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Hi I'm Lee Euler, I’ve spent over a decade investigating every possible way a person can beat cancer. In fact, our commitment to defeating cancer has made us the world’s #1 publisher of information about Alternative Cancer Treatments -- with over 20 books and 700 newsletters on the subject. If you haven't heard about all your cancer options, or if you want to make sure you don’t miss even one answer to this terrible disease, then join our newsletter. When you do, I'll keep you informed each week about the hundreds of alternative cancer treatments that people are using to cure cancer all over the world.


Does ‘Safe’ Drinking Water Pose a Cancer Risk?

By Lee Euler / January 8, 2020

Dioxane, a “likely human carcinogen,” was detected in 80 water systems across New Jersey. Haloacetic acids surged in Concord, North Carolina affecting the drinking water of 35,000 people. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cancer-causing agents spiking to levels that are against the law or at least above recommended […]


Cholesterol and Cancer: Murky, Perhaps Dangerous, Connections

By Lee Euler / January 5, 2020

I have met quite a few people who brag about their low cholesterol as though the results of a blood test showing low cholesterol numbers is a sure sign of good health. Truth is, researchers are still investigating how the body uses various types of cholesterol that the liver makes and releases into the blood. […]


Secrets to a Cancer-Free Life Hidden in Plants

By Lee Euler / January 1, 2020

The message has been drummed into us since 2003, when the World Health Organization launched its “Five-a-Day” campaign to encourage everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables. This was rebranded in the U.S. as “Fruits & Veggies – More Matters” in 2007. But the question is, does eating more fruit and vegetables really keep you […]


First-of-its-kind Liver Cancer Cure Offers New Hope to Terminal Patients

By Lee Euler / December 29, 2019

Imagine getting diagnosed with liver cancer and needing an organ transplant to save your life… yet the only transplanted organ available tests positive for a potentially crippling disease that could lead you right back to a diagnosis of liver cancer! Would you do it? One desperate Colorado woman took the chance. The medical breakthrough that […]


An “Incurable” Cancer Cured… And You’ll Never Guess How

By Lee Euler / December 25, 2019

“I have witnessed an extraordinary patient who achieved a clinical response through non-conventional treatment approaches.” ~ Lee M. Nadler, MD, Harvard Medical School He defied the odds and stunned his doctors. They’d been telling him for two decades that this couldn’t happen. Skeptics might think his story is too good to be true. Even his […]


Rare Australian Tree Hides a Powerful Tumor Destroyer

By Lee Euler / December 22, 2019

In the far northeastern tip of Queensland, Australia, lies an area of rainforest called the Atherton Tablelands. Among the many geological wonders, spectacular waterfalls, and rich variety of wildlife, you can find a tree called blushwood that’s so picky it chooses to grow nowhere else on the planet except this particular spot. This unique tree […]


Meat: Is it bad for your health or not?

By Lee Euler / December 18, 2019

One of the biggest health questions in current culture is whether to eat meat, especially with increasing worldwide calls to eat less meat to reduce stress on the environment. Raising livestock takes much more acreage than farmers need to get the same amount of food from plants, although how much more is a very complicated […]


Bodybuilder Supplement Packs a Big Punch Against Cancer

By Lee Euler / December 15, 2019

Sometimes medical researchers find a natural cancer treatment in an unexpected place. Think about this: Research into a nutrient touted by bodybuilders and other athletes for pumping up muscles has been proven to pump up the ability of immune cells to take on cancer cells. On top of that, other studies show that this nutrient […]


Hypnosis Remedy is Fun, Easy, and Curbs the Most Vicious Cancer Symptoms

By Lee Euler / December 11, 2019

When most people hear the word hypnotist, they immediately think of a sketchy stage performer swinging a pocket watch back and forth while chanting, “You are getting very sleepy…” The reality of hypnosis is nothing like that stereotype. Hypnosis is nothing more than a harmless, altered state of mind. You’ve likely experienced this altered state […]


What’s the Best Cancer Fighting Food?

By Lee Euler / December 8, 2019

(And How You Can Still Reap Its Rewards, Even If You Hate It) In 1990, George H. W. Bush – W’s dad – famously declared that he didn’t like broccoli and as President of the United States he was not going to eat it. He was missing something. Two years later, researchers discovered a beneficial […]

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