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The #1 Cancer-Fighting Beverage

By Lee Euler / September 18, 2022

Four centuries ago, the Chinese began brewing the leaves of this plant and drinking it as a hot beverage. Today, it’s the world’s most popular beverage besides water. Hundreds of millions of people drink it. However, it’s never been as popular in America as in the rest of the world – despite its many benefits. […]


Indian Herb Shows Exceptional Promise in Treating Cancer

By Lee Euler / September 14, 2022

If you’ve ever enjoyed Indian food, then you’ve eaten the herb fenugreek. It has a distinct, bittersweet flavor reminiscent of maple syrup. And when the leaves and seeds are cooked, they develop richer, nuttier flavors that are perfect for curries and stews. In addition to being a culinary staple in India, the Middle East, Africa […]


Did This Veterinarian Find A Treatment For Cancer?

By Lee Euler / September 11, 2022

Veterinary surgeon Dr. John Carter, MRCVS, MB, AcA was very odd. His office had no receptionist. There were no appointment times. You just showed up with your pet and waited. And waited. And waited. And yet people were happy to come with their pets – some traveling hundreds of miles – to his drafty old […]


Is Your Stove Giving You Cancer?

By Lee Euler / September 7, 2022

If you’re a gas stove person, then you probably find it hard to cook on any other type of stove. The speed in which a gas stove reaches temperature, sometimes called “immediate temperature response” is the reason many people love their gas stove. And in a culture where immediate gratification is celebrated, the appeal makes […]


The Easiest Way To Flood Your Cells With Healing Oxygen

By Lee Euler / September 4, 2022

Without oxygen, you’d be dead in about six minutes. It’s that critical for life. So, it’s no wonder that there are numerous successful alternative cancer treatments which appear to work by increasing levels of oxygen in the body. Eight years ago, I first told you about a simple remedy that boosts your oxygen levels in […]


Why “The Kissing Plant” Is The Kiss Of Death To Cancer

By Lee Euler / August 31, 2022

In Norse mythology a branch of this famed plant was thrown at the beloved god Baldur who then fell dead, on the spot. For most of us, however, the plant mistletoe is far from being associated with death and is instead a symbol of romance and love at Christmastime. But in the world of alternative […]


What Does A Nine-Volt Battery Have To Do With Healing Cancer?

By Lee Euler / August 28, 2022

In 1800, Italian-born physicist Alessandro Volta built what became known as the electric battery. It was the first device able to produce a steady electric current. Now, some European and Chinese doctors have embraced a therapeutic use of this invention that the U.S. medical establishment refuses to acknowledge, namely… …electrical currents can dissolve and destroy […]


A Gooey Solution To One Of The Worst Cancer-Causing Pollutants

By Lee Euler / August 24, 2022

Microplastics are very well taking over our earth. It started when we began finding them in nature…animals consume them. They turned up in the guts of fish and shellfish. Even plants consume them. These microplastics are plastic particles that measure less than a fifth of an inch across. They’ve been found all over the globe, […]


The Firefighter’s Secret For Detoxing From Cancer-Causing “Forever” Chemicals

By Lee Euler / August 17, 2022

There are a number of cancer-causing chemicals which lodge themselves deep inside your body’s tissues, resisting even the most powerful detoxification efforts to remove them. No one knows this better than firefighters who are exposed to some of the worst of these, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), while battling fires. Now, researchers say they’ve found […]

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