Breast Cancer

U.S. Government
Blocks Release of
Doctor's Life-Saving Book

Dear Friend,

A mammoth discovery is wiping out most breast tumors better than anything we’ve seen yet in modern medicine. It makes surgery, radiation and chemotherapy look like something from the Dark Ages.

Get breast cancer today and you’ll likely lose part or all of your breast to surgery. Then they’ll load you up with poisonous radiation or toxic chemotherapy for months on end. Yet after all the painful treatment, you’ll have -- at best -- a sixty percent chance of being alive ten years later. And only if your cancer’s caught early.

If they catch your cancer late, you’ve got just about no chance at all – 98 women out of hundred are dead within five years.

With the discovery I’m going to tell you about, almost every woman makes it and without losing a breast to surgery or taking any toxic chemicals! Even those with late-stage cancer!

A Cornell-educated doctor followed more than 25 years of case studies and PROVED this treatment can cure breast cancer. This treatment even saved women considered “terminal” from certain death!

You’ve got to include this treatment if you want to have any REAL hope of defeating breast cancer.

And that’s what makes what I’m about to tell you even more astonishing:  The U.S. Government has known about this breakthrough since 1969, but they’ve kept it hidden from you because it’s entirely natural and can’t be patented…

Introducing the protein breakthrough that gobbles up breast cancer cells like Pac Man

cornell-educated M.D. astounded by recoveries cornell-educated MD testimonial

With this breakthrough, you no longer need toxic radiation or poisonous chemotherapy to kill breast cancer cells. In fact, for the first time you don’t need to kill breast cancer cells at all. You can simply get rid of them thanks to a powerful protein that’s easy to get and surprisingly easy to use.

The U.S. Government learned about this protein from a Texas dentist in 1969.  That’s right, a dentist!

This dentist was studying cancer and its effects on the body. It may seem odd for a dentist to be studying cancer, but he had a very personal stake in banishing this cruel disease. He suffered from cancer of the pancreas—one of the deadliest cancers around, even today.

After much research this dentist focused on a common protein that your own immune system produces naturally. Much to his surprise, it gobbled up most cancer cells—dead or alive— just like Pac Man gobbles up pellets. And it worked especially well against breast cancer…

Imagine women’s astonishment when a dentist gave them this protein and their cancer-riddled breasts turned healthy and tumor free -- in a matter of months!

It even healed women with “terminal” breast cancer—cancer that had spread into their lungs, their bones—their whole bodies. Even they experienced miraculous recoveries and got a second chance at life. And without a single negative side-effect.

Fran beats "terminal" breast cancer!

In 1985, Fran was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumor was in her right breast and far too large to surgically remove. Instead, doctors gave her a large dose of radiation. After the tumor shrank some, they removed her breast and gave her chemotherapy. Still, the cancer moved like wildfire into her bones. Doctors said there was no hope. Refusing to give up, Fran began taking this remarkable protein.

Within a matter of weeks the aching in her bones was gone. Soon, diagnostic tests showed the “terminal” cancer had vanished from her bones. In the official report her doctor writes, “No definite abnormal uptake of radiotracer suggesting skeletal metastasis.” That is – no sign of bone cancer.

And get this: while she was healing Fran didn’t experience any side effects, either. In fact, she felt great. Twenty-one years later, Fran is still happy, healthy and cancer-free.

Fran is one of many women who’ve beaten breast cancer with this powerful protein. But thousands more lives could and should have been saved over the years. Instead, this is what happened…

When the dentist tried to publish a book on this protein to share it with the world, he was persecuted and prosecuted…

Breast breakthrough banned! U.S. government blocks release of doctor's life-saving book

Texas state medical officials sought a restraining order to bar this dentist from treating cancer patients (he was just a dentist, after all.) Then, they took him to court and blocked the book’s release. Clearly, they wanted to make sure his breakthrough could never see the light of day so you’d never hear about it.

The dentist appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, citing his First Amendment rights, but the justices ruled against him and he lost. So much for free speech!

Why did our government steal your access to this life-saving breast breakthrough? For the same reason so many other big scandals and cover-ups have marred our healthcare industry: power and greed.

Since 1969, medical costs have risen more than 350 percent, says a Cato Institute report. That means a treatment that would have cost a hundred dollars in 1969 now costs $450! And most of this money is going into the pockets of big drug companies.

You won't believe what THEY'LL charge you to treat breast cancer.

Treating breast cancer in the U.S. today with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 or more, for just three to six months of treatment, according to the California Breast Cancer Research Program.

But this dentist’s breast cancer breakthrough was affordable, then and now. It only costs about $750 a month—just a tiny fraction of the cost of conventional treatments!

In other words, if cancer patients turn to this treatment and never need surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, then the cancer industry and the men behind it would lose hundreds of billions of dollars.

They’ll do just about anything to protect their golden goose…

They’ve arrested doctors, confiscated patients’ private medical files, even burned medical research. You won’t believe what’s going on right under your nose!

In fact, they’ve buried and tried to ban half a dozen other breast breakthroughs like this protein—breakthroughs that are slowing, stopping and even curing breast cancer today.

Not to mention that these same government bullies have tried to discredit other discoveries that can detect breast tumors up to 10 years earlier than mammograms —and are far safer to boot! Maybe your doctor never told you, but mammograms help CAUSE cancer.

They're cashing in and hoping you won't discover the truth...

amy cured stage 4 breast cancer

Amy's testimonial

That’s why I’ve spent the last 5 years blowing the lid off of these despicable cancer cover-ups (and I love every minute of it.)

My name is Lee Euler. I’m the head of Cancer Defeated, the world’s leading publisher of information about alternative cancer treatments.

My colleagues and I have traveled the world to separate fact from fiction when it comes to cancer treatments. We believe you deserve to know what works to cure cancer and what doesn’t— no matter whether it’s natural or even chemical. (Yes, there are some safe treatments that are NOT natural, yet they’ve been overlooked by both conventional AND alternative doctors. More on this in a minute.)

We’ve visited more than 40 specialized cancer clinics. I’ve even been treated at two of them myself for minor medical problems.

We’ve talked with scores of cancer doctors and holistic health experts about the best ways to treat cancer…

We’ve met and interviewed many patients whose lives have been saved by powerful breakthroughs that are free of dangerous side effects…

And we’ve uncovered some absolutely incredible discoveries about the best ways to cure breast cancer safely. You have every right to know about these exciting breakthroughs. They could save your life or the life of someone you care about. And now you’ll have them at your fingertips—including that remarkable protein…

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I’m here to announce a brand new Special Report called Breast Cancer Cover-Up: Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will. Inside you’ll discover how to get the dentist’s protein that the government has been keeping from you since 1969. Finally, you can use it yourself or share this breakthrough with friends or loved ones suffering from breast cancer. You can save a life or perhaps many lives! Clinical trials confirm it.

In one head-to-head clinical trial comparing it to breast surgery, breast radiation and chemotherapy, this protein saved more women’s lives. Ten years after treatment, 85 percent of women who tried it were alive and cancer-free, compared to only 60 percent who received conventional treatment.

One American doctor is considered the leading expert on how to use this protein to fight breast cancer. And he’s taking patients. You’ll get his name and phone number in Chapter One.

This is just the beginning of the hidden breast breakthroughs you’ll discover that have been suppressed by the cancer industry up till now. Even by well-meaning doctors who are afraid to rock the boat…

Breast cancer surgeon comes clean about SECRET cancer treatment

Doctors get breast cancer, too. And so do their loved ones. But what they’re really doing to treat it will shock you…

While they recommend conventional chemotherapy for their patients, they’re refusing this “medicine” for themselves.

In an anonymous poll of doctors at the legendary McGill Cancer Center, 75 percent of oncologists say they would refuse chemotherapy for themselves or for their loved ones for breast cancer—or any cancer!

That’s right, the very treatment they’re urging you to use, they wouldn’t take themselves. Why? Because they’ve seen how toxic this treatment is and how poorly it works. The five-year survival rate for late-stage breast cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy is only 1.43 percent. That’s way less than two patients out of a hundred.

In fact, patients who refuse chemotherapy actually have a better survival rate!

So, if so many cancer doctors refuse chemo for themselves and their loved ones, what treatments ARE they using?

Many are quietly turning to the very alternatives their medical association has fought to bury or discredit! Take one breast cancer surgeon that I’ll call “Dr. X”…

When his wife came down with breast cancer, she underwent a double mastectomy just like countless other women Dr. X had treated. But sadly, like many of those women, the loss of her breasts wasn’t enough to keep the cancer at bay. Her life was slipping away fast. That’s when Dr. X tried a treatment his colleagues would have laughed at if they’d known.

Kill breast cancer cells on contact with oxygen?! Yes!

Oxygen has always had healing benefits. Remember when grandmothers would send kids outside to get fresh air and a “rosy glow in their cheeks?” They knew intuitively that fresh air is good for your body’s immune system.

Well, Dr. X found a treatment that harnesses the immune-boosting power of oxygen and focuses it like a laser beam on cancer cells.

You don’t breathe in the oxygen. It may sound strange, but you “eat it” through a special combination of nutrients. This is a very unique combination that creates high levels of oxygen in your body.

When Dr. X gave these nutrients to his wife she began recovering fast. At last report she’s doing very well. So is Nan, another patient, whose tumor was the size of a golf ball!

Like many women diagnosed with breast cancer, Nan’s disease came as a complete surprise. She had undergone a mammogram just a couple of months before her diagnosis. Ironically, it showed her breasts were healthy and normal. But Nan’s sizable tumor soon became visible to the naked eye and she was diagnosed with lobular infiltrating carcinoma.  Her doctor wanted to remove her breast and give her aggressive chemotherapy. Fortunately, Nan knew about the oxygen treatment.

Nan's golf-ball-sized tumor shrinks away!

Nan began taking these nutrients and within one month her breast pain had disappeared. Nine months later a full-body CT scan confirmed the good news:  the golf-ball-sized tumor had shrunk to the size of a marble!

There was no sign of cancer anywhere else in her body. And Nan had no conventional treatment at all. In fact, she used nothing to banish her cancer but this amazing oxygen treatment.

Sound crazy? Maybe so, but the biochemist who discovered it was a bona fide genius. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize not once, but seven times!

And despite over 50 years of research proving her simple nutrient combination cures cancer, the cancer industry continues to slam it as “quack medicine.”

As for Dr. X? At last report he was back removing breasts from women with breast cancer. And if he still isn’t willing to tell his patients about the “oxygen” treatment, do you think your conventional doctor will go against the grain and tell you about it — assuming he even knows? No way.

The pressure from the “establishment” is too great for doctors to bite the hand that feeds them. They risk getting arrested -- or worse. But you no longer have to worry that you won’t get the lifesaving information you need to cure your own breast cancer or that of a loved one.

My new Special Report, Breast Cancer Cover-Up: Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will, gives you all the details of this simple oxygen treatment. You’ll discover the nutrients you need, where to get them, plus how to take them on your own at home.

You won’t believe that a treatment this easy is powerful enough to save a woman from late-stage HER2/neu-positive breast cancer— one of the deadliest breast cancers there is. But it’s doing just that. Get the urgent information in Chapter Five.

I’m just scratching the surface of the remarkable stories of real-life cures you’ll hear about in this brand-new Special Report.

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Breast Cancer Cover-Up:
Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will
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You’ll discover more lifesaving breast cancer cures that have been buried by the cancer industry in the name of the almighty dollar— including a treatment that even most alternative doctors don’t know about!

The CHEMICAL breast cancer "cure" even alternative doctors ignore!

This treatment doesn’t poison breast cancer cells like chemotherapy, radiation or even some natural treatments. Nor does it boost the immune system to stop breast cancer from growing, as other natural therapies aim to do.

Instead, this formula simply cuts off the food supply to breast cancer cells. Breast cancer cells literally go hungry and die! Healthy cells remain safe.

Just don’t expect to hear about it from alternative doctors. Why? Because this unusual breast cancer cure isn’t a vitamin, mineral, herb or natural compound! It’s actually a combination of chemicals. They were discovered in 1936 by an experienced cancer researcher I’ll call “Richard.”

Although his formula is man-made in a laboratory, like pharmaceutical drugs, you won’t hear about it from conventional doctors, either. This unusual breast cancer cure is so cheap to create —Richard used to make it in his garage— that the cancer industry has done everything they can to bury it!

When Richard began gathering funding for clinical trials, the American Cancer Society’s operatives blocked his clinical program so no further research could be performed. I’d say they threatened him, but that’s just my take.

A few months later, Richard was fired from his research job at the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research and all of his research was burned!

     That’s when Richard saw the writing on the wall and took his formula underground. Since then, it has helped many women cure breast cancer at home on their own, without a single side effect. But don’t take my word for it. Research shows cancer cells die within 48 hours. And case studies confirm that many women begin going into remission within two months. Women like Roberta.

Roberta's chest was black with cancer, then the tumors dissapeared!

When Roberta started taking Richards formula, her breast cancer had spread—her ribs and clavicle were black with it. And she was only 41 years old!

Roberta had already lost her breast, endured six months of grueling chemotherapy followed by radiation, and yet she was dying. But her health was about to take a dramatic turn for the better…

Within two months of taking this formula, a bone scan showed the cancer was going away. Soon, she was cancer free—and that was 25 years ago! Roberta didn’t experience any negative effects from the formula. And at last report, she was vigorously healthy according to the cancer specialist who monitors her regularly.

Roberta’s not the only one. More than two decades of clinical use and laboratory study confirms this formula’s power and safety. You’ll get all the details of this formula including how to get it for as little as $110 a bottle (that’s about a month and a half’s supply) in Chapter Six.

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Breast Cancer Cover-Up:
Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will
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Of course, before you can ever have a shot at curing breast cancer you’ve got to find it. And the earlier, the better. My Special Report, Breast Cancer Cover-Up: Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will,helps you with that, too.

“Early diagnosis saves lives.” You’ll hear that over and over again from the American Cancer Society and even from your own doctor. It’s the reason why your doctor recommends an annual mammogram.

But before you get another mammogram consider this: Mammograms are not the best way to detect breast cancer. Remember Nan? As I told you earlier, her mammogram missed her cancer. (This happens all the time.) Two months later, she was diagnosed when the tumor could be seen with the naked eye!

And in addition to missing breast cancers, the heavy radiation from mammograms INCREASES your risk of cancer.  There’s a much better way...

How to find breast cancer 10 years earlier than a mammogram

i have hope

I have hope testimonial


A new, cutting-edge test may be the earliest detection test we’ve ever seen for breast cancer.

More than five clinical studies involving more than 300,000 women prove this test can detect breast cancer years before it’s ever visible on a mammogram. Up to ten years earlier!

Imagine the lives this new technology will save. Unfortunately, many more lives will be lost before you ever hear about it.

Even though this test is easy to get nationwide, most doctors aren’t recommending it. You can be sure their hospital or medical center already spent six-figures on a mammogram machine and has an experienced radiologist on the payroll. With this test, you don’t need a radiology machine or a radiologist. In fact, this test doesn’t use any radiation at all! It’s entirely digital, and is as safe and effortless as having your picture taken.

Plus, according to a clinical study at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell, the test’s ability to find breast cancer is without equal. The surprising results show it easily picks up cancer that mammograms miss.

During the study, this digital test found breast cancer in 1,245 women who’d undergone mammography and been told their breasts were normal. That’s right, mammography missed their breast cancers and could have cost them their lives, but this test caught the cancer, perhaps in the nick of time.

This cutting-edge test is a must for every woman. And Breast Cancer Cover-Up: Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will, tells you exactly how to get one— and for the same price as a mammogram! Just turn to Chapter Eight. Then, don’t miss the surprising revelation in Chapter Nine

Your doctor ordered a biopsy? Here's what you must know...

Doctors don’t like to talk about it, but it’s a medical fact: biopsies “spill” cancer cells into the bloodstream. They can cause these nasty cells to spread like wildfire. Especially when it comes to breast cancer…

A shocking study by the John Wayne Cancer Institute reported that biopsies spread breast cancer in one out of two women.

But you don’t have to worry. Just turn to Chapter Nine of this new Special Report. There you’ll discover how easy it is to confirm breast cancer without a dangerous biopsy.

A new, advanced test can now analyze what makes up a tissue mass without punching a needle into it, the way biopsies do. Finally, you can see if the tissue is a cancerous growth or a just normal cyst without putting yourself in harm’s way.

In one study, this test successfully identified every single breast cancer—a 100 percent success rate! Wow!

Plus, it works especially well for younger women with dense breast tissue or those with implants. You’ll get full details in Chapter Nine including how to get the test for yourself or a woman you care about. Don’t delay, your doctor won’t give you this test automatically, you have to ask for it.

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order now

Click Here to get your instant digital download or printed copy of
Breast Cancer Cover-Up:
Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will
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You deserve to know the truth about the latest tests and the best treatments available for breast cancer—even if they’re not in line with conventional medicine’s status quo!

That’s why my new Special Report, Breast Cancer Cover-Up: Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will, is so valuable. It gives you names, addresses, phone numbers and all of the information you need to get everything you’ve read about here.

And what you’ve read about so far is only the beginning. You’ll get EVEN MORE breast cancer cures that have been buried by the powers that be, such as:

  • The natural “second immune system” breakthrough that saved 8 out of 10 mostly terminal breast cancer patients in clinical study. The U.S. Government went after the pioneering doctor who discovered it and tried to yank his license, but he won in a court of law. Today he’s quietly using it to save the lives of women with breast cancer, right here in the U.S. Turn to Chapter Two
  • The surprising DNA repairing treatment that healed “hopeless” breast cancer in 79 percent of women in clinical study. The FBI arrested the brilliant oncologist who discovered it, but the jury saw through their trumped up charges and acquitted him. Then he opened a little-known, life-saving clinic. Turn to Chapter Four
  • The all-natural secret heralded by a Danish doctor who used it to cure her own breast cancer. It shrank away a breast tumor the size of an egg without radiation, surgery or chemotherapy. And it’s available in the U.S., without a prescription. But you won’t hear about it from your doctor. See Chapter Three

You’ll be shocked when you read the details of the startling cover-ups of these breast cancer cures. Ditto for the establishment’s efforts to bury the truth about mammograms, biopsies and other breast tests.

Now finally, you’ll have the whole truth at your fingertips. In my new Special Report, Breast Cancer Cover-Up: Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will, you’ll get 57 pages chock full of lifesaving breast breakthroughs THEY don’t want you to know about.

At long last, you’ll have the tests you need to safely diagnose breast cancer years earlier and without risk. You’ll have access to the best cures we’ve found—treatments with a track record of safely healing breast cancer without disfiguring surgery, toxic radiation or poisonous chemotherapy. These include:

  • The remarkable protein hidden by the U.S. Government since 1969. It gobbles up breast tumors like Pac Man. It saved 25 percent more lives than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy in a clinical study. Turn to Chapter One
  • The oxygen treatment that’s saving women from “terminal” breast tumors. One breast surgeon laughed at this cancer breakthrough, until it saved his wife’s life when nothing else could. Turn to Chapter Five
  • The “chemical” formula that’s so successful at stopping tumors, the American Cancer Society blocked clinical tests and all the research was burned! But it’s gone underground and it’s saving countless women from breast cancer. Turn to Chapter Six
  • The digital test that finds breast cancers mammograms miss. It’s painless, uses no radiation and costs the same as a mammogram. But doctors refuse to use it! Turn to Chapter Eight
  • The breast cancer confirmation test that will one day make breast biopsy obsolete. It’s available now. No needles and a 100 percent success rate in clinical study. Turn to Chapter Nine
  • The ugly truth about mammograms. Find out why a doctor at the Chicago School of Public Health is speaking out against this common test, especially for women who are at risk for breast cancer! The shocking story is in Chapter Seven

This Special Report gives you everything you need to get today’s greatest breast cancer breakthroughs for yourself or someone you care about right away. 

Best of all, through this special offer, you can check out Breast Cancer Cover-Up: Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will for yourself—Risk-Free!

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Breast Cancer Cover-Up:
Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will
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Examine this Special Report risk-free!

I invite you to examine this new Special Report at no risk. If you’re not amazed by the astonishing life-saving powers of these medically proven breast cancer treatments and how easily you can get them…

If you’re not surprised by the gall of the U.S. Government and their health officials who’ve tried to bury these breast cancer breakthroughs at every turn…

If you’re not relieved by the latest high-tech diagnostic tools that can help you safely and painlessly diagnose breast cancer up to a decade earlier than a mammogram…

Just let me know and I’ll return every penny you paid. And this risk-free offer gives you plenty of time to check out your new report and ensure it’s up to snuff. I guarantee you can receive a full refund for 365 days—that’s ONE FULL YEAR—if you’re not satisfied! And you return nothing.

That’s right; this Special Report is yours to keep even if you ask for a refund one whole year later! It’s about the very best guarantee you’ll ever see. And I’m happy to offer it to you for one, simple reason: once you’re through reading this Special Report, you’ll enjoy peace of mind. I’m confident you’ll be so happy with the lifesaving breast cancer breakthroughs we’ve uncovered that you won’t want a refund!

Order your copy today and you'll get 3 free Gifts including...
FREE BONUS REPORT #1: Your Breast Cancer Action Plan

preventing breast cancer

preventing breast cancer

When you order your print or downloadable PDF copy today of Breast Cancer Cover-Up: Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will, you’ll also get BONUS REPORT #1: Your Breast Cancer Action Plan.

If your doctor ever says those fateful words “your tumor is cancerous” you’ll have crucial information right at hand like:

  • How to choose the right alternative treatment for your breast cancer.
  • Six crucial questions you MUST ask your oncologist before getting ANY conventional treatment.
  • Still want to try conventional therapy? How to DOUBLE chemo’s effectiveness and REDUCE SIDE EFFECTS like nausea and vomiting by almost half! Then…
  • How to take advantage of NASA-rated protection against radiation damage!
  • How to keep breast cancer from coming back after you’ve whipped it!
  • How to test the effectiveness of an alternative therapy against your breast tumor BEFORE you try it!
  • And many more!

Next you’ll receive…

FREE BONUS REPORT #2:Doctor Blooper: How Doctors Mistake Deadly Breast Cancers for A Minor Infection!

preventing breast cancer

preventing breast cancer

Inside your second free BONUS REPORT you’ll discover a deadly breast cancer mistake that’s becoming all too common. Doctors across the country are confusing the most aggressive form of breast cancer with a minor infection -- and women are dying! Inside, you’ll get details that could save you from becoming a victim of this medical blunder, including how:

  • You don’t have to have a breast lump to have advanced breast cancer…
  • The spot that Sandy’s doctor called a “bug bite” was really stage 4 breast cancer…
  • Almost all primary care doctors miss the very first symptom of this aggressive breast cancer—and how you can catch it every single time…
  • The “breast test” you need to discover this invasive breast cancer isn’t a mammogram, but it’s just as easy to get…
  • Cases of this aggressive breast cancer are on the rise— even among teenagers! Discover the shocking reason why, and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones…

Then, you’ll even get the latest medical discoveries for preventing breast cancer…

Bonus Report #3: How to Prevent Breast Cancer: The Overlooked Tips that Lower Your Risk

preventing breast cancer

preventing breast cancer

Inside BONUS REPORT #3 is information every woman will want to use right away. Discover six of the latest, medically proven ways you can prevent breast cancer, especially if you’re already at high-risk. Best of all, you can do almost all of them at home, on your own. For example, you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop precancerous cells from developing into breast tumors. No drug or supplement is necessary. Just eat one or more of these foods every single day.
  • Detoxify your body of breast cancer-causing chemicals and pollutants with something as easy as an 18-cent mineral. This supplement works so well in stopping breast cancer growth that experts at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center are testing it against the prescription drug Soltamox! (Important: This mineral is missing from almost every multivitamin on the market today.)
  • Slash your risk of breast cancer 25 percent by simply lowering your intake of this mineral-rich food. Watch out: You might think it’s healthy for you to eat every day, but this particular mineral is now proven to fuel breast cancer development, growth and metastasis!
  • Block the “bad” enzymes that make breast cancer grow. All you need is two powerful cancer-fighting supplements. They’re so good for your body that the legendary Dr. Russell Blaylock recommends them to ALL of his female patients. You can find them in virtually any health food store.
  • Kill early breast cancer cells with a tasty herb you can find at the grocery store. Used 5000 years ago as medicine, now it’s largely forgotten except by gourmet cooks. But new research shows our ancestors were right. This natural wonder causes “apoptosis” or cell death in breast cancer cells.
  • Block cancer-causing “aromatase”—the trigger for both breast and prostate cancer. Drug companies are spending big bucks trying to come up with a better drug to block aromatase, but you can do it naturally, right now, for just a couple of dollars a week! Works 8 times better than existing drugs!

These 3 BONUS REPORTS are yours to keep, no matter what. Even if you ask for a refund later!

Don't let yourself or a loved one become another breast cancer statistic!

Breast cancer is spreading across the country at a horrific rate. If you don’t come down with the disease, someone you know will. According to the latest statistics, an alarming one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.

What’s worse, studies show breast cancer is often deadly. The disease is on track to becoming our nation’s deadliest cancer for women. Yet the government insists on covering up some of the most astonishing breast cancer cures ever discovered!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Breast cancer will always be scary, but it does not have to be a death sentence. I urge you to read my Special Report, Breast Cancer Cover-Up: Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will, right away. Share the breakthroughs you’ll discover with your family and friends. Then put this Special Report on a shelf for safe keeping.

If – God forbid — you or a loved one ever receives a diagnosis of breast cancer, you’ll be ready to spring into action. You’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it. You’ll have the best shot at curing the cancer without suffering through disfiguring breast surgery or the horrible side effects of toxic radiation and poisonous chemotherapy.  

Click here to order the Special Report today and see the great news for yourself!


Lee Euler
Publisher, Cancer Defeated

P.S. You don’t have to choose between alternative and conventional treatment.  Many of these buried breakthroughs can also be used along with breast surgery, breast radiation and chemotherapy. In fact, the buried “second immune system” breakthrough can boost chemotherapy’s effectiveness, making breast cancer cells up to 10 times more vulnerable to chemo drugs!

P.P.S. Order today, I’m guaranteeing you a full refund for 365 days—that’s ONE FULL YEAR—if you’re not satisfied with the new discoveries you find inside!

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order now

Click Here to get your instant digital download or printed copy of
Breast Cancer Cover-Up:
Buried Treatments that are Wiping Out Tumors When Nothing Else Will
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