Detoxing agent from a volcano’s mouth – Cancer Defeated

Detoxing agent from a volcano’s mouth

By Lee Euler / November 13, 2011

This Detoxing Agent Comes
Straight from a Volcano’s Mouth!

Believe it or not, a hot topic for folks interested in alternative cancer treatments is actually a mineral that comes spouting out of volcanic eruptions. And it may be a good one to take even if you don’t have cancer. Keep reading and I’ll explain all. . .

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It’s a mineral called zeolite that forms when hot lava cools after hitting land or sea. There are several forms of this mineral, but the one called clinoptilolite is touted as a possible cancer treatment.

Clinoptilolite is a type of rock that has a honeycomb formation. The rock also has a weak magnetic charge—similar to the kryptonite that could bring Superman to his knees!

The magnetism of zeolite crystals draws molecules that have an opposite magnetic charge. If the molecules are small enough—they’ll get trapped in the zeolite honeycomb and rendered harmless.

Substances like cadmium, lead, mercury, and even radioactive molecules like strontium have positive charges that zeolite will attract!

If you think this probably doesn’t apply to you—read on…

Metals, metals everywhere!

Unless you live in a tightly controlled environment, chances are great that you have or use one or more of the items on this list:

Every item on this list can dump metal toxins into your bloodstream.

Scientists have linked heavy metal buildup to serious health concerns that can cause your heart to swell… encourage tumor growth… make your nerves dull… and even rot your brain…

And because you’re exposed to toxic metals in the environment every single day—it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE for you to escape them! But you can REMOVE them — and zeolite appears to be a useful agent for doing so.

Take lead as an example… According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), exposure to lead is extremely common through:

1. Airborne particles

2. Contaminated soil and water

3. Gasoline

4. Makeup and other cosmetics

5. Medicines (over-the-counter and prescription)

6. Paint

What’s more, exposure to arsenic, cadmium and mercury is a daily occupational hazard for dentists … hairdressers… laboratory workers… painters… photographers… and many other professionals…

Make no mistake — this constant exposure exponentially increases your risk of getting cancer.

So how can zeolite help prevent cancer?

Some folks will tell you it can’t. And some critics even say zeolite causes cancer. So what should you believe?

The idea that zeolite causes cancer may come from one study1 focused on people in Turkish villages on the Anatolian plateau. These villagers inhaled zeolite fibers called erionite from the hardened ash of a local volcano.

Of the 891 people studied, 119 died within a 23-year follow up from mesotheliema in the lining of the lungs and abdominal cavity.

But Rik J. Deitsch, a nutritional and research biochemist, who is president of the biotechnology group NDA Consulting, Inc. stressed that it’s important to remember there are more than 100 different types of zeolite!

The erionite that caused these cancers contains fibers that can cut up your lungs when inhaled. The type of zeolite that’s said to be good for your health, clinoptilolite, is non-fibrous and typically would NOT be inhaled!

It’s also interesting to note that zeolite is already an approved substance recognized as ‘safe’ by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because of this status, the mineral has been used for decades in a host of products, including water filters, plant fertilizers, air purifiers, and animal feed.

From what I can learn it’s been extensively tested as an additive to animal feed (pigs and chickens), with no negative results, and multiple benefits — faster weight gain and lower rates of disease.

For example, hens laid more eggs, and the eggs had thicker shells, compared to a control group of hens whose feed was mixed with sand instead of zeolite, according to a 1997 article in the journal British Poultry Science. Not exactly a ringing endorsement as a cancer treatment, but at least the substance was safe and beneficial.

The clinoptilolite form of zeolite binds itself to pesticides, heavy metals and other cancer-causing chemicals and removes them from the body. This most definitely provides a measure of protection from cell damage and tumor growth.

And according to Shelley Penney, RN and author of The Liquid Zeolite Book, zeolite also:

1. Is non-toxic and will be safely eliminated from your body within six to eight hours

2. Is easy to take by mixing with water or swallowing a capsule

3. Restores your body to a healthy alkaline pH balance

There are a few studies that look specifically at zeolite as a cancer treatment. Some lab studies confirm the positive health benefits of this volcanic mineral…

In one animal study2, cancer-bearing mice and dogs were given microscopic zeolite crystals. Scientists noticed that the zeolite:

Red_Checkmark Reduced the metabolic rate of cancer cells,
Red_Checkmark Decreased tumor size in some animals,
Red_Checkmark Prolonged the animals’ life span, and
Red_Checkmark Led to overall health improvements


One small human study conducted by researchers at LifeLink Pharmaceuticals showed one zeolite supplement resulted in 78% full remission for stage 4 cancer patients with various types of cancer.

Researchers think zeolite’s anti-cancer effect could be linked to its ability to induce tumor suppressor genes that cause your body to stop tumor growth—and even destroy tumor cells.

Although the clinical research about its cancer-fighting potential is still in the infant stages, it appears that zeolite may be a valuable aid to detoxification. And detoxing is universally recognized as a vital part of natural cancer treatment. Besides removing heavy metals, there is also evidence that zeolite removes certain radioactive particles from the body, and kills bacteria.

Zeolite supplements in both liquid and powder form are available from a number of companies. A quick web search will turn up several providers.

Of course, even better than getting rid of toxins is not getting toxins into your body in the first place. Our last issue had some valuable info on that very subject. If you missed it, scroll down and read it now. . .

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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