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Can a simple “movement therapy” cure cancer?

By Lee Euler / May 7, 2017

by Andrew Scholberg

(This is the first of two articles about the 2017 Annie Appleseed cancer conference in West Palm Beach, Florida)

Dr. George Love, D.O.M. (doctor of oriental medicine), is a perennial speaker at the annual Annie Appleseed cancer conferences in West Palm Beach. That’s because of his extraordinary success in treating patients who have tough, stubborn, deadly cancers.

Here’s an example: One day a patient came to Dr. Love with breast cancer that was so bad it was an open wound. A black tumor protruded from her chest and even smelled bad. My heart goes out to late-stage cancer patients in this predicament – and there are thousands of them.

This patient was one of the lucky ones. Keep reading. . .

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Dr. Love prescribed some qigong exercises, and the woman did the exercises faithfully. After three weeks her wound started to close up. After six weeks her wound was completely closed. After 12 weeks her tumor was gone.

It’s a mind-blowing story.

She achieved these amazing results with qigong only. She took no herbs. Nor did she receive any acupuncture treatment, although Dr. Love began his career as a licensed acupuncturist.

Wikipedia describes qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) as “a system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation.” When you watch people doing qigong, it looks like a sort of combination of dancing and stretching.

Dr. Love said, “I don’t feel comfortable promoting this. I just quietly work through word-of-mouth. I’ve been doing this for 35 years.” He told the audience the unusual story of how he became a qigong master.

Early in his practice when he was an acupuncturist in Queens, New York, he read an extraordinary article about a person who recovered from terminal cancer. A lady named Guo Lin came down with a deadly form of uterine cancer that spread to her whole body. In other words, it was late-stage and essentially “hopeless.”

She went to her local hospital in China for treatment, but the Chinese doctors gave her no hope.

“You have three months to live”

The doctors told her that she had less than three months to live and she should get her affairs in order. Because they had no treatment for her, they sent her home to die.

One day while she was cleaning her house she came across some papers her grandfather had written. These papers described certain qigong exercises. With nothing to lose, the lady started doing her grandfather’s exercises. The exercises made her feel better, which encouraged her to do the exercises all the more. She did the exercises faithfully for three months.

By that time, she was supposed to be dead, according to her doctors’ prediction. But she felt good. So she went back to the hospital and told her doctors, “You told me I’d be dead in three months, but I’m still alive. What’s going on?”

The doctors examined her and were astonished that her cancer was gone. They asked her, “What have you been doing?” She told them about her grandfather’s qigong exercises. They said, “Show us!”

This lady converted the hospital to a qigong hospital. It’s one of 10 qigong hospitals in China. When Chinese people get sick, they can often choose between a conventional hospital where doctors will prescribe drugs, or a qigong hospital where doctors will prescribe qigong exercises.

When Dr. Love read the story about her case, he wanted to learn about qigong. So he attended a qigong master’s lecture. He expressed such keen interest in qigong that the master invited him to become his apprentice. Dr. Love accepted this invitation, which meant shutting down his acupuncture practice in Queens and moving to New York’s Chinatown.

While the apprenticeship was in progress, he witnessed his master getting rid of his patients’ cancers again and again: liver cancer, bone cancer, and other cancers.

Within about four years of working as an apprentice, Dr. Love mastered the healing techniques of qigong. Then he moved to Florida to practice Chinese medicine there.

There came a day when Dr. Love got a phone call from his qigong master, who said, “I’m going to die in 90 days, and I want to transmit my 300-year-old family qigong lineage to you.” Dr. Love accepted this honor and is now the official lineage holder of Blue Dragon qigong.

Poor circulation helps cancer

The primary causes of cancer, Dr. Love told the Annie Appleseed audience, are blood stagnation (poor circulation) and qi stagnation. Qi is energy that should freely flow throughout the body along the acupuncture meridians. The blockage of this energy can cause problems.

Naturally, Western medicine doesn’t accept the existence of qi, which is a sort of essential life energy. Treatment of a patient’s qi also figures in acupuncture.

If cancer is caused by qi stagnation and blood stagnation, it’s necessary to get the qi and blood moving. Qigong moves both. An essential part of qigong is deep, slow breathing, which brings oxygen to the body. Cancer cells hate oxygen.

Because Dr. Love’s talk was limited to 45 minutes, he was only able to demonstrate a few of the exercises that are effective for certain kinds of cancer. For lung cancer, he recommends the exercise he calls “pick up the bucket, throw out the water,” which repeats a picking up and throwing out motion.

He says it’s like bailing water out of a swamped boat: “your life is the boat, and the water is the ‘drama’ in your life.” This exercise helps a patient get rid of the stress — the “drama” — that promotes the cancer.

Check out this video demonstration for yourself

Dr. Love demonstrates the “pick up the bucket, throw out the water” exercise in his award-winning five-minute music video on YouTube called “Dr. Love Raps: This Is Why I Do Qigong.”

In this stunning video, Dr. Love does a qigong dance that incorporates various exercises. As he tells it, he created the dance because it’s fun and because there’s also a science behind the healing aspects of the dance.

For breast cancer, Dr. Love recommends the exercise he calls “push the man, protect the baby,” also known as his exercise #5. It’s difficult to describe this exercise, but he demonstrates it in his DVD “Meridian Qigong: 14 exercises that stimulate the meridians,” which is available for about $20 on Amazon.

Although qigong can cure cancer, it’s not a quick fix. Dr. Love said cancer patients who choose qigong should do the exercises faithfully and consistently for at least a year. He compared it to throwing a stone into a river and discovering after a year that the stone has become smooth. Dr. Love said, “Which is harder: the stone or the water? The water! But it takes time for the water to wear down the rough edges of a stone.”

In a similar way, the right qigong exercises can gradually wear the tumor down to nothing. I always caution readers against relying on just one alternative therapy, so I would combine qigong with nutrition, exercise, selected supplements – and probably doctor-administered treatments such as ozone therapy, and vitamin C or laetrile given intravenously.

Doing this exercise five minutes a day
could prevent cancer!

For general health, perhaps the most beneficial qigong exercise is Dr. Love’s “swing arms” exercise. According to him, “This one exercise, which takes 90 seconds to do, takes the stress out of the shoulders, increases blood flow to the brain, increases cerebral spinal fluid to the brain, flushes the lymphatic system, and pumps blood from the legs back up to the heart. WOW! This looks so easy. We swing our arms 88 times, which takes a minute and a half, and we do this three times a day. It’s great for stress relief, and it’s also a cancer prevention exercise.”

Dr. Love gives step-by-step instructions on how to do the “swing arms” exercise correctly on a five-minute video on YouTube called “Swing Arms Qigong Blue Dragon.”

Dr. Love impressed the entire audience with his talk, and he also impressed the Annie Appleseed Conference’s keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Schachter, M.D., of New York.

Dr. Schachter, one of America’s most outstanding cancer doctors, called Dr. Love’s talk “fabulous” and said, “That’s what I came here to learn!”

In our next issue, we’ll report on Dr. Schachter’s talk at Annie Appleseed – and other highlights of this valuable yearly meeting.

Meanwhile, our last issue talked about another “unlikely” cancer therapy – music. If you missed it, we’re running it again just below.

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Lee Euler,

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