One Easy, Natural Treatment Every
Cancer Patient Should Use - Now!

This all-natural therapy helps ALL cancer treatment work better...

Studies show it increases your chance of survival up to 60% over conventional treatment alone...

Dear Friend,

When the research crossed my desk, I almost couldn’t believe it…

Half a dozen clinical studies revealed that one all-natural treatment is the difference between life and death for patients suffering from today’s deadliest cancers.

Each one of these six clinical studies included patients using chemotherapy, radiation, surgery – and even today’s most powerful alternative treatments.1

The only difference between the survivors and those who died from their cancers?

They added one all-natural treatment – a simple one, at that. Take a look at the remarkable research for yourself…

This is the first time ever that clinical research has documented such a dramatic improvement in healing cancer from any single all-natural treatment, much less one you can use at home, on your own!  

In fact, research shows this treatment can increase your chance of survival up to 60% over conventional treatment alone!

The study of 804 colon cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy showed that the addition of this all-natural treatment improved survival time a whopping 60% compared to chemo and/or radiation alone.2

Doctors call it “absolutely astounding”

One natural cancer doctor relies on this treatment regularly to bring patients back from the brink of death, and he calls it “absolutely astounding.”  While another says it consistently produces “excellent results” and “keeps people alive.”

I'll give you the name of this treatment in a moment, but first I want to tell you about some of these survivors. Survivors like Mary…

Mary was 56 years old when doctors diagnosed her with kidney cancer that had spread to her lungs. The oncologists in the hospitals couldn’t help her. In fact, they said the cancer was “hopeless.” They told Mary to get her affairs in order because it was only a matter of time.

Mary refused to accept their death sentence. Instead, she visited a top-rated natural cancer doctor, asking for anything that might help. The doctor told her to start using this easy natural treatment. Three short weeks later, Mary’s cancer was completely gone.

Even more amazing?
Mary’s recovery was 30 years ago!

Today Mary is a happy, healthy 86 year-old with boundless energy.

More than 6,000 other patients just like Mary are alive today thanks to this one natural treatment. These lucky patients used it to beat every kind of cancer you can think of, even hopeless cases of melanoma, lung cancer, bladder cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer.

One notable breast cancer survivor who quietly used this treatment to beat her cancer is the beautiful actress Suzanne Somers. Suzanne has been cancer free for 14 years! 

So it’s no surprise that Mary’s doctor wants to shout the name of this treatment from the rooftops for everyone to hear. Especially since anyone can use it at home on their own, even the very sickest cancer patients.

Unfortunately, the medical establishment won't let him say a word, at least not in the U.S. That’s why I’m going to do it for him…

What is this powerful all-natural treatment?

It’s a simple herbal preparation made from mistletoe.

This preparation contains fermented extracts from a species of the mistletoe plant called viscum album. These extracts have two very important properties:

Mistletoe therapy is a huge improvement over today’s chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatments, which kill cancer cells but wipe out your immune system’s natural killer cells, too.

That’s why cancer patients who undergo conventional treatment often get cancer again later – after being told it was “all gone”. They’ve lost their immune system – their first line of defense! Research shows recurrences are most likely in patients who received aggressive chemotherapy and radiation to treat their initial cancers.

But mistletoe solves the problem by killing cancer cells and building up the body at the same time.

It’s documented in even more clinical studies
to help your body heal cancer

Numerous clinical studies show that mistletoe:

Widely prescribed at the
most successful cancer clinics in Germany

Top alternative cancer clinics in Germany already use a special form of mistletoe alone, plus they also combine it with other therapies, including chemotherapy.

Besides increasing patients’ ability to survive cancer and live long healthy lives, mistletoe reduces side effects from conventional chemotherapy. One leading medical doctor in Germany confided…

“A Danish architect that I know [used] mistletoe while undergoing chemotherapy. Doctors couldn’t understand why his white blood cell counts stayed so high during chemotherapy. Many studies have shown that people tolerate conventional treatments better when they take mistletoe, because it keeps their immune parameters high.”

Best of all, mistletoe is so affordable -- about $80 for a one-month supply-- and so safe, you can use it on your own for life!

What you need to know about
using mistletoe to heal cancer...

While mistletoe is easy to use, there are some rules to ensure you’re getting all of its cancer-fighting, health-building power.

 For example, if you’re experiencing a certain common symptom of cancer then you want to delay your mistletoe dose until the symptom passes.

Also, if you’re going to combine mistletoe with alternative treatments or with chemotherapy you want to make sure that you allow a specific amount of time between mistletoe and these treatments.

You’ll find out all of these simple guidelines in my new book: Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How.

That’s where you’ll hear from the world’s top integrative doctors – meaning, they combine the best of conventional AND alternative medicine.

Six of these top doctors use mistletoe regularly to save the lives of their patients. In fact, one of them used mistletoe to heal his own terminal melanoma cancer. (See page 311.)

You’ll hear from these doctors about the only two brand names of mistletoe that you should ever use – the same ones used in Germany – including the appropriate dosages. See pages 393 and 394.

My name is Connie Strasheim. I’m a best-selling health author and a strong believer in the body’s natural ability to heal itself if you just give it the right tools.

For the last five years, I've been consumed by a very unique medical research project borne out of my own anger and frustration at seeing friends and loved ones battle cancer.

When my friend Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer, we were all hopeful. She was so vibrant and full of life, we were sure she’d beat this thing. Angie trusted her doctors and believed what they told her: the only way she’d survive her cancer was to undergo chemotherapy.

Well, she followed doctors’ orders, but instead of growing stronger, she grew weaker. She grew sicker. I watched helplessly as this positive, optimistic, beautiful woman who gave so much to others became a shell of who she once was.

After endless rounds of chemotherapy and a long, brave fight against cancer Angie passed away. She was only 50.

So I went on a journey looking for the secrets of defeating this deadly disease. What I discovered shook my belief in conventional medicine to its very core. . .

. . .because the best, most promising cancer treatments – the treatments that heal the worst cancers in the sickest patients -- are not being used by conventional medical doctors. In fact, they can’t prescribe them even if they want to!

Conventional cancer care moves at a snail’s pace

Let’s face it, conventional medicine is an institution, and institutions are slow to change. Conventional doctors are pressured to treat cancer the way the system wants them to. Especially doctors who are affiliated with large hospitals and prestigious cancer centers.

They must follow the standard-of-care practices, even if another treatment is proving better. On pages 53 and 83 of my book, these doctors tell you in their own words why the system is broken.

To make matters worse, the drug companies would rather create cancer treatments they can patent and profit from than investigate new, cheaper treatments that are safer, simpler and more effective.

Thankfully, new cancer breakthroughs are here!

If you want to know about the very latest treatments on the cutting edge of this brand new cancer medicine, then you need access to the doctors developing them. It’s not easy, because these doctors aren’t being celebrated in mainstream medical journals. They’re not backed by big hospitals, or employed at prestigious cancer clinics.

Like the greatest pioneers of medical history, they’re working off the radar, to little fanfare, in big cities and small towns around the world. Even assuming you can find them, most of us don’t have the time or the money to fly across the country, much less across the globe for a consultation.

It’s not fair that their simple discoveries aren’t reaching people who need them most, people like you and me. That’s what inspired me to do something that’s NEVER been done before… 

For immediate access to these brand new ways
to heal cancer,
you need to hear this…

I’ve traveled to 50 countries on six continents in my lifetime, and now I’m bringing these integrative cancer doctors and their specific and entire treatment plans to you!

Imagine hearing straight from the lips of top integrative doctors the newest ways they’re curing even the toughest cancers – treatments that are so safe and simple, you can use many of them at home! For example:

If you’re interested in avoiding chemotherapy, radiation or surgery for cancer, then you need to hear what these doctors have to say. . .

. . .because most cancer websites and books focus only on treatments that have been around for ages. That’s all well and good, but things have changed!

When your life is on the line, you need to know how to use the newest, most effective treatments from the top doctors – the ones on the cutting edge of cancer healing.  

As one of these doctors confided…

“People should know that many advanced cases of cancer can now be cured. It’s very important for patients to be educated about their diseases. It’s also important that they have doctors who are up-to-date on the latest developments in cancer research.”

Here’s a great example…

The NEW Vitamin Breakthrough for Cancer

If you’ve done any reading at all about alternative cancer treatment, you may have heard about the wonders of vitamin C. Yes, vitamin C. It’s…

But the vitamin C breakthrough isn’t as easy as stopping by the drugstore and buying a bottle of pills.

There’s no doubt that drugstore vitamin C boots your immune system and assists in tissue repair, but its true cancer-fighting power is only released when given in a special form and dosage.

Two-time Nobel Prize winning scientist Linus Pauling pioneered this special form of vitamin C to treat cancer in the 1960s. He found that it turned this antioxidant savior of healthy cells into a pro-oxidant killer of cancer cells. 

How? By increasing levels of cancer-killing hydrogen peroxide deep in the tissues where cancer cells lurk and surgery can’t reach – it’s documented by The National Institutes of Health! See page 135 of Defeat Cancer where you can read all about it.

But more important, you’ll discover how modern technology is making history with this vitamin once again…

By taking this special form of vitamin C and combining it with a second remarkable vitamin

Scientists have supercharged its anti-cancer
properties for even better results!

A group of urologists studied this vitamin duo in treating advanced, metastatic prostate cancer in patients who didn’t benefit at all from standard, conventional therapy. What they found was shocking…

These two vitamins significantly decreased PSA counts, the serum marker of prostate disease. And only one patient in this group died during the 14 months of treatment – that’s unheard of with any other treatment for advanced cancer!

Just taking this second remarkable vitamin
alone can help you heal cancer more easily

Let me tell you Jim’s story.6

At age 85, Jim F. was diagnosed with liver cancer. The average survival rate for liver cancer in conventional oncology is only 28% – a little more than one out of four.  Isn’t that terrible?

Yet doctors still urged Jim to try the latest and greatest chemotherapy drugs. But the thought of suffering through the side effects was more than he could handle at his age. So Jim decided to ignore his doctors and take this second remarkable vitamin instead.

He experienced amazing results! Within three months, all of Jim’s tumor markers normalized and his liver cancer was gone!

This brand-new research would no doubt make Dr. Pauling proud. See pages 166 and 212 of Defeat Cancer where you’ll hear from two of the top doctors currently using this vitamin duo. Then you’ll discover exactly what to do for yourself or a loved one.

Up till now, you haven’t been able to read medical wisdom like this online or in any book. That’s because leading integrative doctors can’t safely publish the specifics of their new treatments without fear of reprisal from the old cancer drug regime. In fact, the letter you’re reading right now can only reach you through certain channels because many health information sources are afraid to send it!

Click here to order your copy of Defeat Cancer and gain access to these new cancer treatments and many more.

So imagine the value of hearing not just from one doctor, or even two, but from more than a dozen of the world’s best doctors. These are the doctors who are having the greatest success sending terminal cancers of all kinds into remission by using brand-new breakthroughs. Wouldn’t this make it so much easier to heal cancer?

Of course it would. That’s what makes my new guide Defeat Cancer so different. I sat down with fifteen of the world’s top integrative doctors to discover the newest, most powerful treatments they use to heal cancer today.

These doctors are the leaders in their field. Together they have a total of more than 50 medical degrees, certifications and professional memberships. They’ve been part of hundreds of scientific studies or presentations and they hold more than 240 patents related to scientific inventions.

In their own words, they’ll set the record straight about the best new treatments that can safely heal cancer, including the only ones they recommend for use on your own. For example…

How a Harvard-trained surgeon “accidentally”
healed Alice’s cancer!

Time was running out for Alice S.7 Her advanced breast cancer had spread through her entire chest wall. The success rate for this kind of cancer is dismal if it’s treated with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, but Alice wasn’t ready to give up. Thankfully, her breast cancer surgeon had an idea.

Her surgeon had been experimenting with a natural way to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing following surgery. With Alice’s permission, he wanted to try this treatment on her. She agreed – and it’s a good thing because she began to get better almost immediately

Alice’s incisions healed rapidly, her strength returned, and her “hopeless” breast cancer disappeared for good! But Alice is not the only one.

The amazing results convinced this Harvard-trained surgeon to leave his practice and dedicate his life to researching this natural treatment and using it to help people heal cancer. And heal cancer he has!

He’s found that nine out of ten patients with advanced cancer can improve dramatically if they take this natural supplement, and a whopping six out of ten can go into complete remission for as long as 19 years.8

Success was documented in a study he bravely published in the Journal of Biological Response Modifiers. The research shows this supplement works by blocking tumor blood vessel creation, thereby starving cancer to death. His treatment is proven successful in cancers of the breast, brain, pancreas and lung, as well as the ovaries, rectum, prostate, cervix and thyroid.

Best of all, this supplement is readily available, affordable and easy to take. See pages 211 and 288 of Defeat Cancer where you’ll hear from the two leading doctors who are using it with great success.

You’ll also be thrilled to discover what may be the easiest at-home way to help anyone who suffers from cancer…

The Soup that Healed Paul’s Cancer –
Before you do anything for your cancer, try this

. . .because according to another one of the top integrative doctors I spoke with, this affordable home remedy is a quick way to instantly help almost any cancer patient.

What is it?

A little-known herbal soup. The recipe came from a small village in Turkey, where the people enjoy a low risk of cancer despite their penchant for cigarette smoking and caffeine.

This renowned doctor, whom you’ll meet on page 177, is one of the few who’s aware of this simple healing remedy. He recommends it all the time and happily reports “we have seen stage-four cancer patients who failed all treatments and who were at death’s door recover with this simple soup.”

Even though this doctor’s work healing cancer is known around the world, I still found this soup’s success hard to swallow – pun intended. I had to see the science for myself. Here’s what I found…

Seven out of 10 terminal patients responded well!

In a study from Turkey of 494 people with inoperable, advanced cancers, an extract of the herb from this soup resulted in remarkable healing, including complete cancer regression, for up to seven out of 10 patients.

This is amazing in and of itself, but especially when you consider that every one of these patients had been told by their doctors there was no hope. Patients9 like Paul T…

He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at age 48. An ultrasound showed half of his pancreas had turned cancerous. Even worse, a big olive-sized hard tumor was found in the middle of his liver. He was weak and suffered severe abdominal pain.

But two years later, Paul was healthy and pain-free! An ultrasound showed his pancreas and liver contained only scar tissue.

Or Frank S., he had stomach cancer that had spread to his liver. Yet, one year later his cancer had vanished. His doctors told him that it simply couldn’t be – they’d probably been mistaken about his diagnosis and that he never had cancer in the first place.

Or Cindy C., who suffered lung cancer. Even though doctors offered to treat her, she refused their poisonous radiation and used this herb instead. Two years later her cancer had also disappeared.

The simple herb from that Turkish village could save your life and save you a fortune in medical bills! See page 197 of Defeat Cancer for details. That’s where you’ll also find out how to get the original soup recipe to keep on hand for any loved one who might need it.

Imagine if you could find a cancer cell’s weakest point
and then attack with the right weapon…

Wouldn’t you have a better chance of winning the battle? Of course you would! 

Especially when you realize that not all cancer cells are the same, even inside your own body!

It’s true. Science now shows that cancer cells circulating in your blood are often dramatically different from the cancer cells inside your tumor. What’s more, these circulating cancer cells are tough and hard to kill. One of our leading doctors will tell you all about it on page 205.

It’s no wonder conventional oncology’s one-size-fits-all approach so often fails. You might need two completely different treatments to heal your cancer.

It’s why Defeat Cancer also tells you about a simple test many of our top integrative cancer doctors rely on daily. It allows them to examine cancer cells from the blood and any tumors to find out how they respond to a variety of different treatments, from herbs or vitamins to chemotherapy, with an incredible 87.9% accuracy.

That means your doctor can choose the most effective anti-cancer agent – whether it’s a drug OR a natural remedy – the one that is most likely to help your body kill the specific type of cancer cells you have.

This simple test can dramatically increase your chances of surviving any kind of cancer. In fact, I’d never undergo ANY cancer treatment without it, yet 99% of conventional medical doctors don’t use it.

Why can’t you get this from conventional oncologists?

Probably because it would reveal that chemotherapy drugs recommended for certain cancers don’t work as well as drug makers claim!

These doctors tell me it happens more often than you want to know. It makes sense when you consider that Big Pharma has a history of making sure the studies on their products get published if the results are favorable, and the studies that reveal their drug’s failures get swept under the rug. But why should you and your loved ones suffer for the sins of greedy drug companies!

See page 104 and 157 of Defeat Cancer where you’ll hear all about this vital test that can sort out which particular herbs or drugs are most likely to work against your particular cancer cells.

And you’ll be thrilled to discover that you don’t have to see a special doctor to get it. Your family doctor or oncologist can administer it with the information you’ll uncover inside Defeat Cancer.

I guarantee you’ll learn more about cancer and how to heal it from listening to just one of these doctors than you’ll learn from any cancer book or website you’ve ever read. Because what I’ve told you so far is only the beginning of the valuable wisdom the doctors in Defeat Cancer will share with you. You’ll also discover:

And so much more that you can do at home on your own, or with the help of a doctor.

“Hopeless,” terminal cancer isn’t
a death sentence after all

The recoveries you’ve just read about are all the more remarkable when you consider that most of these patients were on their way to hospice with just weeks or months to live when these doctors’ brand-new breakthroughs healed them.

So please, don’t let a doctor ever tell you “there’s nothing else that can be done for you.” What he should really say is that HE can’t do anything else for you. But there’s always hope, and you’ll find it in the pages of Defeat Cancer.

The doctors you’ll meet in Defeat Cancer will place in your hands their greatest discoveries from a brand-new kind of cancer care. A cancer care that’s grounded in the science of building up the body to fight cancer on its own, rather than weakening it with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

As one integrative medical doctor likes to say, cutting or poisoning cancer is “like cutting a section of mold off a piece of cheese. In a few days three more mold spots appear. Cancer behaves no differently.”

 But when you create an environment in your body that’s conducive to good health, then cancer cannot and will not grow. This approach is not only more effective for healing cancer at any stage, it’s far more enjoyable…

“Your cancer patients are springing up and down the hallway! They aren’t acting like cancer patients. How can they feel that good?”

That’s what a nutritionist for one of our top doctors said when she first toured his clinic. This doctor says his cancer patients are happier and more active than they were before they got sick.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for stage four cancer patients to be out playing golf, going on vacations or enjoying an afternoon in the park with family and friends. It’s a sign the treatments are working! The body is growing stronger and more energetic – and is regaining the ability to fend off cancer on its own.

You see, cancer patients don’t die
from the size of their tumors

If all of a typical patient’s tumor tissue were placed on a table it would weigh about as much as a quart of milk.

Cancer is so deadly because it’s like a vampire. Instead of draining its victims of blood, cancer drains them of energy. Now you know why so many cancer patients feel increasingly tired, and finally end up bedridden!

But because the approaches you’ll discover in Defeat Cancer build up the body, they improve a person’s energy level so cancer can’t dig in deeper and get the upper hand.

What a difference from chemotherapy and radiation that drain your body worse than cancer and leave you feeling miserable. Their side effects have grown so harsh and their outcomes so unpredictable that a Canadian survey of oncologists found that few of these cancer doctors – if any – would take their own concoctions!

Thanks to Defeat Cancer, you and your loved ones won’t have to either.

Order your personal copy of Defeat Cancer

There’s so much more I’d like to tell you about the 409 pages of life-saving wisdom you’ll receive from these top doctors in Defeat Cancer. In addition to discovering brand-new treatments from the cutting edge of natural, alternative and even conventional cancer care – many of them do-it-yourself – you’ll also find some surprising ways to prevent cancer in the first place…

A printed softcover or a digital download – you choose!

You can choose to receive Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How as a printed softcover book – OR you can choose to receive it as a digital download. That means you can start reading it minutes from now and save shipping and handling!

It’s up to you – a softcover book in a few days or a digital download right away.

No matter what you choose, I urge you to turn to page 158. Because that’s where you’ll find important advice that you can immediately share with anyone in your life who chooses conventional treatment for their cancer…

What should you do for family and friends
who insist on chemo?

It’s one of the questions I get regularly. My answer? Engage them in discussion by offering up some of the groundbreaking wisdom from the doctors in Defeat Cancer. But if their mind’s already made up, you can still be the hero.

That’s because the doctors in Defeat Cancer give you a handful of easy, natural secrets that can make chemotherapy more powerful against cancer and less dangerous to the body. Including:

Review Defeat Cancer for 90 DAYS at no risk

You take absolutely no risk when you decide to review Defeat Cancer. That’s because I’ve arranged with my publisher to allow you to review this book for a full 90 days.

That’s right, you have three months to read about every single one of the new life-saving treatments these top doctors recommend. You’ll experience a brand-new kind of cancer care that’s like nothing you’ve seen before!

You must be satisfied with this book, or else just return it any time within 90 days and my publisher will give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked, no hassle.

If you order an instant digital download you can’t really send the book back, but that’s okay. My publisher will give you your refund anyway.

That’s how convinced we are that Defeat Cancer will be the best book about cancer treatment you’ve ever read, and will become your go-to resource for yourself, your family and friends.

For the first time ever, you’ll have the top cancer doctors’
treatment plans at your fingertips!

The doctors you’ll read about in Defeat Cancer are achieving some of the highest cancer healing rates – even in “hopeless” cancers – of any hospital or clinic in the world. If you or a loved one gets cancer, wouldn’t you want to know how these doctors are doing it?

However, gaining access to the top doctors’ specific and entire treatment plans so you pick the right treatments for you would take thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours – more money and time than most of us have to spare.

It’s no wonder so many people turn to the internet or to books that highlight a dozen or so alternative cancer treatments from the past. They pick the one that feels right for them, and then hope for the best. But life and health are too dear to be left to chance alone!

When your life is on the line, you need to know about the newest, best cancer treatments, and you need to know more than just the name of a remedy and where to get it, don’t you think?

That’s why Defeat Cancer is invaluable…

. . .because it brings these pioneering doctors to you. You can relax in the comfort of your own home as they tell you in their own words about their new kind of cancer care, including the very latest breakthroughs from natural medicine, alternative therapy, even conventional medicine that you can use at home. These are breakthroughs you won’t hear about anywhere else.

Take the road less traveled…
it makes all the difference

These doctors are blazing a new trail, and in the words of famous poet Robert Frost, “that has made all the difference” for people with cancer.

The difference between building up the body instead of tearing it down, between growing healthier and more active instead of getting weaker and sicker can be the difference between life and death for a great many patients.

If you’re ready to walk down a different path than conventional “treat the symptom” cancer medicine, then there’s no better guide to have at your side than Defeat Cancer.

Defeat Cancer will give you the new wisdom and expertise of these fifteen brilliant medical minds in one compact, convenient volume. At last you’ll have all of the best new treatments for healing cancer at hand, whether your life or the life of someone you love is at risk. I urge you to order this book right away. Order now.

For a long, cancer-free life,

Connie Strasheim

P.S. A printed softcover or a digital download – you choose! You can choose to receive Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How as a printed softcover book – OR you can choose to receive it as a digital download. That means you can start reading it minutes from now and save shipping and handling!

P.S.S. No matter what you choose, I’ve arranged with my publisher to allow you to review this book for 90 days. If you don’t feel satisfied for any reason, just return the book any time within 90 days and my publisher will give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. If you order an instant digital download you can’t really send the book back, but that’s okay. My publisher will give you your refund anyway.

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