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The Cancer Story that Shook America

By Lee Euler / October 9, 2013

by Andrew Scholberg

    This is the first of two reports about the Doctors’ Symposium of the Cancer Control Society, September 3, 2013, Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City, California

One of the most compelling speakers at the Cancer Control Society’s 2013 Doctors’ Symposium was a remarkable cancer survivor named Billy Best. He told a dramatic story of taking responsibility for your own treatment. . .and getting well. Keep reading…

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Cancer Cells Killed by Eating This…

    There is a nutrient in your kitchen, right now, that acts like a “smart bomb” against cancer cells.

It’s one of the main phytonutrients in a specific type of food. Researchers are hailing it as a breakthrough that offers real hope for preventing and defeating cancer.

A new research study has shown how it can selectively target and kill cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells alone. The findings are breakthrough for its potential use in cancer prevention and treatment.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also:

– A natural cholesterol fighter that brings bad levels down 30%;

– An effective method to lowering your blood pressure without harmful drugs;

– A fruit that can fight Alzheimer’s Disease;

Dr. Victor Marchione, aka the Food Doctor is revealing this and 16 other amazing “healing foods” in his newest report that you can see here.

Nearly 20 years ago, when Billy was a teenager, he came down with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His parents, desperate to save the life of their son, relied on their doctor’s recommendation that chemotherapy was the appropriate treatment. They knew nothing about alternative treatment options.

After the fifth round of treatment, Billy’s tumors were shrinking. But the chemo made him feel as if any more chemo would kill him. Billy decided he was through with chemotherapy; he would rather let the cancer kill him than the chemo. But his doctor wouldn’t take no for an answer. He told Billy and his parents that quitting was not an option. Billy would have to continue taking chemo whether he wanted to or not.

Doctor causes Billy to run away from home

    The doctor sternly warned: “Unless you do chemo and radiation, you’ll be dead in two years!”

But Billy had made up his mind. Chemotherapy made him sick, and he knew the doctor was giving him poison. That made no sense to him. Because his doctor insisted that he continue with the treatment, Billy felt he had no choice but to run away from home — and that’s what he did.

Before running away, Billy left a note to his parents. It said, “I love you. My leaving has nothing to do with you. I just can’t go back to the hospital for more chemotherapy.”

Billy decided to go to Texas, where he hid out for a couple of weeks. His running away to avoid chemotherapy made the news headlines nationwide. Through the news media, Billy’s parents pleaded for him to return. They said, “You don’t have to do chemo if you come home. So just come home.” He got the message and came home to die of cancer.

When Billy got home, he started getting letters from all over America. People who’d heard about his plight wrote to him, recommending various alternative cancer treatments and home remedies.

All that Billy knew about nutrition was Flintstones vitamins. In reading through the letters, he quickly got up to speed on the things he could do to improve his nutrition. He organized the huge stack of letters by subject, studied the letters, and gained confidence that he could get rid of his cancer without chemo or radiation.

Billy’s new treatment plan started with nutrition. He decided to cut out meat, dairy, flour, and sugar. He ate locally grown organic food as much as possible. Then he added Essiac tea, a Native American anti-cancer herbal remedy that originated in Canada. And he decided to use one other therapy: 714X, which directly treats the lymphatic system. He learned how to inject 714X directly into his lymph nodes.

Doctor reports Billy’s parents to the authorities

    When Billy’s doctor found out about his “quack” treatment plan, he reported Billy’s parents to the authorities. But the authorities declined to put Billy into foster care or to force him to return to chemotherapy, on the grounds that Billy was nearly of legal age and had lived on his own during his time in Texas.

So Billy continued to eat organic food, drink Essiac tea, and give himself the 714X shots. And that was enough to get rid of his cancer. The editors of this newsletter have no personal experience with 714X and this is the first case study we’ve encountered. The remedy, however, is well known. It’s possible that one, two or all three of the therapies Billy chose were responsible for his recovery.

Because of the publicity about Billy’s running away from home, his recovery from cancer by natural means caused a media sensation. He went on TV and appeared on such popular programs as “Good Morning America.” Everyone was interested in his story. (This was before the drug companies started sponsoring news broadcasts. Now that the drug companies sponsor so many television and radio programs, a story like Billy’s is much less likely to be publicized in mainstream news outlets.)

Suddenly, Billy started getting letters from people asking for his advice on how to get rid of their cancer. Ironically, just a short time earlier he had known nothing about the subject and was getting advice from others. Now other people considered him the authority and were asking for his advice. He was glad to help others in any way he could.

Eighteen years ago, Billy stood at the podium of the annual Cancer Control Convention and told the audience his story. He also wrote a book, The Billy Best Story: Beating Cancer with Alternative Medicine. Incidentally, Billy said the man who helped him find 714X was thrown into prison. The government frowns on alternative treatments such as 714X and much prefers that cancer patients get chemo and radiation.

“Is the prostate cancer like a pitbull or a poodle?”

    Another speaker at this year’s Cancer Control Society convention made a big impression. One of America’s top alternative doctors for prostate cancer is Phranq Tamburri, N.M.D. The three initials stands for Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Dr. Tamburri is the director of a clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, where he sees cancer patients from all over the world.

Dr. Tamburri emphasized that when it comes to cancer treatment, one size does NOT fit all. He customizes the cancer treatment for each patient, based on what he observes about the patient and the cancer. His strategy for treating cancer depends on the character of the individual case.

Dr. Tamburri said, “Don’t just nuke the cancer the minute you see it. If you saw a tiger in your back yard, you’d shoot it. But if you take a safari and watch tigers in their natural surroundings, they yawn, they stretch, and do other such things. You get to observe them. At our practice we observe the cancer to see how it is. Is your cancer a pitbull or a poodle? No test will tell you that. When a patient flies in, we do a three-hour assessment with him so we can assess where he is on the bell curve.”

As for the PSA test to detect the presence of prostate tumors, Dr. Tamburri said the larger a man’s prostate is, the higher his PSA number can go even though the gland is still normal.

Cell phones are safe, right?

    Another CCS speaker, author Elizabeth Plourde, talked about the subject of pollution from EMF (electro magnetic frequency) devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, and so on. Most Americans don’t think twice about the safety of cell phones and other such devices because they are approved by the U.S. government and, therefore, must be safe — or so people think.

The only problem with that rationale is that the U.S. government also approved the drug Vioxx, which killed more Americans than the Vietnam War before it was pulled from the market. From FDA to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, government agencies don’t test products for long-term safety or toxicity. If the product doesn’t cause you to keel over within a day or two, it’s deemed safe. But cancer arises — sometimes decades later — from long-term exposure to toxins or radiation.

Europeans are more concerned about the potential dangers of EMF pollution. Plourde said that England has a 12-month moratorium on smart meters, and Germany is considering a moratorium. Sweden has called EMF pollution “the largest biological experiment perpetrated on the human race.” A European council called for dramatic reduction in EMF exposure, urging the public to take all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields.

According to Plourde, teenagers and children who spent lots of time with a cell phone next to the ear are particularly vulnerable to brain damage.

While many people seem to tolerate EMF pollution with no apparent difficulty, Plourde said that some people, such as herself, can’t tolerate it at all. She called herself “the canary in the coal mine” because she’s so sensitive to it. For example, when smart meters were installed in her neighborhood, she noticed an itchy rash on her ankle right away. The itch spread to her knee and then up her thigh. Before long she had a head-to-toe rash. The itch was insane. Soon she had itchy bloody sores. Nothing helped very much — not even cortisone cream.

The only thing that helped was a product line of “DOTs” she found from a source in England that somehow neutralizes the EMF pollution. The products include a bioDOT for personal protection, an electroDOT for cell phones and other such devices, and a Wi-FiDOT for routers, smart meters, and other high output devices. Plourde says she wouldn’t be able to function without these protective products.

A skeptic might attribute her improvement to the placebo effect. But Plourde said that a dog that had previously been tranquil started pacing back and forth at night when a smart meter was installed. The owner put a bioDOT on the dog’s collar, whereupon the dog stopped pacing. The placebo effect wouldn’t explain the dog’s improvement.

Plourde listed some of the symptoms of EMF pollution, including headaches, vertigo, skin rashes, insomnia, brain fog, blurred vision, tinnitus, shortness of breath, nausea, heart palpitations, irritability, nerve pain, muscle pain, and food allergies.

She added that EMF chaos may also be a factor in other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and autism. She recommends two basic strategies for dealing with EMF pollution: (1) returning to wired technology instead of wireless, or (2) using devices that neutralize the effect of the EMF chaos.

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