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Hi I'm Lee Euler, I’ve spent over a decade investigating every possible way a person can beat cancer. In fact, our commitment to defeating cancer has made us the world’s #1 publisher of information about Alternative Cancer Treatments -- with over 20 books and 700 newsletters on the subject. If you haven't heard about all your cancer options, or if you want to make sure you don’t miss even one answer to this terrible disease, then join our newsletter. When you do, I'll keep you informed each week about the hundreds of alternative cancer treatments that people are using to cure cancer all over the world.


Why You Need to Eat More of This Cancer-Fighting Fat

By Lee Euler / January 29, 2020

Your body comes equipped with natural defenses to fight off cancer. However, if your foods and supplements don’t supply the right raw materials to support these defenses, your immune system can’t effectively eradicate tumors that may start in one part of the body and then rapidly spread. Complicating the situation, researchers have found that we’re […]


Does Fragrance in Laundry Products Cause Cancer?

By Lee Euler / January 26, 2020

Many people like their clean laundry to smell good – but have you ever considered the health cost of those fresh “spring garden” and “island breeze” scents? Scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets contain carcinogens, which can raise cancer risk. And the risk isn’t just for those who wear the scented clothes or wash them […]


Fighting Cancer with Food

By Lee Euler / January 19, 2020

For quite a while, there’s been hope that starving cancer cells of sugar fights malignancies of all kinds. This is because many cancer cells feed on sugar. The keto diet, which limits sugary foods and lowers blood sugar, is a promising therapy for slowing down cancer. However, this strategy doesn’t always work. Let’s take a […]


Why Are Elephants So “Immune” to Cancer?

By Lee Euler / January 15, 2020

This baffling discrepancy has confounded scientists for decades: Elephants have 100 times as many cells as humans do, yet their chance of dying from cancer is far lower than ours – just five percent compared to 25 percent.1 Larger animals should have a higher risk of cancer. In theory, larger, long-lived animals should experience more […]


The Most Lovable Cancer Detector Ever

By Lee Euler / January 12, 2020

Dogs have long been called “man’s best friend.” Now, there may be a new reason to honor them with that distinction. A number of studies point to dogs’ uncanny ability to detect cancer. But how reliable is canine cancer detection? And how early can dogs detect it? Let’s take a closer look at the fascinating […]


Does ‘Safe’ Drinking Water Pose a Cancer Risk?

By Lee Euler / January 8, 2020

Dioxane, a “likely human carcinogen,” was detected in 80 water systems across New Jersey. Haloacetic acids surged in Concord, North Carolina affecting the drinking water of 35,000 people. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cancer-causing agents spiking to levels that are against the law or at least above recommended […]


Cholesterol and Cancer: Murky, Perhaps Dangerous, Connections

By Lee Euler / January 5, 2020

I have met quite a few people who brag about their low cholesterol as though the results of a blood test showing low cholesterol numbers is a sure sign of good health. Truth is, researchers are still investigating how the body uses various types of cholesterol that the liver makes and releases into the blood. […]


Secrets to a Cancer-Free Life Hidden in Plants

By Lee Euler / January 1, 2020

The message has been drummed into us since 2003, when the World Health Organization launched its “Five-a-Day” campaign to encourage everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables. This was rebranded in the U.S. as “Fruits & Veggies – More Matters” in 2007. But the question is, does eating more fruit and vegetables really keep you […]


First-of-its-kind Liver Cancer Cure Offers New Hope to Terminal Patients

By Lee Euler / December 29, 2019

Imagine getting diagnosed with liver cancer and needing an organ transplant to save your life… yet the only transplanted organ available tests positive for a potentially crippling disease that could lead you right back to a diagnosis of liver cancer! Would you do it? One desperate Colorado woman took the chance. The medical breakthrough that […]

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