Most of the world’s best cancer clinics use a therapy that I call the number one treatment in the world for cancer.

I know it works, because my team of reporters spent the last five years identifying and investigating cutting-edge cancer clinics.  This is THE treatment, the one we kept hearing about everywhere we went.

We visited the clinics in person. We interviewed the doctors and other caregivers. We talked to their patients.  We’ve spoken with many people who are alive today thanks to treatments you can ONLY get from the alternative cancer doctors at the world’s best clinics.

Again and again, these doctors told us that one very special therapy was critical to the amazing success rate they’ve racked up against cancer.

Here’s the secret…

These clinics literally “cook” cancer out of your body while you relax and take a nap. You wake up free of pain and discomfort!

Nothing on earth could be more different from surgery and chemotherapy. And nothing on earth is more effective.

I’m going to name this treatment and explain to you what it is and how it works.  In five minutes, you’re going to have the information you need to make an informed decision.

If you or someone you love is battling cancer, you owe it to yourself to at least consider this incredible breakthrough — which few conventional American doctors know about. It breaks my heart that millions of cancer patients don’t even know they have this choice.  Please don’t be one of them.

For about the cost of a new car, skilled medical doctors at the world’s best cancer clinics will treat you for several weeks using an incredible heat therapy.  It defeats cancer without surgery and without side effects such as nausea and hair loss.

Chemotherapy wipes out your bank
account — and then you probably won’t make it anyway!

If you choose conventional treatments instead, doctors will charge you enough money to pay for ten or fifteen new cars.  And the treatments they’re forced to use — the ones that are “legal” and “approved” — will torture you in the most horrible way you can imagine.

And after going through all that torment, nearly ALL late-stage cancer patients die anyway.  The conventional treatments don’t work. And they bankrupt thousands of people every year — including people who thought they had enough insurance.

If you choose the heat therapy — what I call the number one treatment — you’ve got a good chance of beating cancer without discomfort. You’ll pay only pennies on the dollar compared to conventional treatments.  And in many cases your insurance will cover it.

Let me show you how amazingly easy it can be to beat cancer…

Want to beat cancer?  Catch a fever!

You’d think that a fever of 105 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit would be bad for a cancer patient, right?  Wrong!

Surprisingly, cancer cells can’t take the heat. A high fever weakens cancer cells and kills them off.  But your body’s healthy cells can handle a temporary fever just fine.  That’s why fever is one of the tools your immune system uses to kill disease.  That’s why your body gets a fever in the first place.

Ironically, it was a German-American doctor in Philadelphia who discovered that a fever can cure cancer.  He found out by pure chance more than 140 years ago! His name was Peter Busch, M.D.

One of Dr. Busch’s patients was a 43-year-old woman with a severe case of sarcoma of the face.  The doctor observed that her cancer went away after she suffered a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit from a strep infection.  It dawned on him that he might be onto a major discovery.

He was. Now we know for sure.

People recover from cancer all the time after catching some kind of infection and getting a high fever.  British newspapers just recently carried the story of a three-year-old leukemia victim named Jordan Harden.  Doctors told Jordan’s parents he had just weeks to live.

Jordan’s “last vacation” turned out
to be the beginning of a new life!

Jordan’s parents decided to take him on a special trip to Disneyland, to spend their last time together as a family.

Instead, just before the trip Jordan came down with a fever — and shortly after that, his tests showed he was cancer free!

But did Jordan’s doctors acknowledge that Dr. Busch’s 140-year-old discovery was the reason?  No!  They said Jordan’s recovery was a case of “spontaneous remission.”

 Spontaneous, my foot!  Dr. Busch was right — and he’s been proven right over and over again by the top alternative cancer doctors in our new Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics.

The doctors in our Directory have known this secret for years.  They’ve saved thousands of lives with it.  They’ve proved that a fever has a devastating effect on cancer — whether the fever is brought on by an infection, or doctors induce it with a new high tech breakthrough.

How do I know all this?

My name is Lee Euler.  I’m the head of Cancer Defeated, the world’s leading publisher of information about alternative cancer treatments.  We’ve compiled a data base of nearly 400 alternative cancer treatments — including information about which ones are most effective and where you can get them.

Hundreds of thousands of people have read our publications and learned the secrets of how to beat cancer.  No other organization or person even comes close to possessing our knowledge of this vital, life-and-death subject.

Now we’ve come out with the new Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics.  This directory has been called the “Consumer Reports” of alternative cancer MD’s. 

My investigative team interviewed the doctors (several times in most cases).  In fact, we’ve known most of these doctors for years. And we’ve followed their incredible progress in beating cancer. In my opinion, the information in this Directory should be in every home.

You have to go to an alternative doctor
to get the breakthrough “fever therapy”

The “fever therapy” is NOT experimental — it’s proven — but it IS high-tech.  These days you don’t have to risk an infection to bring on the fever.  To turn up the heat on cancer, skilled doctors use a complicated machine that costs about $250,000.  It raises the body temperature for a while, then gently reduces it.  

The fancy name for the fever therapy is hyperthermia.  It lasts about six hours, and cancer patients receive the treatment once a week.  It not only “cooks” the tumor to death but also kills cancer cells that have spread elsewhere in the body.

That’s a key benefit because cancer is a disease of the whole body.  It’s not confined to one body part — as conventional doctors claim.

In the Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics, you’ll meet doctors who have used the fever therapy thousands of times, with no side effects whatsoever — none!

Sadly, conventional doctors haven’t read the vast number of papers that have been published about the fever therapy or about other alternative cancer therapies.  Unlike my team, they haven’t talked to patients who beat cancer with these therapies or to the doctors who are acknowledged as the international experts on them.

So don’t let some uninformed American doctor tell you the fever therapy is unproven.  Most American oncologists haven’t been taught this therapy — or the other therapies used by the top doctors in the Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics.

In short, American doctors who discourage these alternative treatments DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!

Yet it’s a fact that many cancer patients use alternatives and become totally cancer free.  They live for years after being told they’d be six feet under within months! Click here if you’d like to order a Directory now.

You’ve got choices that conventional doctors can’t even imagine

If you or someone you love has cancer, you need to get yourself to a doctor who can treat you with the amazing “fever therapy” AND with other natural therapies that are banned or very hard to find in the United States, the UK and most other English-speaking countries.

You see, the doctors I’m talking about do more than treat patients with the fever therapy.  They use as many as seven other therapies at the same time — natural therapies that are just as powerful as the fever therapy.  These therapies all work together to wipe cancer out of your body once and for all.

Many of the alternative doctors in our directory COMBINE the fever therapy with a powerful food extract. This special food extract is PROVEN to be eighteen times as effective as chemotherapy, but without the awful side effects.  I’ll tell you the details in a moment.

Other alternative doctors combine the fever therapy with a high-tech, space age secret. It’s used by American and Russian astronauts. It keeps them healthy while they’re in space.  That’s right, this is NASA technology.  Yet few conventional doctors have ever heard of it.  They’d tell you it’s a quack remedy, because they didn’t learn about it in medical school.

Millions are fooled by the cancer industry’s con job

Conventional medicine has turned its back on life-saving alternatives because they pose a threat to the huge profits from chemotherapy drugs. And it’s easy for the drug companies to keep everyone in line, because conventional medicine is totally dependent on drug company money.

The drug companies provide huge amounts of funding to medical schools.

The drug companies give away millions of dollars to any medical school or scientist that will agree to study a drug — but not one penny is available to study alternatives.

On top of that, the drug companies fund most of the research that appears in mainstream medical journals.  AND they buy most of the advertising in those journals.  These publications would go out of business without the drug companies.

That means medical students never even hear about a cancer treatment unless it comes from the drug companies.

The drug companies have all this power because their profits are unbelievable.  Some chemotherapy drugs cost $10,000 per month!  The annual profits from just ONE chemo drug can range into the billions. And there are MANY chemo drugs adding up to billions in profits.

 What’s more, the cancer industry has set it up so the doctor himself often keeps more than half the profits.

In fact, cancer doctors make far more money from selling cancer patients the drugs than they make from practicing medicine.

If you think that doesn’t influence what your doctor prescribes, you’re dreaming.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports that “private-practice oncologists typically derive two-thirds of their income from selling chemotherapy drugs.”  And each of these cancer doctors makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year!  Without the fat profit margins on the drugs, they’d make about as much as a good plumber.

That’s why everyone in the cancer industry fights alternative treatments tooth and nail.

As far as conventional medicine is concerned, each patient who walks in the door is a “profit center” worth anywhere from $350,000 to $1 million!  I can tell you about people who used up every penny of health insurance they had. Then they sold their family farm or small business and used up every penny of that money, too — and then they passed away in pain and misery.  In my opinion, America’s cancer industry has a lot to answer for.

It’s a shame, because those patients probably could have whipped their cancer for the price of a Honda.  But there’s just one catch: You have to go to an alternative doctor.  And first you have to find a good one.

If you do that, you can take advantage of the fever therapy breakthrough — and many other breakthroughs.

No wonder it's been called the “Consumer Reports”
of alternative cancer doctors

The doctors in the Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics surround your cancer with powerful treatments like the fever therapy.  Then they close in on it and kill it dead! 

Now for the first time, you can obtain a directory of these brilliant, gifted physicians. My investigative team visited their clinics, interviewed them, and verified their incredible progress in beating cancer.

I sincerely believe the doctors in the Directory are THE best ones to go to if you or someone you love is suffering from cancer.

This exclusive information is available nowhere else.  It’s unique in the world.  No wonder it’s been called “the ‘Consumer Reports’ of alternative cancer doctors.”

Once in a while someone will tell me, “Oh, I’ll surf the Net and find the information.”  Good luck with that.  Sure, most of our recommended clinics have a website — and so do dozens of other clinics I wouldn’t go near.  And the websites don’t tell you what it’s like to live at each facility and be treated there.

Click here if you want to get your hands on the Directory now.

Forbidden Cancer Treatment #2:
18 times as many cancer patients will survive
…if only they can get it!

Let me tell you about another breakthrough treatment — one that was proven effective by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. But instead of bringing it to the whole world…

They conspired to get it banned and suppressed.  They committed one of the most cynical acts in medical history. Keep reading, because I’m going to prove this serious charge. AND I’m going to show you how this treatment really is 18 times as effective as chemotherapy.

If William Sykes had listened to Sloan-Kettering’s advice, he would have died instead of enjoying another 20 years of vibrant, healthy life.   William was a man who suffered from late-stage leukemia.  Doctors operated on him to remove his cancerous spleen, but then they told him he only had a few months left to live --if he was lucky!

His doctors urged him to go through chemotherapy “to try to delay death a few more weeks,” as he tells it.

Instead, William found a doctor who knew about alternative treatments.  That doctor suggested a treatment that’s 18 times more effective than conventional treatments, as proven by clinical research — and it’s the very treatment that Sloan-Kettering tried to hide.  William decided to go for it.

He started the treatment and was feeling better each day, but then something went terribly wrong!

When he showed up for his third intravenous (IV) session, William reported, “The doctor said that he could no longer treat me. He had been told that his license would be revoked if he continued to use this treatment. He showed my wife how to administer the treatment, sold us what he had, and gave us an address where more could be obtained…”

William took what the doctor offered him and continued his treatment.

“Now, at 75 years of age — 20 years after they said I had only a few more months to live — I still play racquet ball twice a week.”

This banned, forbidden remedy totally healed William and he lived for two more decades.

What IS the amazing substance that saved his life?

It’s safe, natural and found
in hundreds of foods

This probably sounds like some amazing new breakthrough, but in fact it’s been known for more than 50 years.  This healing miracle has saved the lives of thousands of people just like William Sykes.

It’s totally harmless and non-toxic, and it’s found in more than 1,200 foods.

Scientists have studied native tribes whose diet is rich in this cancer-fighting substance.  Cancer is nearly unknown among these people.  What’s more, members of these tribes often live to be 100 years old.  Some of them even make it to the age of 120!

Despite the ban, many patients right here in America beat cancer just by eating large amounts of certain foods that are rich in this substance. The Directory explains.

But if you have cancer, I recommend that you get yourself to a doctor who can give you a pure, concentrated extract of this substance by IVand the Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics tells you exactly where to find these doctors.

If you take advantage of this amazing cancer treatment, you might witness a miracle like this one…

Toddler with “terminal” brain cancer
awakens from a coma, grows up, and gets married!

Jeremy, a toddler, was near death from an inoperable brain tumor.  He was already in a coma.  The doctors told Jeremy’s parents his case was hopeless.

But Jeremy’s parents refused to accept this death sentence.  They sought out a doctor who administered the same substance to their child that saved William Sykes.  After two weeks of this nontoxic therapy, little Jeremy opened his eyes and started to toddle again!

The last we heard, “little” Jeremy was 28 years old and still going strong!  He grew up, went to college and got married.   He’s cancer-free!  And he’s still in touch with the brilliant doctor who saved his life.

Jeremy’s doctor is still saving lives. You’ll meet him and get a “guided tour” of his clinic in the Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics.

This natural wonder kills cancer cells
without harming healthy cells

Found in hundreds of foods, this natural food extract contains TWO chemicals that are toxic to cancer cells but harmless to healthy cells.

When cancer cells come in contact with this natural substance, they’re doomed!  Cancer cells release a specific enzyme that unlocks the two toxic chemicals.  Once they’re set free, those two chemicals turn right around and kill the cancer cells. It’s like the cancer cell unlocks the cage of the two tigers that eat it!

What’s more, when they work together, these two “tigers” are 100 times more toxic to cancer cells than either one working alone.

And this natural miracle happens with no harm at all to healthy cells.

Healthy cells release a different enzyme altogether — NOT the enzyme that lets the two tigers out of their cage.

In fact, the enzyme from healthy cells actually turns the toxins into chemicals that are good for your health — and they relieve pain, too!  This healthy enzyme is abundant throughout your body except where cancer cells are found.

So when you take this substance by eating certain foods or by IV, cancer cells actually trigger the release of the two chemicals that kill them, while your healthy cells are protected — and you enjoy pain relief to boot!

One cancer expert calls this amazing food “a tiny smart bomb” because it targets only cancer cells.  Conventional chemotherapy kills both cancer cells AND healthy cells.  That’s why people get so sick while going through chemo.

You don’t have to put up with the misery of chemo.  Nature has provided us with an ingenious defense against cancer.  It’s custom-made for the job!

One doctor treated cancer patients with this substance for 17 years and published his results.  Out of 108 late-stage cancer patients, 61 were still alive at the end of that time — 56 percent of them.  If those same patients had chosen chemo, statistics show that only three of them would have lived more than five years.

It’s incredibly hard to find doctors
who will give you these treatments.
Here’s why…

As I mentioned above, William Sykes’s doctor was forced to stop treating him.  And he’s just one of many American doctors who have been bullied into giving up treating patients with this food extract that’s 18 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy.

Some doctors have been arrested, hauled into court, and even thrown in jail just for treating cancer patients with alternative therapies!

And please understand this:  these are treatments you can’t do yourself.  These are advanced, sophisticated cancer therapies. The plant extract that saved William Sykes and little Jeremy is far more powerful if administered by IV.  PLUS the doctors I’m talking about will treat you with other powerful therapies at the same time.

For example… little Jeremy was treated not only with the special food extract but also with vitamin C and DMSO.  He received these three powerful therapies at once, by IV.  And he was under a doctor’s supervision, to make sure the doses were right — AND to switch to something else if the first choices didn’t work.

Jeremy was near death when he arrived at this clinic.  He was in a coma.  Conventional doctors had told his parents there was no hope.  But during the second week of treatment, he opened his eyes. Soon he was walking again!

But to get access to cancer treatment of this quality, you need to find an alternative doctor  — and America’s medical establishment does everything it can to prevent you from doing that.  When it comes to the natural food extract that saved William Sykes and Jeremy…

The cancer establishment lied about
this amazing treatment — and then banned it!

 In the 1970s, this treatment caught the interest of medical scientists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, one of the most renowned cancer research institutes in the world.

Sloan-Kettering scientists demonstrated in study after study that this natural food extract knocks out cancer. For a while, it looked like the medical establishment was going to throw its weight behind this wonderful treatment.  The U.S. Senate even held hearings about it!

But the amazing results weren’t published.  Instead, a bitter political battle raged behind the closed doors of Sloan-Kettering.

Powerful people wanted to suppress the studies that proved this treatment works. And that’s exactly what they did.

WHY would anyone do such a terrible thing?  The answer is simple:  MONEY.  They wanted to develop a drug that would do the same thing as the food extract and rake in billions of dollars in profit.  But the story gets worse: There's convincing evidence that powerful scientists faked and manipulated experiments to show the natural treatment failed.

Many people think they faked the results to make it look
like this treatment doesn’t work!

How can I prove such a serious charge?  Easy.

A Sloan-Kettering employee blew the whistle on them and told the whole world what was happening.  Sloan-Kettering fired him for going public.  He followed up with a book that reveals the whole story in detail.

But in the end, the American medical establishment turned its back on this important cancer breakthrough.  And on many other proven treatments like the next one…

Forbidden Cancer Treatment #3:
The space age treatment that’s
good enough for astronauts,
but conventional doctors won’t let you have it!

We’ve discovered another key therapy — one that comes from the futuristic field of space medicine.

It’s a scientific breakthrough the Soviets developed to keep their astronauts healthy while they stayed in space for months at a time.  The Russians found that living in a space station for a long time was damaging to a person’s health.  Our bodies are made to live in earth’s magnetic field.  Things go wrong when we’re away from it too long.

So Russian scientists came up with a simple, drug-free way to solve the problem.

Now NASA uses it, too, for American astronauts.  And some of the world’s top cancer clinics use it for their patients.

But you won’t find it in American hospitals.  “Unproven” is what they’ll say if you ask about it.  Too controversial.  “Quack medicine.”

If that’s true, you might wonder why NASA astronauts use this device three times a day while in space to maintain their health.  Doesn’t sound like quackery to me.  Sounds like something that can help save a life. Plus, it doesn’t cost much either!

To reap the benefits of this space age therapy, a cancer patient just has to lie down on a special reclining chair, the doctor flips a switch, and after about 15 minutes of pure relaxation, it’s over. Call it the ultimate “power nap.”

Cancer patients get this treatment once a day — IF they go to certain doctors you’ll meet in The Directory of the World’s Greatest Cancer Clinics.

These doctors told our research team all about this breakthrough on one of our fact-finding trips to Europe.  They explained how it improves blood circulation and gives a huge boost to the immune system — the very system that kills off cancer cells.

Proven cancer-killing power

A doctor at a clinic in Austria told us, “Two years ago we did a study.  We took blood samples from 200 patients on the first day of treatment.  Then 100 patients took the space medicine therapy, and the other 100 didn’t.  Patients who took the therapy were found to have 20 to 25 percent more natural killer or NK cells, the immune system cells that target and destroy cancer cells.”

That’s a direct quote from The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics, because the Directory isn’t just a dry list of names, phone numbers, addresses and websites. It’s a detailed guided tour of each clinic and the amazing treatments they use.

You’ll know what these clinics are like BEFORE you decide to trust them with your health or the health of someone you love.

You’ll see interviews with the doctors, and you’ll hear what the patients have to say, too. You’ll even discover what the food and accommodations are like and how beautiful the view is from your window!  Some of these clinics are located in mountain or seaside resorts.

By the way, the “space medicine treatment” is good for more than just cancer...

  • A male diabetic facing amputation of his toes became pain-free after just three days of treatment with the space medicine device.
  • A woman who’d suffered from arthritis for 29 years no longer needed medication.
  • Professional athletes find it takes 40 percent off the amount of time they need to recover from injuries.
  • A published study involving more than a thousand patients and 220 doctors proved it relieves headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue, stomach disorders, and more.

You’ll see all the details and all the proof in our Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics.

This is the real thing. Why do you think NASA astronauts use it?  No wonder the European clinics in our directory are among the world’s best.  But what about the conventional cancer treatments most doctors use?  As the head of a German clinic told us, “Doctors give chemo, chemo, chemo and patients die, die, die.”

Click here if you’d like to order your personal copy of the Directory and your 10 FREE GIFTS.

You’re being denied effective cancer treatments because there isn’t enough money in them to suit the big drug companies. These companies have corrupted the medical profession to the point where the things you’re being told about cancer have no connection to reality. Consider this…

Forbidden Cancer Treatment #4:
Medical journals praise vitamin C therapy
but doctors ignore it

I mentioned that intravenous vitamin C is also a breakthrough cancer therapy. The key word there is “intravenous,” as I’ll explain.  This was one of the therapies that helped revive two-year-old Jeremy from a coma.  Thousands of other patients have reaped similar benefits.

The medical establishment hasn’t banned vitamin C (not yet, anyway), but they’ve managed to ignore this totally safe cancer treatment.  That’s a tragedy because intravenous (IV) vitamin C works better than chemotherapy drugs that cost as much as $10,000 a month!

The Journal of the Canadian Medical Association published the stories of three patients with late stage cancer who chose to try IV vitamin C.  They totally recovered.   One of them was called Margaret W.   She had a tumor that started in the muscles of her back and then invaded her spine.  She refused chemotherapy and went through nine months of high-dose vitamin C instead.

Her cancer disappeared completelyTen years later she was still alive and cancer free.  The JCMA article describes two other cases.  And I could describe dozens more if I had the time and space.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Dr. Linus Pauling, the famous winner of two Nobel Prizes.  He proved that vitamin C was a good cancer treatment way back in 1976.  He published his findings in a very prestigious journal, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Then he followed up with a book called Cancer and Vitamin C.

Dr. Pauling and his colleague, Dr. Ewan Cameron, found that patients treated with intravenous vitamin C lived three to four times longer than cancer patients who did not receive vitamin C.

Instead of embracing this life-saving discovery, the medical establishment attacked it.

In spite of the attacks, intravenous vitamin C treatment is legal in the United States.   A doctor can do it as long as he doesn’t claim he’s treating someone for cancer.  He has to mumble something about supporting your immune system or whatever.

But the fact is, very few American doctors will treat your cancer with vitamin C or ANY alternative therapy.  In my Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics you’ll meet doctors who will, like Dr. S. in Southern California.

Dr. S. has given IV vitamin C to more than 20,000 patients — and he’s amazed by the results.  A “terminal” lung cancer patient turned to Dr. S. after he was given just four to six weeks to live. He had to wheel an oxygen tank with him everywhere he went.

After being given more than 100 grams of vitamin C a day — and other treatments — he lived for years and died of another cause.

But there’s something important you need to know…

You can’t eat enough vitamin C to produce these results

Most people come down with diarrhea if they take more than 8 or 10 grams of vitamin C by mouth.  High doses upset the digestive tract.  The 100 grams a day that Dr. S. used on that patient could NEVER be taken orally.  Not a chance.

The IV doses you get from a doctor produce blood levels anywhere from 25 to 200 times as high as you can get by swallowing vitamin C pills or eating fruits and vegetables.  The super-high doses don’t upset your GI tract because they don’t go through it. The vitamin goes straight into your blood.  No problems, no side effects.

Do you see?  You or someone you love can get incredibly effective cancer treatments from the world’s best alternative cancer doctors.

The movie star’s wife who said “no” to mutilating surgery

Don’t believe some cancer doctor who predicts, “With luck, you might live a year.”  Those are the exact words a cancer doctor told Alicia Buttons, the wife of comedian and actor Red Buttons.  You’ve probably seen him in classic movies such as “The Poseidon Adventure,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Longest Day.”

Red’s wife had an advanced case of one of the most dreaded cancers:  oral pharyngeal cancer (cancer of the mouth and throat).  In 1975 she said “no” to surgery that would have disfigured her face.  Alicia went to a German cancer clinic instead.  There she received treatments that are forbidden in America.

Alicia got rid of her cancer with no disfiguring surgery and lived in good health for another 29 years!  And Red Buttons went on to become an advocate for health freedom in America.

Many millionaires and celebrities
turn to alternative treatments

Red Buttons and his wife may have run into some of their friends when they went to that alternative cancer clinic.  You see, many millionaires and celebrities choose these clinics instead of conventional doctors.

I can’t name all of them, for reasons of medical privacy.  But I can tell you that Ronald Reagan, Suzanne Somers, actor William Holden and Princess Caroline of Monaco are on the list.

Princess Caroline was cured of breast cancer and remains healthy and glowing to this day.  President Reagan lived another 19 years after being secretly treated for cancer in Germany, and died of something else.

But this gets even better.  The German medical doctor who treated President Reagan, Hans Nieper, told an interviewer, “many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover [Germany].  You wouldn’t believe this — or directors of the American Medical Association (AMA), or American Cancer Society (ACS), or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes.  That’s the fact.”

In other words, high officials in America’s cancer industry go to Germany to get the very treatments they’ve made illegal in the United States.

Dr. Nieper’s astounding revelation is on record in a 1987 video documentary. He was interviewed on camera by a man named Jeff Harsh.

But that’s not all.  Keep reading…

What cancer doctors say privately about chemotherapy

Suppose you just found out you have cancer — and by chance you get to “eavesdrop” while cancer doctors talk about what they would do if they were in your shoes.

What do you think they’d say? No need to wonder. Someone spilled the beans.

One of the world’s most prestigious cancer centers asked 79 oncologists what they would do if THEY had cancer.  The questionnaire was totally confidential.  The responses were anonymous, so the doctors could say what they really thought.

58 out of 79 of these cancer doctors said they would NOT permit chemotherapy for themselves or members of their families!!

That makes 73 percent who “just say no” to chemo — when it’s for them.

The reasons they gave are simple:  (1) chemotherapy DOESN’T WORK, (2) it’s poisonous and makes you sick.

And just in case you think this poll was a fluke, the Los Angeles Times asked cancer doctors the same questions and got the same result!  75 percent of these doctors told the LA Times pollster that chemotherapy and radiation are unacceptable to themselves and their families.

Meanwhile, these same doctors and their colleagues all over America give chemotherapy, i.e. useless poison, to 75 percent of all cancer patients!

How can this be?  How can cancer doctors themselves reject their own cancer treatment?  It doesn’t make any sense.  Except it DOES make sense when you know the facts. Here they are…

If cancer has spread to other organs from wherever it started, you have almost no chance of living more than five years if you go through chemotherapy.  The exact five-year survival figure is around 2 percent — two people out of a hundred.  In other words…


Study after study shows that patients who don’t accept chemo LIVE LONGER than those who do, for most types of cancer.

That’s right!  You’ll live longer WITHOUT chemotherapy than with.

That’s why people in the know go to the doctors in The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics.

You’ve heard of Max Factor.  But you may not have heard that Donald, the heir to the Max Factor fortune, cured his “terminal” cancer in Mexico.

As a multimillionaire, he could have afforded the Mayo Clinic or any other American hospital — or any hospital in the world for that matter.

This tycoon didn’t go south of the border to save money but to SAVE HIS LIFE.

Let me tell you the story, because it’s a source of hope to you or anyone you love who’s been told “you’ve got just months to live.”

Donald Factor came down with one of the deadliest, most aggressive forms of cancer:  carcinoma of the lung that had already metastasized to his liver and spine.  He was in excruciating pain and could hardly walk.

At the time of the shocking diagnosis, he was 51 years old.  “I was told I only had six months to live,” Donald said in a published statement.  “But 17 years later I’m still alive and kicking!”

He credits his astounding recovery to the forbidden cancer treatments he received in Mexico — treatments that included the powerful food extract I mentioned earlier.

Not just “in remission” — but CURED!!

Yes, Donald Factor was totally cured of cancer and lived for decades.  How did he do it? By going to a place where he could get the cure that Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center suppressed and lied about — the food extract that’s 18 times as effective as chemotherapy.

And when I say “totally cured” I’m not exaggerating.  Donald’s doctors pronounced him “cured”  — not just “in remission.”

Donald says, “I went back regularly for check-ups, and after about three years of being in remission the doctors said I was cured.  I said, ‘I thought in the cancer business you were never cured.’  And they said, ‘Well, it’s silly to keep writing down ‘Remission’ year after year. We’ll see you whenever you want to come back.’ And that was that…”

The hospital that treated Donald Factor is conducting an ongoing study.  So far, the results show that their treatments for breast cancer and ovarian cancer are three times more effective than conventional American treatments.  For lung cancer, their treatments are ten times more effective than conventional treatments.

This hospital is featured in The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics.  If someone you love has cancer, they could be there tomorrow.

By the way, just because millionaires go to these clinics doesn’t mean they charge millionaire prices.  The cost is remarkably low — a tiny fraction of what conventional American treatments cost.  If you can afford to own and maintain a car, you can afford these clinics. You can even get financing, just as you would with a car purchase!  The Directory explains how.

Plus your health insurance may cover part or all of the treatment. The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics will explain how to get your treatment covered. It even points you to companies who will represent you and help you with your claim.

Cancer is never “fun,” but there’s no reason
the treatments have to be miserable

If you’re used to American hospitals and American doctors, get ready for a medical experience unlike any you’ve ever had before.

These clinics don’t look and smell like hospitals — except for a couple of large facilities that actually ARE hospitals.  Most of these clinics are like small, intimate hotels — like a bed & breakfast.  And the focus is on living and healing, not on death and dying.

“The whole setup here is remarkable,” said a patient named Franko. We met him on one of our regular clinic visits.  “I mean, you’re in one of the most beautiful places in the world… This town is absolutely lovely.  All the services here are top notch. I mean, the food — everything.

“They picked us up at the airport.  It’s a no-brainer… As soon as you get here, what’s nice is it’s stress free.”

At another clinic, a patient named Gayla told us, “The treatment is wonderful.  There’s nothing painful about any of it.  They had given up on me at home

“The nurses are fantastic here.  They’re the NICEST people.  These wonderful treatments aren’t available to most Americans.  More cancer patients would be able to make it if they could have the kinds of treatments I’ve had here.  It’s a cheerful place — like an oasis in the desert.”

No kidding! We saw patients sitting out in the sunshine or shaded under table umbrellas, like a sidewalk café.  The patients were completely relaxed with no problem whatsoever.

When Gayla first arrived at this clinic, she was days away from death and in a coma.  She totally recovered, went back to her home in Arkansas and was working in her flower shop, the last time we spoke with her.

 And get this:  Besides having terminal cancer, Gayla used to need two insulin shots a day for diabetes.  Not anymore.  The treatment completely cured her diabetes along with her cancer.

I’m not going to tell you everyone gets well.  But I can tell you for a fact that late-stage, hopeless cases like Gayla often DO get well.  It happens all the time.  My team and I have talked to a great many people just like Gayla.  Her story can be your story or the story of someone you love who’s been told, “It’s hopeless.  There’s nothing more we can do.”

  • Imagine getting rid of cancer in three to six weeks in a hospital that seems more like a spa resort.
  • Imagine having a spacious, clean private room with a spectacular view of the ocean or the mountains.
  • Imagine a team of first-class doctors who focus like a laser beam on your case every day. Imagine they never rush you but instead give you as much time as you need.
  • Imagine that your treatment plan is personalized — with your help and advice — a combination of therapies selected just for you and your stage and type of cancer.  Imagine that you’re a member of the team, instead of having know-it-all doctors talk over your head as if you’re not there.
  • Imagine being pain-free while you heal under the care of your attentive medical team.
  • Imagine that this fit-for-royalty cancer treatment costs only about $1,000 a day — nowhere near the $10,000-a-day price tag of cancer treatment in an American hospital, not counting the outrageous cost of the drugs.
  • And by the way, English is spoken at all the clinics we recommend.

If you think all this sounds too good to be true, think again, and imagine no more.  This kind of treatment is typical at the facilities you’ll discover in your own copy of The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics.

You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to get this kind of cancer treatment for the price of a minivan.  Frankly, American cancer treatment prices are a rip-off.  The cost of alternative care is a fabulous bargain compared to the outrageous medical bills in American hospitals. Here’s one reason they cost less...

Alternative treatments have made surgery outdated
and obsolete for most cancers

My team and I have sat down with many doctors who run alternative cancer clinics.  They’ve told us that operations to remove the breasts or cut out the prostate are obsolete!  Even “hopeless” patients can beat cancers of the brain, liver, colon, lung, stomach, and skin without surgery.

In fact, cancer often comes back after a surgeon tells the patient, “We got it all.”  There’s a reason for that:  Cancer affects the whole system. It’s a disease of the whole body.  So there are always a few cancer cells left after surgery or chemotherapy.  And those surviving cancer cells are more powerful than the ones that were killed off.  They often spread all over your body.

After conventional treatments, cancer comes roaring back worse than ever. It may take a while, but one day… it’s back.  Because those cancer “super-cells” survived.

Not so with alternative treatments. Alternative doctors treat the whole body.  They don’t just cut out a part — they help you get well from head to toe.

We asked one of the doctors, Dr. W., if he ever treats prostate cancer with surgery. His answer:  “Never, never, never, NEVER!  When a man’s prostate is surgically removed, 30 out of 100 will die within ten years.” (He was talking about early stage prostate cancer patients. When it comes to late stage patients, 98 out of 100 will die within five years if they choose conventional treatments.)

Instead of surgery, Dr. W. has administered the fever therapy --“the number one cancer treatment in the world” — more than 14,000 times!  He cooks tumors till they die!  In fact, he founded a society of professional experts to share information about this exciting breakthrough.

Thanks to their efforts, cancer treatment is in the middle of a revolution!  Just consider this…

Dr. Antonio succeeded where Britain’s top doctors failed

Dr. Antonio is one of the brilliant alternative cancer doctors you’ll meet in the pages of The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics.

He caused a sensation in the British tabloids in 2009 when he saved a little boy’s life.

Here’s what happened.  The Queen’s finest physicians were unable to save a four-year-old boy who had stage four neuroblastoma cancer.  Stage four is virtually hopeless.  This poor little child had 11 nasty tumors all over his body, and they were growing.  His doctors were stumped.

Surgery was out of the question because the tumors were too close to vital organs.  So in 2007, the British doctors gave the boy a death sentence.  They told his parents, “There’s nothing more we can do.  Take him home.”

As you can imagine, his parents were devastated.  No one should ever have to lose a four-year-old child.

Then something happened that seemed like a miracle. The parents heard about Dr. Antonio’s clinic and, though they were skeptical, they had to take a chance if it meant they might be able to save their son’s life. So they flew their son to Mexico for a consultation with Dr. Antonio.

This gifted doctor gave the little boy treatments that wipe out cancer cells by the millions without causing any side effects whatsoever:  no nausea, no hair loss, no discomfort.

Like the other superstar cancer doctors in The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics, Dr. Antonio killed the boy’s tumors with a combination of natural therapies, including:

  • Fever therapy:  the breakthrough that’s revolutionizing cancer treatment
  • Oxygen therapy:  Cancer cells die by the millions when they get a blast of oxygen.
  • The natural food extract I described earlier, given by IV.
  • Vitamin C by IV
  • An organic eating plan to give the body the nutrition it needs, WITHOUT the toxic pesticides and herbicides that are a major cause of cancer.
  • Detoxification therapies to get rid of these poisons and others such as mercury and lead. Getting rid of these toxins makes you feel wonderful. I go to these clinics myself just for that, even though I don’t have cancer.

Conventional doctors will lecture you that these therapies are “outside the mainstream” or “not approved.”  Some of these therapies are illegal in England and the United States.  But doctors in Mexico have the health care freedom to use these treatments (and let me just add, the Mexican clinics are located in safe, secure areas far from the violence you hear so much about. The violence is confined to just a few Mexican states, and they’re NOT the ones where the clinics are located.)

When the boy returned to England in 2009, scans showed the tumors were dead or disintegrating.  The British tabloids went wild over the “miracle recovery”. And you can only imagine the joy his family experienced.

But sadly, nothing changed in Britain, and thousands still die needlessly because they can’t get these alternative treatments.  They don’t even know about them!

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Your first FREE gift is a special report about the plant extract I’ve told you about.  This breakthrough is so safe, you probably eat it every day because it occurs naturally in more than 1,200 foods.  You can actually avoid ever getting cancer just by eating a diet rich in this substance.

But if you’ve got cancer already you need the concentrated extract.  When administered by IV, it’s one of the most potent cancer cures ever discovered.  Dr. Hans Nieper, who treated President Ronald Reagan, said, “I have found this treatment far superior to any other known cancer treatment or preventive.”  This discovery kills cancer cells by the millions — without harming healthy cells — as proven by scientific studies that Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center tried to hide from the public.

Tragically, it’s forbidden in America because it can’t be patented by the drug companies and sold to you for hundreds of times what it costs to make.  But you can gain access to this cancer miracle easily and inexpensively, as this FREE report shows.

Free Gift #2
Make Yourself 99.4% Cancer-Proof with One Food
Free Gift #2 reveals a food that can prevent up to 99.4 percent of cancer tumors all by itself, according to Japanese scientists. It’s simple, delicious, and comes in many varieties and flavors. You can add it to practically any dish from soups to salads to meats.  I’m sure you already eat it once in awhile, but you’ll want to eat far more after you read this.

Better yet, you can take supplements made from concentrated extracts of the active ingredients.  That’s what I recommend, because they make you practically cancer-proof!  Japanese studies proved that mice given the extract remained 99.4% cancer free even after being injected with a powerful cancer-causing agent.

Free Gift #3
The Top Detoxing Secret of the Great Cancer Clinics
Nearly every one of us is loaded with poisons acquired from our air, food and water, ranging from pesticides to mercury.  These toxins are a major cause of cancer.  That puts detoxification or “detoxing” close to the top of my list of things you MUST do to prevent and cure cancer.

And I’ve got good news for you:  this Free Report features the number one detoxing treatment you’d receive if you consulted with the top alternative cancer doctors in the world.  In preparing this report, my colleagues visited, investigated and reported on more than 40 top alternative cancer clinics in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States and Mexico. Nearly all of them use this detoxing secret.  It has no equal at cleansing the body and restoring it to health.  What’s more, it’s legal here in the U.S. — AND it’s fairly easy to gain access to.

Free Gift #4
The Garden Herb that Clobbers Cancer Cells
If you enjoy gardening you probably grow some Artemisia in your flower beds.  It doesn’t produce a flower but it has beautiful silver foliage.  Turns out the pretty exterior conceals a powerful punch, as Chinese herbalists have known for at least 1,600 years.  In fact, two University of Wisconsin scientists found that a certain extract of Artemisia kills 75 percent of breast cancer cells!

They announced this stunning result in the journal Life Sciences, telling readers that this natural extract is “highly toxic to the cancer cells” but leaves healthy cells almost untouched.   In my line of work I often hear about new cancer cures — our exclusive database contains about 400 of them.  So I didn’t pay much attention until I was touring German cancer clinics a few months later.  I found out that this extract is one of the top cancer treatments of the world’s top cancer doctors.  In this FREE GIFT you’ll get all the exciting facts about this breakthrough.

Free Gift #5
Wipe Out Cancer Pain in as Little as One Day
No pain is scarier than that of terminal cancer.  So you’ll be as amazed as I was when you discover that cancer pain can be stopped cold in some patients in less than one day — by a simple mineral that costs 98 cents! Sometimes it works within a matter of hours.

A breast cancer patient who was comatose started receiving 10 grams per day of this mineral by a feeding tube and walked out of the hospital five days later! What’s more, it even relieves pain in patients resistant to morphine and other narcotics.

In this FREE report, you’ll meet cancer doctors who use this “miracle mineral” as part of a multi-part protocol that reverses and cures late-stage cancer.  But I want you to know this is not one of the standard minerals most people take.  You won’t find it in multi-mineral formulas.

Free Gift #6
The Therapy from Space:
NASA Technology Meets Modern Medicine
Russian space scientists developed this therapy for cosmonauts to keep them healthy in the absence of the earth’s magnetic field.  Then NASA scientists adopted it for use by American astronauts.  Today, doctors in many of the world’s top alternative cancer clinics use this space age therapy on their patients.

And you’ll be happy to know the benefits go way beyond cancer.  A diabetic was able to avoid amputation.  A woman who’d suffered from arthritis for 29 years no longer needed medication.  A man found himself completely cured of hay fever symptoms.  A carpenter who’d suffered serious burns found it healed them within a week… and more!

In this FREE report you’ll see clinical studies proving this device helps heal 25 different health conditions ranging from headaches to stomach disorders.  Patients at the world’s greatest cancer clinics often fall in love with this machine and want one for their own home — and the report shows you how to get one.

Free Gift #7
How Intravenous Vitamin C Cures Cancer
More than 30 years ago, Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling announced to the world that vitamin C is a valuable cancer treatment.  Now comes new and stunning confirmation from a prestigious scientific journal.

In this valuable FREE report you’ll get the details on the new experiments.  PLUS you’ll discover case histories of patients who whipped cancer with the help of vitamin C — including a man named Arthur.  He’s still cancer-free nine years after he turned down chemotherapy and radiation!  IMPORTANT CAUTION:  You can’t achieve these incredible results by taking vitamin C orally. You need a doctor.  Intravenous vitamin C produces blood levels from 25 to 200 times as high as vitamin C taken by mouth.

Free Gift #8
DMSO: How It Heals Cancer and Why It’s Banned in America
If you like to read about alternative health maybe you already know DMSO is a powerful pain-killer.  But you probably don’t know it’s also a powerful cancer treatment when administered by IV.  In the hands of a skilled doctor, this banned, forbidden substance can help save your life.  It’s so remarkable even “60 Minutes” broadcast a positive story about it.

DMSO was one of the key therapies that cured two-year-old Jeremy Snyder from Pittsburgh.  He was in a coma and his parents were told he was going to die.  Instead he grew up, went to college, got married, and he’s still alive today.

Thousands of research articles have been published about DMSO.  Thousands of people have been treated without suffering any harm, and your vet will even give it to your cat or dog for pain.  Yet the FDA says “there’s not enough evidence” and shamelessly keeps it from us.  Get this FREE report and find out the truth for yourself.

Free Gift #9
The Amazing Anti-Cancer Effects of Mistletoe Therapy
All the German doctors we interviewed use mistletoe therapy to kiss cancer cells good-bye.  More than 10,000 cancer patients have been treated with a pure concentrated mistletoe extract.  Between 1985 and 2006, more than 3,000 studies investigated mistletoe therapy.

In short, it’s been proven without a doubt:  certain parts of the mistletoe plant have a powerful and direct anti-cancer effect.  And going beyond cancer, researchers found it can bring you pain relief, better sleep, more energy and improved appetite.

That’s no surprise to people who know traditional medicine.  Mistletoe’s been a favorite herbal remedy since ancient times and appears in legend as a “cure-all”.  But the modern-day story of mistletoe really took off in the 1920s when Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a renowned philosopher and scientist, found that mistletoe was effective against tumors.  Thanks to his efforts, it’s now a big gun in the anti-cancer arsenal.

Free Gift #10
A Fun, Relaxing Way to Fight Cancer at Home
“If I were to single out one method to combat cancer, it is the sauna.”  Those words are from an article by Lawrence Wilson,  M.D., in the Townsend Newsletter for Doctors and Patients.  But Dr. Wilson isn’t talking about just any sauna.  He means a specific type of sauna that’s found in many of the world’s top alternative cancer clinics.

A therapeutic sauna uses a type of heat ray that penetrates 1-1/2 inches below your skin to detoxify and revitalize your cells.  It produces a deep, detoxifying sweat that eliminates poisonous chemicals and heavy metals at the cellular level.   One study showed this therapy reduced tumor volumes 86 percent in just 30 days — without drugs or surgery.  That’s an incredible result.

And like many alternative cancer therapies, this one benefits your whole body. It reduces blood pressure, relieves pain, reverses heart disease and even promotes weight loss.   There’s more good news:  you can probably afford to install one in your own home and this FREE report directs you to the best brands.

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