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Hi I'm Lee Euler, I’ve spent over a decade investigating every possible way a person can beat cancer. In fact, our commitment to defeating cancer has made us the world’s #1 publisher of information about Alternative Cancer Treatments -- with over 20 books and 700 newsletters on the subject. If you haven't heard about all your cancer options, or if you want to make sure you don’t miss even one answer to this terrible disease, then join our newsletter. When you do, I'll keep you informed each week about the hundreds of alternative cancer treatments that people are using to cure cancer all over the world.


How Tiny Exploding Bubbles Can Obliterate Tumors in Under Seven Minutes

By Lee Euler / May 25, 2022

Imagine a future where surgery, including cancer surgery, involves no scalpels or incisions of any kind. The only thing to enter the body is energy, which eradicates unwanted and harmful tissue in minutes instead of hours. There’s little need for heavy sedation, recovery time is short, there’s no scar or mark left on the skin, […]


A Cancer-Fighting Diet Should Rebuild Your Gut

By Lee Euler / May 22, 2022

Here’s yet another reason to really pay attention to nourishing your body while you fight cancer or try to prevent it: As much as 70 percent of your immune system is in and around your gastrointestinal tract. If you take care of your gut, your immune function will grow stronger. And that will help you […]


Do You Need Genetic Testing for Cancer?

By Lee Euler / May 18, 2022

Even if you or your loved ones are “good” candidates for using genetic tests to uncover your risks for certain cancers, doing these tests can be life-altering. So, before you pursue them, consider the pros and cons. Keep reading to learn more to help you decide if genetic testing is right for you. Genes are […]


The Cancer-Causing Monster In Your Bed

By Lee Euler / May 15, 2022

If you’ve been wondering why you can’t sleep well or feel bad in the morning for no reason, the trouble might not be with your sleep. It might be what you’re sleeping on. The advertising for most mattresses makes you think of comfortable sleep, softness, and relaxation. But a cocktail of chemicals lurks deep within […]


Using Heat to Kill Cancer

By Lee Euler / May 11, 2022

There’s no shortage of films, particularly in the science fiction and horror genres, that use massive blasts of fire, bombs, and other burning weapons to eradicate whatever problem they’re battling (aliens and monsters come to mind). So, it’s not a huge leap to understand why humans applied that same logic to physical plagues like cancer. […]


What’s The Easiest Way to Reduce Your Cancer Risk?

By Lee Euler / May 8, 2022

Skimping on sleep has become the American norm. And Americans are paying a terrible price through mounting troubles, including a greater danger of cancer. By some estimates, sleep deprivation is the #1 health problem in America. Eating yourself to death — that I can understand. Prime rib and Black Forest cake might be worth dying […]


Pioneering Florida Physician’s Novel Cancer Therapies Target the Reasons Conventional Methods Fail

By Lee Euler / May 4, 2022

Mark A. Rosenberg M.D. says he’s “generally disliked by local oncologists.” For one reason, he’s not a conventional board-certified oncologist. For another, he’s not interested in the mainstream standard of cancer care. Even still, some conventional oncologists will refer patients to his treatment center, the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute – patients who […]


Spiders Can Make a Big Contribution to Fighting Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 27, 2022

A lot of people don’t like spiders. The little critters often inspire irrational fear and loathing even though most spiders won’t and can’t hurt humans. However, for the researchers studying ways to defend against cancer, these arachnids inspire sincere admiration. Because spiders’ production of natural chemicals has opened the door to develop innovative ways to […]


Knock Out Stress Before It Causes Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 24, 2022

Stress is often called the #1 killer. It’s hard to say for sure, because the damage stress does is indirect – death is just a side effect. But there’s no question that stress can cause or exacerbate illnesses such as cancer. The best alternative cancer clinics make it a top priority to reduce a patient’s […]

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