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Can a water purifier cure cancer?

By Lee Euler / June 30, 2010

Jim Humble was hoping to strike pay dirt on a gold mining expedition. A friend offered Humble, a retired miner, a generous share of profits from his South American gold mine in return for some help.

Early in their trek, several members of the team came down with malaria. The men lay in their hammocks shivering from chills and running high fevers.

They also had other malaria symptoms including headaches… aching muscles and joints… nausea… diarrhea… and vomiting.

Unfortunately, the closest village with malaria medications was at least two days away through rugged jungle!

Humble thought about the stabilized oxygen he’d brought to purify his drinking water. He decided to give some to the sick workers.

To everyone’s amazement, within an hour the shivering stopped. And within four hours, the men were talking and laughing at the dinner table!

Because he wanted to understand what caused the amazing turnaround, Humble spent a few years studying how stabilized oxygen affects the malaria parasite.

What he found out has saved the lives of thousands.

Humble discovered that it wasn’t the stabilized oxygen that clobbered malaria. It was the trace amounts of chlorine dioxide and its chlorite ion that did the trick!

By using higher concentrations of sodium chlorite with an activator, Humble has helped more than 75,000 folks in Africa cure malaria, hepatitis, AIDS, and even cancer.

Humble called his product Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) initially. But persecution from — who else? — the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prompted him to change the product name to Miracle Mineral Solution.

It’s certain that safety concerns were not an issue, considering:

1) Chlorine dioxide has been approved as a water purifier for nearly 70 years.1

2) Medical professionals have used chlorine dioxide as an antiseptic and pathogen killer for more than 100 years.

3) Chlorine dioxide and chlorite were used to decontaminate public buildings following the 2001 release of anthrax spores in the United States2.

You see, the FDA cops objected to selling his product as a health “supplement” because it hadn’t gone through their rigorous approval process.

Not to mention that it has the potential to put some of the FDA’s dearest friends—the cancer drug manufacturers—out of business!

Despite government meddling, MMS, now sold only as a water purifier, has proven to be nothing short of miraculous for many folks with cancerous growths! Here’s how it works…

ClO2 = The Formula for a New Cancer Killer!

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound made of one chlorine ion bound to two ions of oxygen.

MMS is a solution of 28% sodium chlorite ion in distilled water. The solution changes to chlorine dioxide when you add an “activator” of lemon juice, vinegar or citric acid. Because only certain substances work as activators, it’s very important to follow Humble’s protocol when using MMS.

When chlorine dioxide contacts harmful pathogens, it snatches their electrons. This causes a sort of microscopic explosion—which won’t harm YOU, but destroys pathogens.

This means harmful bacteria, viruses and other parasites die when they meet up with chlorine dioxide ions.

My friend Ty Bollinger, author of Cancer: Step Outside the Box, puts it this way: “Once chlorine dioxide [“activated” sodium chlorite] is introduced into the bloodstream, it performs a highly energetic acceptance of four electrons when it comes across any cell that is acidic (a pH below 7.35). This means that diseased cells are essentially vaporized while healthy cells are unaffected.”

This spells trouble for cancer cells, which are known to thrive in acidic conditions.

MMS Provides REAL Healing for Real People

In his book The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century, Jim Humble relates the experience of one pancreatic cancer patient whose cancer had returned following surgery.

The patient decided to take MMS in the 60 days leading to his next exploratory surgery at the Mayo Clinic. The results?

Humble said, “Within 2 weeks his cancer readings began to decline. The high reading was 82… At the next visit to the hospital the reading was 71.

“A month later the reading was 55. Two months later it was 29, and so on until the reading was less than 5.

“The doctors at the hospital didn’t know what had happened, but as soon as the readings began to go down, they canceled the appointment at the Mayo Clinic. . .When the reading reached 3, they said there was no point in further testing.”

This man’s story is no isolated incident. Consider these experiences from others who have used MMS to treat tumors, cancers, and other health conditions:

1) “I have been taking MMS now for over a year… I have never felt better and I had an ovarian cyst, [which] has been a problem all my life, disappear after being told there was no cure for it!”
— Lynn3

2) “I was told 4 weeks ago my mother had months to live with stage 4 uterine cancer… Four doctors told me that my Mom was a goner and it was just a matter of time. After taking MMS1 and MMS2 for almost a month… the cancer is almost gone from my mom’s body! The doctors and surgeons said it was a miracle and did not know how to respond. They were amazed!”

3) “One of my family friends has bone marrow cancer and before Thanksgiving he was told he would not see Christmas. He started MMS [around] Thanksgiving and he has gained his strength back to go out and do things with his sons. He has told me his blood work is improving rapidly—he isn’t telling the doctors what he is taking but he is not gray anymore!”

This is just a sample of the thousands of folks with positive stories of health improvement—thanks to MMS. But the treatment can cause a few side effects. From what I’ve been able to learn, MMS can be difficult to use and to tolerate. A significant number of patients complain of nausea — even vomiting — and stop taking the drops for that reason. Others find it hard to follow the precise directions, which require taking the MMS drops as often as six times a day.

Most of the evidence I’ve seen is anecdotal (like the testimonials quoted above). MMS is by no means a simple miracle that will work for every cancer patient, but I’m inclined to believe the reports that many people find pain relief, improved energy and even complete remission from cancer as well as other diseases — provided they’re able to stick with it. From what I gather, a lot of people can’t.

I’m going to hazard a guess that MMS is perhaps more effective with diseases that are known to be infectious (such as malaria) than with cancer. The infection theory of cancer is controversial. I’ve become a lot more interested in it as I learn more, but I’m withholding judgment.

Quite a few alternative cancer doctors swear by the microbe and/or parasite theories and they’ve had success treating patients. But they usually use multiple cancer therapies at once and their success may or may not be due to killing off the critters. It’s just not clear to me yet how all the pieces fit together — do parasites cause cancer or are they just frequently found side by side with it? The anti-infection and anti-parasite protocols work for some patients and not for others.

My good friend Bill Henderson, author of the book Cancer-Free, tells me, “I have high confidence in MMS for killing pathogens, including cancer cells. The only real problem is that this is not how you get over cancer. You get over it by revising the physiology of your entire body to make it hostile enough to cancer cells again that it will keep them under control as a healthy body normally does. So just like lots of other things that are effective at killing cancer cells, I usually don’t recommend MMS except as a ‘last resort’.”

I agree. There are other treatments I’d try first, including the Budwig protocol that’s Bill’s first-line recommendation.

You can read more about MMS—and even purchase some if you choose—at Jim Humble’s website:

Humble’s discovery is certainly fascinating and deserves more study than it will ever get from our boneheaded medical establishment. You may be one of the people who find that this water purifier can provide the healing waters of life you need!

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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