Olympic Athlete Gives a Gold Medal To This Immune Booster – Cancer Defeated

Olympic Athlete Gives a Gold Medal To This Immune Booster

By Lee Euler / January 23, 2014

Most newborn babies either get mother’s milk or cow’s milk as the first meal when they’re born.

In either case, the milk contains colostrum, which has nutrients designed to maintain your health and prevent disease. This valuable nutrient is found in the milk of all mammals. Keep reading and you’ll see why. . .

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The reason it’s in mother’s milk is that stopping disease in its tracks is ALWAYS better than scrambling to cure diseases after they’ve got you in their grip. Scientists recognize colostrum as a powerful immune booster.

And the health benefits of colostrum aren’t limited to newborn infants. Colostrum also has a remarkable ability to stamp out the causes of most disease and infection in adults who take it as a supplement. I’ve come across one or two stories of people who reversed cancer using nothing but colostrum.

It enables your body to get to work repairing and rebuilding years of damage from unhealthy living—thereby allowing you to enjoy an abundance of robust health.

This is probably why eight-time Olympic speed skater medalist Apolo Ohno gives bovine colostrum two ‘golden’ thumbs up! In an endorsement for a bovine colostrum supplement, Ohno said he used it in two Olympic contests because:

“[It] helped me stay healthy, recover faster and be at the peak of my game. ”

What does Ohno know that you don’t?

If you read this newsletter regularly, you already know about the amazing immune boosters in colostrum from Issue #208.

For starters, colostrum provides a rich supply of the protein called lactoferrin. This strand of amino acids binds to iron and delivers it where your body needs it. It also helps stop abnormal cancer cells from using this iron to grow and spread.

But that’s not all…

Lactoferrin is also a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent the formation of cell-damaging free radicals that can lead to disease and premature aging.

Clinical studies have proven that lactoferrin can destroy HIV…herpes… hepatitis and other viruses…

And other clinical studies published in the journal Biochemistry and Cell Biology showed that bovine lactoferrin significantly inhibited colon, esophagus, lung, and bladder cancers in laboratory rats.

But lactoferrin isn’t the only thing in colostrum to help protect your health…

Colostrum components turbocharge your immune system!


Not only is colostrum a wonderful source of lactoferrin, but it also contains other immune boosters to help protect your health. This includes:

  1. Transfer factors (TFs) — Bovine colostrum is full of immune-boosting transfer factors, such as hydrogen peroxide, IgA and IgG-type immunoglobulins. According to Burton Goldberg, author of the book Alternative Medicine, TFs can teach the protein antibodies of your immune system to recognize specific antigens and communicate that they are present. In doing so, TFs from colostrum supplements provide resistance to infection and disease.
  2. Prolyproline-Rich Polypeptide (PRP) — helps balance the immune function by regulating the thymus gland, which produces T-cells. It also helps balance the overactive immune response common to diseases like arthritis and lupus. It does this by blocking overproduction of T-cells and lymphocytes. This helps reduce the pain and swelling associated with autoimmune diseases.

Transfer factors, PRP and other growth factors in colostrum have been shown to:

  • Encourage apoptosis (natural cell death) so that your immune system flushes out cancer cells before they become tumors.
  • Heal and protect delicate intestinal lining from damage
  • Purge harmful cryptosporidium parasites that can cause acute diarrhea or even be life-threatening to a person with compromised immunity
  • Reduce blood vessel growth to cancer tissue
  • And much more!

Medical experts endorse colostrum supplements

A Natural News article summarized many expert opinions on the health benefits of colostrum, including the following recommendations:

“If you must take antibiotics, restore the body’s ‘friendly’ bacteria by taking a probiotic supplement,…. colostrum is another effective probiotic that can be taken on a rotating basis with acidophilus and bifidobacteria. Take 300 milligrams three times daily, between meals.”
Smart Medicine For Healthier Living by Janet Zand LAc OMD Allan N Spreen MD CNC James B LaValle RPh ND, page 79

Phytic acid … is a powerful antioxidant. Phytic acid is found in very high concentrations in colostrum,…. A specially formulated form of phytic acid, called Cellular Forte with IP-6, is used to treat cancers of many types. One of its major effects is to prevent iron from reaching cancer cells. Its iron binding power is so great that it is also used to treat the iron-overload disease, hemochromatosis.
Health And Nutrition Secrets by Russell L Blaylock MD, page 335

Another immunomodulator made from milk colostrum is Cytolog, which may also prove helpful in boosting the immune system to treat cancer.
Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg, page 602

These are just a few expert opinions on the benefits of colostrum supplements.

Perhaps you’ll now consider it as part of your healthy defense against cancer. You might decide that it deserves a gold medal for effective cancer prevention!

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Kindest regards,

Lee Euler, Publisher



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