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“Wave” Therapy Successfully Stops Late Stage Cancers

By Lee Euler / February 12, 2020

Conventional cancer treatments focus on removing or killing cancer cells at individual “cancer sites.” Trouble is, cancer is a systemic or “whole body” disease. It involves your digestion and nutrient absorption, your hormone balance (or imbalance), and of course, your immune system in addition to many other important biological processes. That’s why I’ve seen cancer […]


Olive Oil: The New Enemy of Cancer

By Lee Euler / February 9, 2020

If you’re concerned about your cancer risk, chemical warfare may be your best insurance policy. Of course, I’m talking about natural chemical warfare. Natural chemicals, sometimes called phytochemicals, are health-boosting compounds found naturally in certain foods. Chief among them is a phytochemical found in olive oil with remarkable antioxidant and anti-cancer effects. Researchers around the […]


The Forgotten Omega-3 Titan of Cancer-Fighting Nutrition

By Lee Euler / February 5, 2020

The fact that omega-3’s are good for your body is well-known. And when you think of omega-3’s, like most people, you probably think of fish or fish oil. But there’s another source of omega-3’s to consider. This one’s cheaper and easier to obtain. What’s more, this source of omega-3 floods your body with a number […]


“Tiny Trees” that Take Out Tumors

By Lee Euler / February 2, 2020

You can find some of the most powerful cancer-fighting compounds around in fresh vegetables. And one vegetable in particular contains a potent compound that triggers your body’s natural tumor defense system. Now, brand-new research from Harvard University reveals how this amazing compound in broccoli can help you prevent or even treat cancer. Broccoli is one […]


Why You Need to Eat More of This Cancer-Fighting Fat

By Lee Euler / January 29, 2020

Your body comes equipped with natural defenses to fight off cancer. However, if your foods and supplements don’t supply the right raw materials to support these defenses, your immune system can’t effectively eradicate tumors that may start in one part of the body and then rapidly spread. Complicating the situation, researchers have found that we’re […]


Does Fragrance in Laundry Products Cause Cancer?

By Lee Euler / January 26, 2020

Many people like their clean laundry to smell good – but have you ever considered the health cost of those fresh “spring garden” and “island breeze” scents? Scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets contain carcinogens, which can raise cancer risk. And the risk isn’t just for those who wear the scented clothes or wash them […]


Fighting Cancer with Food

By Lee Euler / January 19, 2020

For quite a while, there’s been hope that starving cancer cells of sugar fights malignancies of all kinds. This is because many cancer cells feed on sugar. The keto diet, which limits sugary foods and lowers blood sugar, is a promising therapy for slowing down cancer. However, this strategy doesn’t always work. Let’s take a […]


Why Are Elephants So “Immune” to Cancer?

By Lee Euler / January 15, 2020

This baffling discrepancy has confounded scientists for decades: Elephants have 100 times as many cells as humans do, yet their chance of dying from cancer is far lower than ours – just five percent compared to 25 percent.1 Larger animals should have a higher risk of cancer. In theory, larger, long-lived animals should experience more […]


The Most Lovable Cancer Detector Ever

By Lee Euler / January 12, 2020

Dogs have long been called “man’s best friend.” Now, there may be a new reason to honor them with that distinction. A number of studies point to dogs’ uncanny ability to detect cancer. But how reliable is canine cancer detection? And how early can dogs detect it? Let’s take a closer look at the fascinating […]

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