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This ancient form of wealth kills cancer cells

By Lee Euler / March 13, 2016

This Ancient Source of Wealth Tells
Cancer Cells to Drop Dead…
And Your Heart to Keep Right On Beating

This issue’s cancer breakthrough is an ancient plant that gets 25 mentions in the Bible – which is nothing compared to the 160 times its oil is mentioned. In ancient times, ownership of large amounts of the oil indicated you were rich.

These gnarled trees can live to be a thousand years old. During the dry season their evergreen leaves create a sharp contrast with the dry brown hills they grow on.

You’ve probably guessed I’m talking about the olive tree. But perhaps you didn’t know the leaf of this famous plant may possess even greater healing properties than the oil. Here’s the scoop.

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The evergreen feature of the olive leaf provides a hint of what it can do for your health… making you more “evergreen.”

Scientists have isolated a unique molecule called oleuropein that gives olive oil its many life-extending benefits. This powerful polyphenol helps reduce bad cholesterol and high blood pressure, prevents cancer, guards against brain degeneration, and much more.

The olive leaves contain an abundant source of oleuropein, which can be reliably extracted.

Beats back a major cause of heart disease

High blood pressure or hypertension makes you a sitting duck for heart disease and stroke. A study of 26 million people found that those with hypertension were 200 to 400 percent more likely to die early.1

Most doctors consider any blood pressure reading above 140/90 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) as too high. But, starting from a base of 115/75, every 20 unit increase in the top number or ten unit increase in the bottom number doubles your risk of heart disease.2

What can you do? A lot, actually. And the leaf of the olive may be one of the best ways to protect yourself from the deadly side effects of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure’s secret link to cancer

Left untreated, this circulation problem ravages your blood vessels and organs and increases your risk of dementia, kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, and — you guessed it — cancer.

The first study linking blood pressure to cancer was published in 1975.3

Later, a 2011 study presented at the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress confirmed the link between high blood pressure and cancer in both men and women.

The study followed 289,454 men and 288,345 women for 12 years.4

The researchers concluded that men with high blood pressure have a 10 to 20 percent increased risk of developing cancer. They’re more susceptible to oral, colon, lung, bladder, kidney, bowel, and skin cancers.

Women with unhealthy blood pressure are more susceptible to cancers of the liver, pancreas, cervix, endometrium, and skin.

“Our study shows that blood pressure is a risk factor for incident cancer in men and fatal cancer in men and women,” said researcher Dr. Mieke Van Hemelrijck.5

I want to point out there’s a difference between a risk factor and a cause. High blood pressure may not be a direct cause of cancer as such, but it’s a sign your overall health is bad, and you’re at risk of not only cancer and heart disease but ALL the degenerative diseases of aging. Where high blood pressure is found, the patient is in all-around trouble.

Don’t fall for conventional medicine’s trap

If you’ve got this deadly symptom, you need to do something right away.

But watch out for conventional medicine’s preferred answers. Blood pressure medications are loaded with negative side effects: swollen ankles and feet, intestinal bleeding, kidney damage, excess potassium in your blood, and (ironically enough) an increased risk of heart attack.

One group of blood pressure meds — beta-blockers — also cause type 2 diabetes.

What’s more, most people on blood pressure meds will tell you the drugs make them feel miserable. There’s a high rate of noncompliance: patients disobey their doctors and refuse to take the medications.

The ancient olive leaf extract looks like a better bet to me. It reduces systolic blood pressure (the “top” number) by an average 11.5 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 4.8 mmHg — in just eight weeks, and without side effects.6

If you have hypertension, you also have stiff arteries. The oleuropein in olive leaf extract helps dilate and relax your blood vessels, bringing blood pressure back under control.

One fascinating study treated 20 pairs of identical twins with olive leaf extract. One twin took 500 mg of olive leaf extract daily for eight weeks. The other took 1,000 mg daily. A control group made healthy lifestyle changes, but consumed no olive leaf.

Blood pressure actually increased in the control group and only decreased slightly for those taking 500 mg.

But those taking 1,000 mg saw their blood pressure improve… by 11 mmHg for systolic and 4 mmHg for diastolic.7

I would say those numbers don’t add up to a miracle cure, but they’re a good first step – and the supplement is safe and easy. Add in a half hour daily walk, good sleep habits and maybe daily meditation and you’ll probably be in good shape. Eat right and I know you’ll beat this problem – without prescription drugs.

Another study compared the effects of olive leaf extract to the blood pressure drug captopril (Capoten®) in 232 patients. Both treatments reduced blood pressure.8 But in addition to lowering blood pressure, olive leaf also reduced:

  • Cholesterol by 2.8 percent
  • Low-density lipoprotein (“bad” cholesterol that blocks your blood vessels) by 2.9 percent
  • Triglycerides (fats that boost your risk of heart disease) by 7.8 percent 9

Notably, Captopril did not reduce cholesterol or triglycerides.10

Olive leaf extract showed itself unique in its ability to treat both high blood pressure and high cholesterol simultaneously.11

What’s more, olive leaf helps fight endothelial dysfunction by boosting production of nitric oxide, a molecule that helps relax blood vessels.12

Tells cancer cells to drop dead!

But olive leaf can help multiple health problems at one time, as is typical of real foods and natural cures. You’ll be stunned by its cancer benefits.

The Mediterranean diet has become nearly synonymous with longevity and reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. Now there’s growing evidence that oleuropein plays a key role in that.

Oleuropein takes on cancer early and dramatically. It inhibits DNA damage, widely accepted as the underlying cause of cancer.13 If cells become cancerous, oleuropein disrupts their signaling pathways14 and suppresses the enzyme that cancer cells use to harvest their energy supply from carbs you eat.15

But wait… this extract of the olive leaf also prevents inflammation, reduces estrogen dependence in breast cancer cells, and more.

Multiple studies attest to its effects against many cancers – including those of the brain, head and neck, liver, bladder, breast, prostate and skin, as well as leukemia.

One animal study found a stunning rate of remission and disappearance in just 9 to 12 days…

These were mice with cancer that were supplemented orally with oleuropein. When their tumors were opened up before they were completely destroyed, they were disordered and crumbly with no live cancer cells.16 Can you imagine?

A universal healer (almost)

Besides lowering your blood pressure and battling cancer, olive leaf extract:

  • Fights viruses, including rhinovirus, herpes, polio, influenza, and leukemia, plus intestinal and respiratory infections
  • Reduces brain degeneration and cognitive decline
  • Kills dangerous free radicals
  • Fights fungal infections
  • Reduces A1c levels, the standard marker of long-term high blood sugar in diabetics17
  • Strengthens your thyroid
  • Boosts your immune system and disables infections

So for blood pressure control and a whole lot more…

  1. Take 1,000 mg of olive leaf extract every day.
  2. Eliminate grains and sugars from your diet to lower your insulin levels and normalize blood pressure.
  3. Reduce or eliminate stresses in your life.
  4. Exercise for 30 to 60 minutes every day.
  5. Enjoy a far more “evergreen” life.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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