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Breakthrough New Cancer Treatment Announced at Cancer Control Society Meeting

By Lee Euler / October 29, 2014

This is the second of two reports about the 2014 Cancer Control Society Convention and Doctors’ Symposium, held over Labor Day weekend at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City, California

by Andrew Scholberg

At the Doctors’ Symposium, one of the world’s best cancer doctors, Tony Jimenez, M.D., stood up and declared, “Rigvir introduces a new era in cancer therapy. Rigvir is better than anything I’ve seen in 25 years!”

What is Rigvir? It’s actually a virus — not a man-made virus but a virus made by God. This particular virus is found in the gut of children. Rigvir therapy seeks and destroys cancer cells, causing them to self-destruct.

Can this therapy help you or someone you love? Let’s take a look. ..

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Can This “Health Food”

Shrink Your Manhood?

Dear Reader,

It really gets my goat that they’re getting you to eat this stuff.

Like that grilled chicken sandwich that they’ve been telling you is so good for you…

Eat enough of them and they’ll turn you into a plump, moody, weepy female.

And the veggie burgers? Don’t get me going. They’re even worse.

No joke.

These fake health foods can take away everything that makes life great for a man.

But there’s an easy way to get up every morning and feel charged, optimistic and confident again. Ambitious and full of energy.

My patients who have experienced this are some of my happiest, and are on top of their game again.

Let me show you what I mean…

The name Rigvir is short for Riga virus, after the city in Latvia from which the viral therapy comes. Dr. Jimenez has made four trips to Latvia, and his Hope 4 Cancer Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, is the only clinic in the Western hemisphere to offer this cutting-edge therapy. Rigvir is frozen in Latvia and shipped with dry ice to his clinic.

How does Rigvir work? If the immune system may be compared to an army, the lymphocytes are the generals of the immune system. Rigvir activates the lymphocytes to attack cancer cells.

Most people assume that viruses are harmful, but some are actually good, while others are bad, just as some bacteria are beneficial and some are not. Dr. Jimenez has found Rigvir to be a powerful cancer killer and health booster that has no bad side effects. He continues to be amazed at the results his cancer patients experience on Rigvir.

In fact, Dr. Jimenez feels so strongly about Rigvir’s health benefits that he has injected himself with it for preventive purposes and plans to keep doing so once a year. (He has never had cancer.) To keep his health in peak condition he also regularly takes far infrared sauna therapy, which Cancer Defeated frequently recommends.

Dr. Jimenez’s clinic is famous for offering another hard-to-find anti-cancer treatment called Sono-Photo Dynamic therapy, which uses a device that emits sound frequencies plus light waves. In addition, his clinic offers hyperthermia, which gives his patients a temporary artificial fever of 103 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit to weaken and kill cancer cells. Dr. Jimenez commented that hyperthermia and other therapies give a synergistic benefit to the patient. Again, Cancer Defeated has long recommended hyperthermia as a first-line cancer treatment.

The hidden cause of some cancers

Cancer is sometimes more than just a disease of the body. Often, an emotional trauma is at the root of cancer. For example, Dr. Jimenez presented the case of a breast cancer patient he treated for three years.

The patient eventually told him that, as a young girl, she’d been sexually abused by her father, uncle, and grandfather. When Dr. Jimenez helped her let go of the emotional trauma, “the tumor began to regress like you wouldn’t believe!”

In December of 2012 a Los Angeles-area woman came to Dr. Jimenez’s clinic for bile duct cancer. It’s rare and deadly. She had said no to the doctors in Los Angeles who told her, “You have to do chemo and radiation!” They’d given her six months to live.

She went to Mexico, looked at three different cancer clinics, and chose Hope 4 Cancer because Dr. Jimenez’s clinic offered all the therapies she wanted: hyperthermia, laetrile, vitamin C by IV, Photo-Sono Dynamic therapy, and other immune-boosting and detoxification therapies.

This cure astounded a conventional doctor

When this lady returned to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles for an MRI, the doctor sent her back for retesting three times because he couldn’t believe she was cancer free. She continues to follow Dr. Jimenez’s recommendations at home to prevent cancer from coming back.

For more information about Dr. Jimenez’s clinic (and many other excellent Mexican cancer clinics), I suggest you consult the book I wrote with Frank Cousineau, The Amish Cancer Secret.

Another speaker at the Cancer Control Society, Archie Scott, is the author of The DMSO Book for Doctors. He gave an update about DMSO, a remarkable substance that is producing breakthrough results not only for cancer but also for other maladies.

For example, Scott told the story of a lady who was given no chance of surviving her ovarian cancer, which had metastasized. Her pain was so severe that even morphine brought her no relief.

Incredibly, her doctors discussed cutting her spinal cord to eliminate the pain — a drastic step that was never taken — because she got complete relief from a combination of DMSO and laetrile. After two months she went back to work. She made a full recovery!

One of the most remarkable uses of DMSO is to heal sports injuries such as brain damage from concussions in football. Scott worked with a former pro football player, a veteran of 14 years in the National Football League. The former player wasn’t aware of having suffered concussions, but he’d experienced thousands of minor brain traumas during practice and in games. As a result, he had some obvious brain problems. After two years of injections with DMSO and other products, now he has no symptoms whatsoever!

The doctor’s Alzheimer’s was reversed

“How about Alzheimer’s?” asked Scott. He said an Orange County psychiatrist with early stage Alzheimer’s was treated with injections of DMSO, vitamin B12, and a couple of other therapies. She noticed positive results almost immediately, and within months her symptoms of dementia were gone.

Regarding strokes, Scott said that stroke victims should receive DMSO treatment immediately because it reduces swelling and carries oxygen to the brain.

Nick Delgado, Ph.D., addressed the Doctors’ Symposium about “Physical Fitness in Cancer Control.” One reason he’s so passionate about helping people prevent cancer or control it is because his father’s life was ruined by prostate cancer treatment. His father had been active and healthy until a doctor talked him into having his prostate removed. He was in his 70s at the time. From the time of that operation until the end of his life, he had to wear diapers.

Dr. Delgado is the picture of health and vitality and obviously takes physical fitness and exercise seriously. He said, “There’s a vast need to oxygenate the body.” The ordinary way to oxygenate the body is through exercise – and cancer patients shouldn’t consider it optional. Exercise is essential.

“Don’t underestimate the power of exercise and fitness,” he said. He exudes a vitality that makes it clear he practices what he preaches.

Paradoxically, Dr. Delgado pointed out that Asians “smoke like crazy but have a fairly low incidence of lung cancer.” He believes the reason is that they have low cholesterol. High cholesterol, he said, correlates with lung cancer, and low cholesterol correlates with cancer-free lungs. He pointed out that it’s smart to quit smoking and embrace a whole food diet.

To avoid cancer, Dr. Delgado recommends a vegan eating plan that includes purple sweet potatoes to ensure adequate calories. Purple sweet potatoes “are fantastic,” he said. He approves of eating fish once in a while.

Cancer patients need the “juice” for living

Dr. William Eidelman, M.D., spoke on “My Case Histories Using Alternative Therapies.” One thing that’s crystal clear to Dr. Eidelman is that the patient isn’t just a sick body. If that were the case, the patient would be like a car that runs rough and backfires, and the physician would be like a car mechanic. Not so!

As Dr. Eidelman explained, he asks his cancer patients, “What in your life did you really want to do that you never did?”

His patients who start to do what they’ve always wanted to do initiate the healing process for their cancer. “Biochemistry can only go so far; if the patient’s emotional state is still blocked, the patient won’t do well. Releasing the blockage or finding the thing that really turns them on, which gives them the ‘juice’ for living, starts the healing process,” he said.

It has been proven that cancer patients who seek counseling have a better survival rate than those who don’t. In his practice Dr. Eidelman applies the discoveries of the late Dr. O. Carl Simonton, M.D., who pioneered counseling techniques and mind-body medicine in cancer treatment. Every cancer doctor should pay attention to this aspect of cancer treatment.

How to shrink an ugly, smelly tumor fast

Dr. Cyrus Rafie, Ph.D., from the Center for Thermal Oncology in Santa Monica, California, spoke on “Hyperthermia: A Clinically Proven Non-Toxic Treatment for Cancer.”

Dr. Rafie impressed the audience at the Doctors’ Symposium by presenting the case of an 80-year-old male with melanoma. The patient underwent surgery in 2012 as well as some drug therapy, but the tumor in his right eye stubbornly refused to stop growing. The tumor became huge, ugly beyond belief, and smelly, and it was also bleeding. Dr. Rafie showed a slide of this patient’s tumor. It was shocking.

The patient’s tumor was treated with hyperthermia plus some radiation, and by the time of the follow-up visit the tumor was gone. Hyperthermia is difficult to find in America. The FDA has approved hyperthermia as long as it’s used with chemo or radiation. The FDA hasn’t approved hypthermia as a stand-alone cancer treatment. Dr. Rafie said that only a low dose of radiation is needed because hyperthermia increases the effectiveness of radiation.

When will the mammogram insanity stop?

Ben Johnson, M.D., spoke on the merits of thermography versus mammograms. He asserted that thermography is the most underused imaging technique today. Unlike mammograms, it doesn’t jam, squeeze, or traumatize the breast.

Ironically, this kind of trauma – inflicted by mammograms — can actually cause breast cancer. In addition to the blunt-force trauma, a mammogram gives a woman 1,000 times the radiation dose of a single chest X-ray, said Dr. Johnson.

The prestigious British medical journal The Lancet reported that mammograms cause a four percent increase in mortality. Women who seek to avoid breast cancer should just say no to mammograms.

Thermograms don’t show cancer as such, but they do show inflammation (hot spots). Cancer produces a heat signature that enables a trained thermographer to see cancer coming, sometimes well before a tumor develops, and also, when the treatment is successful, to watch it going.

Why do so many doctors push hard for mammograms and ignore thermography? Dr. Johnson pointed out that hospitals pay about $500,000 for a mammography machine, and it’s necessary to sell a lot of mammograms to meet the monthly payments!

Besides mammograms, Dr. Johnson recommended ultrasound, another gentle, non-toxic diagnostic tool. His websites are and

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