic.

He uses high-altitude oxygen therapy, which he describes as 10 to 20 times more effective than hyperbaric oxygen!

Dr. Dick’s clinic has an impressive array of other machines that boost circulation, rebalance the nervous system, flush the lymphatic system (your body’s filter that gets just as dirty as a furnace filter), and strengthen the body in numerous ways -- not to mention his array of advanced, little-known diagnostic machines.

Patients love Taffy the service dog

In addition to his vast collection of equipment, Dr. Dick offers another unique therapeutic option: Taffy, a trained service dog.

Taffy is an adorable Pomeranian that roams freely throughout the clinic to the delight of patients.

Patients love to play with Taffy, and Taffy is often found on a patient’s lap in the IV room.

Taffy brings much joy to the patients and staff.


Love can help you heal

Another doctor who uses pet therapy is Dr. Kent. At his cancer clinic, patients enjoy chit-chatting with the parrot in the waiting room.

The parrot, a female, is named Alex.

Even your pet at home has therapeutic value.

Cancer patients who take their dog for a walk or enjoy the company of a purring cat on their lap get healing benefits.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the “easier” ones?

Another exceptional healer is Dr. Colleen, who gives her patients what she considers the finest IV treatments money can buy.

When Dr. Colleen invited me to interview one of her pancreatic cancer patients, I remarked, “Pancreatic cancer: that’s a tough one!”

She replied, “For us, pancreatic cancer is one of the easier cancers when it hasn’t yet spread. It’s not that pancreatic cancer is so difficult. It’s that chemo doesn’t work on it.”

I was shocked.

I’d never before heard that pancreatic cancer can be easily cured.

Most of the medical profession considers it totally hopeless.

In fact, Dr. Colleen introduced me to one of her pancreatic cancer patients, a senior citizen named John, who was getting an IV treatment.

He told me that the cancer doctors in Utah, his home state, had given him “three months to live.”

He was sure he was a goner and started to put his affairs in order.

But one of John’s relatives insisted that he go see Dr. Colleen.

He did so, but he had little faith that she could help him. Dr. Colleen changed his thinking, however, and gave him a bright ray of hope.

Pancreatic cancer patient now feels “fantastic”

John told me, “I come in here two times a week for IVs, and I literally am feeling fantastic. This place is amazing. I feel I’m here on false pretenses. I’m starting new businesses and doing everything I can. I’m going to Australia and New Zealand -- I’m from New Zealand originally.”

The chairs in Dr. Colleen’s IV room are arranged in a circle.

She says, “The spontaneous support group the patients form with each other is priceless!”

Patients may come to her clinic with doubts, skepticism, and fear, but the cheerfulness and optimism of the other patients in the IV room win them over.

Here’s something you should know about Dr. Colleen: she will not compromise on the quality of the ingredients.

Dr. Colleen says, “I have a razor-thin profit margin. I’m still driving the oldest car in the parking lot, but that’s o.k. I don’t want to skimp on the ingredients in the IV. They ARE the finest that money can buy. Most cancer clinics have to watch people become sicker. We get to watch people become healthier.”

Perhaps the highest success rate in the world

Dr. Colleen has kept track of her successes -- and failures -- since she opened her clinic.

She’s proud to say that she’s had success with nine out of every 10 patients who had various cancers from Stage One through early Stage Four.

She said, “No other cancer clinic in the world of any kind has such a high success rate. If you find a clinic with better results, we want to know about it.”

One of the best things about Dr. Colleen’s clinic is affordability. She normally recommends that her patients get three IV treatments per week at $270 a pop. This comes to $810 per week. That’s chickenfeed compared to what the cancer treatment industry charges.

It bears repeating that “the best” cancer doctor doesn’t mean the most expensive.

On the contrary, the most expensive cancer doctors are the average ones -- the ones with the poorest track record (98 deaths out of 100 for their Stage Four cancer patients within five years)!

Dr. Colleen is just one of the 16 outstanding cancer doctors you should know about if you or a loved one ever get cancer.

More statistical proof of a cancer breakthrough

One of America’s best cancer doctors, Dr. Jim, is doing a five-year study involving 500 Stage Four cancer patients who came to him for treatment.

He’s not yet finished with this study, but his two-year results are astonishing.

His results beat conventional cancer doctors by a country mile: by 41 percentage points, to be exact.

Comparing Dr. Jim’s impressive success rate to Dr. Colleen’s would be like trying to compare apples and oranges.

That’s because Dr. Jim’s study only includes Stage Four patients, while Dr. Colleen’s includes Stage One through early Stage Four.

Both doctors demonstrate extraordinary success.

When Dr. Jim’s study is completed, it could send shockwaves throughout the cancer treatment industry.

No longer will this industry be able to deny that there’s a better way, a smarter way, a less expensive way to treat cancer.

Dr. Jim’s brain cancer patient was written off

One of Dr. Jim’s Stage Four patients, Bernadette, was suffering from brain cancer.

She says, “I was written off and waiting to die. Now I’m cancer free and pain free, and nothing’s going to stop me! I’m ready to take on the world!”

“What can I say? This is amazing. I had been written off by doctors who said, ‘Make sure your will is signed.’ But now, I can get up in the morning. I don’t need painkillers. I haven’t taken painkillers for months. I was ready to die. I was waiting to die. Now I’m pain free, and nothing is going to stop me! I’m ready to take on the world!”

— Bernadette, patient of Dr. Jim

Another of Dr. Jim’s patients, Dave N., a father of four, was dying of Stage Four lung cancer.

Dave says, “After just the second day of IV treatment, I was ready to beat the band!”

Prostate cancer patient gets his sex drive back

A prostate cancer patient with a depressed sex drive, 59-year-old Gary M., couldn’t be happier with the results of Dr. Jim’s treatments.

He got rid of his cancer. As for his depressed sex drive, he says that’s “no longer a problem.”

Dr. Jim’s “secret weapon” is a lab test of the cancer cells circulating in the patient’s blood.

This test shows which drugs and nutritional supplements will work best against the particular strain of cancer cell.

He told me, “You don’t have to guess which drugs or supplements might work. The test enables me to give my patients the best drugs, the best supplements, and in some cases, the best hormones. This is the blueprint for their remission!”

In conventional cancer medicine, chemo is hit or miss.

They don’t match the chemotherapy drug to the particular strain of cancer the patient has.

They try one drug, then another, then another. . .in round after round of chemotherapy, looking for something that works.

Meanwhile the patient gets weaker and sicker with each round, while the chemo wipes out their immune system—the very thing they need to fight cancer!

Two valuable health tips from Dr. Jim

No matter which of my “best cancer doctors” you choose -- or even if you want to prevent cancer -- you’ll want to alkalize your body chemistry. That’s because cancer loves an acidic environment and hates alkalinity.

Dr. Jim’s clinic has an expensive machine that provides alkalized water for his patients.

If you can’t afford an Athena or Kangan water alkalizing machine, no problem.

Dr. Jim says all you have to do is take a teaspoon of baking soda in four ounces of water, two or three times per day.

Drink the alkalized water apart from meals so it doesn’t neutralize the stomach acid you need for digestion.

common cancer test

Common cancer test causes cancer. Avoid it!

Here’s another health tip that can save your life or the life of a loved one.

Dr. Jim asked me to spread the word that the PET/CT scans that most cancer centers routinely use are dangerous.

Just say no when a doctor tries to schedule you for a PET/CT scan because this scan will give you 500 to 600 times the radiation dose of a chest X-ray.

This excessive radiation beats down your immune cells, which are radio-sensitive.

Dr. Jim says, “Giving patients a PET/CT scan every three months to see how the therapy is doing, as major cancer centers do, is self-defeating. Doctors who do this don’t get it.”

Choosing a cancer doctor doesn’t have to be
like buying “a pig in a poke”

You don’t have to put up with any cancer doctor who doesn’t “get it.”

You and your loved ones will know who the top cancer doctors in America are when you get your personal copy of America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets.

Having this book at hand will empower you and give you confidence and peace of mind.

You’ll be able to call your own shots when you know who America’s best doctors are -- instead of getting stuck with a cancer doctor who’s like “a pig in a poke” -- to use an old expression.

No farmer would buy a pig in a poke.

Rather, the farmer insists on looking inside the “poke” -- in other words, inside the sack -- so he can examine the pig and judge how much the animal might be worth.

Putting your life in the hands of a cancer doctor you know nothing about is like buying a pig in a poke.

That’s taking a big chance with your life. You and your loved ones deserve better than that.

When you put your life in the hands of one of America’s best cancer doctors, it’ll give you peace of mind and confidence to know that your doctor has a track record of success.

The 16 doctors I feature in America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets have an extraordinary track record of success with the deadliest cancers.

Does that mean these doctors cure all of their patients?

No. Of course not.

No doctor can save every patient.

But the doctors featured in America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets routinely help patients get rid of cancers that your local cancer doctor would consider terminal, incurable, and hopeless.

Where else can you find a book like
America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets?

You can’t find a book like this anywhere.

There’s no other book like it -- nothing close to it.

That’s because no one else has spent seven years visiting the best clinics in America and interviewing the doctors and their patients.

During those seven years I spent thousands of dollars on plane tickets, rental cars, and hotels.

My co-author Frank Cousineau, the president of the Cancer Control Society, and I spared no effort or expense to find and interview America’s best cancer doctors. 

I even went through diagnostic tests and received treatment at a couple of the clinics myself -- not for cancer but for other medical issues.

Frank and I are proud of our new book, and we guarantee it will make you feel empowered.

Knowing who America’s best cancer doctors are will fill you with confidence that, should cancer ever rear its ugly head, you can handle it while enjoying a good quality of life.

This book could save your life or the life of a loved one.

Finding the right doctor -- a doctor who’s exceptionally good -- often makes the difference between life or death.

Imagine how you’d feel if you got cancer, and your local cancer doctor tried to hustle you onto an operating table for a surgery that may not be necessary, or to push you into a hellish round of chemo that would make you want to die. Even well-meaning family members often pressure their loved ones to just “do what the doctor says.”

But when you have the new book America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets, you’ll know what to do.

You’ll be confident that you can take charge of your health and hire the best cancer doctor in America -- instead of settling for a mediocre doctor who makes a big chunk of his salary from chemo prescriptions.

Just to make it even more worthwhile for you, I’ve prepared a Defeat Cancer Library for you. . .

Respond Within 24 Hours and Receive Ten FREE Reports

Let me tell you about the 10-volume Defeat Cancer Library you’ll get as a fast-response bonus if you order America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets within the next 24 hours.

Each free bonus report in the Defeat Cancer Library describes a different life-saving treatment used by one or more of America’s best cancer doctors.

FREE Bonus Report No.1

The Blood-Purifying Therapy that Kills Cancer Cells

Time Magazine called it “the miracle of the future” -- an inexpensive blood-purifying/immune-supercharging therapy that kills cancer cells with a vengeance.

This therapy can even cure shingles in just two days!

This non-toxic therapy knocks out all sorts of nasty organisms that can lurk in your blood.

You’ll find out what this amazing therapy is in this FREE Bonus Report. And in America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets you’ll find out which clinics offer this therapy.

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The Home Therapy that
America’s Best Cancer Doctors Use

Imagine a perfectly safe treatment -- no side effects -- that’s so powerful it can even heal tissue damaged by a heart attack.

Imagine further that this treatment addresses the three most critical factors for cancer patients: oxygenating cells, boosting immunity, and killing cancer cells dead.

This may sound like fantasy or science fiction, but it’s available today, and it’s surprisingly cheap.

In fact, every health clinic in America would offer this therapy if the drug companies could find a way to patent it and reap billions in profit.

No wonder some cancer patients decide to buy a machine that enables them to use this therapy at home.

This therapy can also address many other diseases, such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, Lyme disease, lung disease, macular degeneration, and more.

This may be hard to believe, but it’s true, as you’ll see in this free bonus report.

FREE Bonus Report No. 3

Fever Therapy: The Cancer Treatment of the Future

“Give me the power to induce fever, and I will cure any disease,” declared Parmenides, a legendary physician from ancient Greece.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, also knew about the healing power of a fever.

This is no secret. It has been known since five centuries before Christ.

Cancer cells are so weak and abnormal they can’t take heat, but healthy cells can.

In Germany, just about every top cancer doctor uses a sophisticated form of heat therapy that briefly gives the patient an “artificial fever” that massacres cancer cells right and left.

But this powerful therapy is hard to find in America.

This free bonus report gives you all of the facts about this amazing therapy, and the book America’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets will tell you where you can get this therapy right here in America!

FREE Bonus Report No. 4

The Trojan Horse Therapy that Tricks Cancer Cells

Cancer cells have a tricky way of hiding from the immune system.

That’s why the top cancer doctors use the “Trojan horse” strategy to sneak past the cancer cells’ defenses and deliver a devastating blow against them.

In this free bonus report you’ll get all the facts about what the “Trojan horse therapy” is, how it works, and why it should become a standard treatment.

Incidentally, the big drug companies hate this therapy because it cuts their profits.

FREE Bonus Report No. 5:

How to Reap the Full Benefit of Sauna Therapy

Considering that cancer cells can’t take heat but healthy cells can, wouldn’t it be a good idea for cancer patients to take frequent saunas?


That’s why many cancer patients have a sauna installed inside their home.

Not only does it help kill cancer cells, it also helps you sweat deadly toxins out of your body.

But there’s a special kind of sauna that’s ten times more effective than an ordinary sauna, yet it’s quite affordable.

This free bonus report describes the health benefits you can expect from having the right kind of sauna installed in your home.

There’s no easier way to detox and boost your circulation and immunity.

Some models, however, have unsafe levels of electromagnetism that could cancel out the health benefits you expect from a home sauna.

The free bonus report tells you what to look for so you get a safe model that will benefit your health in a huge way.

FREE Bonus Report No. 6:

The Vitamin that’s Like
“Chemo Without Side Effects”

A certain well-known vitamin is a “no-brainer” when it comes to cancer treatment.

It’s actually a form of chemotherapy -- non-toxic chemo, but chemo nonetheless!

It kills cancer cells, period. And once you have your health back, this vitamin helps prevent cancer from sneaking back into your life.

Of course you can buy this vitamin in any health food store, but the most effective way to take this vitamin is NOT by mouth: America’s top doctors prefer to give it another way.

When you read this free bonus report you’ll definitely want to make this nutritional bonanza a part of your cancer-fighting regimen.

FREE Bonus Report No. 7:

The Cancer Remedy that Can Even Heal Brain Injuries

Is there a magic bullet for cancer? No.

But there’s a stinky liquid that comes pretty darn close.

The liquid does smell, but it was the key treatment that helped get rid of a two-year-old’s brain cancer after Pittsburgh cancer doctors had given up on the little boy.

Today that “little boy” has grown up, graduated from college, and is now a married man!

You don’t drink this liquid.

Although you can put it on your skin, it’s more effective not to use it that way.

America’s top cancer doctors know exactly how to use it for the maximum benefit.

This liquid, which the FDA hates, has the extraordinary ability to pass through cell membranes without harming them.

It also has astonishing anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties.

It’s even used to keep organs fresh for organ transplants.

It’s hard to believe that this smelly liquid can do so much.

But it does. You’ll get all the facts in this free bonus report.

FREE Bonus Report No. 8:

The Miracle Treatment that Mainstream Medicine Tried to Cover Up

One of the most devastating ways to kill cancer cells is a “smart bomb” therapy that leaves healthy cells untouched.

This inexpensive treatment, which you can do at home, also soothes pain and even helps normalize blood pressure.

America’s most famous cancer hospital lied about the effectiveness of this amazing therapy, claiming it doesn’t work.

But the truth came out:  A member of their own team found that this therapy kills cancer cells by the millions – and he defied his employer to make the truth known.

You’ll get the whole shocking story in this free bonus report -- plus a section on how to get started with this cheap therapy and where to buy it.

FREE Bonus Report No. 9:

Super-Charge Your Immune System in Three Minutes!

When your tumor starts disintegrating, your body needs detox to get rid of the dead and dying cancer cells fast.

Perhaps the best way to do that is by spending three minutes in the weirdest kind of “sauna” you’ve ever heard of -- a “sauna” that doesn’t even get hot or warm!

Hardly anybody knows about this kind of “sauna,” which assists detox, causes your immune system to snap to attention, boosts circulation, and calms inflammation.

Elite athletes depend on this bizarre “sauna” treatment for fast recovery and healing.

Dr. Oz practically swears by it, and so do some of America’s top cancer doctors.

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The Mineral that Starves Cancer Cells to Death

There’s a certain mineral that kills cancer cells four different ways:

(1) it raises the pH level of acid-loving cancer cells,
(2) it starves cancer cells,
(3) it stops fermentation (the cancer cell’s source of energy), and
(4) it neutralizes the lactic acid that goes with uncontrolled cancer growth.

This mineral in the hands of an experienced doctor can turn your cancer around.

The only caution is that you shouldn’t try this therapy at home.

As the bonus report explains, it’s better to let an experienced doctor give you this therapy.

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