Where Hollywood stars and famous athletes go to beat cancer
Cancer Defeated

Dear Friend,

When they get cancer, millionaire celebrities from some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in America head south of the border for forbidden medical treatments. That’s right. They go to Mexico for treatments banned in America.

You probably know the names of some of these millionaires.

You probably recall movie and TV actor Eddie Albert, who starred with Eva Gabor in the 1960s sitcom “Green Acres.” Eddie took his wife to Mexico to defeat her cancer. He was so pleased with the treatment she received that he appeared in an educational video promoting forbidden cancer treatments.

Perhaps you saw actress Rebecca De Mornay in “Risky Business” with Tom Cruise. Or you might have seen her in “Wedding Crashers” or “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.” When Rebecca’s wealthy mother got cancer, she went to Mexico for forbidden cancer treatments.

Max Factor heir’s ‘terminal’ cancer is ‘CURED’

Let me give you another example. In November of 1986, cosmetic tycoon Max Factor’s son Donald came down with one of the deadliest, most aggressive forms of cancer. I’m talking about carcinoma of the lung that had already metastasized to his liver and spine.

At the time of the shocking diagnosis, Donald was 51 years old. He said, “I was told I only had six months to live. But 17 years later I’m still alive and kicking!” (He made that remark in 2003.) He credits his astounding recovery to the forbidden cancer treatments he received in Mexico.

Most amazingly, Donald’s doctors have pronounced him “cured.”

Donald says, “I went back regularly for check-ups, and after about three years of being in remission the doctors said I was cured. I said, ‘I thought in the cancer business you were never cured.’ And they said, ‘Well, it’s silly to keep writing down “Remission” year after year. We’ll see you whenever you want to come back.’ And that was that...”

A legendary Mexican doctor to American millionaires
passed on her amazing health secrets before she died

One of Mexico’s most legendary doctors was Frances Rosetti, M.D. She became famous for beating cancer using natural methods only — no surgery, no radiation, no chemotherapy, nothing with side effects. Almost all of her patients were millionaires from places like Palm Springs, Pebble Beach, Beverly Hills, and Bel-Air.

Dr. Rosetti has left this world. But before she died she passed on all of her vast medical knowledge – every health secret she knew — to another doctor who’s fast becoming a legend in his own time. I’ll tell you more about him later.

Of course, American millionaires could easily afford the Mayo Clinic or any other American clinic or hospital. And they could also afford the newest cancer drugs, which cost $10,000 a month. Yes, you heard me right. I said $10,000 a month; that’s $120,000 a year!

But many American millionaires turn up their noses at American medicine, pack their bags, and head south of the border.

Why? Because they know the secret.

They know about the forbidden treatments — banned in America — that whip cancer. They know cancer can be beaten without disfiguring surgery or heavy blasts of burning radiation or poisonous rounds of chemo. And they find hope and healing in Mexico.

But it’s not just American millionaires who go to Mexico for forbidden cancer treatments. A few other Americans know the secret — including the Amish from Wisconsin, who’ve been going to Mexico for years to successfully treat their cancer. About 1,000 Americans each year go to Mexico to seek healing for their cancer.

The secret is starting to leak out: If you get cancer, there are vastly better alternatives than surgery, radiation, and chemo, which I call the cut/burn/poison approach to cancer treatment.

My Mom needlessly died a painful death from cancer

If one of your loved ones is struggling with cancer right now, I know exactly how you feel. Let me introduce myself to you.  I'm Frank Cousineau, the president of two nonprofit organizations devoted to battling cancer.  I'm involved in the fight against cancer because my Mom died an early and painful death from cancer.

That tragedy was a turning point in my life. It inspired me to embark on a quest to find out if something could have been done to save her life. Even though my Mom was gone, I didn’t want to see any more of my loved ones needlessly die an early death from cancer.

And I don’t want you or any of your loved ones to undergo the drastic surgery and poisonous chemo my Mom underwent — all to no avail.

In a moment I’ll tell you about some astounding recoveries from cancer — even in “terminal” and “hopeless” cases. But first, let me briefly tell you what my Mom went through in her cancer ordeal.

When my Mom got uterine cancer in 1956, the doctors recommended a pan-hysterectomy. In other words, they wanted to cut out her uterus and both of her ovaries. She underwent the operation, and the doctors pronounced it a success. But the cancer snuck back in 1966, reappearing as colon cancer.

Medical stubbornness is killing patients
every day in America just as it killed my Mom

Again the doctors recommended drastic surgery, so Mom let them cut out a large portion of her colon. She was never the same after that. In 1973 her colon cancer once again reared its ugly head.

This time the doctors recommended a harsh regimen of chemo that’s still in common use today. The chemo didn’t just make my Mom sick to her stomach. It made her wretch so violently and feel so weak that she never wanted to take another round of that chemo again. And she didn’t. She slid downhill and needlessly died an early and painful death.

Today, I do all I can to help people defeat cancer by promoting health alternatives. That’s why I volunteer for two non-profit organizations devoted to informing cancer patients about effective alternative therapies and helping them take advantage of those therapies.

I’ve also volunteered as a clinic tour guide, having led between 65 and 70 bus tours of the state-of-the-art cancer clinics in Mexico. I’ve lost count of the exact number of tours I’ve given.

So many cancer patients have taken my bus tour over the years — and gone on to successful treatment — that I’ve lost count of them. Let me give you a couple of examples...

Brain tumor healed without surgery!

Brian L. from Colorado had a brain tumor pressing against one of his eyes. After taking my bus tour he went to Mexico for treatment in November, 2003.

At this writing almost three years later he’s living a normal life — free of cancer. He even moved to San Diego to be closer to the clinic. He’s impressed with his doctor, and deeply grateful for his amazing recovery.

Ellen W. from New York had breast cancer. She went on my tour in November of 2005 and is happy with the treatment she received in Mexico. I talked to her a couple of months ago, and she’s doing fine. I could go on and on.

Through my numerous visits to the Mexican cancer clinics, I’ve become friends with some of the finest physicians in the world — doctors who are turning “hopeless” and “terminal” cancer patients completely around.

In fact, if my Mom had known about the alternatives in cancer treatment when she first got cancer, I believe she wouldn’t have suffered so much and her life wouldn’t have been cut short.

I make my living as an insurance agent, but my true passion in life is my volunteer work to beat cancer.

Now I’ve realized that my bus tours and my work for non-profit organizations is reaching only a tiny fraction of the people who need to know about the miracle cancer clinics just south of the border.

So I’ve prepared a special step-by-step guide called Cancer Defeated! How rich and poor alike get well in foreign clinics. It has names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, detailed descriptions of selected clinics, even recommended hotels! If you’d like a copy, just click at the button to the right. But meanwhile, let me tell you more...

The shocking facts about cancer today

If you’re like most Americans, you’re concerned about cancer — the “Big C.” Indeed, cancer is America’s most dreaded disease. And for good reason.

Do you realize that American men today have a one in two chance of getting cancer? The odds are a little better for women: “Only” one American woman in three will get cancer.

No wonder we Americans are so afraid of cancer. In spite of the billions spent on the “war on cancer,” the illness is more common than ever. And most Americans fear the cancer treatments almost as much as the disease. If the cancer doesn’t kill the patient, the treatment often does!

The American medical establishment offers cancer patients only three treatment options:

  • Drastic surgery that can leave you permanently disfigured
  • Harsh radiation treatments that burn not just the cancer cells but many of your healthy cells and organs, too
  • Toxic chemo that doesn’t target the tumor but blindly spreads poison throughout your body, leaving you weak, weary, and violently sickened

You get to choose what treatment is right for you

For a HEFTY fee, American doctors and hospitals will be glad to cut you, burn you, or poison you. They’ll even do all three if you want, as long as you have enough medical insurance or money to pay for the treatment.

And despite these unbelievably harsh treatments, the cancer often sneaks back and overwhelms the patient who seemed to be getting better, resulting in an early and painful death.

Exactly what happened to my Mom.

If you trust the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the pharmaceutical giants, and if you’re satisfied with the American medical establishment’s cut-burn-poison approach to treating cancer, you might as well stop reading this right now, because you’ve already made your choice. If you believe the usual method of treatment is best for you, I support your decision and hope the treatment works.

But if you’re interested in more effective ways to defeat cancer with NO SIDE EFFECTS, keep reading. You’ll be shocked and delighted by what’s available.

If you or a loved one are struggling with cancer and looking for hope, I’m going to give you hope. Not false hope. I’m going to tell you true stories about American cancer patients who were given just “months” or even “weeks” to live but turned their cancer around.

Indeed, the doctors’ death sentences would have come true if these “terminal” patients hadn’t discovered the FORBIDDEN treatments available south of the border.

So even if a doctor has pronounced your case “terminal” or “hopeless,” and even if he’s given you only a few months or weeks to live, I’m going to give you a bright ray of hope.

Is there a conspiracy between the FDA, the pharmaceutical giants,
and the politicians to hide the truth from you?

You’re probably wondering why American doctors routinely recommend surgery, radiation, and chemo for cancer treatment if there really are better methods with no side effects. The explanation is simple.

The FDA, the greedy pharmaceutical giants (“Big Pharma”), and their despicable puppets in Congress have been in bed together for years. They’ve been conspiring to hide the truth not just from the American public but also from American doctors.

You see, the American medical establishment hates what’s going on in the Mexican cancer clinics. And the media never lose an opportunity to distort the truth and unjustly smear these clinics.

Mainstream reporters “forget” key facts

For example, when the media reported that Coretta Scott King had died from cancer at a Mexican clinic, they “forgot” to mention some key facts: She never received any treatment for cancer in Mexico. Rather, she received all of her cancer treatment in the United States.

Coretta Scott King was already at death’s door when she decided to go to Mexico in desperation. But she had waited too long. Before any Mexican doctor had an opportunity to examine her, she passed away.

American doctors typically recommend surgery, radiation, and chemo because they don’t know about the alternatives. American medical schools don’t teach about alternatives because they’re locked into teaching what they’ve always taught: that drugs are the remedy for practically every medical problem, especially cancer.

Drugs, drugs, drugs.

I’m going to spill the beans and tell you
what ‘Big Pharma’ doesn’t want you to know

Well, I’ve had it with all the slick advertising about the newest drugs. That’s why I’m going to spill the beans. I’m going to tell you what the FDA and the money-hungry drug companies don’t want you to know.

And if they don’t like it, that’s tough.

The new $10,000-a-month cancer drugs are a total fraud

To say that the new $10,000-a-month cancer drugs are a fraud would be an understatement. Even if you could afford to spend $120,000 a year to take these drugs, they don’t do the job. You’d think that cancer drugs that expensive would at least cure cancer, wouldn’t you? But they don’t!

These outrageously overpriced potions are even too much for some leaders of America’s medical establishment.

For example, Marcia Angell, M.D., the former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine and the author of The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It, questions whether the ultra-expensive new cancer drugs are worth the price: “It’s really exploiting the desperation of people with a life-threatening illness.”

I can only agree.

And researcher Leonard Saltz of New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center says most new cancer drugs prolong patients’ lives by only a few weeks or months. And those drugs are the best medicine America can come up with?

There’s got to be a better way than spending a fortune on side-effects-causing drugs that give you little benefit and don’t even cure the disease. And there is!

Now let me tell you some amazing stories to prove my point. Prepare to be astounded.

American doctors gave the Pittsburgh toddler ‘six months to live’

Back in 1983 Jeremy Snyder, a Pittsburgh toddler, became desperately ill with cancer. The doctors gave his parents the heartbreaking news: Jeremy had a brain stem tumor that was inoperable because of the high risk of bleeding. They said little Jeremy was “terminal” and gave him no more than six months to live.

If Jeremy’s parents had listened to the American doctors, Jeremy would be dead right now. But somehow his parents had heard about other treatment options in Mexico — treatments that are forbidden in America. So they brought little Jeremy to a young Mexican doctor. The doctor told them there was hope.

Then he defeated Jeremy’s cancer using three kinder, gentler treatments — without any surgery, chemo, or radiation.

You may have heard of some of these treatments. One is DMSO administered through an IV drip. I reveal the other two in my Special Report. Even though you can buy DMSO in America, no U.S. doctor will give it to you through an IV drip. But you won’t get the huge therapeutic benefit from DMSO unless you receive it by IV.

Today Jeremy is alive and well. He’s graduated from college, and he’s married.

The remarkable doctor who beat Jeremy’s cancer is still working miracles at his modest clinic. He’s become a good friend of mine. I call him the Marcus Welby, M.D., of Mexico. His patients love him, and he loves his patients. In 26 years of practicing medicine he’s never had one complaint from a patient.

You can find this amazing doctor’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and Website in my Special Report Cancer Defeated! I’ll be glad to send this publication to you instantly as a digital download, or you can receive a print copy by mail if you prefer. And you’re completely protected by my 100-percent risk-free iron-clad unconditional 365-day money-back guarantee.

Simply click here and I’ll rush you this vital information, along with contact information for 14 other reputable clinics that offer forbidden treatments.

‘My doctor gave me just three weeks to live,’
says former breast cancer patient

It’s a good thing Gayla W., a middle-aged lady from Arkansas, didn’t listen to her doctors. She was so full of cancer they told her she had just three weeks to live. Imagine the shock of hearing that!

Let me tell you Gayla’s remarkable story.

In 2004 Gayla got into her car and tried to turn the ignition key. The stress of that simple motion caused her arm to “pop” right above the elbow. That’s right. She actually snapped her arm bone just from trying to turn a key.

At first, her doctor thought it was just a broken bone. Later Gayla learned the shocking truth. She had bone cancer. And also breast cancer. She went downhill FAST! Soon she couldn’t even walk.

She lost 80 pounds and couldn’t talk or move. Her pain was off the scale, so the hospital loaded her up with morphine, as they often do with terminal patients.

As Gayla was dying, the doctors said it was time to move her into the hospice because she had just “three weeks left to live.” They gave up on her.

American hospital tried to put the kibosh on trip to Mexico

But Gayla’s family somehow learned about the remarkable success stories coming from the Mexican cancer clinics. When Gayla’s doctors found out her family was planning to take her to Mexico for alternative treatments, they put the kibosh on the idea. They said she was too ill to travel and that she’d never survive the trip.

Gayla was so near death she was unconscious most of the time. Her family placed her in the back of a van, and they drove straight through to Mexico. They didn’t even stop for meals — just for gas.

On February 2, 2005, Gayla’s family showed up at the front door of one of Mexico’s finest hospitals, without an appointment. When the Mexican doctor learned how urgent her situation was — that she was unconscious in the back of a van in the parking lot — he exclaimed, “We’ll see her right now!”

When he examined Gayla’s x-rays, the doctor didn’t know whether there was hope. He could see at a glance that her cancer was advanced. But he told her family he thought he could help her.

Remember, Gayla’s American doctors had loaded her up with morphine to control her severe pain. Her Mexican doctors took her off all painkilling drugs and controlled her pain with natural substances. She hasn’t had any pain medication since. Nor has she had any pain.

‘Terminal’ patient’s cancer markers drop like a lead weight –
and her diabetes is cured, too!

The hospital gave her no drugs whatsoever. I met Gayla in April, 2006, when she was back at the hospital for follow-up treatment. She said, “I can walk now. I’ve been walking for a few months. My cancer markers have gone WAY DOWN. They were 3,489 in January of 2005, and within six months they were down to 230.” One of her daughters added that another one of her mother’s cancer markers dropped from 154 to 30.

It’s remarkable enough that Gayla came from the edge of death to beat cancer. But she received an extra benefit she never expected.

You see, before she got cancer she was a type-two diabetic who had needed two insulin shots a day. After her cancer treatments, she told me she hadn’t had an insulin shot for a year — not even one. Amazingly, her doctor pronounced her diabetes completely cured eight months ago.

At one point Gayla didn’t know whether she’d ever walk again. Now she’s up and around — living a full life, running her flower shop. She says, “It’s amazing. I feel good. I can do things for myself. I work. I go to the flower shop every day. The day before Valentine’s Day I put in 18 hours and answered the phone for every phone order that came in.”

Americans are needlessly dying of cancer every day!

Her husband added, “It’s frustrating to be in the florist business because we do funerals every week. We buried a beautiful young lady who died of cancer. I felt within my heart that she could have still been living had she gotten the treatment my wife got.”

I feel the same way whenever I see pictures of young women or middle-aged women in the obituary column. More often than not the obituary column says the women died after a struggle with breast or ovarian cancer.

But it’s not just women who are needlessly dying from cancer. Men are dying from prostate cancer and other forms of cancer — sometimes undergoing drastic, painful, unnecessary, and costly medical treatments. I feel so sad and so helpless when I look at photos of those who needlessly died an early death from cancer. If only I could have told each one of them about the treatment options available in Mexico.

That’s why I want to shout my message
about health alternatives from the rooftops.

I can’t do that. But I CAN send you a Special Report I’ve prepared called Cancer Defeated! How rich and poor alike get well in foreign clinics. The report has everything you and your family need to know to make an informed decision about seeking treatment abroad.

Gayla’s first visit to the Mexican hospital lasted 23 days. In America the bill for 23 days in the hospital would have been six figures. In Mexico it cost about as much as a used mini-van. And American health insurance usually covers it.

Caring treatment in a delightful atmosphere

Gayla raves about the treatment she received at this remarkable hospital. She says, “The treatment is wonderful. There’s nothing painful about any of it. They had given up on me at home. People don’t know about this hospital. The nurses are fantastic here. They’re the NICEST people. These wonderful treatments aren’t available to most Americans. Most cancer patients would be able to make it if they could have the kinds of treatments I’ve had here. It’s a cheerful place — like an oasis in the desert.”

You can find this amazing hospital’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and Website in my Special Report Cancer Defeated! I’ll be glad to send it to you with a 100-percent risk-free iron-clad unconditional 365-day money-back guarantee. Simply click here, and I’ll rush you this vital information, along with the contact information about 14 other reputable clinics that offer forbidden treatments.

The prostate cancer patient who said NO to an orchectomy

A 76-year-old man came down with a severe case of prostate cancer. The cancer had even spread to his bones. He was on morphine to control the pain, and he couldn’t walk without a cane.

The doctors recommended drastic surgery: an orchectomy. In other words, they wanted to surgically remove his testicles. Well, like any man, he was pretty darn reluctant to sign off on that! He said no.

And, he found a Mexican doctor who told him he knew of other ways to treat his prostate cancer. He used natural therapies to bring his cancer under control. These amazing therapies defeated his cancer WITHOUT SURGERY, and he was even able to walk without the use of a cane.

Liver cancer patient defies doctors who told her,
‘That’s the end’

In 1980 an Australian lady suffering from malignant melanoma in her lymph nodes had let doctors remove them. But the cancer came back and metastasized in her liver. The Australian doctors told her, “That’s the end.” In desperation, she came to a Mexican hospital for treatment. All of a sudden her tumor started shrinking and improving.

Having beaten her cancer, she couldn’t wait to go back to Australia and show her doctors her new x-rays. Remember, Australian doctors had given her up for dead before she went to the Mexican hospital.

When she showed the doctors her x-rays she declared, “I’m here! If anybody wants to feel my liver, you’re welcome.”

One of her doctors stood up and, in a spiteful tone of voice, sneered, “You’re just a lucky lady” and walked out. He didn’t even ask how she got rid of her cancer. Nobody asked, “How are you still alive?” or “What did you do?” They couldn’t handle the truth.

The lady who beat her ‘terminal’ breast cancer,
despite her rotten attitude!

During cancer therapy, a positive attitude certainly helps the healing process. But I know of a woman who came to a Mexican hospital in 1995 with severe breast cancer. Frankly, she had a rotten attitude toward medical treatment.

Her family had pushed her to go to this hospital, but she was sour about it. When she arrived she had an ugly tumor. She felt bad and looked bad.

She told the doctor, “I don’t want any treatment — not even a shot. No drugs. No surgery. No chemo. No radiation. Nothing that hurts.” Her long list of restrictions left few treatment options. The only choices left were natural treatments that have no side effects.

Her doctor likes to show other doctors this lady’s first x-ray scans and ask, “What would you recommend for a patient who’s this far gone with breast cancer?” Usually the colleague, thinking the x-rays were taken recently, says something to this effect: “Well, she should get radiation first, then chemo, and then surgery. But she’s not going to make it.”

The doctor then shocks and astounds the colleague by replying, “What would you think if I told you that her x-rays were taken 11 years ago and that she’s been coming here for 11 years?” This lady is now as fit as a fiddle, which is all the more surprising when you consider that she came to the hospital with such a bad attitude.

The doctor who learned all the health secrets
of the legendary Dr. Frances Rosetti

Her doctor is the man I told you about earlier — the man who learned all the health secrets of the legendary Dr. Frances Rosetti before she died. He’s becoming a legend in his own time. You can find this amazing doctor’s name, and the hospital’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and Website in my Special Report Cancer Defeated! I’ll be glad to send it to you instantly as a digital download, or you can receive a print copy by mail if you prefer.

And you’re completely protected by my 100-percent risk-free iron-clad unconditional 365-day money-back guarantee. Just click here, and I’ll rush you this vital information, along with contact information for 14 other reputable clinics that offer forbidden treatments.

My iron-clad unconditional 365-day money-back guarantee

When you order my Special Report, you have a full 365 days to read it, ponder it, use it, and evaluate it. You MUST be delighted and thrilled with it, and I’m confident you will be. You MUST feel my Special Report is an outstanding investment in your health and the health of your loved ones. Otherwise, just ask for a refund by the 365th day, and I’ll give you a cheerful and prompt 100-percent refund of every penny of the full purchase price. No questions asked.

Plus, you get to keep the Special Report. You don’t have to return it. Well, as a practical matter you can’t return a digital download. But that’s O.K. You get to keep it whether you receive the instant digital download or a print copy in the mail. I believe you’re a fair-minded person as I am, and I trust you.

How can I afford to offer an unconditional 365-day guarantee when most other health authors offer only a 30- or 60-day guarantee, if they offer any guarantee at all? Because I’m confident you’ll be delighted and thrilled with this investment in your health. I want you to feel comfortable investing in my Special Report.

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Let me summarize what you’ll get when you receive my Special Report Cancer Defeated! You’ll get:

  • Detailed information about three of Mexico’s finest cancer clinics
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  • Practical information about what you’ll need if you decide to drive into Mexico
  • Where to stay if you decide to seek treatment in Mexico
  • Where to stay if you prefer to stay on the American side of the border during your outpatient treatment in Mexico. Names and phone numbers of excellent, reasonably priced motels that offer FREE daily shuttle service to the Mexican clinics
  • The name and phone number of the U.S. motel that offers RV hookup plus FREE daily shuttle service to the Mexican clinics
  • More stories of people who defeated “hopeless” cases of cancer
  • A powerful, natural, and inexpensive cancer remedy you can find in your local grocery store
  • Max Factor heir Donald Factor’s amazing story of surviving his ‘hopeless’ and ‘terminal’ case of cancer – in his own words.
  • A discount on my Mexican clinic information services, if you want help to find the right clinic for you

Remember, you can’t get the most effective cancer treatments here in the United States. Thanks to the conspiracy between the FDA, the greedy drug companies, and the politicians in Congress, these treatments are illegal and forbidden. But you can get them in Mexico.

Best of all, these amazing treatments have no side effects. And they cost only a fraction of what you’d spend on cancer treatment in America.

Sooner or later you, a friend, or a loved one will need the life-saving information I’m offering. That’s because one of every two men in America — and one of every three women — will get cancer. And that’s why you NEED to have my Special Report Cancer Defeated at hand. That way you’ll be ready to help any friend or relative who has the terrifying experience of hearing a doctor say: “You have cancer.”

I urge you to order my Special Report right now. If you don’t order it today, if you put it off, it could easily slip your mind altogether. And then you’d be without this life-saving information when a friend or loved one gets cancer. Even worse, your loved one might undergo disfiguring surgery, harsh radiation, and poisonous chemo for lack of knowledge about the life-saving alternatives.

Don’t let that happen.

Instead, be ready to offer your friends and loved ones a bright ray of hope when they get cancer. With my Special Report at hand, you’ll be able to offer your loved one a most precious gift: the gift of hope and health. And you might need the information for yourself someday. Order my Special Report right away. Don’t put it off.

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With kindest regards,

Frank Cousineau

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