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One of the Healthiest Fruits in the World

By Lee Euler / February 7, 2018

The more I learn about aronia berries, the more impressed I am. For example, after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, these berries were used by Russians to curb the effects of radiation. The treatment was helpful. The reason is that aronia berries are able to accelerate the excretion of heavy metals and radioactive elements from […]


If Cancer Cells had Legs They’d Run Away From This “Killer Vegetable”

By Lee Euler / February 4, 2018

You’ve probably heard me talk about how the more color a vegetable or fruit has, the higher its antioxidant load. The same is true for darker-colored versus lighter-colored foods – darker colors win the antioxidant competition. So it’s no surprise that red onions have more cancer-fighting potential than white onions. But there’s something else contained within those […]


World’s Favorite Flower is a Deadly Killer Against Cancer

By Lee Euler / January 31, 2018

If we took a vote I’m pretty sure the rose would rate as the most popular flower in the world – but not for its medicinal benefits. I think few people know it can be used to treat a wide variety of health conditions, including cancer. The British kept the fruit of this flower – […]


Brush, Floss and Rinse to Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease

By Lee Euler / January 28, 2018

It’s easy to think your appearance is the best reason to take care of your teeth. After all, everyone’s smile is better when it features a set of pearly whites. Judging from the market for tooth-whiteners, many people agree. But beyond the appeal of a healthy smile is the absolute importance of a healthy mouth […]


One of the Healthiest Foods on Earth for Battling Cancer

By Lee Euler / January 24, 2018

I’ve talked about scores of different cancer-fighting foods through the years, but few come close to the powerful, all-round stellar effects you can get from beans. They’re cheap, versatile, and pack a wallop against just about every type of cancer there is. Yet they don’t have the best reputation, thanks to their tendency to cause […]


This Tiny Seed May Help Kill Your Cancer

By Lee Euler / January 21, 2018

Chronic inflammation rears its ugly head in many ways – through muscle or joint pain, depression or anxiety, fatigue or gastrointestinal problems, even memory loss. And if you suffer with inflammation in any form, you know it’s something you can’t just ignore. It ends up running your life. And although you might muddle through with […]


New home protocol for a healthy colon

By Lee Euler / January 17, 2018

by Andrew Scholberg This is the second of two reports about Ty Bollinger’s 2017 “The Truth About Cancer [LIVE]” conference at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. The views of the speakers are not necessarily those of Cancer Defeated or Lee Euler. If the old adage that “death begins in the colon” is […]


Remarkable lost cancer cure revealed at conference

By Lee Euler / January 14, 2018

by Andrew Scholberg This is the first of two reports on Ty Bollinger’s 2017 “The Truth About Cancer [LIVE]” conference at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. The views of the speakers, reported here, are not necessarily those of Cancer Defeated or Lee Euler. Ty Bollinger and his wife opened the conference by […]


Is this the number one cause of cancer?

By Lee Euler / January 10, 2018

It took until 2013 for the American Medical Association to finally recognize obesity as a complex chronic disease that requires medical attention. This has led to greater efforts to improve the health of the nation by promoting healthier eating and encouraging physical exercise. But even though most people (I hope) are now aware that excess […]


Natural remedies for anxiety

By Lee Euler / January 7, 2018

When stress and anxiety hit – whether it’s from your work, family, relationships or any combination – they affect your body from head to toe. Hopefully the crisis is temporary, but when it’s long term, the physical effects can be devastating. Research shows people suffering with long-term anxiety and/or depression have an increased risk of […]

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