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Don’t be scared away from this chance to heal cancer

By Lee Euler / December 22, 2010

Mexico: Is it too dangerous to go there for cancer treatment?
Here’s the surprising truth, at last

Mexico would be one of the first places I’d consider for treatment if I found out I had cancer. It’s also one of the first places I’d recommend to any friends or family members looking for treatment.

It’s a pretty well-kept secret, but a lot of millionaires do the same thing. Actor Steve McQueen was one. He had the money to go anywhere in the world for treatment, yet they chose Mexico.

Why? Because Mexico offers some of the best alternative cancer treatments in the world.

But wait — Mexico? Isn’t that a place riddled with crime and danger and middle-of-the-night drug-crazed shooting fests?

It wasn’t always like this, but in the past couple of years there’s no question the violence has become much worse. So I’m concerned that the drug wars along the border might be scaring some people away from what could be their best chance to heal themselves.

I’m not going to downplay the violence. It’s really bad. But we’ve looked into this as carefully as we can — including multiple trips to visit the clinics — and we’re convinced that patients who go to the places we recommend don’t have to worry. Keep reading, and I’ll explain what we’ve found.

We have in-depth, firsthand information about the situation in Mexico

My good friend Frank Cousineau knows Mexico AND the cancer clinics extremely well. He had a powerful motivation to learn. He had to go through the horrible experience of watching his mother suffer toxic and ineffective conventional cancer treatments here in the States — and then lose her fight against cancer anyway. After that, he devoted himself to the search for therapies that could heal instead of harm the body.

His search led him to Mexico. He’s conducted more than 75 tours of the Mexican clinics that have benefited hundreds of cancer patients.

If you went on one of Frank’s tours, you’d discover what those people did: The top cancer clinics in Mexico are located in safe areas — far from the violence you may have heard about. The next best thing to going on one of Frank’s guided tours is to purchase the Special Report he wrote for us called Adios, Cancer. This report gives you all the information you could ask when it comes to choosing a Mexican cancer clinic that’s best suited to your needs.

Frank’s co-author, Andrew Scholberg, and another one of my Cancer Defeated colleagues, Ric McConnell, have also made multiple trips to Mexico to visit the clinics and check out the security risks. They all tell me the same thing. . .

Mexico is a surprisingly safe, scenic, and affordable destination when you know where to go. More importantly, it’s one of the best places to go if you want to defeat cancer.

I’ve interrogated Andrew Scholberg several times about the drug war issue, because I’m very concerned about it. Andrew helped Frank write Adios, Cancer. Listen to what he says.

Here’s exactly what Andy told me. . .

“Earlier this year I spent three or four days in Tijuana [where the best clinics are located — editor’s note]. I didn’t take taxis. Instead, I walked all over town. I walked to the tourist destinations and the shopping district. I took a long walk to two different Catholic churches. I walked to the local winery. I walked to restaurants in various parts of town. I even walked into residential neighborhoods where the people were raising chickens in their back yards.

“I estimate that I walked approximately six to eight miles a day, touring the city at ground level. Never did I feel in danger. Never did I feel threatened. Never did I have the feeling, ‘I’ve gotta get out of here.’

“Even though I stuck out like a sore thumb — being a Gringo who doesn’t speak any Spanish — everyone I met was friendly and polite. And for all the miles I walked, I only came across one person who was so desperately poor he asked me for a handout. As I recall, I gave him a couple of bucks. Very few Mexicans ever beg for money, so if this guy was begging, I figured he really needed help.

“I don’t just talk the talk when I say the clinics are located in safe areas. I’ve walked the walk — by myself. So has Frank Cousineau. I love Tijuana. Aside from the clinics, it’s a great place for a vacation. It deserves a much better reputation. I’d go back there again at the drop of a hat. I genuinely believe our customers have nothing to worry about if they go to one of the clinics we recommend.”

There you have it: a firsthand account by one of the smartest and most honest people I know.

You get curb-to-curb chauffeur service

Many of the clinics pick you up at the airport in San Diego and whisk you across the border to your clinic. Then they take you back. If you’re being treated on an out-patient basis (as many people are) you have the option of returning to the U.S. side of the border each night – again, in the safety of the clinic’s own vehicle. Or you can choose to spend the whole time of your treatment on the Mexican side of the border at totally safe living quarters. You can even live in luxury, if you choose, for a fraction of what it would cost to stay in an American hospital.

Are there places you don’t want to go in Mexico? Absolutely. The U.S. State Department has issued a warning to tourists to avoid unnecessary travel to the Mexican states of Michoacan and Tamaulipas, and to parts of the states of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Durango and Coalhuila. These states are nowhere near the clinics Frank Cousineau recommends in our Special Report, Adios, Cancer.

Reporters use the lump phrase “crime in Mexico.” But, that’s like saying “Crime in the United States is terrible,” even though more than 95% of our country is safe.

It only takes a few bad apples to ruin a barrel, right? On the same note, it only takes a few scary news stories to tarnish the reputation of an entire country. The reality is that violence in Mexico is restricted to a small part of the population — drug criminals — and they wreak most of their mayhem well outside the areas where tourists go. More importantly, criminals aren’t going after Americans much less cancer patients.

A country where civilians and tourists are safe

You probably wouldn’t bat an eye at heading to Houston for cancer treatment at the renowned Texas Medical Center, right? Yet, Houston ranks in the top ten for most dangerous cities with a population over 500,000. But that doesn’t matter when you consider Houston’s medical quarter has the largest concentration of medical facilities in the world. At more than five million patient visits each year, do you think a lot of people skip getting the help they need because they’re worried about crime?

It’s the same with New Orleans. That city has the third highest reported murder rate in the world, yet tourists don’t think twice about going there because the places where the criminals hang out are not tourist areas and the people they’re after are not tourists.

Mexico is a huge country. It’s about the size of France, Italy, Spain and Germany put together. If there’s trouble in one part of the country, that’s no reason to avoid another part. If you do, that’s like hearing about a gang shootout in New Orleans and using that as your reason to avoid Seattle.

Top treatment facilities are protected and secure

Cancer patients in Mexico aren’t worried about gunfire because they never hear any. Nor are they worried about gangs or drugs because the cancer clinics are in peaceful, beautiful areas.

Cancer hospitals in Mexico have security around the clock. As one of Mexico’s top doctors told us, “We’ve never had any security or safety problem with any of our patients.”

The clinics are in safe areas. One is only 500 yards from the border crossing. Several are located near beaches. Some clinics are located near world famous shopping areas, featuring high quality merchandise.

You also have to consider that Mexican officials deal with criminals in a very different way than you see in the U.S. Their approach is less, shall we say, “colorful.”

Whereas American law enforcement officials often use SWAT teams and battering rams — with full TV coverage — to converge on lowlife criminals, the Mexican Army is more discreet. When Mexican law enforcement gets information about a problem or a potential problem or someone who needs to be dealt with, the Army goes in and deals with the issue quietly, with no fanfare or cameras. In other words, they do what they need to do and take care of the problem.

Every day, Americans and people from all over the world safely cross the border in search of better cancer treatment and healing. As long as you use the same common sense you’d use in any major city, you can and should go to Mexico for cancer treatment without hesitation.

Don’t waste time fearing risks that have a million-to-one odds of happening

Skipping out on superior cancer treatments because you’re afraid to go to Mexico is like not taking your child to Disney World because you’re afraid one of the rides will break down with you on it. Can it happen? Yes. Is it highly unlikely and not worth the concern? Yes. Would you really want your child to miss an experience of a lifetime because of your unwarranted fear? No.

It’s the same with cancer clinics in Mexico. Would you really want to pass on something that could extend your life or the life of a loved one simply because you had unwarranted fear? Forget what you’ve seen on TV. You are safe in Mexico. Learning a little about the cultural differences is the only “weapon” you’ll need for trouble-free travel.

Since Frank first discovered the successful treatments at the Mexican clinics, he’s known many people who have received devoted and healing care there. For over thirty years, he’s watched some of the finest physicians in the world turn “hopeless, terminal” cancer patients into survivors who go on to live for decades and enjoy vibrant health.

Thanks to his impassioned research, Frank Cousineau is the ultimate authority on cancer treatments in Mexico. He probably knows the clinics and doctors there better than anyone else. If you want to know more about the Mexican alternative cancer clinics, including detailed “guided tours” of the seven we recommend most highly, click here and find out more about our Special Report Adios, Cancer.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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