Antioxidant riddle solved – Cancer Defeated

Antioxidant riddle solved

By Lee Euler / October 19, 2011

Now You Can Finally Profit from
One of the Most Powerful Free-Radical Killers

I reported on superoxide dismutase (SOD for short) in Issue #92. It’s one of the natural ways your body fights free radicals and thereby helps prevent cancer. SOD plays a key role in preventing cell damage. In fact, high levels of SOD in your body could be one of the major keys to a long life.

But there’s a problem with SOD: It can’t hold up to stomach acid. This means it’s hard to raise your SOD levels since any extra SOD you take by mouth can’t make it past your stomach — until now, that is. One of THE most powerful antioxidants just became available as a supplement. For more, keep reading.

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Now, it seems there’s a new way to take oral SOD and get it to the right places in your body, unscathed by your digestive processes. This means you have another natural way to fight and prevent cancer — and all the diseases of aging.

It’s called GliSODin®.

Why this “anti-superoxide” is so powerful

I’ll tell you more about GliSODin® in just a minute, including why it works so well. But first, let’s recap. As one of the body’s natural cancer fighters, SOD helps you get rid of toxins in your body the natural way. Purging your body of toxins is always a goal if you want to lead an anti-cancer lifestyle, since toxins make it more likely a cell will transform into cancer.

Enzymes in your body work day and night to purge your system of toxins. SOD is one of these helpful enzymes. It works by scouring your body for one of the worst free radical toxins, called superoxide. Superoxide is rotten all around. It harms almost everything it comes across.

By that I mean superoxide has an uncanny ability to destroy healthy cells, and fast. It turns them into free radicals shortly after coming into contact with them. Generally, it brings on a condition known as oxidative stress, which leads to cancer.

Superoxide dismutase, or SOD, is the “anti-superoxide.” It searches out and attacks the superoxide toxins in your body. Its method of attack is to break up the superoxide into separate molecules of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. From there, catalase (another type of enzyme) steps in and breaks the hydrogen peroxide down into harmless water and oxygen.

The whole process of breaking superoxide down into nontoxic elements is known as dismutation. That’s why this substance is called superoxide dismutase. SOD is an enzyme that specifically targets and destroys superoxide.

It makes sense that more SOD in your body would provide further protection and support against toxic invaders. After all, it’s a natural element and it’s been proven effective.

The problem is that your body only manufactures a certain amount of SOD and your levels go down as you age. And, as I mentioned above, synthetic SOD taken by mouth gets dismantled in your stomach because SOD has a very fragile molecular structure.

100% natural and well-tested

That’s where GliSODin® comes in. GliSODin® is a nutritional supplement made up primarily of two things: Cantaloupe extract and gliadin. Cantaloupe extract contains high levels of the enzyme superoxide dismutase. Gliadin is a wheat protein that acts as a carrier for controlled drug release.

Gliadin is intended to protect SOD from stomach acids and digestive enzymes as it travels through your stomach. The combination of gliadin and SOD into a single supplement explains the name: Gli-SOD-in. Best of all, GliSODin is completely natural. The only downside is that people with wheat or gluten sensitivities can’t use this supplement, because gliadin is a wheat extract.

If your body can tolerate wheat, this supplement boasts some major perks. GliSODin®‘s ability to slip SOD past the stomach acid makes it the first effective oral delivery system for this powerful antioxidant, as far as I know. The mixture of wheat and melon extract makes it a 100% vegetable product for vegetarians. The bottom line is that it’s an extremely valuable way to reinforce your body’s antioxidant supply.

GliSODin® is also well-tested in terms of efficacy. It works. The supplement has gone through both clinical trials and in vivo animal studies. Every study has demonstrated that GliSODin® successfully preserves the antioxidant activity of the SOD enzyme.

This supplement has also been shown to increase SOD levels within your organs and circulatory system. In other words, GliSODin® is proven to have therapeutic benefits when it comes to helping your body cope with and recover from toxic stress.

GliSODin® is so handy in so many ways

A lot of research backs the idea that GliSODin® will prove extremely useful in cancer prevention and treatment. SOD alone has been studied for over thirty years as a form of cancer therapy.

It started when scientists at the University of Iowa realized cancerous tumors have a surplus of superoxide free radicals. This means the body’s normal production of superoxide dismutase isn’t enough to keep the free radicals in check. Patients need to get more SOD into the body.

In further studies where patients were treated with SOD, scientists found more evidence that it plays an important role in beating down cancer. A breast cancer study in 2004 looked at patients who developed fibrosis after receiving radiation therapy. SOD treatments on the skin significantly decreased pain levels and the size of the fibrotic area for over half the cancer patients tested.

A tumor study showed oral SOD treatment diminished tumor size between 33% and 57%. And in yet another study, this time on mice, topical SOD cream reduced oxidative damage and put the proliferation of skin carcinomas in check. The studies in which SOD was applied to the skin got around the problem that stomach acid destroys the stuff.

Now GliSODin®, like pure SOD, is also validated by some research, although I’d like to see more studies. In a double-blind, randomized study where participants were exposed to regular doses of ultraviolet light, GliSODin® was found to reduce skin inflammation, improve healing of sunburn, and prevent the results of too much sun exposure. Study participants taking GliSODin® endured eight times more UV light exposure before developing sunburn than those who received a placebo.

On top of that, SOD isn’t just helpful when it comes to battling cancer. A study in the journal Science showed it could be a key player in overcoming aging. In the study, synthetic SOD given to worms was found to increase their life-span by an average 44%, probably because it counteracted oxidative stress. This study actually created quite a buzz and raised hopes that SOD could be THE secret of anti-aging.

SOD may even be effective in critical care medicine, thanks to a study that showed it helps prevent cellular failure and tissue damage associated with conditions like stroke, brain trauma, and heart attacks.

Some of the other potential benefits of orally administered SOD include protection against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegenerative disorders. It also appears to relieve pain and inflammation.

Given all that, it sounds pretty darn good.

Where to find this natural free-radical slayer

It used to be you couldn’t get SOD as a dietary supplement, but GliSODin®changes all that. Now, you can find it sold as a supplement on several nutraceutical websites. Most distributors recommend taking either one or two 250 mg capsules in the morning and evening.

Distributors report the dose of GliSODin® can be increased if your body is experiencing strain on its natural defense system. Apparently, it can even be used on a permanent basis if you want. If you do take it over an extended period of time, it’s said to offer long-term support for your immune system, your joints, your mitochondrial systems, and even your energy levels.

Other than the problem for people with wheat sensitivity, our research hasn’t turned up any negative news about it. The more natural supplements we can access that boost our natural immune defenses, the better.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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