Dear health-loving friend,

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your diet and lifestyle…

How many vitamins you take or how much exercise you do…

Your body is growing weaker every day and more helpless against attacks by cancer, heart disease, arthritis and many other ailments…

That’s because lurking in your body — at the exact spot where it can do the most damage — is an invisible “toxic trigger” of deadly disease.

Get rid of the “toxic trigger” and get back your health

Louise Herbeck was a happy wife and mother when multiple sclerosis shattered her world… and left her paralyzed and helpless.

Then one day, Louise watched a television show that laid bare the shocking facts about the toxic trigger…and inspired Louise to get rid of it.

“I had immediate upward response,” wrote Louise.  “Within the week, my mental depression was gone!  The attacks of vertigo left!  My tail bone pain disappeared!  And best of all, the fatigue abated tremendously…I was elated!

Louise defied her doctors — and walked away from multiple sclerosis into an active new life!

Don’s Story: Making the joyful journey
from exhaustion to hiking up mountains

Don Lowrance suffered from terrifying heart palpitations that kept him awake at night and exhausted during the day. He felt depressed all the time and just wanted to sleep.

Too weak to enjoy family life, Don grew desperate. Luckily, he heard some colleagues talk about the toxic trigger…and decided to take action.

Soon, the man who was too tired to stay awake for dinner was hiking 2,500 feet up a mountain with a 50-pound backpack!

(This is important: Don works in a profession that exposed him to the toxic trigger every day. You need to learn how — and where — you might be exposed.  Keep reading.)

How Karen stunned her doctors by beating Stage 4 cancer
with a miracle cure they never considered

And then there’s the 52-year-old cancer patient I’ll call Karen. In 2005, Karen was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  In 2006, the news got worse: Stage 4 uterine cancer.

Karen’s family grew frantic, but she refused to give up. She dove into research and discovered the toxic trigger.

With the clock ticking, Karen banished her toxic trigger — forever. The result?

A miracle. Her doctor told me Karen is…

In total remission without conventional treatment.”

So what’s the connection between cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and more?

They can all begin in the exact same place…

Your mouth.

The dirtiest part of your body. A warm, wet breeding ground for over 400 different kinds of bacteria.

And what happens in your mouth can spread like wildfire through your body. After all, it’s where you eat, drink, swallow and breathe. 

Listen to what legendary physician Reinhard Voll, M.D. discovered. He spent 40 years researching how the mouth affects overall health.

And his conclusion is, well, jaw-dropping! He found…

80% of all disease is related to problems in the mouth

80%! That means the health problems you’re suffering from right now have an overwhelming likelihood of starting in your mouth.

But does your doctor know that? Has your doctor ever talked to you about what’s going on inside your mouth?

You could experience an arthritis miracle like Denise.
Her joint pain and swelling disappeared…She’s arthritis-free!

Maybe you’re devastated by rheumatoid arthritis, like Denise Dolence was at age 26. She staggered from one doctor to the next, taking medicine and sinking fast. Not a single doctor suggested her arthritis might start in her mouth.

Then she learned about the toxic trigger…and today, Denise is arthritis-free!

Or maybe you’re suffering from allergies…headaches… sinus congestion. Has your doctor ever hinted your problems lie in your mouth?

If not, you’ll understand what G. Scott Crowther went through for 12 long years of wheezing and sneezing. Finally, he zeroed in on the toxic trigger and got rid of it… and guess what happened next?

Chronic headaches…”Stopped immediately!” Sinus congestion…”Stopped immediately!” Muscle tension…”Stopped immediately!”

And here’s something really astounding: A Harvard study shows men with gum disease are 63% more likely to get cancer.

So why don’t most doctors look to the mouth to cure disease? After all, mainstream medicine proves how closely the mouth and body are linked.

Take this 2007 study at the Harvard School of Public Health and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 

It followed 51,529 men for more than a decade — and the results will stun you.

After adjusting for other factors, men with periodontal disease had a 63% higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer than men without it!

Just think of it…Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cancer killer in the U.S! How many good people are dying every year from problems in their mouths?

Learn the sickening truth:
Who gets rich from your toxic trigger?

So WHY doesn’t your doctor look in your mouth? WHY doesn’t he move heaven and earth to find your toxic trigger and get you healed and healthy?

The answer will make you angry. Very angry. I know it’s made me so furious sometimes I feel like pounding my fist on my desk.

A dangerous game is being played with your health — and the health of the people you love.

Millions of dollars — no, make that billions — are at stake if you (and the rest of the public) ever catch on to the catastrophe of what’s happening in your mouth.

In fact, if the American people ever learn the sickening truth about the toxic trigger, they will unleash a wave of fury, outrage and giant lawsuits that will be one of the biggest stories of the century.

Because here’s the cold hard fact: You paid good money to have the toxic trigger put in your mouth.

And you did it over and over.  More and more money — for more and more toxic triggers.

You thought you were doing the smart thing. The responsible thing. The healthy thing.

Instead, you were paying to sap the foundation of your health by injecting a secret deadly poison into your system.

Because the shocking fact is…

You’re being poisoned by standard dental procedures

The story I’m going to tell you will send ice-cold chills down your spine. But you deserve the truth.

I’m about to reveal three standard dental practices that are so dangerous they can shatter your health…and even kill you.

Now you should know that I’ve been writing about health for many years.  I’ve covered lots of important breaking stories about nutrition and medicine.

But in all my years investigating health issues, I’ve never been so deeply shaken as I am by the Great Dental Cover-Up.

I’m steaming.  I’m outraged. I’m FURIOUS.

How could this happen?

Just think about the deadly toxins lurking in your mouth RIGHT NOW…

Do You Have “Silver” Fillings?
They’re Not Really Silver

Those “silver” fillings you’ve had in your teeth since childhood are only 50% silver. The other 50% is mercury, one of the most poisonous substances on earth.

According to the World Health Organization, there is NO SAFE LEVEL of mercury for humans.

Even a single atom of mercury can harm your body.

If a half-gram of mercury (about two-hundredths of an ounce) were found in a 10-acre lake, authorities would send out a red alert warning people not to eat its fish.

Yet every “silver” filling that’s packed into your teeth contains a half-gram of mercury.  And if you’re like the average adult, you’ve probably got 10 fillings. That means right this minute, you’re hosting 5 grams of poison mercury inside your mouth!

What a nightmare for your health!

Norway, Sweden, Germany and Austria
BAN Mercury Fillings…

But the U.S. FDA claims they’re A-OK for young children and pregnant women!

In 1991, Sweden announced a ban on mercury fillings…but that was only the beginning!

If you’re a Swede with mercury fillings, the state will pay 50% of the cost of removing them…because Swedes are convinced ditching these poisons will save health costs in the long run.

And then there’s Norway, Germany and Austria. They studied the rock-hard evidence against mercury fillings…and outlawed these toxic time bombs, too.

But the U.S.?   Well, remember when I said you’re going to get angry? When you learn the bait and switch the Food and Drug Administration has tried to snooker you with, steam will come out of your ears.

Tooth and consequences:
How big money wages war on your health

For years, the FDA ignored the mountain of clinical evidence against mercury fillings.

They closed their ears to the anguished pleas of mercury victims who begged them to take action.

Finally, in 2008, the FDA did an about-face and began to admit the truth: Mercury fillings can cause health problems in pregnant or nursing women, small children and people with compromised immune systems.

But The HUGE money interests behind these toxic time bombs weren’t about to let their profits slip away… So behind the scenes, they furiously went to work, piling on the pressure.

And, you’ll be disgusted to hear…they won.

That’s right. Just one year later, in July 2009, the FDA reversed its warnings about mercury for pregnant women and young children…and went right back to saying mercury fillings are safe.

For the first time in its history, the FDA pulled a warning about neurological harm to children.

What happened next?

Well, American dentists went right back to putting 80 tons of mercury in their patients’ teeth every year — enough mercury to equal two loaded semi-trucks with trailers!

And the dental establishment went right back to silencing the small band of dentists brave enough to reveal the truth.

Do you have any of these symptoms of mercury poisoning?

Maybe you’ve heard about some of the horrors of mercury fillings.

But I can guarantee you there’s a lot of vital information you haven’t heard about how this deadly dangerous toxin is damaging your body.

Suppose, for instance, you’ve got bladder problems. Did you know that bladder problems are a well-documented symptom of mercury poisoning?

How about back pain? Cold hands and feet? Coughing? Headaches? Any ONE of these symptoms could mean you’ve got a serious mercury poisoning.

In fact, mercury fillings are directly linked to more than 100 symptoms, diseases and syndromes!

That’s why I wrote my new Special Report, The Secret Poison in Your Mouth.

I decided to put EVERYTHING the authorities don’t want you to know into one easy-to-read book.

Discover a valuable tool to protect yourself from cancer,
Alzheimer’s, heart failure, multiple sclerosis and other diseases…
reverse long-term damage from dental toxins…and get back your glowing good health!

You need the straight-up, honest facts so you can learn exactly what’s going on in your body.

And most importantly, you need to learn just what you should do about it.

So I’ve gathered all the latest research on mercury and other dental toxins. And I put them into a Special Report that delivers essential information you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s all here.  In simple, easy-to-understand language.

The Secret Poison In Your Mouth tells you how to:

  • Reverse the long-term damage from dental toxins and get your health back on track and fully refreshed
  • Slash your risk of getting cancer from the toxic blowback of dental procedures… with specific information about breast cancer that could save your life or the life of someone you love
  • Protect your brain from Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and depression caused by mercury penetrating deep into your frontal lobe
  • Safeguard your heart, lungs and circulatory system from deadly oral bacteria that thrive inside certain types of common dental treatments
  • Unlock the mystery of chronic diseases like arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes and fibromyalgia — and learn what’s really triggering these attacks on your health
  • Unleash your body’s natural healing power by safely, gently releasing it from toxic overload

This little-known information could help save you from the deadly dangers of mercury.

But it may do even more.

Because I wish I could say mercury fillings are the only problem in your mouth.

But they’re not — by a long shot.

Your root canals are more toxic than botulism

You know that old saying, “I’d rather have a root canal.” Most people are afraid of root canals — and they’re right.

But what’s really scary isn’t the unpleasant hour in the dentist’s chair.  It’s the toxic horror show that comes after.

In my Special Report, I’ll tell you about a top Hollywood specialist they once called “the dentist to the stars.” He was actually the FOUNDER of the root canal association.

Then he discovered the truth about root canals — and completely turned his back on his own 47-year career… and spent the rest of his life warning the public NOT to have root canals.

In fact, what really shocked this brave Hollywood dentist was how fast a root canal can damage your health — often within 24 to 48 hours !

Vital, healthy people could suddenly be laid low in agony and pain — just because of a “harmless” ordinary root canal.

My Special Report will take you through the overwhelming documented evidence of how:

  • Root-canaled teeth create mutant bacteria more poisonous than botulism — and send these killers surging through your bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your heart and other organs.
  • Root-canaled teeth short-circuit your body’s electrical system…and set up your vital organs to fail in predictable deadly patterns.
  • A recent six-year study by two famous experts tested over 5,000 root-canaled teeth in a lab. The result? 100% of the root-canaled teeth had overpowering toxins.

I believe the deadly impact of root canals is one of the great untold stories of our time.  And with 24 million root canals still being performed every year, this story is a tragedy.

But I’m not telling you all this to frighten you and discourage you.  I’ve got good news, too!

Many people enjoy rapid recoveries from arthritis, heart disease,
kidney problems, Crohn’s disease and more —
sometimes within hours! And you can, too!
You may well experience relief from lifelong, chronic
health conditions when you correct the toxic conditions in your mouth.

It’s a fact:  When you finally free your body from its toxic overload, it’s possible you can recover with amazing speed.

In The Secret Poison In Your Mouth, I’ll tell you about a woman imprisoned in her wheelchair with arthritis for SIX YEARS. 

After she was freed from the toxic burden of her root canals, she practically leaped out of her wheelchair — and took up fine needlepoint.

You’ll also hear about desperately sick people with heart disease, kidney failure, suicidal depression, Crohn’s disease and many, many other tragic ailments — cured just like that!

And you’ll learn EXACTLY what these long-suffering people did to enjoy such miracles of healing…step by step…so YOU can experience the joy of regaining your glowing good health, too.

My Special Report is filled with all the practical information you need to start transforming your health — and to free yourself from life-threatening toxins you didn’t even realize you had festering inside.

For example…

Ever had a tooth yanked?
You’d better read this right now

It seems like such an ordinary, every-day procedure. You go to the dentist and get a wisdom tooth or other problem tooth yanked. What could possibly go wrong?

Tragically, your health.

In my new Special Report, The Secret Poison In Your Mouth, I explain all the ways a simple tooth extraction can set you up for HIDDEN GANGRENE that rots away your vitality.

You’ll meet an active pilot who crash-landed into the paralysis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  Doctors said he had six months to live.

But he refused to accept his death sentence — and traced his problems to his extracted teeth. Not only did he recover his health, he also invented a device that may hold the key to you regaining your health, too.

This breakthrough device helped completely cure a hopeless invalid with six months to live. Can it transform your health, too?

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, Gulf War syndrome, Parkinson’s disease or any other chronic illness, you need to learn about this device right away.

It may be exactly what you’ve been searching for to solve the mystery of what’s sapping your strength.

But let me tell you flat out…the dental establishment does NOT like it.

And I’ll bet you know why.

That’s right. They think it’s a threat, because it shines a big, blazing light on their failures.

And they’re willing to go after any dentist brave enough to expose the terrible damage they’ve done for decades.

“A relentless witch-hunt” against dentists who speak out

As I researched The Secret Poison in Your Mouth, I was absolutely shocked to discover how serious the threat against dentists who buck the establishment can be.

Over 40 dentists have had licenses yanked by state dental boards because they took a stand against mercury fillings and other deadly dental procedures.

Many other outspoken dentists have been threatened…silenced…and even driven underground like common criminals!

That’s why one dentist told me you need a spine of steel to defy the dental establishment, because you could lose your livelihood.

The American Dental Association
Accused of “Criminal Negligence”

Here’s what the famous Dr. Robert Atkins had to say about the American Dental Association.

He treated hundreds of patients with health problems caused by dentistry.

And he blamed the ADA for “criminal negligence”…and waging a “relentless witch-hunt” against dentists who tell the truth.

Why does the ADA do it? Said Dr. Atkins…

The ADA has succeeded, not in preserving your health, but in saving their own assets.” 

When Truth is Driven Underground, Where Do You Find It?

In spite of the bullying and threats, there are dentists with unbreakable courage.

If your health is collapsing from toxic triggers, they’ll devote themselves to helping you get well.

And if you’re blessed with good health, they’ll protect and strengthen you, by sheltering your system from the long-term damage of toxic triggers.

These brave experts have the rare knowledge and specialized skills to change your life.

But it’s not easy to find them.

And that’s just the way they want it. Because…

Most dentists who are true healers hunker down
and avoid the spotlight

Can you blame them? With the dental establishment ready to hit them like a ton of bricks, they’ve learned the hard way to keep a low profile.

They don’t want to lose their license and go down in a blaze of legal bills. They don’t want their incomes destroyed and their families devastated.

All they want is to quietly heal their patients, far from the spotlight’s glare.

And that makes your job of finding them very tough.

But you MUST find them, because you urgently need the knowledge only they have.

“If you remove mercury fillings without doing it right, it’s like getting beaten up by a gang of thugs.”

That’s what one of the world’s leading experts told me.

“I know a woman who had her mercury fillings removed by a dentist who didn’t take the proper precautions,” he said. “She wound up going to the hospital in respiratory distress!

“Another woman became an invalid for six months — completely bedridden — after an unsafe mercury amalgam removal.

“Mercury removal is nothing to play around with. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

“Think about how you’d handle lead abatement in your home.  You’d carefully do all the research to find the right contractor, because you know how important it is to safely handle this poisonous material.

“Well, this mercury abatement is happening right inside your mouth.  You MUST find the right person who knows how to take all the proper precautions.”

The Secret Poison In Your Mouth
Puts The Best Specialized Dentists in The World At Your Fingertips

You’re in luck because I’ve done all the research for you.  You don’t have to locate these dentists (who prefer to keep a low profile) — and check them out (which is hard to do).

My Special Report, The Secret Poison In Your Mouth lets you instantly connect with the top specialized dentists in the United States…and around the globe.

I’ve combed the country and the world to find the best of the best.

The true healers. 

Experts with a gentle touch who bring new life to people sidelined by sickness and suffering…

…who deeply understand all the ways your mouth can affect your health.

And who have the amazing skills to help make you whole again…and keep you safe and protected from the heartbreak of cancer, heart disease, arthritis and more.

Best of all, I’ve provided all the information you need to pick up the phone or write to these world-class experts TODAY…so you can start getting the answers and healing care you need RIGHT NOW.

Because I want you to turn around your health and become another miracle story like Josephine.

How a brilliant dentist cured Josephine
of crippling arthritis almost overnight

65-year-old Josephine was enjoying an active life when arthritis stopped her cold. Wracked with pain, she needed strong medication just to get through the day.

One morning, she heard a dentist on the radio discussing root canals and made a startling connection: her arthritis had started right after a root canal!

When her dentist told her that was “impossible,” Josephine hightailed it to the dentist she’d heard on the radio.

And one month later, she was pain-free...and her prescription medicine was history.

In The Secret Poison In Your Mouth, I’ll tell you how to contact the brilliant dentist who cured Josephine.  He runs a state-of-the-art clinic with his son that combines the best of medicine and dentistry.

He and his physician son will study and diagnose your health in an integrated way.

And they’ll work together to make sure you get the safest, gentlest care.

His patients credit him with miracle cures of an amazing range of ailments - from emotional problems to migraines, high blood pressure, Graves’ Disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, allergies and chemical sensitivities, eczema, chronic fatigue and more.

He’s just one example of the high-quality experts you’ll have at your fingertips with your personal copy of The Secret Poison In Your Mouth.

You’ll be confident you’re in good hands — and you’ll stay out of the trap of the nightmarish incompetents and frauds. Because…

It’s easy to fall into the hands of a dentist who claims he’s an “alternative dentistry” expert — and who messes up big time.

As I researched The Secret Poison In Your Mouth, I heard upsetting stories about sick people finding their way to dentists who bragged they were experts in “alternative dentistry.”

And who turned out to be incompetent and worse…

One woman who was very sick put herself in the hands of a dentist she found through an advertisement.  He claimed he could undo the damage of the toxic triggers in her mouth.

He seemed like a nice enough man and the woman thought she’d made a fine choice…until three months later, when her teeth fell out!

Believe me, I DON’T want that to happen to you.

And with the help of The Secret Poison In Your Mouth, it won’t.

All the Information You Need To Banish Your Toxic Triggers,
Transform Your Health and Protect Your Future

The Secret Poison In Your Mouth connects you with the very best of the best.
You’ll discover:

  • Priceless contact information for the top experts in specialized dentistry…so you can pick up the phone or write an email…and ask them ALL your questions!
  • Trusted resources to locate the best specialized dentist near you — or anywhere in the world
  • Latest information on the most advanced clinics that integrate medicine and dentistry
  • The inside scoop on specialized dentists in Mexico, Canada and around the world
  • Plus dozens of practical tips and techniques to save money, save time, and save your health!
The Secret Poison In Your Mouth
is the ONLY place to find this information

You simply can not find this information anywhere else.

I’ve laid out all the resources, all the facts, and all the insider news, because I want you in full control of your health and your future.

And I want you empowered with the knowledge to help the people you love most.

Priceless information for you and your loved ones

I know what it’s like to struggle with a health problem.

It can feel like you’re wrestling in the dark. You’re trying to defeat something you can’t even see…Something you can’t define.

And when your health problems stem from toxic triggers in your teeth, your problem is MUCH more challenging.

Because the huge money interests behind standard dental procedures are using every power they have to keep you from finding the truth.

That’s why you need to order The Secret Poison In Your Mouth TODAY. It has all the information you need to FINALLY help solve the mystery of what’s hurting  you…and the people you love.

Is your sister battling breast cancer?

Is your husband showing signs of Parkinson’s?

Is your daughter having fertility problems and miscarriages?

Is your wife laid low by migraines?

Is your son wrestling with stomach problems?

Is your father fighting heart disease?

Is your mother crippled by arthritis?

Is your brother suffering from allergies?

Is your best friend gripped by depression?

The Secret Poison In Your Mouth can help you to help them. Here it is — the missing key to unlock the door to better health.

If you’ve been searching for years for the answer to “mysterious” chronic health problems, this could be your answer — easily!

I urge you to buy your copy of The Secret Poison In Your Mouth now.

Remember, the road to good health starts in your mouth!


M.L. Sarlin
Author, The Secret Poison In Your Mouth

P.S. You’ll also receive three FREE BONUS REPORTS when you order The Secret Poison In Your Mouth! For BONUS REPORT #1, I’ll send you ARE YOU MERCURY TOXIC? EVALUATE YOUR RISK, a special questionnaire created by one of the world’s top experts. Take this quick quiz and learn vital facts about your level of mercury exposure!

P.P.S. Plus, you’ll also get FREE BONUS REPORT #2: WE THOUGHT WE KNEW ABOUT FLUORIDE.  Remember how those experts promised fluoride would protect our teeth? Well, they never told us it would damage our health! Discover the stunning untold story of how fluoride affects you…and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

P.P.P.S. Wait, there’s more! I’ll also send you FREE BONUS REPORT #3: SAFE AND NATURAL MERCURY DETOXIFICATION. A world-class expert explains how you can gently remove mercury from your system and heal the damage it caused.  This detox program safely revitalizes your immune system and helps you banish mercury forever. Better health is on the way fast!