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Cancer now comes in a can

By Lee Euler / April 17, 2011

Cut canned food from your diet, report says

You can quickly reduce your risk of cancer by eliminating canned foods from your diet, according to a new report released by the nonprofit Breast Cancer Fund and the Silent Spring Institute. Metal food cans are lined with a substance linked not only to cancer but also to infertility, obesity, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and even early puberty in girls.

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This may be the world’s best cancer cure

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The offending chemical is called bisphenol A or BPA, and 93 percent of us have detectable levels in our bodies. Since the 1950s, BPA has been widely used in the production of plastics and resins. It’s found in a whole range of plastic products from eyeglasses to computers. But most of the concern is focused on the use of BPA in food containers. It’s found not only in metal cans but also in many plastic drinking containers including “sports bottles” and some baby bottles.

BPA mimics the female hormone estrogen. In fact, it was first developed in 1891 as a man-made estrogen. BPA messes with the natural balance in our hormones, and thereby puts us at greater risk of breast and prostate cancers. There’s also evidence it helps make us fat and increases our risk of diabetes.

Cancer Defeated published an article about this exactly a year ago (Issue #17), but this study does break new ground. There’s some good news: You can reduce your body’s levels of BPA fast by avoiding foods packaged in metal or plastic.

The study tracked five families while they ate their normal diet, then while they ate a healthy diet, and again when they returned to their normal diet. Each family had four members — two parents and two children under 11. Urine samples were collected from each family member throughout the study.

Each of these families was in the habit of eating meals prepared outside the home, including canned food, canned sodas, frozen dinners, and microwavable foods packaged in plastic.

After monitoring BPA levels during this “normal” diet, the researchers arranged for a caterer to bring fresh organic meals and snacks to the homes of these families for three days.

The results were dramatic. The amount of BPA excreted in the urine went down by way more than half — it was down an average of 60%, to be exact. And this took just three days of switching to a healthy diet. In some individuals, BPA levels went down 75%.

“One of the main sources of BPA is believed to be food packaging, but there weren’t any studies that had actually looked at having people eat a normal diet and then stop eating foods that had been wrapped in BPA-containing products,” said Janet Gray, Ph.D., director of the Program in Science, Technology and Society at Vassar College and a science advisor to the Breast Cancer Fund.

I think it’s remarkable that BPA levels went down so fast. It goes to show it DOES pay to change your habits. You can get results. And avoiding food packaged in cans or plastic seems like a fairly easy change to make.

How will you benefit from making this simple change? 465 studies conducted between 1993 and 2006 show BPA is linked to cancer. BPA can alter the behavior of more than 200 genes that control the growth and repair of your organs and tissue. It causes changes in breast and prostate cells, leads to errors in cell reproduction, spurs the formation of fat cells — and much, much more. You can check out the footnotes in Issue #17 (

Meanwhile, there’s another amazingly easy step you can take to avoid cancer. If you missed it on Wednesday, scroll down and read it now.

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