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The Detox Procedure First Blessed, Now Shunned By Orthodox Medicine

By Lee Euler / January 28, 2015

It’s a dangerous treatment, warns the American Cancer Society. You risk serious infections, dehydration, inflammation, mineral imbalances and even death.

Nonsense. Many alternative cancer practitioners will tell you this cheap do-it-yourself treatment can help save a cancer patient’s life.

I asked our capable London editor to look at the facts. . .

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Bet you never thought of doing THIS with coffee!

If you go into the Coffee Plant, a famous coffee shop in Notting Hill, London, you can choose from some of the world’s finest continental roasts and espressos.

But they also sell one blend that is exceptionally mild and is not for drinking. It’s sold for medicinal purposes only.
Not to be outdone, Sarah Parsons, owner of New Earth Cafe, Coolum in Queensland, Australia, sells a certified organic light-roasted drip-grind. This is also for medicinal use only.

These two coffee shops are selling blends designed not for drinking, but for taking as enemas.

If you’re new to the world of alternative cancer treatments, it sounds bizarre. But coffee enemas have been used by doctors for at least 150 years. Water enemas go back a lot further. They’re described in the Dead Sea scrolls, which are at least two thousand years old.

Putting liquids into the rectum is very well established.

But it’s the use of coffee that brings on the guffaws and strange looks. That such a well known everyday hot drink enjoyed by millions could be delivered to the other end of the alimentary canal seems weird.

The history of coffee enemas

A case was described in the Pacific Medical & Surgical Journal by Doctor Cachot in 1866. It concerned a 22-month-old girl diagnosed with aconite poisoning. (Aconite is a poisonous flower you may know as monkshood.)

Dr. Cachot writes, “the case seemed to be nearly hopeless, when, observing some very strong, black coffee at hand, I injected a large quantity into the rectum and retained it there by forcible pressure. The effects soon began to show themselves in the restoration of vital action, and in an hour from the enema the child was, to all appearances out of danger…..The effect of the enema was so prompt and decided that I can not but attribute the recovery of the child to that remedy.”

There were also reports in the late 19th century regarding the use of coffee enemas in post-operative care, and the treatment was routinely recommended in 20th century nursing textbooks.

The Merck Manual, the bible for orthodox medical diagnosis and therapy, advocated coffee enemas in all editions from 1898 through to the 12th edition in 1972.

Coffee enemas were used during the first world war in Germany when morphine was in short supply. Soldiers reported that the enemas gave them post-operative pain relief.

In 1932, Harvard Medical School researchers treated bipolar disorder patients with coffee enemas and colonics. As a result, most were reportedly able to get off medications and return home.

In 1941 Dr. Stajano from Uruguay, who had extensive experience in the use of coffee enemas, wrote a detailed research paper entitled “The Concentrated Coffee Enema in the Therapeutics of Shock.” He found the enemas to be extremely effective in post-operative management.

Even though coffee enemas have been used as an orthodox medical treatment for a wide range of illnesses from eczema and migraines to septic shock and psychiatric disorders, the medical establishment today is disparaging towards them.

Holistic oncologists take a different view. They are a vital component of the Gerson Therapy, Metabolic Therapy (as practiced by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, New York) and are used in many alternative cancer clinics such as Klinik St. Georg in Bad Aibling, Germany.

We wrote about the Gerson Therapy in the first book we ever published, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. This book outlines the top ten alternative treatments recommended by a distinguished medical journalist, Dr. Morton Walker. Writing that book with Dr. Walker was my own first encounter with coffee enemas, and I admit they sounded weird to me, too.

I don’t know what angel guided us to Dr. Walker, but this little volume continues to be perhaps the best short introduction available for someone new to alternative cancer treatment. Click here if you’d like to know more.

The Gerson Therapy is one of the oldest and most respected alternative anticancer protocols. Coffee enemas are an essential part of it. Other practitioners have now integrated coffee enemas into their approach, but I’m not going to say this treatment is in common use.

How coffee enemas work

For over 5000 years it’s been a principle of traditional Chinese medicine that the liver is the key to all healing. They believe any disease becomes possible when the liver is not functioning optimally.

What the Chinese recognized intuitively turned out to be true. The liver is the body’s most important detoxification organ. It deals with toxins taken into the body as well as those produced by the body itself as metabolic waste.

First it separates out the larger toxic structures physically, much like a sieve, and then chemically through a series of enzymes which constitute the P450 detoxification enzyme complex. Bile, a liquid produced by the liver, then escorts the toxins out of the liver for elimination through the intestinal tract.

Contrary to what you may expect, coffee enemas are not performed to cleanse the colon but to stimulate liver detoxification.

According to Dr. Gonzalez, “The coffee enemas are a simple technique that helps the liver work more efficiently. They help the body neutralize, mobilize and excrete all the toxic debris that overloads the liver – including the metabolic toxins from the dead tumor.”

When coffee is taken rectally, “it stimulates the parasympathetic nerves in the lower pelvis. When these nerves are turned on they feed back through a reflex to the liver, and within seconds the liver starts working more efficiently. This enables patients to tolerate the breakdown of the tumor, which is a very toxic process.”

Dr. David A Steenblock of The Brain Therapeutics Medical Clinic, Mission Viejo, California, uses coffee enemas in his practice. Taken rectally, “caffeine is a great killer of cancer; it has a direct effect. This is factual and well established. It’s published. You can look it up.”

Coffee contains a number of compounds – caffeine, theophylline, theobromine – that dilate blood vessels, open up the bile ducts, increase bile flow from the liver and stimulate it to step up its rate of detoxification.

Coffee also contain kahweol and cafestol palmitates. These greatly enhance the production of glutathione s transferase, a potent liver detoxification enzyme.

The usual protocol is to hold the enema for 15 minutes. In this time a large volume of blood will pass through the liver and kidneys, creating a natural form of dialysis for the blood.

Scaremongering by the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is keen to employ shock tactics in the hope that the public will take a negative view of any doctor that promotes the use of coffee enemas.

In theory there could be a risk of rectal perforation if an inappropriate tube is badly inserted. There could be a risk of infection if the enema tube is not sterilized. There could be a risk of electrolyte/mineral imbalance if the patient is not eating a highly nutritious diet to replace any lost minerals. There could be a risk if the patient uses hot coffee instead of allowing it to cool.

However, the experience of doctors who carry out this procedure refutes the ACS allegation that it’s dangerous.

According to Dr. Gonzalez, patients report improved wellbeing and symptomatic relief after an enema. In the many thousands of cases he evaluated as a student, as well as those in his own practice of over 25 years, he reports “I have yet to document a single serious side effect.”

Kathryn Alexander, who qualified as a Gerson Therapist in 1999, reports that none of her patients has ever reported negative side effects, “not one, no infection, nothing.”

Lawrence Wilson, MD, writes, “I have recommended coffee retention enemas to more than thirty thousand people. I have yet to hear about horrible side effects of any kind.”

The problems with coffee enemas pointed out by the ACS are theoretical. They do not happen in practice.

Nobody who learns the procedure at an alternative cancer treatment center or who is instructed by an experienced practitioner on how to take enemas as an outpatient should have any concerns. On the contrary, they perform a valuable function as part of the healing process.

Once you’ve learned how it’s done, you can do them at home. The whole business is easier if you have someone to help.

According to Dr. Patrick Vickers, Director and Founder of the Northern Baja Gerson Clinic, “We would not be able to cure cancers without coffee enemas.”

Bear in mind that the Gerson people are heavily committed to their approach, which involves a lot more than the enemas (a super-restrictive diet, for example). But, at the same time, they’ve had enormous experience – almost a century now — treating thousands of cancer patients — successfully.

Kindest regards,

Lee Euler, Publisher


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