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Natural miracle prevents up to 99.4% of tumors

By Lee Euler / January 13, 2010

The next time you smother that baked potato with a big pile of freshly sautéed mushrooms, you’ll have more to appreciate than a happy palate.

Mushrooms are one of the most potent immunity boosters on the planet. They also lower cholesterol, help with weight loss, and improve diabetes.

Their medicinal properties have been the subject of countless studies. The benefits have been thoroughly researched and documented. But it’s their cancer fighting properties that garner the most attention, and why their healing properties are appreciated all around the world.

In addition to being incredibly nutritious – packed with proteins, fatty acids and vitamins – some well known mushrooms like shiitake have chemicals that stimulate your body’s immune system to target and attack cancer cells.

Studies have shown shiitake extract prevents tumors from taking hold, and lowers the rate of cancer recurrence,

There are numerous mushroom species with powerful cancer fighting properties, but the most impressive results seem to occur with formulas containing extracts from more than one species.

More than 700 hospitals and medical clinics in Japan use a multi-mushroom formula known as AHCC. Another potent combo is RM-10 Ultra. It has 10 different mushroom extracts as well as other cancer fighting components such as vitamin B-12, calcium and selenium.

Exciting mushroom discovery beats chemotherapy

Among individual mushrooms (as distinguished from multi-mushroom formulas), one in particular has caused quite a stir. Scientists discovered Agaricus Blazei Murill, or the ABM mushroom, while investigating why natives in Sao Paolo, Brazil enjoy long lifetimes.

Most mushrooms are only effective against solid cancers (tumors), but ABM helps wipe out Ehrlich’s ascites carcinoma, sigmoid colonic cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer as well as solid cancers.

In fact, the studies in Japan show ABM to be 80% more effective than the world’s number one cancer drug, PSK.

In Japan, an injectable form of ABM was found to eliminate all cancerous tumors in 90% of experimental mice. Additionally, when given ABM as a preventative and then injected with a very powerful cancer causing agent (Sarcoma 180), 99.4% of them showed no tumor growth.

Conventional medicine doesn’t have a preventative anywhere near that powerful.

If you happen to find a doctor who will administer the substance by injection, I recommend you ask him to monitor your liver function. There have been some reports of adverse side effects on the livers of a few patients. Hard to say whether the ABM extract was to blame, but caution is a good idea.

Even conventional medicine takes notice

The website of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center – normally not a big advocate of alternatives – has good things to say about ABM. “In vitro experiments and studies done in mice have shown that Agaricus has immunomodulatory, antitumor, and antimutagenic properties,” according to Sloan-Kettering. Don’t be flummoxed by the big words. Basically they mean the mushroom supports the immune system, fights tumors and helps prevent mutations.

The website goes on to say, “A recent randomized study showed that oral administration of Agaricus extract improved the natural killer cell activity and quality of life in gynecological cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. . .In addition, results from a study done in human subjects with type 2 diabetes suggest benefits of agaricus extract in improving insulin resistance, and a pilot study indicates that Agricus extract may reduce weight, BMI, body fat, and serum glucose cholesterol levels in healthy individuals.”

That’s quite a list of benefits. And those are only three studies out of 20 the article cites.

The “secret ingredient” revealed

ABM, shiitake mushrooms and many other fungi are rich in beta glucans, a family of natural chemicals that alternative cancer experts highly recommend. Beta glucans are a key ingredient in the cancer fighting strategy of our good friend, Bill Henderson, author of the book Cancer Free and also of a report we publish, How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day.

Bill recommends a brand of beta glucans derived from another fungal source – baker’s yeast – but the glucans found in ABM are of the same highly active family. He says ABM and RM-10 are fine if you decide not to take his top beta glucan recommendation.

One advantage to the mushroom extracts is that they contain other cancer fighting substances besides beta glucans. I’m not advocating one or the other – I don’t treat cancer patients, I just read up on this stuff and let you know what I’ve found. Bill, on the other hand, has counseled thousands of cancer patients. In any case, beta glucan pills might be a better idea if you’re allergic to mushrooms or yeast.

As with many alternative cancer remedies, these amazing substances are in constant danger from regulators. The better known they become, the more they’re at risk of being squashed by big pharma.

Take the mushroom extract MGN-3 for instance. It’s backed by tons of scientific evidence… it boasts proven immune boosting properties… and thousands of patients became cancer-free because of it. The formula’s success was too much for big pharma to put up with. They eventually pressured the FDA to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer over labeling.

Why you need sources like us for this info

Over-the-counter alternative cancer remedies aren’t allowed to say a word in their packaging about the cancer benefits. It makes no difference whether the statements are true. The manufacturers can’t quote objective, third-party, published studies suggesting the product benefits cancer patients.

As a consumer, you have to discover the benefits from sources like us (we aren’t in the supplement business), then go shopping for the product. For some reason, the company that marketed MGN-3 persisted in making cancer claims – anyway that was the government’s view – and that got them into big trouble.

A judge forced the company to shut down and, believe it or not, pay back every cent to its customers going back 5 years. Even in the face of staggering success stories and happy, cancer-free customers.

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Lee Euler,

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