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The Mother Goose home-style cancer treatment

By Lee Euler / March 31, 2010

If she survived the spider, Little Miss Muffett’s good eating habits may have given her a lifetime of protection against cancer and a host of other diseases. The “curds and whey” she was eating in the Mother Goose rhyme are cottage cheese. Curds are the solid pieces and whey is the liquid. It turns out […]


Massage cancer out of your body

By Lee Euler / March 24, 2010

Anybody who has had a good massage can tell you it feels great, but could a massage actually be used as part of a treatment arsenal against a potent enemy like cancer? It’s almost hard to picture if your idea of a massage involves velvety music, candles, and the relaxing scent of lavender. Yet, it’s […]


My life in the drug culture

By Lee Euler / March 17, 2010

If you’re like me you probably have skeptical friends and relatives who ask why you believe all that alternative medicine junk. My answer is simple: experience. I found out the old-fashioned way that conventional medicine doesn’t work. I went to conventional doctors and tried their treatments — a wide variety of them — over many […]


Sugar, Cancer, and the Devil

By Lee Euler / March 10, 2010

“Cancer cells use glucose as fuel.” So said German scientist Otto Warburg, Ph.D. back in 1931. He earned a Nobel Prize for his discovery. Now some new evidence suggests he knew what he was talking about. Even before Dr. Warburg’s discovery, Eskimos living in the Arctic Circle called cancer the “white man’s disease”, as it […]


OTC remedy cures skin cancer

By Lee Euler / March 3, 2010

The head honchos at a Denmark pharmaceutical company are likely feeling pretty giddy now that they’ve found a possible cure for sun spots and skin cancer. In case you missed it, the medical profession has used skin cancer to scare people half to death, what with all the warnings to stay out of the sun […]


Does oral chelation work?

By Lee Euler / February 24, 2010

Last week I wrote about detoxing in general and colon cleansing as a good first step for most people. But if you really want to get serious about detoxing you need to consider some form of chelation therapy. If you’re a long-term fan of alternative health you’ve probably heard of chelation. It first came to […]


Detox and Lose Weight at the Same Time

By Lee Euler / February 17, 2010

Unless you’re totally new to alternative health, you’ve probably heard of detoxification or “detoxing” — the effort to get poisonous substances out of our bodies. I heard about it for years, but I never paid much attention until I started learning about alternative cancer treatments. Almost all doctors who successfully treat cancer take detoxing very […]


Penny mineral melts away breast tumors and cysts

By Lee Euler / February 10, 2010

A Michigan doctor finds that nearly 100 percent of the patients he tests are deficient in a particular mineral. This mineral is one everyone has heard of — and you probably think you get plenty from your food. The fact is, most of us don’t. And the lack of this vital nutrient is definitely a […]


This biological “cop” arrests cancer cells

By Lee Euler / February 3, 2010

Cancer cells are masters of disguise. That’s one of their greatest strengths, and one reason the disease is so hard to beat. Cancer cells can hide themselves from the body’s built-in immune cells that target and kill “bad cells”. But now you can give your body a secret weapon that strips away a cancer cell’s […]


Is your doctor a real doctor?

By Lee Euler / January 27, 2010

If you’ve read much about alternative health, you’ve come across the word “naturopath” or you’ve seen the initials “ND” (instead of “MD”) following a doctor’s name. The doctors we interview in our Special Reports are often ND’s. The initials stand for doctor of naturopathy. You’ve probably seen the word, but you may wonder what it […]

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