“If I could pick only one treatment to cure my cancer, this would be it...”

~Tanya Harter Pierce, author
Outsmart Your Cancer

Introducing a non-toxic, cancer-killing powerhouse that may well be the most potent alternative cancer treatment made available...

And you can use it at home, without a doctor!


See the proof for yourself! Let author Tanya Harter Pierce tell you in her own words how she discovered this remarkable cancer treatment. Then hear from cancer patients themselves, as they share their own amazing recoveries from "hopeless" cancers using this simple treatment!

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Dear Friend,

If you or a loved one ever gets cancer, there’s one cancer treatment above all that you’ll want to remember.

It’s one of the world’s most powerful cancer cures, according to research by Jim Sheridan, a scientist at the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research. Its cancer-killing ability was also confirmed by researchers at the National Cancer Institute.

Some experts believe this treatment may outperform every other cancer treatment that exists!

Independent cancer treatment expert Tanya Harter Pierce confided, “I could find more complete recoveries from cancer with [this treatment] than I could find on any other cancer treatment.”  

These are documented recoveries, from virtually every kind of cancer, at every stage—even advanced cancers. And in each of these cases, the tumors not only shrank and the cancer got better, but all of the cancer went away completely!  

Even more amazing, patients didn’t travel to alternative cancer clinics to get this treatment. They didn’t even see a doctor at all. That’s because this cancer treatment is available over the counter, without a doctor’s prescription.  

Robert tried it and cured Stage Four stomach cancer

Robert was 54 years old when he was diagnosed with Stage Four stomach cancer. The cancer had metastasized, or spread, to his bones, his liver and his lymphatic system. Doctors told him they couldn’t cure the cancer but might be able to help him live a little longer. They recommended four aggressive chemotherapy drugs plus radiation, right away. 

But Robert couldn’t stand the idea of spending his last months enduring harsh treatments that would leave him feeling (and looking) worse than he already did. Instead, he wanted an alternative cancer therapy. And when he discovered this treatment was completely free of side effects, he decided to try it. 

Two months later, Robert returned for a stomach scan. The doctor couldn’t believe what he saw: The tumor had shrunk 39 percent. And other tests revealed the cancer in his liver was completely gone!

Six months after that, Robert’s stomach cancer had vanished. Even the bone and lymphatic cancer disappeared! Amazed, the doctor declared his Stage Four stomach cancer “in remission.” More than two years later, Robert is still cancer-free. 

If you or a loved one ever needs this amazing treatment to cure cancer, it is readily available and surprisingly affordable. What’s more, it may be the easiest-to-use cancer treatment on the planet!  

Cure virtually any cancer with an amazing liquid that you drink!

That’s right, the cancer treatment that cured Stage Four cancer is nothing more than a liquid that you drink.  

Instead of dramatically changing your diet or swallowing a bunch of pills, all you do is mix a little non-toxic liquid with water and drink it several times throughout the day. It’s that easy.  

Hundreds of patients have used this amazing liquid to send their cancers into remission. And many of these patients learned the secrets of getting and using this liquid from alternative cancer treatment expert Tanya Harter Pierce.

Tanya has spent seven years studying how to properly use this liquid treatment to cure cancer. She is sought after by doctors the world over. She has shared her discoveries with countless cancer patients on the phone and in radio interviews.

Now for the very first time, Tanya has revealed how you can get this treatment and use it at home to cure yourself or a loved one in Outsmart Your Cancer. The secrets inside have helped cancer patients use this liquid to cure virtually every kind of cancer: prostate, breast, liver, brain, kidney or colon cancer, even America’s deadliest cancer— lung cancer.  

Arch’s lung cancer, tonsil cancer and neck cancer vanish!

“I credit Outsmart Your Cancer with what seems to be a cure of my three cancers: lung, tonsil and neck. The section of the book dealing with [this liquid cancer treatment] and a recommendation by a doctor caused me to order and take this material. I was given a 15% chance of living by a panel of oncologists (cancer specialists); to date I have survived for more than three years with no evidence of cancer in repeated CAT-scans.” — Arch, cancer survivor 

Pam’s aggressive breast tumor gone!

Pam’s doctors told her she would die a “horrible death” if she refused their orders to get a mastectomy. But not only did Pam keep her breasts, she got her tumor to disappear at home. 

“A doctor burst through the door after he read [my ultrasound], and he told me this was the fastest-growing, most aggressive cancer he had ever seen. It had spread all through my breast. Outsmart Your Cancer was what I depended on to get me through this situation and know what to do with [this liquid cancer treatment]... Everything I needed was there and it was a Godsend. The last scans that I had... they couldn’t find any cancer.” — Pam, cancer survivor 

John’s melanoma disappears!

John had surgery to remove melanoma from his back. After one of John’s lymph nodes tested positive for cancer, his oncologist told him he needed interferon or the cancer would spread. 

“My oncologist... told me originally that I would have a 35% chance of [melanoma] going to internal organs through my bloodstream, and after the Interferon it would only go down to about 33%. I would be bedridden for up to a year. So I went for [the liquid cancer treatment].  I’ve been taking that for a year now.  My last test did not find any cancer.” — John, cancer survivor

These are just three of the hundreds of patients who have used this liquid treatment to cure even Stage Four cancers safely instead of enduring toxic cancer drugs like chemotherapy.  

By now you probably know that when chemotherapy kills cancer cells it also destroys healthy cells. It’s why cancer patients get violently ill after treatment. But this liquid kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Patients feel just fine during treatment. How it works is truly remarkable... 

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Cancer-killing breakthrough wins Nobel Prize

The cells in your body need energy in order to survive. Healthy cells gobble up oxygen to make energy, but cancer cells gobble up sugar. Scientist Otto Warburg discovered this and won the Nobel Prize in 1931.  

Five years later, another scientist had the idea for this liquid cancer treatment. He began developing this formula to target and kill cancer cells. It works naturally, by blocking cancer cells’ ability to feed on sugar. Cancer cells literally starve to death.       

Studies by cancer researcher Jim Sheridan confirmed this liquid treatment cured cancer in up to 80 percent of laboratory subjects without side effects. But that’s not all, researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) got even better results during their own laboratory tests. 

In 1990, NCI researchers found this liquid killed virtually 100% of cancer cells within 48 hours. The researchers tested lung cancer cells, melanoma cells, colon cancer cells and others. And the incredible results were even confirmed by Dr. Ven Narayanan, who was then head of drug testing for NCI.  

But sadly, when drug companies could not patent this liquid treatment and make a profit, it was ignored completely!  

In Outsmart Your Cancer, Tanya explains how to get this liquid without a prescription right away. Even more important, she explains the “do’s and don’ts” of using it to send cancer into complete remission. For instance:  

In Chapter 12 of Outsmart Your Cancer, discover how often you need to drink this liquid to ensure hungry cancer cells NEVER get fed. Tumors fall apart and cancer can disappear in a matter of months.

You’ll also discover WHICH liquid formula will work best to cure your cancer. There are two different formulas. One works better for certain cancers. Tanya gives you full details. 

Then, you’ll get the names of key supplements you should AVOID at all costs while taking this liquid or risk throwing cancer cells a life-line. Follow this simple secret and this liquid is strong enough to cure even hard-to-reach cancers, like brain tumors. 

4 year old Scott’s brain tumor dissolved!

Scott was only 4 years old when he started having seizures. Brain scans showed he had a brain tumor. Doctors recommended surgery, even though it could permanently damage his ability to speak. Instead, Scott’s parents gave him this liquid cancer treatment to drink, following the secrets you’ll find in Outsmart Your Cancer

Three months later, Scott’s seizures stopped. The tumor shrank and soon doctors could no longer see it on brain scans. At last report, Scott was 14 years old and cancer-free! 

This liquid cancer treatment has cured many children like Scott. And it is far easier for children to drink this non-toxic liquid than undergo dangerous chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Turn to Chapter 12 for crucial information on using this liquid to cure children with cancer. But that’s not all... 

You can even use this liquid treatment to cure beloved family pets of cancer. Get full details for curing cancer in cats, dogs, even horses! Outsmart Your Cancer can help you or anyone you love beat virtually any cancer.  

To uncover these secrets on your own is virtually impossible, not to mention it would take hundreds of hours

Doctors are prohibited from telling you how to use this liquid cancer treatment. You already know it’s illegal in the U.S. for an M.D. to use any alternative therapy to treat cancer.  (Tanya is a retired psychotherapist, so she’s in the clear.)  

Even the makers of this liquid face restrictions. They can sell you the liquid, but they can’t describe what it can do for you because it hasn’t gone through the FDA’s approval process. Tanya does not manufacture, market, or profit from the sale of this treatment, so she has more freedom to tell you about all the ways it can help you.

Outsmart Your Cancer tells you how to get this liquid treatment for as little as $75 a month. Plus, this newly updated second edition gives you 48 pages with more than nine key secrets for using this liquid to cure virtually any cancer.  

This vital information makes Outsmart Your Cancer a life-saver, but it’s not the only reason this alternative treatment guide can save your life or the life of someone you love... 

The second edition of Outsmart Your Cancer details 21 of the most successful, safest treatments Tanya discovered since she began investigating alternative cancer treatments in 2001. 

Since then, Tanya has dug through thousands of pages of research on 37 different alternative cancer therapies. She has interviewed prominent doctors and scientists and talked to hundreds of cancer patients.

Though almost every one of those 37 alternative treatments provides some benefit, 21 treatments have produced record numbers of cancer recoveries. In Outsmart Your Cancer, Tanya reveals all 21 treatments and how to use them successfully! 

My Husband Survived Pancreatic Cancer!

“We are using [the treatment in Chapter 4] to help fight pancreatic cancer. It has been over a yar ago that my husband was told he had 4 months to live. The doctors that have worked on him call him a miracle… He is healthy and doing great”
—L. Watts, Outsmart Your Cancer reader

Cliff Beat Stage Four Prostate Cancer!

In 1992 Cliff was diagnosed with Stage Four prostate cancer. His PSA was 75- that's 18 times higher than normal. Cliff's surgeon wouldn't even operate, because the cancer had spread to his lymph system. Cliff discovered [the treatment in Chapter 13] and six months later his PSA was completely normal, down to 0.1. Twelve years later, Cliff is still cancer-free.

Brenda's Colon Cancer Metastasized, Now it's gone!

Brenda’s colon cancer had spread to seven lymph nodes. Doctors said she had a “one in one thousand chance” of surviving for five years. Brenda refused radiation and chemotherapy and instead tried [the treatment in Chapter 6]. In a matter of months her cancer was gone. Thirteen years later, Brenda us healthy and doctors can find no cancer anywhere in her body!

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Get the secrets of using 21 leading alternative cancer therapies!

Outsmart Your Cancer details 21 of the most successful, safest treatments Tanya discovered in her research. It also tells the secrets of using each of these treatments the right way. For instance, you’ll discover how: 

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The shocking failure of chemotherapy

The 21 alternative cancer treatments you’ll discover in Outsmart Your Cancer have routinely cured thousands of cancer patients in all stages of cancer. In fact, many patients have recovered completely and have enjoyed 10 years, 20 years, even 50 years of living cancer-free! 

Sadly, patients who’ve submitted to conventional treatments often struggle to survive even five years without a cancer recurrence. Here’s surprising proof that conventional treatment is failing our loved ones:  

During a 14-year review of chemotherapy, oncologists examined the results of all of the randomized, controlled clinical trials of chemotherapy. The oncologists concluded that chemo improves five-year patient survival rates by only 2 percent. And, according to the oncologists themselves, that is “the upper limit of effectiveness.”  

Two percent! Any other medical treatment with such a dismal success rate would be branded a complete failure. Yet many conventional doctors still tell cancer patients that if they refuse chemo, they’re making a deadly mistake! With Outsmart Your Cancer, you’ll have the life-saving TRUTH at your fingertips. 

If you get cancer, drop everything and do this first...

Before you talk to any doctor about conventional cancer treatment, please turn to Chapter 22 of Outsmart Your Cancer. You’ll discover a list of eight questions to ask your doctor. Their answers will help you honestly evaluate any conventional treatments he or she recommends for your particular cancer case.  

Outsmart Your Cancer gives you the same help for rating alternative doctors and alternative treatments, too. In Chapter 23, you’ll find a set of guidelines for choosing the absolute top alternative treatment for your particular cancer case. 

The mother of a two-year-old little girl who survived deadly cancer with an alternative treatment in Outsmart Your Cancer said it best:

“Take courage, then take charge.” 

Outsmart Your Cancer makes it easy to take charge of any cancer situation you or a loved one could ever find yourselves in. It wipes away the confusion and misinformation surrounding cancer treatments.

You’ll get the secrets of using 21 leading alternative cancer treatments, including more than nine key secrets of beating cancer with what’s probably the easiest, most powerful alternative cancer cure on the planet, the amazing liquid that you drink!   

You’ll discover how this amazing liquid and each of these 21 cancer treatments work and which cancers they work best for. You’ll learn exactly how to find and use each treatment. 

You’ll receive complete information, including names, phone numbers and addresses, for each at-home treatment. And for the treatments that require a qualified doctor’s supervision, you’ll get a list of leading doctors.  

Just as important, when you need courage, Outsmart Your Cancer gives you that, too... 

You’ll get a FREE CD with 12 inspirational stories of cancer survivors

Just listening to the amazing stories on the CD Everyday Miracles: How 12 Ordinary People Outsmarted Their Cancer will inspire you. You’ll hear 12 cancer survivors describe in their own words their personal battles with cancer. You’ll hear exactly how they beat their cancers using the alternative cancer treatments revealed in Outsmart Your Cancer. For example: 

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    Better yet, when you order today you’ll also receive... 

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Second FREE BONUS— an exclusive interview with
Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D.

In your SECOND FREE BONUS, you’ll get an exclusive interview with Dr. Julian Whitaker about his all-time top recommendations for cancer patients. Dr. Whitaker is a living legend in alternative medicine, or as he calls it, “good medicine.”

On page one of this special report, Dr. Whitaker reveals his #1 recommendation to cancer patients who visit his clinic. 

You’ll also learn important ways to prevent cancer and all chronic illnesses such as diabetes. For instance, on page 5, Dr. Whitaker reveals his simple secret for losing weight. Dr. Whitaker himself used it to lose 30 pounds without eating any less. 

Plus, you’ll get a third FREE BONUS —
How to Put Out the
“Fire” Behind Your Cancer

In your THIRD FREE BONUS, you’ll discover how some food is causing cancer, and how other foods can cure it.    

For instance, on page 4, you’ll find seven cancer-fighting fruits and one immune-boosting spice that every cancer patient should eat every week. 

Then on page 3, you’ll discover how one important enzyme can teach your immune system to fight cancer. And flip to page 2 to learn the four hidden causes of cancer and then discover five ways to stop them in their tracks. 

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You have no doubt heard the saying, knowledge is power. Well, that’s never been truer than when it comes to cancer. 

This amazing liquid cancer treatment and each of the 21 cancer treatments you’ve just discovered could save your life or the life of someone you love. But only if you know the secrets of where to get them and how to use them correctly!  

Outsmart Your Cancer is your how-to guide for choosing and using the best treatment for your cancer.

Until conventional doctors finally embrace these alternative cancer cures, you’re on your own. But you’re certainly not alone. Outsmart Your Cancer gives you the knowledge, the power and the courage you need to become cancer-free for life. I urge you to order this breakthrough book right away. Order now. 

For your good health,

Lee Euler
Publisher, Online Publishing & Marketing

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