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Doctor calls this supplement a “game changer”

By Lee Euler / April 17, 2016

by Andrew Scholberg

(The second of two articles about the 2016 Annie Appleseed
cancer conference in West Palm Beach, Florida)

“Targeting inflammation and growth factors in cancer treatment with botanicals” was the subject of the talk by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D. He declared, “If modified citrus pectin were a patented drug, it would make billions of dollars.”

But it can’t be patented and therefore is inexpensive. Yet he has found that its multiple benefits for cancer patients and others are astonishing.

Dr. Eliaz said that modified citrus pectin inhibits cancer growth and metastasis, modulates immune function, selectively chelates heavy metals from the body, reverses fibrosis, and inhibits cardiovascular and kidney disease. It also has an anti-angiogenesis effect, meaning that it helps deprive tumors of their blood supply.

That’s quite a list of benefits. Let’s keep going…

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All natural superfood has Big Pharma
scrambling for their profits…

Dear Reader,

It seems like every day there is a new magic pill that promises you instant weight loss.

It’s as if an angel gets it’s wings each time a new one hits the market.

But there is a way to tell a phony from the real deal. And that’s by watching how Big Pharma reacts.

You see, but every now and again, something comes along that the big wigs at the pharma companies just can’t ignore.

And right now they have their sights set on one Doctor’s All Natural Superfood formula that has been helping American drop weight and keep it off like never before.

Not only does it help you shed excess belly fat, it also…

  • Helps your brain stay healthy and function better.
  • Helps your body fight off disease and recover from illness faster.
  • Helps prevent arthritis and even minimizes some of the pain in your joints.
  • Helps you break down the foods you eat faster which leads to higher levels of fat loss.

And that’s how you know it’s worth a second look.

>>>>Find out why Big Pharma wants this banned…

The fat cats over there only move this fast when there’s money at stake.

And right now they’re doing all they can to get this natural ingredient classed as a “drug”.

That way they can use it in their prescriptions, jack up the price, and pass the cost onto you.

Sadly, for most Americans, they won’t realize what’s happened until it’s too late.

See it for yourself before I’m forced to take it down.


American Superfood

Dr. Eliaz compared the effects of modified citrus pectin to the effects of mistletoe, one of the standard anti-cancer treatments used in the best German cancer clinics.

His studies show that modified citrus pectin has an affinity for heavy metals and an unparalleled ability to bind them and escort them out of the body without depleting essential minerals.

Modified citrus pectin was tested on a group of patients living in a coal mining area who were diagnosed with lead poisoning. After just three weeks on modified citrus pectin, they saw a dramatic reduction in lead, which was being excreted in the urine.

Because toxic metals are part of the environment in which we live, Dr. Eliaz said modified citrus pectin is like an insurance program that everyone should have. He recommended five grams daily for basically healthy people or 10 to 20 grams per day for cancer patients, depending on the severity of the cancer.

For cancer patients taking chemo or radiation, he recommended five grams, three times a day. He said that modified citrus pectin amplifies the effects of cancer treatments while helping to decrease the side effects.

Dr. Eliaz also described another botanical substance, honokiol, which has significant benefits for cancer patients and others. Honokiol is a lignan isolated from the bark, seed cones, and leaves of the magnolia tree. He said it’s much stronger and safer than cannabis and a more effective anti-inflammatory than curcumin.

Honokiol has a unique intracellular effect: it re-differentiates the cell so that other therapies can be more effective. If a cell is normal, honokiol becomes an antioxidant; otherwise it opens the mitochondria and becomes a pro-oxidant.

Dr. Eliaz said that honokiol and modified citrus pectin work hand-in-glove: modified citrus pectin works outside the cell, and honokiol works inside the cell. He has seen impressive results, even for Stage Four cancer patients. “What I’m showing you today is a game changer in medicine,” he said.

(Full disclosure: Dr. Eliaz developed modified citrus protein and his company markets it. Having said that, we have full confidence in the quality of his research.)

“Sitting” is the new “smoking”

By now, just about everybody knows smoking is bad for your health; as a result, smoking is far less common than it once was. But a new threat to health has emerged: the sedentary lifestyle.

Cancer exercise specialist Carol J. Michaels, who spoke on “Cancer Fitness Recovery,” said, “‘Sitting’ is the new ‘smoking.'” How does one get up out of a chair and start a fitness program? She said that’s not an easy question to answer because everyone is different and everyone has to be assessed individually. The “bottom line,” she said, is to listen to your body and be moderate and gradual in your approach to exercise.

Ms. Michaels said everyone can get started with deep breathing, and she led the audience in a deep breathing exercise: inhaling deeply through the nose for five seconds, holding the breath for two seconds, and then exhaling through the mouth for five seconds.

She recommended raising the shoulders to the ears on the inhale, and letting the shoulders relax back down on the exhale. A few deep breaths like that can calm the nervous system and massage the internal organs. Another must is to stretch almost every day because it improves circulation, increases the elasticity of muscles, and decreases the risk of injury.

Weight-bearing exercises, which strengthen bones and increase muscle mass, should be done in small increments. The amount of weight should be increased slowly and gradually, with the guidance of a qualified instructor and after getting medical clearance.

Ms. Michaels said patients who have osteoporosis should avoid exercises like abdominal crunches or any exercise that causes the back to arch when you bend forward; otherwise there’s a risk of self-fracture. To avoid this danger, hinge from the waist while keeping your back ramrod straight.

Government orders parents to get with the program or else!

Parent advocate Ryan Sternagle, one of the speakers on the patient panel, described the nightmare he and his wife went through in Washington State when their one-year-old son Ryder developed cancer.

Ryder was a huge baby at birth but stopped growing at six months and wasn’t crawling by his first birthday. Something was obviously wrong, and his parents noticed a lump on his spine. It turned out to be neuroblastoma.

An MRI revealed a tumor bigger than his kidney growing inside his spine and wrapping around it. This explained why Ryder couldn’t walk. There were secondary tumors as well.

The parents believe in alternative medicine, but no alternative doctor in America will touch a one-year-old patient. They got some Haelan, a powerful anti-cancer fermented soy product that doesn’t taste good, and Ryder drank it straight up without hesitation. They also ordered various devices such as an infrared sauna and a Rife machine.

But a social worker was assigned to the parents because Ryder’s doctors considered them troublemakers – in other words, independent thinkers. The social worker’s purpose was to make sure Ryder got the standard chemotherapy. Even though the natural treatments were working, the doctors were inflexible. They insisted that Ryder should receive round after round of chemo, or there would be “consequences.”

The Sternagles moved from Washington to Utah. When they told Ryder’s new doctor in Utah that they’d like to stop the chemo treatments, he said, “I’d recommend more, but you’re the parents. We’re just here to support you. If you need more chemo down the road, we can turn on a dime.”

The parents had a feeding tube installed so they could feed Ryder fresh juice and put various supplements in the juice. They moved to the mountains in Park View to get away from polluted air and EMF pollution. Ryder’s dad says he’s now doing great!

Amy broke down in tears in front of the secretaries

It was a big shock when Amy Cousins, a young lady, was diagnosed with Stage 2b breast cancer in 2010. She’d seemed healthy on the outside, but inside she was full of anger because of traumas she’d endured.

She had a double mastectomy followed by the standard chemo and radiation, and was told she was “cancer free.” But she still felt scared and empty, as if she were still dying.

Less than two years later she felt a lump on her neck. It turned out she now had Stage Four cancer, and a doctor told her. “We don’t have anything for you. You won’t make it to middle age.” She recognized that the doctor wasn’t God, so she didn’t believe his prediction of an early death.

After searching for alternatives, she decided to go to Vienna to be treated by Dr. Ralf Kleef, M.D., one of the best cancer doctors in the world. Well before the Annie Appleseed conference, I toured Dr. Kleef’s clinic last October and interviewed him for an hour to gather information for the third edition of my book German Cancer Breakthrough.

In Vienna under Dr. Kleef’s care, Amy underwent long-term mild hyperthermia and immuno-therapy using dendritic cells and Interleukin-2. She also did other therapies including local hyperthermia, acupuncture, coffee enemas, and visualizations.

But the immuno-therapy in Vienna was much more expensive than she expected. Altogether the Vienna treatments cost over 100,000 Euros. When she learned the price, she broke down crying in front of the secretaries because she was about 30,000 Euros short.

But she made an appeal through YouCaring (an online fundraising website that she says is even better than GoFundMe), and she raised the necessary funds. She’s now cancer free, and she maintains a health program that includes exercise and emotional healing.

Julia’s story

I’ve heard Julia Chiapetta tell her story several times, but each time it seems like a new story because she reveals a different aspect of it. Julia had been having regular mammograms with negative (no cancer) results.

But in 2000 she did a self-examination and knew something was wrong. Her doctor kept on assuring her that everything was “fine,” and she had to beg for a biopsy. The biopsy showed Stage 2b breast cancer.

One doctor told her, “If you don’t have a mastectomy, chemo, and radiation, you’re going to die.” She asserted, “That’s not going to happen because I’m doing research, and I’ll get back to you.”He said, I can’t work with you if you don’t get with the program.” She walked out and never looked back.

Julia found a good naturopathic physician in Connecticut and, to detoxify her life, threw out practically everything in her house: her bedding, microwave, makeup, and cleaning supplies. After discovering that her “natural” products like Neutrogena aren’t natural, she threw them out, too.

She also quit her high-stress six-figure job. She began eating nutrient-rich foods like wheatgrass, and in due course she returned to a glowing state of health.

When she went to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for an examination, the doctors were curious to know what she’d been doing. They told her, “Your tumor markers are in the normal range. What you’ve been doing is working.”

These doctors deserve credit for being open-minded. Instead of resisting patients like Julia who prefer alternatives, they support them. That’s why she returns to MD Anderson for her annual checkups.

Prayer is also an important part of Julia’s recovery. Through prayer, she felt a peace that she would be a participant in her healing process instead of letting the doctors take charge. She urges all cancer patients to turn to a Higher Power and get in touch with their spirituality.

She also recommends asking these questions: “What thoughts am I putting in my brain? What am I putting in my mouth? What am I putting on my body? What am I doing for fitness?”

If you’re intrigued by the overlooked supplements Dr. Eliaz discussed in the first part of this article, then you’ll definitely want to see our last issue. It covered another powerful anticancer supplement you’ll probably hear about only from alternative cancer doctors.

If you missed the article, we’re running it again just below.


Powerful Anticancer Nutrient
Comes Under NCI Attack

The National Cancer Institute was not interested.

Although the applicant, Dr. Shamsuddin, was a medical doctor with a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the taxpayer-funded NCI denied him funding to carry out clinical trials because, in their view, his research was of no value.

NCI scientists tested the substance that was the subject of his research. It was both ineffective and dangerous, so why should they provide funding? It did not kill cancer cells. And when injected into mice to test for safety, all the mice died!

Sounds like the NCI had a reasonable case. But as often happens with unorthodox cancer treatments, the story is not as simple as they made out. This is what really happened…

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Hidden Constipation Syndrome –
Have You Got It?

A recent study reports that more than half of patients – 62 percent – have colons plugged up with layers of filthy, decayed fecal matter. . .

. . .even though 80 percent had bowel movements every day without straining!

Colon autopsies show it and now studies have proven it. Even if you have a regular, daily bowel movement, you may possibly have pounds of hardened, toxic, bacteria-laden waste matter stuck in your intestines!

Breakthrough study results from the prestigious Department of Organ Surgery and Gastroenterological Clinic in Elsinore, Denmark, reveal that millions of people unknowingly have these large “fecal reservoirs” – which back up your entire colon and rectum.

And no synthetic laxatives or enemas can get this toxic, rotting mess out of you!

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can get rid of this deadly threat to your health and well being.

How NOT to carry out research

Dr. Abukalam Shamsuddin’s remedy went through the same flawed procedures as other promising treatments that for one reason or another have fallen foul of the cancer establishment.

In the first place, the test that showed it was ineffective used a concentration up to 10,000-fold less than the therapeutic dose. In other words it could never have had any effect at the minuscule dose the NCI used.

Secondly, they administered it wrongly. It should have been dissolved in water, but they chose to use a different solvent.

Thirdly, the remedy has to be taken orally. Even at extremely high doses, it was found to be non-toxic when taken by mouth. And yet the NCI scientists chose to inject it. At a certain dose it became lethal.

It sounds like the experiments were designed to make sure the substance was ineffective or dangerous. We shouldn’t be surprised…

You see, IP6, also called phytate or inositol hexophosphate (six phosphate groups attached to inositol), is a cheap and simple sugar molecule found mainly in the bran layer of fibrous food. It’s a member of the B vitamin family. Where’s the glamor and profit in that?

In spite of the NCI’s lack of interest, research by Dr. Shamsuddin and other eminent scientists continues in over 100 labs all over the world. Their studies clearly demonstrate that IP6 is a powerful weapon in the prevention and control of cancer.

Studies show great promise

Dr. Shamsuddin first became interested in IP6 when he read a medical paper that questioned whether fiber prevented colon cancer.

The writers of the paper wondered why Danes have twice the rate of colon cancer as Finns even though they eat double the amount of fiber. Perhaps it’s not fiber itself but the type of fiber that’s important, they suggested.

They speculated that phytate in the Finns’ cereal-based diet was the protective factor.

Studies on fiber have had mixed results, but the research on colon cancer is clear. The disease is reduced strongly and consistently with high fiber diets from cereals, particularly whole wheat and rice.

To test the hypothesis that IP6 is the key factor, Dr. Shamsuddin divided rats into different groups. IP6 was added to the drinking water of one group. Another ate different amounts of fiber. A third group, acting as a control, ate neither fiber nor IP6.

Two weeks later the rats were injected with a carcinogen that makes them likely to develop mammary tumors.

After 29 weeks the fiber group had fewer tumors than the controls but not by a significant amount. In contrast, the rate of tumors in the IP6 group was reduced by a third and there were about half as many tumors per animal. The results were so striking they appeared in the national press in 1989.

In a follow-up experiment, animals were fed IP6 from two weeks to five months after a colon-cancer-causing agent was introduced. 43% of the ones that didn’t receive IP6 went on to develop tumors compared to only 10% in the IP6 group — another dramatic outcome.

Many other experiments have been carried out on animals and on a large number of human cancer cell lines in lab cultures. Results are consistent and demonstrate a strong anti-cancer effect.

Studies involving humans are few, thanks to lack of NCI interest. But in one such study, 14 breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were divided into two groups. One group was given low dose IP6 plus inositol. The other group took a placebo. They also completed a quality of life questionnaire.

Those taking the supplement did not experience a drop in white blood cell count or blood platelets and had a much better quality of life.

The researchers wrote, “Even though our dosage was low, its efficacy to diminish the side effects of chemotherapy was significant.”

How does IP6 protect against cancer?

Normalizes the rate of cell division

When a carcinogen is given to research animals, all cells divide at a much faster rate. Yet only some of these go on to mutate and become cancerous.

However, IP6 is able to normalize cell division in healthy cells and slow or normalize cell division in cancer cells. This means IP6 must have a regulatory function. Cancer cells that by definition have lost their control mechanism are able to re-establish control. This is a remarkable effect.

Normalizes cell physiology

Cancer cells are able to express themselves in a more normal way. For instance, even with genetic changes, after exposure to IP6, colon cancer cells stopped producing a unique sugar not made by normal cells, and breast cancer cells were able to produce the protein lactalbumin.

Boosts natural killer (NK) cells

An important part of our immune defenses, NK cells help prevent the formation of cancer cells and eradicate them if they are already present. When the activity of NK cells is high, the incidence of cancer is lower.

When mice with tumors were treated with IP6, NK activity was greatly enhanced and tumor activity was suppressed. When IP6 was added to human NK cells in a petri dish, their ability to kill tumor cells increased.

Increases the activity of gene p53

This tumor-suppressor gene helps ensure proper DNA replication and helps prevent cancer cells from forming. IP6 has been shown to greatly increase p53 activity.

Lowers inflammation

There is a strong link between levels of inflammation in the body and the risk and incidence of cancer. IP6 has been shown to reduce inflammation.

Fights free radicals

Damage to DNA by free radicals leaves cells vulnerable to mutation and diseases including cancer. IP6 has shown itself to be a potent antioxidant decreasing free radical formation by more than 2½ times in one experiment.

Enhances apoptosis

All healthy cells are programmed to die and be replaced by new cells. This natural die-off is called apoptosis. IP6 enhances this process in cancer cells which are otherwise immune to apoptosis and therefore engage in uncontrolled growth. IP6 has been demonstrated to induce apoptosis in multiple cancer cell lines including breast, prostate, liver, colon and skin.

Inhibits angiogenesis

Tumors have a high metabolic rate and require high levels of nutrition so they form networks of new blood vessels enabling them to grow, an activity called angiogenesis. IP6 has been shown to inhibit this process in many studies.

Koma Raina at the University of Colorado led a study on IP6 in mice with prostate cancer. He said, “The study’s results were really rather profound. We saw dramatically reduced tumor volumes primarily due to the anti-angiogenic effects of IP6.”

Restricts metastasis

Adhesion, migration and invasion are key steps in the spread of cancer. IP6 was shown to act on all three aspects in human breast cancer cells.

Protocol for cancer protection and treatment

It’s highly unlikely the NCI will have a change of heart and fund human trials. However, there is substantial evidence gathered over 25 years to demonstrate a strong protective effect of IP6 against cancer formation and development.

While a phytate-rich diet of whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds will offer some protection, in food IP6 is bound to a protein. An enzyme breaks them apart so IP6 can be absorbed. However in the process IP6 can be damaged and rendered partly inactive.

Studies suggest it is more effective when taken as a supplement combined with inositol. Dr. Shamsuddin suggests taking 1-2 grams per day in divided doses between meals for preventative purposes. For those with a higher cancer risk this can be increased to 4 grams. For those with active cancer he suggests 5-8 grams.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

IP6 Nature’s Revolutionary Cancer-Fighter by AM Shamsuddin
Too Good To Be True? by Dr K Vanderlinden and Dr I Vucenik
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