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Hi I'm Lee Euler, I’ve spent over a decade investigating every possible way a person can beat cancer. In fact, our commitment to defeating cancer has made us the world’s #1 publisher of information about Alternative Cancer Treatments -- with over 20 books and 700 newsletters on the subject. If you haven't heard about all your cancer options, or if you want to make sure you don’t miss even one answer to this terrible disease, then join our newsletter. When you do, I'll keep you informed each week about the hundreds of alternative cancer treatments that people are using to cure cancer all over the world.


Why There’s No Such Thing as Heart Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 21, 2019

(This is the first of two articles about the 2019 Annie Appleseed cancer conference held in West Palm Beach, Florida.) At this year’s Annie Appleseed cancer conference in West Palm Beach, health advocate Al Sanchez, Jr., made a provocative statement I’d never thought of before. He pointed out that cancer, a disease that can attack […]


Popular Spring Flower Packs a Punch Against Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 17, 2019

An ancient herb – used in Asian traditional medicine for at least 2,000 years – has now been shown to be effective against a very modern health problem. The health threat? The fact that so many of us are overweight compared to say, 50 years ago, when the condition was fairly rare and mostly affected […]


A List of Herbs that Can Slow or Reverse Pancreatic Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 14, 2019

By 2030, pancreatic cancer is projected to become the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the US, after lung cancer. From 2006 to 2015, incidence rates increased by about 1% a year, but in a recently published report, The American Cancer Society estimates 56,700 Americans will be diagnosed with the disease in 2019, a […]


Asbestos and Mesothelioma – The Full Story

By Lee Euler / April 10, 2019

A grand total of fifty-five countries – stretching from Europe to the Persian Gulf – have banned asbestos. But notably, that list does not include the U.S., Canada, Russia, China, India, or Brazil.1 Unfortunately, it’s not just a workplace hazard either. Asbestos hides in many products – including (shockingly) kids’ crime kits and crayons, hair […]


You Need This Nutrient Before the Summer Sun Arrives

By Lee Euler / April 7, 2019

The summer sun is on its way. It brings healthy sunshine that sharpens the mind, stimulates the skin to make vitamin D and yields a wealth of other health benefits – including a happier mood! But not if you get sunburned. That damages skin cells and makes you more vulnerable to cancer. Luckily, there’s a […]


The Other Big Cause of Lung Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 3, 2019

When a healthy, 31-year-old former Team USA hockey star gets diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, it’s a red flag that something sinister is going on. After all, non-smokers hardly ever get lung cancer, right? And as far as that goes, young people hardly ever get any kind of cancer. It’s mostly a disease of […]


The Strange, Little-Known Danger That’s in ALL Water

By Lee Euler / April 2, 2019

Most people have never heard of deuterium – and have no clue that it’s a health demon. It’s probably not on your radar – even if you religiously try to avoid toxins and rid yourself of the ones you’ve got. And I’ve never heard a word about it from the dozens of doctors we’ve interviewed. […]


These Micronutrients Beat Cancer All by Themselves in Some Patients

By Lee Euler / April 1, 2019

A doctor, scientist, and humanitarian named Matthias Rath is not one to shy away from controversy. On March 8th, 2002 he placed a full-page ad in USA Today with the provocative headline, “Breakthrough in Cancer Research.” In it, the German-born scientist explained that a safe, effective, all-natural, scientifically-proven approach to controlling the spread of cancer […]


The Cancer-Fighting Food That’s Linked to Longer Life

By Lee Euler / March 24, 2019

Had any seaweed lately? Probably not. It’s a type of food that Americans hardly ever eat. But in many parts of Asia, like Okinawa, a number of types of seaweed are popular. And at least when it comes to Okinawa, it’s known that cancer rates are low and people live longer than almost anywhere else […]


Popular Undergarment May Contribute to Breast Cancer

By Lee Euler / March 20, 2019

The idea that bras may increase the risk of breast cancer will inspire a few snickers, no doubt. And it’s not a widespread belief – it’s pretty much the private crusade of just a few people. But I’m impressed enough with their evidence to take it seriously. Here’s the full story – you decide. . […]

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