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Strange new theory about water may change your life

By Lee Euler / January 19, 2011

“You are not sick, you are thirsty.”
~ F. Batmanghelidj, M.D,

The true hero is WATER… or is it?

A doctor was stuck as a political prisoner in solitary confinement in an Iranian prison and denied all medications. But since he was the only doctor around, the prison authorities would ask him to treat a sick prisoner now and then.

He had no way to treat his fellow prisoners. So he treated them with water, and they got totally well.

Sometimes he was deprived of food for a week at a time, and noticed that water seemed to remove his hunger pain.

One night the authorities brought a federal prisoner to him at 11pm, who had been suffering for many hours. He gave the prisoner two tall glasses of water. Within minutes the pain was gone and the man was smiling from ear to ear.

From then on Dr. Batmanghelidj (Dr. B) started researching water. What he found could be a health breakthrough for you and millions of other people. . .

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Ten-year breast cancersurvivor was told:
“You’ll be dead in a year” (Pssst!! That was 10 years ago!)

Doctors didn’t give Wiltrude much hope when they diagnosed her with cancer in the year 2000. Wiltrude, a German psychologist, never thought cancer would happen to her. But it did. And it came as a big shock.

One doctor told her, “You’ll be dead in a year.” Late stage breast cancer is virtually incurable using conventional treatments. Even M.D.s admit it. They talk about “buying you more time.” (Don’t count on it. The evidence shows you’re better off doing nothing than chemo.)

When Wiltrude told her doctor she was going to try alternative treatments, he said, “You are committing suicide with what you’re doing.” But she was determined to find a way to beat her cancer.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, this European woman came across a book by my good friend Bill Henderson, one of the smartest and wisest people I know when it comes to cancer treatment.

She tried Bill’s top, number one recommendation — a gentle treatment you can do at home for just $5.15 a day. What’s more, the cost goes down to $3.50 after six weeks because you just need a maintenance dose. And it even tastes good.

Not only has Wiltrude passed the five-year cancer survival mark, she’s survived for ten years. We just interviewed her recently for this publication. The radiologist who tests her every year told her, “You’re the only one with this kind of result.”

You can find out everything about Bill’s cancer treatment plan in our Special Report, How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day. When I ask him about some of the treatments that top alternative doctors use, Bill sort of shrugs and says, “They’re fine, but why bother? My treatment works, you can do it yourself, and it costs practically nothing.”

He’s coached thousands of cancer patients with all different types and stages of cancer. Most of the people who follow the detailed, specific plan in this Special Report get over their cancer and live for years.

“Almost any kind of cancer is reversible,” says Bill. “I never give up on anyone.”

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The prison camp was a very stressful environment. Dr. B never knew from day to day or hour to hour who would live, and who would not. An environment like that allows all sorts of medical conditions to flourish.

Dr. B started treating every type of medical condition with water — and everyone responded.

He quickly concluded that human thirst was a warning signal of disease.

Later, when he was on trial, he gave the judge an article on water, and on the discoveries he’d made in prison. The judge responded with, “I don’t read English”… and passed the report to someone else.

Weeks later, the judge came to him and said, “You’re not the bad person we thought you were. So we’re releasing you.”

Dr. B responded, “Well, I’m here for a reason… I’m doing research.” So he stayed an additional four months.

When he left, he literally left everything behind as he walked across the border… and eventually found his way to the U.S., where he continued his research.

Thirst — A health warning you can’t afford to ignore

Dr. B labeled the various states of disease as stages of dehydration.

He believed you can’t rely on feeling thirsty. You have to take pre-emptive action and prevent dehydration BEFORE you feel thirsty. By the time you have a dry mouth, it’s already too late.

According to Dr. B, that may be the biggest medical or health mistake people routinely make.

In fact — it’s four mistakes rolled into one, because people make four false assumptions at the same time:

1) They treat dry mouth as the only sign of dehydration. Fact: There are many signals of dehydration besides a dry mouth.

2) They assume that water has no actual chemical properties. In fact, nothing you take orally can even hope to be utilized without water.

3) They presume your body is able to regulate water intake throughout your life span. In reality, older people tend to become dehydrated more quickly without realizing it.

4) People often assume any fluid can replace water. Patently false. Soda, caffeinated coffee, and tea make disastrous substitutes for water. Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate your body — and flush more water out of your body than they allow to enter.

According to Dr. B’s theory, when you don’t drink enough water to get rid of toxic waste build-up, you’ll manifest dehydration — in the form of allergies, asthma, and many other diseases. More on that in a moment.

Meeting your most basic need

Water is a basic need for cellular health. Your cells contain water and they’re surrounded by water.

When you’re dehydrated, your cell membranes become less permeable — obstructing the flow of hormones and nutrients into your cells and preventing waste products, such as oxidants that cause cellular damage, from flowing out.

Imagine for a moment what happens to a beautiful rosebush under extreme drought conditions — it withers, fades, and eventually dies.

Water does more than act as a solvent for nutrients and oxidants. It generates energy. It’s necessary for the metabolic breakdown of ATP, another source of cellular energy. Plus, water acts as a bonding adhesive in your cell structure.

On a larger scale, water is essential for your digestive system to break down and digest food — and water increases the efficiency of red blood cells in collecting oxygen in the lungs.

Water Management 101…

Water has its own chemical properties. Every function of your body is monitored and pegged to the flow of water.

Water is your body’s primary component. It makes up 75% of your body and 85% of your brain.

“Water management” is your body’s way of ensuring that adequate water and nutrients reach the most vital organs first — the ones that have to confront any new stress.

Your brain is the absolute priority and takes the very first resources. It is 1/50th of your total body weight, but receives 18-20 percent of all blood circulation. If the rest of your body needs to shut down because there isn’t enough water, well then… so be it.

Your “ration masters” (responsible for water regulation) sound an alarm to indicate that the area in question is short on water. Since dehydration causes the loss of bodily functions, these signals from your “ration masters” provide indicators of unknown disease conditions in your body.

This is the basic mistake plaguing clinical medicine, according to Dr. B.

It prevents physicians from being able to advise preventive measures or offer simple physiological cures for some major diseases.

Instead, doctors are taught and encouraged to silence these signals with chemical products (called drugs). Thus they further shut down these indicators of regional thirst and drought within your body.

A stunning example of your internal alarm system hard at work…

Here’s just one example…

Your brain must be hydrated at all times. So your body, if it lacks water, will do everything possible to keep adequate water supplied to your brain. This means limiting water flow to other areas of the body.

Since simply breathing causes the loss of a significant quantity of water each and every day — depending on the climate in which you live and your level of physical exercise — your lungs can be affected.

If you experience chronic dehydration from drinking insufficient water — or from drinking water-depleting drinks such as coffee, beer or sugar-laden beverages — your body tries to prevent respiratory water loss by producing histamines which close off the capillaries in your lungs.

By constricting these capillaries, the body reduces water loss. But of course breathing becomes far more difficult.

It’s critical to understand that your body is doing you a big favor. It’s producing histamines as a strategy, not as a disease or something gone awry.

Your body wants to constrict the capillaries in your lungs because it is trying to save your brain.

What is conventional medicine’s answer to this production of histamines?

Well, of course, it is the prescription of antihistamines, or drugs that are designed to counteract the histamines produced intentionally by your body in order to conserve water.

So how much water is enough?

According to Dr. B, a 200 pound person needs 100 oz. throughout the day — for getting rid of toxic waste. That’s 12½ cups a day — far more than the 8 cups you often see recommended. And you need more than 100 oz. if you’re active or live in a hot climate. Also more if you drink caffeinated coffee or tea, soda, or alcoholic beverages.

Also, you need more water in the early morning because you were asleep all night — so drink 2-3 glasses of water first thing in the morning when you get up, to rehydrate.

He says the signs of dehydration can include thirst, dark-colored urine, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, agoraphobia (fear of crowds and public places), depression, food cravings, asthma and allergies.

Building strong healthy systems…

When you’re dehydrated, all kinds of diseases manifest themselves.

Here are some of the symptoms and diseases mentioned in Dr. B’s books and CDs:

1) Fatigue, tiredness

2) Dark-colored urine

3) Thirst

4) Irritability

5) Anxiety

6) Agoraphobia (fear of crowds and public places)

7) Depression

8) Food cravings

9) Morning sickness during pregnancy

10) Allergies

11) Asthma

12) Hypertension

13) Diabetes

14) Immune diseases

15) Peptic ulcers

16) Migraines

17) Rheumatoid arthritis

18) Angina

19) Fibromyalgia

20) Cancer

And you didn’t even realize you were suffering from chronic dehydration!

If Dr. B’s theory is true, most of the tests that doctors run for these diseases are useless.

He believes people suffer from angina because their heart muscles become dehydrated and short of vital chemicals.

He believes it can even cause cancer… which survives in an acidic environment. Water and sea salt or Himalayan salt are needed to prevent it. Cancer really can be cured.

In every disease, he believes you should give water the first chance — as he did in the prison camp.

Dr. B’s book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, details many different disease manifestations of dehydration.

If Dr. B’s theory is correct, there’s a close connection between disease and dehydration. If you decide to try this approach — or have tried it in the past — I’d be interested in hearing whether it worked for you.

I don’t believe drinking water is the “magic bullet” cure for every medical condition. But it sounds like it’s worth a shot. People have told me they got relief from asthma attacks and muscle cramps. That’s not quite on the level of curing cancer or heart disease, but it suggests there may be something to Dr. B’s theories.

I’m intrigued by his claim that you can clear up angina. If you suffer from this painful and scary condition, you might ask your doctor if there’s any harm in drinking large amounts of water. If he gives you a green light, try it and see if your angina pain goes away. I’d love to hear the results and pass them on to our readers.

Are You “Dying of Thirst”?

To give it a try, start drinking one ounce of water for every two pounds of your body weight. If you weigh 160 pounds you should drink 80 ounces or 10 cups of water a day.

Never again do you want to exclaim, “I’m dying of thirst”… because if Dr. B is right, you might actually be dying of dehydration. Put a stop to that bad practice right now.

And the final step is to make your water meet the highest purity standard you can find and afford. In a coming issue I’ll tell you the best way to make sure your water is high quality.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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