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Feel Ten Years Younger, Prevent Cancer, Too!

By Lee Euler / October 28, 2015

By Andrew Scholberg  

This is the second of two reports about the 2015 Cancer Control Convention and Doctors’ Symposium, held over Labor Day weekend at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City, California.

Dr. Christine Horner, M.D., from San Diego took the podium at this year’s Cancer Control Society Convention to talk about “Natural Approaches to Breast Cancer Prevention.”

In her plastic surgery practice, Dr. Horner started noticing that the age of breast cancer patients kept dropping until one day she saw a patient in her 20s. That prompted her to go through the medical literature to find an answer, and every answer she found was natural: herbs, lifestyle changes, and so on.

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Retired Teacher Does What Most Oncologists Can’t—Cures Her Own Cancer!

In 2009 Carol R. found out she had cancer. She was afraid of conventional treatments, so she tried a natural approach. It uses one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered. And it has absolutely no side effects.

Today she says, “Not only is the cancer gone…everything has improved… head to toe. I feel stronger than I did 20 years ago—which is amazing because I thought I was healthy then!”

To discover how she did it, click HERE.

Dr. Horner was introduced to Ayurvedic medicine and went through an Ayurvedic detox therapy that may have originated 5,000 years ago. The therapy is called Panchakarma, which means “five actions” in Hindi.

It includes luxurious spa treatments with various oils that draw the toxins out of fat cells. After 48 hours of this ancient detox program, Dr. Horner says she looked ten years younger and felt wonderful.

Dr. Horner is the author of Waking the Warrior Goddess. In the back of the book she lists the Panchakarma clinics in America.

In 1999, she started doing a TV show on alternative medicine. Now she teaches people how to avoid surgery. Much of her advice for cancer prevention is common sense, such as avoiding excess alcohol, managing stress so it doesn’t run rampant, and going to bed early. She pointed out that Ayurvedic practitioners recommend going to bed before 10:00 p.m.

Dr. Horner also recommends turmeric and green tea — not mixing them together but consuming them at the same time. Turmeric, the yellow Indian spice used in curry, is known to have anti-cancer and general anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea also has anti-cancer properties. These two substances potentiate each other.

She added that social support is also essential. It’s crucial to the healing process to feel loved and supported.

Cancer hates oxygen

Considering that cancer can’t tolerate oxygen, doesn’t it make sense that cancer patients should give their cancer cells a good blast of it? That was the subject of the talk by Dr. Donald Jolly-Gabriel, Ph.D., a hyperbaric oxygen expert who practices at the South Coast Medical Center in Newport Beach, California.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the most effective anti-cancer therapies offered at Dr. Jolly-Gabriel’s clinic. In this therapy the patient enters a metallic chamber that’s sealed shut, and then pressurized oxygen fills the chamber. Because of the pressure, the oxygen is literally crammed into the patient’s body, oxygenating the tissues and causing cancer cells to die by the millions.

“Oxygen is the most important element that the body needs,” he said. “It’s necessary to breathe properly. Nothing is more important for healing. When you increase oxygen, you increase healing.”

Practically every hospital in America has a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Oddly, it never occurs to conventional doctors that they should use these chambers for cancer patients.

Dr. Jolly-Gabriel teaches his patients what to expect during a hyperbaric oxygen treatment so they don’t become afraid after the chamber is sealed shut on them. It’s like the pressure you feel in your ears when an airplane gains altitude: you have to swallow to adjust to the change in pressure.

How often should a cancer patient get hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Dr. Jolly-Gabriel generally recommends four times per week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, taking off Wednesday and the weekend.

He says, “Don’t take off three days in a row. Otherwise you’ll lose the cumulative benefit. Four times per week is good. Every day is even better.” It’s an inexpensive therapy, in sharp contrast to exorbitantly expensive chemo drugs and radiation.

Dr. Jolly-Gabriel mentioned that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also effective for brain injuries and for wounds that are slow to heal. Many patients have avoided amputations, he said, because of hyperbaric oxygen treatment. But once gangrene sets in, it’s probably too late even for hyperbaric oxygen to help.

Stop unnecessary prostate surgeries!

Documentary film producer Peter Starr gave an update on his film “Options for Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery, Drugs, or Radiation.” His own prostate cancer was diagnosed 11 years ago, but he said no to the conventional “cut-burn-poison” therapies. Instead, he chose natural healing only.

He’s highly critical of the PSA test because it has caused devastation among the male population, resulting in unnecessary biopsies and unnecessary surgeries. He added that no conventional therapy has shown any value for prostate cancer over doing nothing.

“The question isn’t ‘Do I have prostate cancer?’ but ‘Do I have an aggressive prostate cancer?’ Doctors can’t tell, so they over-treat. Eighty-five percent of prostatectomies were unnecessary, based on pathology exams of their removed prostates. Many men are in diapers and impotent because of this surgery, which they never needed,” Starr said.

He also cautioned men against undergoing a biopsy of the prostate, which results in blood in urine and semen for days. Yet doctors love to biopsy the prostate. He said, “Some physicians take the ‘drill more holes, find more oil’ approach.”

I would only add that surgical removal of the prostate and, in some cases, radiation therapy do “cure” early stage prostate cancer — the disease doesn’t return. Mr. Starr’s point is that, in most cases, the disease doesn’t pose a significant threat and these extreme procedures aren’t necessary.

“Never fear cancer again”

Author Raymond Francis, M.Sc., gave an impassioned speech about the title of his book, Never Fear Cancer Again. He said people fear cancer because conventional medicine doesn’t have a solution. But once you learn how to prevent and reverse cancer, there’s no reason to fear it.

He explained that modern medicine doesn’t have a clue as to what cancer is. Conventional doctors think cancer is a thing that you can cut out, burn out, poison to death. But cancer is not a “thing.” That’s why they fail.

Rather, he said cancer is a biological process that we turn on and that produces tumors. Little is accomplished by removing or destroying the tumor if the process that produced it is still operating. It’s necessary to shut down the cancer-producing process!

“Cancer is an oxygen deficiency disease. That’s the cause of cancer,” he said. Mr. Francis said it’s necessary to normalize the body’s pH by becoming more alkaline. (Please note: Cancer Defeated doesn’t accept this description of the disease; we do agree that cancer is a process.)

Francis recommended a three-point detox because “the average person is a toxic waste dump.” The steps are: (1) Stop putting toxins into the body. People have personal control over 80 percent of their toxic load. Fluoridated toothpaste is an example of a toxic product that people should avoid. (2) Support the body’s ability to detoxify itself. This requires nutrients like vitamin C. (3) Get the stored toxins out of the body. The best way to accomplish that, he said, is with an infrared sauna: “A sauna is an essential household appliance.”

I agree with all three of these steps.

Two other things are essential, according to Mr. Francis. It’s necessary to manage stress, because uncontrolled stress is a killer. It’s also necessary to remove sugar from your life because it’s a deadly metabolic poison.

Mr. Francis practices what he preaches. He says that although he’s 80 years old, tests show he’s biologically like a man in his 20s. He never gets sick or tired.

Why every cancer patient should use DMSO

Author Archie Scott presented a talk on DMSO in which he asserted that this amazing substance is effective in the treatment of practically every ailment known — brain injuries, strokes, cancer, auto-immune diseases, and others.

Why? Because it’s a potent anti-inflammatory with no adverse side effects. It’s also a potent free-radical scavenger. Furthermore, it’s one of the few substances that will cross the blood-brain barrier and will carry other agents with it.

Mr. Scott related a remarkable story about a football player who retired from the NFL 30 years ago. Three years ago he had advanced traumatic encephalopathy. It wasn’t caused by one major event in which he got his “bell rung” but rather by many minor brain traumas — perhaps hundreds or more. Following DMSO treatment, this ex-football player completely regained his brain health.

Many of the best holistic cancer doctors use DMSO to potentiate IV treatments such as high dose vitamin C and laetrile. DMSO is also effective when used with chemotherapy because it reduces the side-effects of the toxic drug. That’s why Mr. Scott said that DMSO should be used whether the patient chooses conventional or alternative treatment.

Warning about the cancer/EMF link

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D., the author of EMF Freedom, told her personal story about becoming a recluse with wrecked health as the result of EMF poisoning. EMF stands for electro-magnetic frequencies. Overexposure to EMFs can cause a wide variety of symptoms that can also set people up for cancer.

Holding a cell phone to your ear, for example, for too many hours a day can put you at risk for brain cancer. She declared, “Children using cell phones before the age of 20 is an absolute crime.” (According to one study I’ve seen, you should use a cell no more than a half hour a day.)

According to Dr. Plourde, smart meters are particularly dangerous. These utility meters have now replaced human meter readers in many neighborhoods. If you learn that smart meters are going to be installed on your street, she urges you to opt out if possible.

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