In Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, a man in his 80s was near the end of the line with B-cell lymphoma, a deadly cancer. Various treatments had failed him. He was in a hospice, expected to die.

    But he wasn’t ready to give up.

    He called a local MD who had “different” ideas about cancer treatment. This doctor assessed the patient and prescribed a low-dose regimen of an off-label drug approved for treating alcoholism.

    After six weeks of this inexpensive medicine, this elderly gentleman was no longer at death’s door. In fact, he was out of the hospice, back at home—and ballroom dancing again!

A Miracle? Not at All. This Treatment is
Stopping Cancer Around the World!

    In France, this very same drug was taken by a woman who had 4 brain metastases from an aggressive melanoma. Doctors told her there was no hope left with conventional treatments. Seven months later, after taking just 3 milligrams a day, her tumors were gone.

    She remained cancer-free for 12 years, and she finally stopped taking the medication because it reminded her too much of her earlier sickness. She felt great, and thought she was ready to move on.

    Then, to her horror, the cancer returned.

    No problem. For a second time, this amazing drug single-handedly stopped it cold!

    According to one of the world’s top cancer doctors, this one non-toxic compound is more effective for treating certain cancers than almost anything in the conventional treatment arsenal.

Totally legal, costs practically nothing

    This drug came on the market in 1984 but for a different use: alcoholism and drug addiction. But it’s perfectly legal for doctors to prescribe it for anything they want – even for so-called “off-label” uses, including cancer.

    A few maverick doctors have found that tiny amounts of this medication can stop cancer tumors from growing. But the results go way beyond that: many patients see their tumors reduced to practically nothing!

    One doctor has found that out of 384 patients he treated and then followed up, about six out of every ten reaped a benefit from this drug. 90 of them saw their tumors shrink by three-fourths!

    There are almost NO side effects (some people say it disturbs their sleep).

    And it’s cheap. It’s ideal for patients on a tight budget.

    So there you have it: a legal, inexpensive answer to cancer that any doctor can prescribe -- yet your doctor probably knows nothing about its cancer-fighting power.

    How can that be? How can mainstream medicine deny us a totally safe, FDA-approved drug? Keep reading. . .

Why Mainstream Medicine has
Buried this Cancer Breakthrough

    Most doctors won’t tell you about this miracle because they don’t know about it.

    They don’t know about it because the drug companies have never told them. The drug companies control medical education in the United States.

    And the drug companies sure don’t want to educate doctors about a drug that’s no longer protected by a patent. If there’s no patent, ANYBODY can make it and sell it for practically nothing.

    But this gets even worse. . .

    The FDA won’t let a drug maker tell doctors to use this “alcoholism drug” as a cancer treatment because cancer is an off-label use. To get it FDA-approved for cancer, a drug company would have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars. And they’re NEVER going to do that for a non-patented drug.

    Now you know why good cancer treatments are unknown and sometimes even outlawed. It’s not because they don’t work. It’s because there’s no profit in them.

    Don’t let yourself or someone you love fall victim to this sick, dysfunctional medical system. There’s a better way.

    I want to introduce you to 15 brilliant, maverick doctors who will give us this AND other cancer treatments we need. . .

Amazing New Cures are Running Rings
Around Conventional Cancer Treatments…

    All over the United States and around the world, dedicated doctors are stopping and curing even terminal stage four cancers without putting patients through the harsh and often deadly “slash, burn and poison” treatments that the FDA is hell-bent on forcing you to take.

    These doctors insist you don’t need surgery, radiation, or full-dose chemotherapy, and they’ve got the proof. There are better, safer, and gentler treatments instead.

    Every day they put their reputations and medical licenses on the line—and they get results that blow conventional cookie-cutter treatments out of the water:

  • In Houston, a cancer MD gets rid of tumors in 4 out of 5 patients with gene-targeting therapies so gentle even your family doctor can administer them. His success is more incredible when you consider the FDA won’t let him begin treating most patients until conventional treatments have failed and they’re practically at death’s door.

  • In Prescott, Arizona, a woman with terminal myeloma has now thrived for 8 years beyond her ‘death sentence’ thanks to her doctor’s use of botanicals and an off-label leprosy drug. The mere mention of this drug would shock most doctors—yet its effect on cancer can be amazing.

  • In New York City, this physician’s protocol of nutrition, enzymes and detoxification — based on a 100-year-old cancer breakthrough by a Nobel-nominated embryologist — has kept a stage four breast cancer patient brimming with health 23 years after chemotherapy failed.

  • In Tempe, Arizona, a rare cancer led one patient to go through two surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy-- to no avail. In desperation, she turned to a physician whose natural IV treatments made her deadly tumor shrink and disappear. The case was so remarkable that a local Phoenix TV station reported it!

  • In Oceanside, California, cancer patients are “springing up and down the halls” of a former Air Force physician. A unique pre-treatment regimen makes his low-dose chemotherapy even more potent – without the side effects that make regular chemo one of the most feared treatments in medicine. Thanks to this low-dose secret, patients who were told to ‘get their affairs in order’ years ago are still alive today.

  • In Germany, your chances for a so-called “spontaneous remission” are 133 times greater under the care of this cancer specialist. Her overall cancer-curing success using natural immune-stimulating techniques has been the focus of multiple university studies.

  • In London, brain tumors significantly shrink and even disappear thanks to this physician’s non-invasive technique called SPDT. Cancer cells are destroyed by light and sound waves—no surgery, radiation or chemo needed.

  • In Denmark, a 14-year-old girl’s inoperable brain cancer was stopped in its tracks after she received a proven heat treatment and injections of a powerful plant extract. This natural substance has been producing cancer cures since 1917. The young girl grew up and is living happily today, 26 years after she was given two months to live.


So If You NEVER Want to Die From Cancer…

    READ ON! You’ll see the proof of how it’s possible to stop and reverse cancer of all kinds, even advanced cancers, no matter what your age or physical condition.

    You’ll discover excellent treatment alternatives that are backed by success with real patients in professional, modern clinics. These little-known alternatives can turn your health around without the horrible side effects of conventional treatments. And you may be surprised to learn how ‘close to home’ these amazing doctors and cures are.

    You don’t have to travel far. There are powerful treatment alternatives available to you nearby in gleaming state-of-the-art facilities, most just a drive or short flight from where you’re reading this now.

    You can learn all about these incredible cancer cures and the doctors who provide them in a remarkable new 444-page resource called. . .

DEFEAT CANCER: 15 Doctors of Integrative and
Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How

    It’s worth repeating: these are not unproven “folk cures” or research experiments that are years away from actual use. They are proven treatments available to you and your loved ones right now.

    Continued below...

Why Is This Cancer Cure Virtually Unknown in America?

    It’s one of the primary treatments at Scandinavia’s most successful cancer clinic, and according to Doctor A.,

    “Sometimes the results are absolutely astounding. We have thousands of well-documented case stories. Even when used alone, it can produce excellent results and significantly improve and extend one’s life.”

    The injected plant extract kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells, causing both necrosis (premature cell death) and apoptosis (natural, programmed cell death). It also stimulates the immune system and increases production of feel-good endorphins in the body.

    People who receive these injections live longer, enjoy a better quality of life, and have higher tolerance for conventional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Countless cancer patients have thrived for 20 years and longer while taking these injections regularly.

This Is Not Unproven “Hearsay”— 200 Studies Verify It!

    Believe it or not, this plant’s healing power was discovered in 1917, and has been curing cancer in Europe for almost 100 years. Over 200 studies have documented its extraordinary cancer-killing power.

    Yet it has remained ignored and buried in America, hushed up because it’s natural and just too cheap. Mention its name and the typical U.S. oncologist will say, “The holiday plant? Are you sure?”

    Yes, we’re sure! It’s performing near-miracles at Doctor A.’s Denmark clinic:

  • One 56-year-old woman arrived with lung metastases from kidney cancer. Dr. A. immediately started her on this extract and other natural treatments and after just 3 weeks, her metastases were gone. She’s still alive and well today—at a vibrant age of 86.

  • In 1996, a Norwegian’s melanoma had spread to his spine, ribs and hip. He was given this extract together with targeted heat therapy and the cancer disappeared. He continues this extract treatment on his own and is still doing great today – 15 years later!

  • Another Norwegian man was told he had only months to live due to advanced liver cancer. He spent three weeks at the clinic taking these natural treatments. Three years later, he was out fishing every day and hiking the hills of Norway!

  • A nurse with ovarian cancer did chemotherapy before coming to Doctor A. Her situation was dire, but after these natural injections, her health improved and she began to run and ride her bike daily. That was ten years ago, and she’s still alive and well today.

    You can learn all about Doctor A. and this incredible treatment beginning on page 385 of Defeat Cancer — and find the MDs in America who use it in their cancer-stopping programs as well.

    That’s important to know because more than anything else, a cancer diagnosis can fill you with fear and an overwhelming urge to rush into the first thing you hear about. It’s a natural reaction, but panic-driven decisions are often the wrong decisions.

Let 15 of the World’s Most Successful Alternative
Cancer Doctors Make Their Case,
In Their Own Words, Then YOU Decide!

    You know what makes it even harder to choose the best treatment? Mainstream cancer doctors will try to pressure you into surgery, full-dose chemo or radiation before the news has even sunk in. You owe it to yourself to learn what other experienced and highly trained doctors can offer, including options like these:

  • The first treatment in medical history consistently able to cure untreatable, inoperable tumors including malignant gliomas in the brain. This remarkable discovery disables genes that cause cancer while “switching on” cancer-fighting genes. Many so-called “hopeless” patients who chose this option have now been cancer-free for decades. [Page 51]

  • The low-dose chemotherapy that uses only one-tenth the dosage of mainstream chemotherapy and works just as well — without the side effects. Yet mainstream medicine still shuns it! [Page 103]

  • The most critical step that conventional oncologists overlook. Doing this first can make all the difference in the world. [Page 107]

  • The miracle plant extract that works like natural chemotherapy to kill cancer cells. It’s part of 60% of cancer treatments in Germany, yet most American MDs have no clue of its powers! [Page 111]

  • The seven events in your body that lead to cancer and how you can disrupt each one of them [Page 131]

  • How alkalizing your body makes cancer cells wither away and die. One doctor’s 87% success rate at treating cancer proves she’s on to something big. [Page 135]

  • The amino-acid formula that helps cancer-killing agents stay in the cancer cell longer — so any treatment will work better. This amino-acid secret also prevents the cancer cell from repairing itself after treatment. [Page 159]

  • The sleep-aid nutrient shown to subdue lung and pancreatic cancers better than the chemo drug erlotinib (Tarceva®). Take this over-the-counter supplement even if you choose conventional chemo—it will help you live longer. The survival rate for one group of patients who took it was two-and-a-half times greater compared to a control group that didn’t! [Page 211]

  • A harmless technique using ultraviolet light makes the whole body become amazingly resistant to cancer. Not only is it toxic to cancer cells, it also increases oxygen to the tissues and strengthens the immune system. Says one doctor, “American medical science has made a significant mistake by ignoring years of documentation (which have included several controlled studies) which demonstrate the beneficial effects on hundreds of thousands of patients. . .” [Page 237]

  • Even cancer-curing soup! In an exclusive interview, this doctor told us, “We have seen stage four cancer patients who failed all treatments and who were at death’s door recover with this simple soup.” Here’s where to find the recipe. [Page 197]

And That’s Only the First Half of the Book!

    Incredibly, these treatments could be saving tens of thousands of lives every year — many at an absurdly low cost — and almost nobody knows they exist.

    Our team of doctors says it’s high time the truth was told … so you can make truly informed decisions that could literally save your life! There’s so much more you should know:

  • How one MD uses targeted heat to cut off nutrients from tumor cells. This overlooked secret destroys cancer cells and causes tumors to collapse! [Page 253]

  • Stimulate your immune system to the max: Here’s an active fever therapy that’s “particularly effective” against cancer. There are scores of immune-supportive therapies, but this one packs the biggest punch of all. [Page 254]

  • How Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy (OMT) can slow down the rate at which cancer spreads AND prevent it from coming back once you’ve kicked it out. [Page 254]

  • This MD kills cancer with light and ultrasound. His breakthroughs in sonodynamic photodynamic therapy (SPDT) have succeeded with breast, prostate, and even brain cancer. Harmless to healthy cells, deadly to cancer cells. [Page 276]

  • The cancer “vaccine.” Called “the most exciting and consistently successful of new immunotherapy strategies,” this special cell therapy triggers a massive wave of anti-tumor activity. Even while you read these words, it’s effectively treating melanoma, kidney, prostate, brain, and bowel cancers. [Page 278]

  • The Nobel-Prize winning amino acid discovery that literally starves cancer cells to death—and how you can do it yourself. [Page 300]

  • The estrogen-blocking Asian herb with “more solid science behind it than any other I know of.” This natural wonder can replace risky drugs like Tamoxifen for women and men who are suffering from hormonally influenced cancers. [Page 347]

  • How a deep-layer heating technique with electro-therapy triggers cancer cell death. It destroys deep-seated tumors and can even be used in thermo-sensitive areas like the brain. One patient with cancer all through his body experienced complete recovery and was alive and well 15 years later. [Page 388]

  • A second low-dose chemotherapy technique that’s “one of the greatest medical advances in the entire history of cancer treatment.” It starves the tumor to death by cutting its blood supply—and you experience practically no side effects. [Page 391]

  • The nine-nutrient arsenal that can bring prostate cancer to a halt. Each one of these supplements is packed with astonishing cancer-fighting powers. [Page 400]

  • The diabetes drug that slows and even stops cancer by inhibiting a hormone that plays a crucial role in cancer growth. [Page 404]

    …and there’s more. Nobody is telling you about these remarkable cancer advances, and mainstream oncologists hope you never find out.

    But if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, it’s your health on the line. You deserve to know all about them.

    And if you come across a treatment in Defeat Cancer that feels “right” for you, then your next step is simple:

Call the Doctor. Yes, THAT Doctor.

    Here’s where the pedal hits the metal—why Defeat Cancer is so far ahead of other alternative cancer information resources.

    Each chapter is dedicated to a single physician who explains his or her cancer treatment for you in plain English. There is no “medical-ese” to bog you down.

    You get the facts straight from the source, and often it’s the very trail-blazer who pioneered the cancer-stopping treatment in the first place.

    It’s like sitting down to a private talk with one of the world’s most brilliant cancer experts. Only better, because it’s all right there in front of you in black and white, instead of flying by you in a conversation. For each doctor, you’ll discover …

  • His or her medical background and approach to treating cancer

  • The cancer diagnostic tests you’ll undergo

  • The specific treatments you’ll get and regimens you’ll follow

  • How long the treatments last and how fast you can expect results

  • Typical length of in-clinic stay, or availability of out-patient treatment

  • And you get something very rare in books about cancer treatment: each doctor’s track record of success

  • Plus much more priceless information

    You also get full contact information including phone numbers, street addresses, email addresses and websites.

    Can you imagine if you or someone you loved just found out you have cancer, and you’re trying to choose a doctor or a treatment facility or decide on a therapy? Can you imagine trying to get all these doctors on the phone – or, more likely, someone who works for them – and trying to gather even a fraction of the information that’s in this book?

    Of course not. The reality is, nobody’s going to do that in the panicky days and hours just after a cancer diagnosis. And you don’t have to. This book has done it all for you.

    You can easily reach out to the one that’s right for you, get more information if you need it — or set up an appointment — just like that.

    Continued below...

Make Sure Cancer Never Comes Back—Better Yet,
Prevent Cancer in the First Place!

    No one understands the complexities of a developing cancer better than these integrative medical practitioners…

    So when they talk about steps that will interrupt cancer growth and prevent cancer recurrence, it pays to listen to what they say.

    As you read through this book, you’ll discover dozens of health-protecting steps you can take, including:

  • Simple detoxification techniques that reduce your body’s toxic load and unleash your immune powers. [Page 76]

  • The special four-herb tea that corrects and reverses genetic instability and DNA damage that lead to cancer. [Page 131]

  • How to boost proper cellular and immune function with electrolytes and other nutrients. [Page 183]

  • Cancer-fighting herbs that boast the strongest anti-tumor, anti-estrogenic, and immune-stimulating properties. [Page 196]

  • The four core antioxidants in one German clinic’s aggressive nutritional anti-cancer plan. [Page 257]

  • The most effective natural compound for charging up your immune system—and why cancer patients should take it for life. [Page 277]

  • Dietary tips: foods that fuel cancer growth. Avoid them at all costs! [Page 285]

  • A three-step home cancer-fighting plan that is easy and low-cost. [Page 305]

  • Health-promoting strategies for those with slow-growing cancers like prostate cancer. Use these easy tips to keep cancer in check. [Page 361]

  • And so much more.

Order your no-risk copy of Defeat Cancer today. You’ll see the full range of cancer-fighting strategies available in today’s integrative medicine arsenal.


Isn’t That an Option You Would Love to Have?

    As you know, there’s no shortage of alternative cancer treatment information on the internet today. Most of it comes with a lot of “red flags’ attached. Is it for real? Can you trust it for something as serious as cancer?

    Even when the information is legitimate — and much of it is — you may still run into a dead end with it. You can’t do natural intravenous (IV) treatments yourself, for example, any more than you can give yourself conventional chemotherapy.

    In Defeat Cancer, you learn all about the very best, clinically successful, cancer-stopping treatments and the doctors who provide them.

    We’ll steer you straight to the board-certified MDs and naturopathic physicians who are pushing the boundaries of cancer treatment and getting results that put conventional treatments to shame.

    Not long ago, almost all doctors thought late stage cancer was incurable. Death was considered inevitable. But our team of doctors and their breakthroughs are changing everything.

    Let me introduce a few of them to you…

Doctor R. — Life-Saving Natural
Cures That Shock the Medical World

    A recent presentation at the International Cancer Congress revealed the astonishing “spontaneous remissions” that take place under the care of Doctor R.

    “Spontaneous remission” is what conventional doctors call a cancer cure they can’t explain. But such cures are NOT spontaneous at all. At least four times out of five, these so-called “spontaneous cures” happen because the patient used an alternative therapy.

    The success of Dr. R proves spontaneous remissions are not a fluke! Let me tell you a shocking fact:

Patients who turn to Dr. R experience
so-called spontaneous remission 133 times
as often as those who don’t!

    Her powerful immunotherapeutic techniques are the reason why her patients are 133 times more likely to experience these dramatic turnarounds.

    Doctor R.’s therapies harness the body’s healing power rather than fighting it like conventional treatments. She triggers an all-out immune system assault on cancer with active fever therapy … whole-body hyperthermia … thymus preparations … plant extracts … and other biological response modifiers—and she combines these with low-dose IPT as well.

    Many of her cancer patients are in full remission due to her biological therapies alone. So what’s the catch? There isn’t one. In fact, you’ll be amazed by how simple these powerful natural cures really are.

    There’s even a study by Columbia University researchers that shows her clinic’s remarkable success rate. You can find it at the National Institute of Health’s website. But first, learn more about Doctor R. and her treatments beginning on page 247 of Defeat Cancer.

Doctor B. — The Trailblazer in Gene-Targeted Treatments

    Some experts say 75% of cancer treatments will be gene-focused in five years, but you don’t have to wait. Doctor B. has led the gene-targeting revolution for over 30 years and he can treat you now.

    Doctor B. is a scientific whiz. He graduated first in his class at med school and that very same year he discovered natural peptides (protein particles) that control cancer growth. He named his discovery antineoplastons. A year later he earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry, becoming one of the youngest people ever to earn both degrees.

    Today, his advanced antineoplaston treatments work wonders to deactivate abnormal, cancer-causing genes without harming healthy cells. They reduce or eliminate tumors in 80% of patients and many ‘terminal’ patients go on to live normal lives for decades—even though their cancer was supposed to kill them in a few months!

    Incredibly, his treatments have almost no side effects. Sometimes patients experience a temporary rise in blood pressure or a skin rash. That’s some difference from the nausea, weakness and hair loss of chemotherapy, don’t you think?

    There’s more good news: once your two-week consultation and testing is complete, you can return home. Most treatments can be handled by your family practitioner.

    Doctor B. has treated over 15,000 cancer patients despite a running battle with the FDA. Most arrive at the clinic only after conventional treatments failed. And yet, he has a 40% to 60% response rate for many advanced stage four cancers including breast, prostate, liver, colon, and lung cancer.

    His sprawling Texas complex includes FDA-inspected treatment, research, and pharmaceutical facilities staffed by over 100 employees. You’ll learn more about him and his cancer-stopping peptides starting on page 37 of Defeat Cancer.

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FACT: 30% of Chemo Patients Die from
Treatment, Not Their Disease.
And the Doctors on Our Team Think It’s Time for That to End!

    A recent bombshell study blows the whistle on chemotherapy’s dark side, and it’s something that most oncologists never tell their patients.

    Yet even with that lousy track record, full-dose chemo might still be worth the risk if it actually cured the other 70%, but it doesn’t.

    In fact, a Journal of Clinical Oncology study reviewed over 150,000 cancer patients treated with conventional chemotherapy. It found that only 2.1% of these patients were still alive after five years.

    Incredibly, that means full-dose chemo only helped 1 in 50 people make it to the five-year milestone — while 15 of those 50 patients actually perished from the treatment itself!

    You should also know that a Canadian survey of oncologists found that few oncologists, if any, would take their own potion. Dr. Robert Rowen of Second Opinion Newsletter fame speaks of one oncologist who secretly flew to Mexico for treatment rather than submit to the chemotherapy he gives his own patients.

Now, You Too Can Refuse to be
a Guinea Pig for Big-Money Medicine

    Here’s another fact: Modern oncologists are 100% controlled by the drug companies. From the day they enter med school until the day they graduate, they are taught that drugs are the one and only answer to everything.

    Making matters worse, they aren’t allowed to prescribe much else, because the drug companies have a seat at the table when health care laws and regulations get written!

    There are a thousand full-time drug lobbyists in Washington. That’s two lobbyists for every congressman and senator, working to pass laws that benefit the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of the rest of us!

    That’s why we end up with new cancer drugs like Erbitux, Vectibix, Avastin and Herceptin that are incredibly expensive and put you at high risk of side effects that can kill you — yet barely improve your chances of beating cancer. The “cure” is worse than the disease.

    It takes brave physicians to buck the establishment and seek the truth. Defeat Cancer introduces you to 15 of these doctors and their treatments so that you can at last discover the true options you have and information you need.

    Today, make the best choices for you—not the best choices for Big-Money Medicine. Order your copy of Defeat Cancer today, risk-free.


Doctor Z. — Proving the Power of Integrative Medicine Time and Time Again

    Cancer treatment is never “one size fits all” no matter what conventional oncologists say. Their cookie-cutter approaches have failed to improve cure rates for the last 50 years.

    That's why one of today’s most experienced MDs in integrative medicine uses almost every weapon in the arsenal to beat cancer and rebuild vibrant health.

    Based in Arizona, Doctor Z.’s IV protocol of nutrients, botanicals and herbs will strengthen your immune system, detoxify your body, and reduce inflammation before and during the serious business of beating cancer.

    His proven approach suppresses angiogenesis (the process by which a cancer tumor creates its own system of blood vessels). Stopping this process of blood vessel formation is one of the holy grails of cancer treatment. But there’s more: His treatment plan successfully brings on apoptosis – meaning, it causes cancer cells to die off naturally, the same way healthy cells do after a time.

    For that, Doctor Z. may use one of two low-dose chemotherapy methods that work with practically no side effects — along with cancer-killing herbs that work synergistically with these methods.

    What’s more, he’ll also use off-label drugs that have shown clinical value for cancer. One “incurable” patient has survived years past her original diagnosis with the help of a shunned leprosy drug. And as we went to press:

  • Another patient with stage four ovarian cancer is now in full remission after six months of low-dose chemotherapy using a “trick” called IPT that lures cancer cells to their death.

  • A stage four lung cancer patient lives a full and healthy life ten years after she was diagnosed. No more chemotherapy for her! And lung cancer is one of the hardest to cure... if you rely on mainstream medicine.

  • A pancreatic cancer patient experienced a 75% reduction of tumor markers within just two weeks of Doctor Z.’s IPT, nutritional IVs and detoxification therapies.


    The money-hungry mainstream cancer industry hates cures like these. But they work and you deserve to know about them!

    Every weapon in the integrative medicine arsenal can be a part of your cancer cure, and Doctor Z. knows how to find the right ones. Learn more starting on page 89 of Defeat Cancer.

Doctor D. — Cracking the Code
to Cancer Remission

    Who would ever imagine you can stop cancer with Viagra, or with a drug for people trying to kick alcoholism, or even with a natural supplement that helps you sleep?

    Believe it or not, they can if you take them under the guidance of this Board Certified osteopathic physician. Doctor D. is a 20-year Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice and one of the most innovative cancer-fighting MDs in Florida.

    His targeted therapies improve your immune response, eliminate toxic substances, and cripple the energy-producing pathways that cancer cells need to survive.

    His unique treatment plan improves cell signaling to boost your body’s own cancer-fighting abilities. Succeed in doing that and you can reverse cancer without full-dose chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.

    What’s more, he’s had extraordinary success with unconventional treatments like:

  • An erectile dysfunction drug that “unmasks” cancer cells so that his treatments and your immune system can more easily attack them.

  • The natural sleeping pill that works better than chemo drugs for lung and pancreatic cancer -- with absolutely no side effects.

  • Immune system stimulators that give you “the most bang for your buck” to bounce back from cancer and stop it from returning.

    One 95-year-old patient with breast cancer and metastases in her lungs totally rejected surgery, chemo and radiation. After three months of Doctor D.’s herbs, high-dose vitamins, and detoxification treatments, no detectable cancer remained in her body.

    Successful approaches like these should NOT stay buried for one more day! Learn about this Florida physician beginning on page 201 of Defeat Cancer.

Doctor K. — Killing Cancer
With Light and Sound

    Imagine this: You’re reclining comfortably in a modern clinic while you receive a safe, non-toxic substance that accumulates only in cancer cells – and causes them to react to light! When the doctor exposes you to certain wavelengths of light or sound, this substance triggers a biochemical reaction that destroys the cancer cells from within.

    Sound like science fiction? Well, pinch yourself — because it’s available now and it really works.

    Doctor K.’s trailblazing photodynamic therapy is non-invasive and can be targeted to any tumor — even inoperable brain tumors. This outpatient procedure has no significant side effects and can be performed as often as needed.

    And now Doctor K. has a new advance: Sonodynamic therapy. It’s another way to activate the light-sensitive substance inside the cancer cells, using ultrasound to provide deeper penetration for deeper tumors.

    Doctor K.’s sound and light techniques have achieved the best success with breast and prostate cancers, along with several types of brain tumors. In his own words, “Truly, the results have been extraordinary.”

    Doctor K. also uses a special cell therapy that stimulates powerful anti-tumor activity inside the body. Many patients have experienced complete remission after combining this “cancer vaccine” with his tumor-killing program.

    Even with an “inoperable” cancer diagnosis, you can heal and bounce back cancer-free. Learn more about Doctor K. and his exciting treatments beginning on page 271 of Defeat Cancer.

    I could go on for pages because that’s just five of the fifteen doctors you’ll meet in this essential reference—and just a few of the amazing treatments in store that make cancer 100% curable.

    Continued below...

The Truth About the FDA’s
“Gold Standard” of Testing

    Ask a conventional oncologist about these cancer cures and you’ll get a dismissive wave of the hand: “They haven’t passed the FDA’s rigorous testing requirements. I can’t give you that!”

    Well, let me tell you the truth about the FDA’s so-called “Gold Standard” of testing:

    It is single-handedly responsible for millions of premature cancer deaths, and even mainstream experts are starting to recognize it!

    Here’s why the FDA has fallen flat on its face: When it comes to considering cancer treatments, the FDA in its bureaucratic wisdom will only recognize large-scale, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials that cost millions of dollars to conduct.

    Only giant pharmaceutical companies have that kind of money to throw around, and they’ll never spend it to test non-drug solutions. Cancer is their multi-billion-dollar bonanza, and they’re not going to give it up!

Only Big Pharma can afford to play the FDA’s
game, and the game is never over until they win.

    If they don’t like the results of one drug study, they’ll bury it and conduct another study … and another … and another … until they finally get the results they want, which they’ll publish to win approval for their drugs.

    That’s why almost every so-called “breakthrough” is a drug that barely does better than its predecessor and costs a small fortune to take — while genuine cures get buried, hushed-up, rejected and ignored.

    What’s more, FDA-mandated testing focuses only on large groups, not the individual. It has wasted hundreds of millions of research dollars seeking a “common denominator” among cancer patients that simply doesn’t exist.

    Everything we’re learning about cancer confirms that there’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” cancer treatment—but that’s exactly what the FDA forces researchers to look for. And it’s a colossal waste of money!

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