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Ancient Mountain Herb Used by Astronauts Contains Unique Anti-Cancer Properties

By Lee Euler / March 3, 2021

People living in the Altai Mountains in Siberia so valued an herb for increasing energy and stamina that it became well-regarded across the Soviet Union in the 1940’s. Eventually, the Soviets supplied this herb to their athletes, soldiers and astronauts to boost energy and reduce physical and mental fatigue. Modern day science shows they were […]


These Grains Pack a Big Punch Against Colon Cancer

By Lee Euler / February 28, 2021

There’s one single group of foods that gives you a massive dose of some of the most important cancer-fighting nutrients, especially when it comes to preventing colon cancer. Best of all, eating foods from this specific food group is more affordable than most bottles of supplements. I’m talking about whole grains. When it comes to […]


Micronutrient Fights Cancer–When You Use it the Right Way

By Lee Euler / February 24, 2021

This micronutrient plays a key role in fighting cancer and other degenerative diseases associated with aging. That part’s actually not new. Researchers have known this much for decades, but only recently have they discovered that the micronutrient selenium has to be taken in the right way to obtain its many health benefits. Selenium is known […]


This “Meaty” Nutrient Can Disrupt Cancer

By Lee Euler / February 21, 2021

Discovered more than a hundred years ago in Russia, this nutrient is part of the dipeptide family, meaning it’s composed of two amino acids. It’s found in most types of meat and can be manufactured in the body, but that doesn’t mean getting extra amounts won’t improve your health. In fact, the latest research shows […]


The Forgotten Drug That Can
 Send Cancer Into Remission

By Lee Euler / February 14, 2021

Drugs usually get a bad rap by those who promote natural therapies. Often their poor reputation is well deserved, but it’s unfair to paint them all with the same brush. Some drugs are very useful and may be incorporated into the protocols of integrative doctors and oncologists with great success. One such drug is called […]


Indian “Spice of Life” Knocks Out Chronic Disease

By Lee Euler / February 10, 2021

In India, it’s called “Indian saffron” because of its bright yellow color. This seasoning has also been dubbed the “Spice of Life” and has a rich history of medicinal use in both Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Western science now confirms the medicinal power of turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin. With benefits […]


Opioids and Cancer: A Complicated Danger

By Lee Euler / February 7, 2021

There’s no question that Americans take too many opioids. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of news reports about our epidemic of addiction to these drugs and the dangers of overdosing. But there are other questions about opioids that don’t get as much publicity. Many of them surround the legitimate use of prescription opioids to treat […]


Contaminated Vaccine from Sixty Years Ago
 Still Causing Cancer Today

By Lee Euler / February 3, 2021

Today, many of us fear the effects of the virus COVID-19, but in the middle of the 20th century, it was polio that was one of the most feared viral diseases. As with COVID-19 today, frantic research took place to develop a vaccine against polio, with success arriving in 1955. The polio vaccine was considered […]

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