Modern Medicine Now Acknowledges Ancient Chinese Secret Beats Leukemia – Cancer Defeated

Modern Medicine Now Acknowledges Ancient Chinese Secret Beats Leukemia

By Lee Euler / April 15, 2012

For more than 2,000 years, Chinese medicine has used arsenic to treat a variety of conditions such as syphilis and psoriasis.

I’m not pulling your leg! You probably know the chemical arsenic mainly as a poison used in many U.S. households to stop rats from invading the home. Despite this, it can be a highly effective remedy for a variety of ills.

Now, Chinese scientists have determined that it may also put the kybosh on leukemia cells, too. And U.S. scientists have confirmed their finding. This is exciting news for people who suffer from this form of cancer. . .

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Rediscovery of Lost Vitamin Stuns Medical World

    This “lost vitamin” kept our ancestors cancer free for thousands of years, but until recently was unknown.

New research has finally revealed the true identity of this lost vitamin. It’s been called nature’s “missing link to a cancer-free life.”

This vitamin is missing from our modern diet and over 90% of us are deficient! It has the power to kill specific kinds of cancer cells without harming the healthy cells around them.

And as you’ll see, it’s strong enough to treat bone loss, heart disease and Alzheimer’s, too.

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Right now you’re probably thinking, “Doesn’t arsenic cause cancer… and can’t it KILL you?”

The answer to both questions is yes. But arsenic can also have beneficial effects when administered properly. Recent scientific findings tell us why.

Arsenic is actually all around you…

    Arsenic is a natural element found in the earth’s crust, as well as in soil and minerals. Its compounds can be used in pesticides, wood preservatives and other industrial applications.

You may be exposed to arsenic by:

  • Breathing sawdust or smoke from arsenic-treated wood
  • Ingesting small amounts in food and water
  • Living near areas with high levels of arsenic in rock
  • Working where arsenic is made or used

According to the World Health Organization, long-term exposure to arsenic through contaminated drinking water has been linked to cancer of the skin, lungs, bladder and kidney.

And some less life-threatening conditions associated with arsenic exposure include diarrhea… drowsiness… headaches… and muscle cramps…

So what makes scientists think this lethal carcinogen also can be an effective remedy against cancer?

Used for more than 2,000 years and counting

    As mentioned at the outset, Chinese medical practitioners have actively promoted using arsenic for at least two millennia. But record of its use as a cancer therapy is more recent…

In 1992, a group of Chinese doctors first demonstrated that arsenic could be an effective treatment for the blood and bone marrow cancer known as acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL).

Of the initial 32 patients treated with arsenic, 16 survived more than 5 years without additional therapy!

The positive reports of these and other treatment results from China led to a pivotal trial of arsenic in the United States for patients with relapsed APL.

The New England Journal of Medicine1 published the amazing results, which showed that 11 of 12 patients experienced a complete remission after treatment ranging from 12 to 39 days.

In 2010, a multi-center study led by Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center determined that arsenic had “a significant positive effect on the survival of patients with APL, when administered after standard initial treatment.”

Standard treatment typically means chemotherapy plus an oral vitamin-A compound. Doctors have found that despite the widespread use of these methods, cancer sometimes resurfaces in patients after they’ve undergone standard treatment protocols.

When chemo fails, arsenic trioxide—sometimes followed by a bone marrow transplant—is often used to get these patients back into remission.

But the Wake Forest team discovered that administering arsenic earlier improved patients’ response to the initial standard treatment.

Lead investigator Bayard L. Powell, M.D., professor of hematology and oncology at Wake Forest Baptist, said not only did the leukemia rarely return in patients who received the arsenic—but those patients also lived longer to boot!

Here’s how arsenic delivers
a knock-out punch

    APL affects your blood and bone marrow, causing a decrease in your production of red blood cells and platelets. Although doctors knew arsenic was effective at helping APL cancer patients go back into remission, they only recently pinpointed how it works.

The specifics on how arsenic interacts with cancer cells became clearer when researchers at the State Key Laboratory of Medical Genomics in Shanghai, China used modern technology to find out.

In a paper published in the journal Science, lead researcher Zhang Xiaowei described how his team used modern technologies to identify how arsenic attacked specific proteins that would otherwise keep the cancer alive and well.

Zhang’s team noticed that patients didn’t experience some of the uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy, such as hair loss or suppression of bone marrow function.

Plus, the researchers said that treating APL with arsenic resulted in over 90 percent of patients surviving at least five years with no signs of the disease!

Handle with care…

    Although arsenic trioxide may be an effective treatment for APL cancer—you should still be wary of exposure to arsenic outside of a controlled clinical setting. This is definitely not a home remedy.

Remember that arsenic is a heavy metal. And scientists have shown that heavy metal buildup can dull your nerves… cause your heart to swell… and even rot your brain…

Because you’re exposed to toxic metals in the environment every single day—it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE for you to escape them completely. But you can detox your body to help rid yourself of excess arsenic.

For example, you can:

  • Take chelating supplements to grab the toxins and flush them from your body. While self-chelation has become popular, I urge doing it under the care of doctor who’s experienced in this treatment.
  • Eat sulfur-rich foods (e.g. garlic, onions, poultry and eggs) to protect your cells from toxins.
  • Eat fiber-rich foods to bind toxins and eliminate them from your system.

These simple measures can help protect you from environmental arsenic and other poisons. But when prepared and handled appropriately arsenic has proven it can give leukemia a run for the money!

In our last issue we wrote about an immune-system booster that’s one of the most powerful home cancer treatments on earth. If you missed this important news, please scroll down and read it now.

Boost Your Sagging Immune System
With This Sugar

    If you want to prevent cancer or greatly improve your chances of recovery from an existing cancer, you need to know about a type of sugar called Beta glucans.

Beta glucan supplements are one of the pillars of the cancer-fighting plan in How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day, the Special Report by my good friend Bill Henderson. Here’s why Bill and many other experts are so enthusiastic about this supplement. . .

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Are You Beginning to Think…

“My Bladder Problems Have Gotten So Bad, I Don’t Want to Leave the House!”

As a medical doctor and someone over age 40, let me offer you a word of encouragement:

If you’re concerned that you have to urinate much more frequently than in the past…

… or if you’re worried about humiliating bouts of “leaking” or dribbling in public…

… or if you find yourself rushing to the bathroom but then being unable to urinate…

… please, don’t feel ashamed.

You’re not alone.


The truth is, bladder concerns are extremely common.

Some people have difficulty sleeping because of them. Others suffer from a nearly constant urgency and pressure. Millions can’t control their bladders completely and sometimes “leak.”

But imagine for a moment that you could AVOID the bladder problems that plague many men and women over age 40.

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These proven immunity-boosters are long-chain polysaccharides (aka, complex sugars). They’re found in the cell walls of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and plants like oats or barley. You can also find them in several medicinal mushrooms, like maitake. The supplement is an entirely natural extract from these plants or microorganisms.

Beta glucans have had a good reputation as an alternative treatment for decades, but nowadays they’re gaining ground as a treatment in allopathic clinics. They’re also being used to treat several ailments beyond cancer, including high cholesterol and diabetes.

But the biggest advantage Beta glucans offer is their ability to strengthen the immune system. They’re considered particularly effective in cases of weakened immunity, such as from stress or chronic fatigue.

For cancer sufferers, Beta glucans make a significant difference if your immunity levels are sagging following treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

30 years of scrutiny bode well

    Beta glucan can be administered several different ways. Healthcare providers may give beta glucans by IV or by an injection directly into your muscle if the goal is to treat cancer. The supplement may also be given as a shot under the skin at the site of a skin tumor, the goal being to reduce the size of the tumor.

Otherwise, it can be taken as a food additive. You can sprinkle it on your salad or dessert, or just take it as a pill or capsule. Some supplement makers claim Beta glucans are best absorbed when taken by mouth because the particles of the supplement are “micronized” to a size smaller than one micron, but we’re still waiting on evidence that supports that claim.

As to whether Beta glucan as an immunity booster can be trusted, the answer is yes. Researchers have scrutinized the treatment for over thirty years, especially as it relates to the immune system and its effect on cancer. In Japan, extracts with various portions of Beta glucan have been used to treat cancer patients for the last 20 years.

How Beta glucan mobilizes your immune system

    Here’s how it works: If cancer or cancer treatments have compromised your immune system, Beta glucans task themselves with getting you back up and running. It’s believed that Beta glucans — especially when given through injection — can stimulate the immune system by boosting chemicals that fight infections and foreign invaders like cancer.

It appears to work by prodding your white blood cells into action. Receptors from your immune cells fit together with the Beta glucan proteins like a lock and key system. This “fit” seems to activate your white blood cells, which triggers a cascading immune response, including stronger resistance to foreign invaders and the production of new immune cells.

When I say “cascading response” I meant Beta glucan seems to set off a chain reaction of good events, similar to one falling domino toppling a whole row of dominoes.

The treatment has also been credited with increasing survival from cancer, including advanced cancer (though in such cases, Beta glucans need to be given over the long-term, at least over the course of a year).

It’s clear that Beta glucans are an asset when it comes to battling cancer. They may not be a direct killing tool for cancer cells, but they are definitely among the tools worth adding to your arsenal of support.

Where to find the most potent variety

    The good news is that Beta glucan supplements are easy to get a hold of these days, thanks to improvements in manufacturing. In other words, they’re much more affordable than in the past.

So if you take Beta glucan outside a healthcare environment (that is, injection or IV treatment is not a prospect), then the best approach is to buy it in supplement form. Pill sizes typically range up to 500 mg. An “average” dose would be 1500 mg a day (one pill with each meal). Many advocates of Beta glucan believe it works most effectively in conjunction with a healthy diet (what doesn’t?)

At this point, no side effects have been reported. But I have a caveat on that one: When I take it I get really wired — hyper during the day and not able to sleep well at night. Whether my response is typical, I can’t say.

Beta glucan as a manufactured supplement usually comes from baker’s yeast, which is regarded as safe by the FDA. There also aren’t any known conflicts between Beta glucan and other medications.

Some supplements that offer Beta glucan get their extract from mushrooms or cereal grains (or both). But many advocates believe Beta glucan extracted from yeast is the most potent form you can get. The main difference appears to be that mushroom-based Beta glucan is absorbed in the stomach while yeast-based Beta glucan is absorbed through the intestines.

Of the two, mushroom-based Beta glucan has been in use for a much longer period of time than yeast, and is the form commonly found throughout Asia as a cancer treatment.

Ensure that your cancer will not recur

    Beta glucan doesn’t kill cancer cells directly, so it’s worth looking into other treatments that directly attack cancer cells. But if you want to support your immune system so it’s better able to do the work it takes to get rid of cancer, then this is something worth trying.

Cancer can’t thrive if your immune system is strong. Plus, without support for your immune system, there’s a greater chance your cancer will resurface — even years after you’ve been declared “cancer-free.” There’s really no downside to using a supplement like this, particularly since it works fine in combination with other alternative therapies, and even with conventional therapies.

I recommend looking into it, since the upside to taking Beta glucan — that is, having a vibrant and powerful immune system — is tremendous.

 Kindest regards,

Lee Euler Publisher

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