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How to Boost the Super Antioxidant SOD

By Lee Euler / April 8, 2015

By Andrew Scholberg, Author of German Cancer Breakthrough and

co-author of The Amish Cancer Secret and America’s Best Cancer Doctors

(This is the second of three articles about the 2015 Annie Appleseed cancer conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.)

Listen up, because this news from the Annie Appleseed cancer conference could be a lifesaver for you.

Dr. Darlene McCord is a researcher who holds six patents for medical devices. She developed many of the skin- and wound-care products in the American marketplace today. She’s totally committed to the use of natural, pesticide-free ingredients.

She gave the cancer patients in the audience general encouragement – packaged with a valuable, specific tip: “You have such an incredible body, and it can fight back. You need some tools. You have to change the status of your immune system. Think about boosting your levels of glutathione and manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD).”

What she means is, our bodies produce their own antioxidants that can beat the pants off the ones you pay for in the store. But most of us have compromised our ability to make these valuable molecules. Turn that around, and you’re on your way to a long, long life!

As readers of this newsletter already know, glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD) are the most prominent of these antioxidants. They can be the difference between health and sickness. So anything we can do to boost our levels is like the holy grail of health care.

Unfortunately, it does little or no good to take glutathione or SOD by mouth. But Dr. McCord may have a breakthrough solution for that…

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Dr. Victor Marchione

Dr. McCord’s flagship skin care product, Olivamine 10®, has been shown to boost the level of MnSOD by 50 percent. MnSOD or manganese superoxide dismutase is one of the family of different SOD molecules. From what I can learn, it’s one of the most useful, having a particular impact on the mitochondria – the cell’s energy factories.

Dr. McCord declared, “This is immunotherapy! The body is a chemical factory. If we give the body the right raw materials, it can manufacture the chemicals it needs.”

Olivamine 10® doesn’t contain MnSOD and glutathione. Rather, it contains a potent antioxidant called N-acetyl-L-cysteine, which enables the body to produce glutathione and the powerful free radical scavenging enzyme MnSOD.

Dr. McCord states with certainty that her product penetrates the skin and enters the body so the chemical process can take place. She asserted, “If I present the skin with a molecule under 500 Daltons [atomic mass units], it’s going in. If it’s more than 500 Daltons, it’s not going in. No ifs, ands, or buts!”

She also had some general tips for cancer patients. She encouraged them to stick up for themselves and not allow themselves to be bullied or railroaded into treatments that may not be right for them. When a doctor tries to rush a patient into treatment, she urges the patient to reply, “STOP! This isn’t your cancer. This is my cancer. And we’re going to have a little discussion about all the things you want to do to me because I’m going to be involved.”

A weak muscle can mean you’ve got a problem

Scott Einhorn, a chiropractic doctor and certified nutritionist, gave Annie Appleseed attendees a provocative presentation on the “Role of Applied Kinesiology in Cancer Treatment.” Dr. Einhorn, who practices in Boca Raton, Florida, declared that he wanted the audience to be in a state of disbelief. He wanted us to say, “No freakin’ way!”

Applied kinesiology is difficult to explain. It’s a way of testing functional neurology. In other words, how well do the muscles obey the “command and control” center, our “CPU” (central processing unit) — that is, the brain.

A patient with perfectly healthy, normal muscles may be unable to engage certain muscles if the central nervous system isn’t firing on all cylinders. With the help of several volunteers, he demonstrated such impairments, to the surprise of the volunteers and the amazement of the audience. He said the impairments are easily correctible by a competent practitioner in applied kinesiology.

If you’ve been around the alternative health world for a while, you’ve probably encountered this technique. Usually the practitioner will ask you to hold in your hand, for example, a substance that you might be allergic to. He will then try to prevent you from moving your arm while you push against his force. If the substance is something to which you have a bad reaction, your arm will be weak.

It’s a controversial approach. I know very respected doctors who swear by it and others who say it’s complete nonsense.

Moving on to another subject, Dr. Einhorn told us that what he calls “structure” is the most overlooked aspect of health for the cancer patient. Structure includes gait, breathing, spinal and cranial motion, vision, patterns of muscle relaxation, and lymph motion. All of these things, he said, affect the meridian system, which circulates energy throughout the body.

“You have to move,” he said, “or else sooner or later it will bite you in the butt, no exceptions, no question.” Getting the nervous system in perfect synch is crucial because it controls everything, and you won’t heal if it’s dysfunctional.

The most important therapy is exercise. It provides you with oxygenation and delivery of nutrients by way of good fluid motion. Swimming is the best lymphatic exercise because it’s anti-gravity (your body weighs less in the water). Dr. Einhorn added that gently bouncing on a mini-trampoline, an exercise called rebounding, is also effective for lymphatic movement.

The liver is always involved in cancer

Dr. Einhorn believes that every case of cancer without exception involves the liver: “Unresolved chronic anger burdens and affects the liver. Somewhere in the mix there’s an unresolved anger issue. It has to be dug out. Emotions are the most powerful force working for us or against us.”

He said cancer patients can have a deficiency of the right emotions or an excess of the wrong emotions — sometimes both.

He cautioned against “silver” (mercury) amalgam dental fillings, which he called a chemistry problem. Some cleaning products also cause chemistry problems, as do pesticides. Fluorine is okay for teeth, he said, but not fluoride.

Dr. Einhorn gave cancer patients some general recommendations for detoxification. First, aim for emotional detox — “the stuff you know about and the stuff you don’t know about.” Second, detox the bowel, kidneys, and liver: “Make them happy, healthy, and get them moving.” He strongly recommended dry skin brushing, which he called an “extraordinary” way to help detox through the skin.

Plant extracts with “ideal” anticancer properties

The next speaker, Dr. John Hall, Ph.D, spoke about a natural treatment for prostate, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer. He recommends two powerful plant extracts that, in his opinion, possess “ideal” anti-cancer properties. One of them, Pao Pereira, is from the Amazon rainforest. The other, Rauwolfia Vomitoria, is from West Africa.

The action of these herbal extracts is selective: they enter cancer cells, not normal cells, and target the destabilized DNA in the cancer cells. The extracts are synergistic with each other and with a wide range of anti-cancer drugs. In addition, the extracts have low toxicity and are anti-inflammatory.

Why cancer patients need a fever!

Janina Leckler, a speaker who came all the way from Cologne, Germany, spoke about the anti-cancer effect of hyperthermia. Readers of this newsletter should be thoroughly familiar with this famous heat therapy. It’s one of the most important and proven cancer treatments.

Ms. Leckler’s company provides doctors with sophisticated machines that artificially create a fever. Her company also has machines that can heat up a specific part of the body, which is called local hyperthermia.
Ms. Leckler pointed out that the Greek physician Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended hyperthermia.

He recognized that a fever has a healing effect.

This is especially true of cancer because cancer cells are weak, abnormal, and don’t tolerate heat very well. Normal cells, by contrast, can survive the heat of a fever.

Ms. Leckler showed impressive “before” and “after” photos of some cancer patients who were treated by the famous German physician Dr. Alexander Herzog, M.D., and other German doctors.

These photos were graphic, reminding me what an ugly, dreadful disease cancer is. One photo showed a shocking, inoperable tumor above a 38-year-old female patient’s eye. Using hyperthermia, it was even possible to treat the eye area without harming the patient or endangering the patient’s vision. She got rid of the cancerous tumor.

Most German doctors use hyperthermia with some radiation or with low-dose chemo, but Ms. Leckler said some doctors use it successfully as a stand-alone method.

Hyperthermia, which should be a standard treatment for cancer because it’s effective and non-toxic, is difficult to find in America. In Germany hyperthermia is common, but it’s only approved for cancer treatment. Even so, some doctors are successfully using hyperthermia to treat Lyme disease.

Ms. Leckler said that hyperthermia is now available in two Canadian cities, Vancouver and Toronto. Her company is hoping to obtain official approval in the United States. One can only hope the authorities will see the good sense of permitting this valuable treatment.

The Germans have proved the effectiveness and safety of hyperthermia in 662 clinical studies involving more than 3,500 patients in 14 clinics. Conducting similar studies in America would be a needless waste of time and money. Hyperthermia is already well proven to be an effective treatment.

Have a vasectomy, increase prostate cancer risk

A naturopathic physician, Dr. Geo Espinosa, N.D., spoke on ‘Integrative Management of Prostate Cancer: What works and what doesn’t.” He pointed out that there’s a link between vasectomies and prostate cancer. He said, “If you’ve had a vasectomy, don’t necessarily get your affairs in order, but take steps to protect yourself.”

If you’re a cancer patient, he urges you to get out of your comfort zone and do what you don’t feel like doing. If you don’t feel like exercising, exercise! If you don’t feel like eating broccoli, eat it!

“Drink the green tea!”

At his practice in New York, Dr. Espinosa offers a lifestyle workshop for cancer patients. The recommended lifestyle changes include ten minutes a day of meditation, ten minutes a day of stillness, deep breathing, and clearing your mind. These practices reduce cortisol — a stress hormone. “Buy into it,” he urged the audience. With a twinkle in his eye, he said, “Drink the green tea!” — a remark that elicited laughter.

He said patients need three hours a week of moderate activity: “You need to sweat and you need to move. The chair [a sedentary lifestyle] might be the biggest factor in disease. You need to move, move, move, move, move.”

But don’t overdo the exercise. Dr. Espinosa cautioned that running a marathon weakens the immune system. Excessive exercise overwhelms the body with free radicals.

How to make pasta and pizza “healthy” foods

Dr. Espinosa has a simple system for ranking foods based on a 1 to 5 scale. He explained, “Fours and fives are great. Ones and twos are bad. Threes are neutral. Pasta, for example, is a one! If you have a fist-size portion of a “one” food like pasta, add some fours and fives. If you add a good tomato sauce with no sugar, now it’s a 1.5. Add garlic and rosemary, and now we’re up to a two. How about adding broccoli? Now it’s a 2.5. If you want Fettuccine Alfredo, you’re in trouble!”

Herbs and spices are phenomenal, Dr. Espinosa said. You can turn pizza from a “one” to a 2.5 by adding broccoli and spices.

What about meat? Dr. Espinosa said, “Here’s the deal. Grilled and charred meat is carcinogenic. So is grilled fish. Get grass-fed meat, cook it, stew it, and enjoy it!”

Regarding supplements, he said some are good and others aren’t. Avoid synthetic vitamin E and seek out a natural source. On the other hand, make sure you get plenty of natural vitamin D.

“If you’re not taking vitamin D right now, you’re not serious about living well. Vitamin D is the most inexpensive dietary supplement that money can buy.” He recommends taking grape seed extract, and he also likes curcumin, which he calls the “king herb for cancer. If you’re serious about health, you’ll take curcumin.”

While he recognizes the value of pomegranates, he said, “A pomegranate martini doesn’t cut it.” His website is

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