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Exciting new proof this cancer cure works

By Lee Euler / January 20, 2010

You may be as excited as I was to learn about some groundbreaking cancer research underway in the ‘land down under’! A group of Australian researchers have proved the cancer-fighting power of the enzyme bromelain.

Enzymes are one of the cornerstones of alternative cancer therapy. Most alternative cancer doctors recommend either enzyme supplements or diets that are naturally rich in enzymes.

Enzymes are safe, harmless, and (as far as I’m concerned) proven effective in thousands of patients. But till now mainstream scientific research hasn’t paid much attention. I hope this new study is a sign of change.

I believe nearly EVERYONE should be supplementing with enzymes. Besides cancer-fighting, the range of health benefits include pain-killing, better circulation (i.e. fewer heart attacks and strokes), better digestion, and much more. I call enzymes The Missing Ingredient because even alternative doctors (other than the cancer specialists) don’t realize how important they are, and most people STILL don’t take enzyme supplements.

Now comes new proof from “Down Under”

Scientists at Australia’s Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) found that pineapple stems contain two hidden molecules that could provide an alternative to the standard ‘big three’ American cancer treatments: radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.

You may know that a major limitation of mainstream cancer therapies is that they are non-specific. This means they can destroy both normal cells and tumor cells. Chemotherapy also does horrible damage to your immune system, the very system you need to fight cancer and other diseases, too.

The Australian team — God bless ’em — is looking for a cancer treatment that targets abnormal cancer cells and leaves healthy cells alone.

Their research on pineapple stems began in 2005 when Dr. Tracey Mynott led a research team studying bromelain — an enzyme found in the fruit and stem of pineapples. The substance is commonly used as a meat tenderizer and in tanning leather hides.

If you know much about alternative health, you’ve probably heard of bromelain. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme that reduces pain without the stomach upset (and even ulcers) caused by anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and nearly all common pain-killing drugs.

The QIMR researchers discovered that bromelain could activate certain immune cells at the same time it blocks the immune function of other cells. And some small studies have suggested bromelain may ease the effects of certain chemotherapy treatments.

But as far as I’m concerned, you don’t want to use bromelain and other enzymes to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy — you want to avoid chemotherapy in the first place.

The Australian team succeeded in isolating two specific proteins found in bromelain, called CCS and CCZ. According to a QIMR statement1 , Dr. Mynott said these proteins “could block growth of a broad range of tumor cells, including breast, lung, colon, ovarian and melanoma.”

CCS and CCZ are types of enzymes called proteases (PRO-tee-ayz-ez), which are involved in protein digestion. The CCS molecule works by blocking a protein called Ras. A defective form of this protein is found in nearly a third of all cancer cases.

When the Ras protein is activated, it can cause unchecked cell growth — which can ultimately lead to cancer. And this enzyme found in bromelain stops it cold.

The Australians found that the other enzyme in bromelain — CCZ — stimulates your body’s immune system to help it identify and destroy cancer cells. The two enzymes in combination appear to form a powerful knock-out punch for cancerous tumors!

New discovery? Not quite!

According to Mynott, “the way CCS and CCZ work is different to any other drug in clinical use today. Therefore, CCS and CCZ will represent a totally new way of treating disease and potentially a whole new class of anti-cancer agent. In general, products with novel mechanisms of action are more likely to represent real breakthroughs in the treatment or prevention of disease.”

With all due respect to Dr. Mynott, this is not “a totally new way of treating disease.” It’s a way that alternative doctors have known about for more than a hundred years. Welcome to the big leagues, doctor.

I wrote a Special Report called The Missing Ingredient for Good Health that deals exclusively with this one powerful type of nutrient. It’s the only report we’ve published so far that’s all about one supplement, and that’s because I was so impressed with enzymes.

In fact, as you’ll discover if you read The Missing Ingredient for Good Health, bromelain is a rather weak enzyme. Most of the enzyme research and successful cancer treatment has involved other, more powerful enzymes that you’ll learn about in The Missing Ingredient.

So, while I love what they’re telling the world, I have to smile when these mainstream scientists declare they’ve discovered something new. What they’ve done is provide valuable proof of what some of us already knew.

Fresh, natural fruits and vegetables are loaded with enzymes. This is one of the reasons the cancer diets that alternative doctors recommend are so effective at curing the disease. You can also buy enzymes in pill form at any health food store.

The QIMR researchers have received additional grant money from the National Health and Medical Research Council to continue studying the effects of CCS and CCZ. A two-year research project was scheduled to further demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the enzymes.

The QIMR statement mentioned that — if successful — the program could attract further investment by a major pharmaceutical company and additional human clinical trials.

Oh, boy — just what we need: Big Pharma will take a natural wonder God put in pineapples and turn it into a drug.

Not to sound pessimistic but…

…attention from these profit monsters could close the curtain on the development of a less invasive, natural, and affordable cancer cure!

Don’t be fooled. Learn everything you can about enzymes and start taking them at once.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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