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This may be the longed-for “miracle cure” for cancer

By Lee Euler / April 23, 2017

In folk legends, a bullet made from silver is often the only thing that kills horrific creatures like werewolves or vampires. It’s an intriguing concept: find the right element, and you can take down even the most powerful enemy.

Many people hope for such a magic bullet to cure cancer. In 12 years of researching and writing about cancer remedies, I’ve never seen anything that comes close – and I discourage readers from investing their hopes in it. Most people who beat cancer make use of a large number of therapies and lifestyle changes.

But I may have to change my tune. A new discovery from Australia just might be the longed-for magic-bullet, “miracle cure” we’ve longed for – IF future research confirms it. We’re not quite there yet, but it’s extremely promising.

Let me tell you what we know at this point. . .it all starts with a berry. . .

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Extraordinary natural drug –
like nothing else scientists have seen

This promising treatment comes from blushwood berries, and it’s only found in the depths of the Queensland rainforest, located in the far northern regions of Australia where the blushwood tree (Fontainea picrosperma) grows.

A molecule inside this berry, known as EBC-46, seems to fight cancer faster and more effectively than perhaps anything ever seen. It was discovered through a screening process of natural products that looks at purified fractions of plant extracts.

Researchers were first clued into the berries after noting that marsupials (e.g. kangaroos and koala bears) can’t stand to eat them, thanks to an inflammatory chemical found in high concentrations within the seed.

Here’s what we know. When EBC-46 meets with a tumor, usually by way of injection, it triggers a fast-moving immune response. This includes the activation of white blood cells that then attack the tumor and shrink it down till there’s virtually nothing left.

Though the exact mechanism of tumor death is unclear, the compound likely works in one of these three ways: by killing the tumor directly, cutting off blood supply to the tumor, or activating the body’s immune system.

Or, perhaps all three mechanisms work together.

Massive tumor disappeared in 48 hours

The treatment has already been tested on animals staring death in the face thanks to tumors – and it’s had marvelous results. It was a lifesaver for a dog named Oscar who had a massive cancerous tumor on the side of his face. One injection of EBC-46, and two days later the tumor had all but disappeared.

Besides dogs, positive results have been demonstrated in experiments with tumors in mice, cats, and horses.

The same was true for an Australian woman named Denise who suffered from melanoma and had a massive tumor embedded just below her left armpit. She joined the first phase of trials for EBC-46, desperately hoping to avoid amputation.

A mere 20 minutes after EBC-46 was injected directly into her tumor, the tumor turned a purplish black color. A few days later, it appeared to have shriveled up and died.

That first phase of human trials has used safe, low doses to treat trial patients. But even these low doses yielded results that are beyond wonderful. Because of that, EBC-46 has moved into Clinical Phase I safety trials for patients suffering from cutaneous or subcutaneous solid tumors, where the cancer-killing compound can be delivered locally with a single treatment directly injected into the tumors.

Easy, accessible cancer treatment looks promising

One of the most exciting things about treatment with EBC-46 is that it could make healing a much more accessible prospect for millions of tumor patients. Most tumors require surgical removal, which means you need access to an operating room and a full medical staff, including a surgeon.

But because EBC-46 can simply be inserted into tumors, and with such promising results, it holds the possibility that effective tumor treatment could be as simple as an injection – something that can be done in a doctor’s office, at home, or virtually anywhere.

More than that, this new treatment offers terrific hope for elderly cancer sufferers who aren’t able to withstand the rigors of chemotherapy or are too frail to endure surgery.

Nobody can top Mother Nature
(especially when combined with science)

To date, treatment with EBC-46 targets solid tumors like the ones that stem from melanoma, breast cancer, and cancers of the head and neck. Other tumor types that may be treatable with this drug include prostate and colorectal cancers.

The patent for the compound is currently held by the private pharmaceutical company QBiotics, which discovered it. QBiotics states on their website that they’ve seen enough successful animal studies with EBC-46 to feel comfortable bringing it to the trial phase as a medicine for tumors in companion animals such as dogs and horses.

They’ve seen no significant long-term side effects in their trials, which inspires yet another vote of confidence to this treatment.

QBiotics is also behind the phase 1 clinical trials that are in progress throughout Australia, specifically in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. (Go here to learn more about clinical trials.)

A word of caution: Many compounds make it to the Phase I clinical trial stage for human use, but few ultimately go on to market. What works in animals does not always work in humans, or turns out to be unsafe.

That’s why it’s particularly reassuring that, according to the QBiotics website, they’ll be moving EBC-46 on to Clinical Phase II trial and already plan to seek out a development partner.

I can anticipate a few problems (although, of course, I hope they don’t occur.) Shrinking tumors is not equivalent to curing cancer. We need to know if the disease makes a comeback after this treatment, and, if so, how fast. As with many treatments, it is possible that cancer stem cells are resistant. If they survive, cancer usually returns.

There are also potential drawbacks even if the treatment is proven successful and safe. To a large extent, cancer is a disease we inflict on ourselves with our toxic environment and household products, food loaded with chemical additives, sugar and other carbohydrates, obesity, poor sleep habits, and stress-ridden lives.

I would hope that a “miracle cancer cure” doesn’t enable our self-destructive behavior.

Meanwhile, our last issue highlighted a powerful cancer treatment that’s available right now for a modest price, and you don’t have to go to Australia. If you missed the article, see it now just below this.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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