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This Treatment Sucks Infections Out of Your Body Like A Vacuum Cleaner

By Lee Euler / March 9, 2014

It’s been called ridiculous… gross… outrageous… crazy… impossible! Those are just a few of the things people say when they first hear about this detox that costs about a quarter a day.

Yet this ancient Ayurvedic practice is becoming popular in many health circles – and there’s evidence it works. Let’s have a look. . .

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Oil pulling is a detox tactic that promotes cleansing and healing in your mouth. And it’s not just for dental health, but may also heal a wide range of problems including migraines, PMS, skin diseases, digestive troubles, and possibly even cancer and heart disease. At least that’s what the anecdotal reports say.

Testimonials from fans don’t make for scientific studies that get published in medical journals, but oil pulling apparently does no harm, so you might want to try it for yourself. I’m on record as believing case studies – anecdotes, if you will – are important and valuable evidence.

What it is and how it works. . .

Oil pulling is the practice of swishing (not gargling) oil around your mouth. It sounds similar to using a mouthwash, but it’s a harder workout. You’re expected to push, pull, and draw the oil through your teeth for 15 to 20 minutes – far longer than the typical 30 to 60-second oral rinse.

The effect is supposed to be like a vacuum cleaner that sucks viruses, bacteria and fungi out of your body. It “pulls” disease-causing bacteria and their toxins from your teeth and gums, and is said to be far more cleansing than any toothbrush or mouthwash. (But this doesn’t mean you should quit brushing!)

After swishing, spit it into a paper towel and throw it away. Rule #1: Never ever swallow it, because it’s filled with toxins.

Sesame and sunflower oils were traditionally used in oil pulling, but coconut oil offers the benefits of being a proven antimicrobial and consisting of 50% lauric acid, a valuable nutrient.

Microbes in your mouth cause
a wide range of diseases…

Your mouth is home to millions of microorganisms — some friendly, some not. In fact, there are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people on earth. And they include more than 600 bacteria species.

Your immune system is constantly fighting harmful bacteria – the menaces that cause tooth decay, gum disease, and promote many other diseases. Oral bacteria have been plausibly linked to heart disease, cancer and even arthritis. They contribute to inflammation, which figures in almost all the so-called diseases of aging.

Consider these staggering statistics from the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC’s numbers suggest most people need dental help:

  • 40% of all children over 12 have gum disease
  • 9 out of 10 people have tooth decay
  • one-third of adults over 65 have lost all their natural teeth
  • 50 percent of adults will have lost half their teeth by age 65

Advocates of oil pulling say it’s extraordinarily effective at removing bad bacteria and protecting your teeth and gums.

Compare it to your car’s oil, which picks up dirt and grime. When you change your car oil, the gunk drains out with the oil, leaving your engine clean. So it runs smoother, lasts longer. That’s what you want for your teeth and body, too.

What to Expect from Oil Pulling

The first thing most people notice when they start oil pulling is whiter teeth, healed gums, fresher breath, slowed inflammation, and healed oral infections. Bleeding gums may disappear, and tooth decay may slow down.

Your experience may differ from others. Many people report softer skin, better bowel movements, softer hair with less gray. . .and the list goes on. (This is already sounding too good to be true, but I’m tempted to try it.)

But heads up… some experience a healing crisis!

Some people experience a healing crisis at the beginning, others later, and some not at all. A healing crisis is a detox reaction to the natural healing that’s taking place. Symptoms subside as your body becomes detoxified.

It’s called a Herxheimer (or Jarish-Herheimer) reaction, brought on by the rapid die-off of harmful organisms in the body, and it’s a risk with any detox procedure. One option is to slow down the pace of the detoxification (for example, do oil pulling every other night) so your body can flush the toxins out at a pace you can tolerate.

Oil pulling is said to relieve these problems

People have testified that oil pulling has helped heal various conditions including:

Acne Constipation
Allergies Diabetes
Arthritis Eczema
Asthma Insomnia
Back/Neck Pain Migraines
Bronchitis PMS
Chronic Fatigue Sinusitis
Colitis Ulcers
Crohn’s Disease


Besides those, observers have also linked the conditions below to oral health, so these may also be influenced by oil pulling:

Disease Kidney
Atherosclerosis Liver Disease
Blood Disorders Meningitis
Brain Abscess Nerve Disorders
Cancer Osteoporosis
Emphysema Pneumonia
Gallbladder Disease Preeclampsia & birthing difficulties
Gout Psychosis
Heart Disease Stroke
High blood sugar Toxic Shock Syndrome
Infectious diseases Infertility


Most people have no idea how significant their dental health is!

Is there any evidence to back up oil pulling?

Many people think oil pulling sounds so far-fetched, they’re surprised it’s actually a topic of research. Here’s what some of the studies say:

  1. A 2008 study found that oil pulling reduced the number of Streptococcus Mutans in dental plaque in just two weeks.i (These are the bacteria that cause plaque buildup and tooth decay.)
  2. Another study compared the use of oil pulling with the mouth rinse Chlorhexidine. They both reduced gingivitis (gum disease). But oil pulling is much cheaper and a lot less nasty.ii
  3. Bad breath (halitosis) is caused by the chemical and gas odor of bacteria. Research found that oil pulling helped reduce bad breath.iii
  4. A study reported in the Journal of Oral Health and Community Dentistry compared oil pulling to tooth brushing and mouthwashes.

Participants in the study had mild to moderate gum disease and plaque buildup. They added oil pulling to their regular morning oral hygiene for 45 days… but just for 8 to 10 minutes, not the recommended 15-20.

Plaque and gum disease markers were carefully monitored during the study.

This chart dramatically shows how the three techniques compared:


Tooth Brushing

Oil Pulling

Plaque Reduction

Reduced 20-26%

Reduced 11-27%

Reduced 18-30%

Gum Disease   Reduction(Gingivitis)

Reduced 13%

Reduced 8-23%

Reduced 52-60%

Oil pulling beat mouthwash and tooth brushing for reducing plaque and gum disease. The reduction in gum disease is especially impressive .

If they’d pulled for the normal 15 to 20 minutes a day, the results might have been even more dramatic.

These two men were
a century ahead of their time

So can oil pulling heal deadly diseases that modern medicine can’t? Well, the scientific studies don’t say for sure that it does. But…

One hundred years ago, two men discovered the link between dental and systemic health.

Dr. Charles Mayo (founder of the Mayo Clinic) and Dr. Weston A. Price believed that ALL oral infections affect you systemically – that is, they sicken the entire body, not just the mouth. Infections in the mouth freely enter the bloodstream to cause havoc elsewhere.

Dr. Price and his research partner, Edward C. Rosenhow, published more than 300 papers about this over the course of 56 years. Yet their studies have been suppressed and scorned for decades.

These pioneers also discovered that all root canals are havens for infection. Price performed experiments in which he pulled human teeth with root canals and planted them under the skin of a rabbit. The rabbit always died from the same disease the person suffered from.

Final tips before you give it a try…

Oil pulling is cheap. Your only expense is for the oil you use. It’s easy, too. Just swish one tablespoon of oil around your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes (just 1 teaspoon for children).

It doesn’t require fasting, dieting, big expense, or lots of muss and fuss. Maybe you can do other things while you’re at it, so it’s not down time.

Just remember the #1 rule: Never swallow your oil. (Don’t flush it down the toilet or spit in sinks either, unless you want clogged pipes.)

Dr. Bruce Fife is the leading expert on this subject today. He’s treated many patients with oil pulling, reviewed the latest research, and compiled his findings in the book, Oil Pulling Therapy: Detoxifying and Healing the Body through Oral Cleansing. His book includes many anecdotal stories and some advanced techniques.

But his four basic “rules” are:

  • Oil must be in the mouth a minimum of 15 minutes, swished (not gargled)
  • Must be done daily for 2 months for best results.
  • Can produce relief and side effects very quickly. You may experience a healing crisis, but that is not harmful and means you’re getting rid of microbes.
  • Oil pulling can help a root-canalled tooth, but you should still consider extracting root canalled teeth. (See George E. Meinig’s book Root Canal Cover Up.)

If you try it, let us know on Facebook or by writing us at (hopefully after giving it the full 60-day trial so that your evidence is valid.)

I wish there was more evidence for oil pulling, but in our last issue we wrote about something for which there IS scientific proof, and lots of it – perhaps the most powerful antioxidant substance known. If you missed this news, you can read it below right now.

3,500 Times More Powerful Than Vitamin C —
This Natural Enzyme Stops Aging in its Tracks!

There’s a little-known enzyme in your body that packs a huge punch when it comes to keeping you healthy. Think of it as your ultimate “power-player” when it comes to removing toxic matter.

The enzyme is superoxide dismutase, also known as SOD. If you can up your levels of this natural antioxidant made by your own body, you greatly increase your chances of avoiding illness and living to a ripe old age. Let’s look for some ways you can do that. . .

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A note from Lee Euler

Our best-selling book Awakening from Alzheimer’s featured an ancient Chinese secret for boosting memory. Now I’m happy to tell you we have a recommended source for this supplement if you wish to try it.

I’ve been taking it myself, and I can feel the results. I’m thinking faster and more clearly than I have in years. This is definitely not one of the supplements where you take it and “nothing happens.”

So, what is this stuff? In ancient China, the emperor was believed to be the son of heaven. One of the perks of the job was that he was the only one allowed to eat a certain medicinal mushroom that was said to give him “nerves of steel and the memory of a lion.”

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The main reason SOD exists is to protect you from the toxic effects of the chemical superoxide, a key enemy of good health because it’s a free radical. Breaking superoxide down into harmless particles is known as dismutation, hence the name superoxide dismutase.

It’s a huge factor in cancer prevention, because free radicals are believed to be the cause of a wide range of diseases including cancer.

You have SOD in your body, mainly because you already have an abundance of damaging superoxide. Your cells actually make this free radical on their own as a byproduct of the energy-creation process. Think of it like car exhaust: Even the most fuel-efficient car still lets off small amounts of contamination. For your body, the “contamination” is free radicals, and in this case, it’s superoxide.

Thankfully, SOD breaks superoxide down into harmless parts – specifically into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen. From there, your body supplies the enzyme catalase to break down the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

Ample amounts of SOD can increase your life span. Most folks who live past age 90 tend to have unusually high levels of SOD. Makes sense, considering that free radicals speed up the aging process and SOD stops them in their tracks – long before they can damage your organs or other body tissues.

Not just an antioxidant,

But a powerful anti-inflammatory, too!

It s should be enough that this enzyme is your body’s most powerful antioxidant and quenches toxic levels of superoxide. It surpasses all the other, more familiar antioxidants that come from vitamin pills and various food sources.

But there’s even more: SOD also serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. This means SOD helps ease the pain of stiff joints.

Clinical studies also show SOD helps maintain healthy blood vessels and a healthy heart. It alleviates the pain of arthritis, fibrosis, burns, and inflammatory bowel disease. And as a nutrient, it’s even considered 3,500 times stronger than vitamin C.

Arguably your body’s most crucial antioxidant

Now, remember – many free radicals like superoxide are byproducts of your own metabolism – sort of a waste-product that’s produced when your cells burn oxygen for energy. But you also pick up free radicals from the environment. Your body absorbs a slew of them every time you catch a whiff of somebody’s cigarette smoke or get a face full of car fumes, or any other chemical you happen to inhale.

Incredibly, some experts estimate you fend off as many as 10,000 attacks by free radicals every day, thanks to enzymes like SOD. So consider the implications of one study where mice were genetically engineered so they couldn’t make their own SOD. What happened? They died in just a matter of days due to massive damage from free-radicals.

A study published at the beginning of this year in the Journal of Clinical Investigation showed that SOD induced cell death in non-small-cell lung cancer. Other studies show SOD plays a role in slowing tumor growth and alleviating the side effects of cancer. Although most researchers will tell you they need more studies to be sure of everything, it’s clear that SOD brings powerful results when it comes to cancer prevention and treatment.

Unfortunately for most folks, SOD levels drop as you age. By the time you hit 30, your levels could be too low. That makes it harder to get rid of excess toxins, leaving you open to disease and allowing the aging process to accelerate.

How to boost your body’s SOD levels

The question, then, is how do you get more SOD in your body so you’re better protected from diseases like cancer and the problems that come with aging?

This free-radical fighter starts to develop before you’re even born. And women appear to have higher levels of SOD than men, which may explain why they live longer. Fortunately, you can supplement the production of SOD with smart lifestyle choices.

When it comes to your eating habits, there’s a good chance you can boost your SOD production by simply eating whole, unprocessed foods and taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Vitamin C and copper are especially key when it comes to boosting SOD production. It also helps to eat green vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and wheatgrass – all have high levels of superoxide dismutase.

But if you need more SOD than your body can create – especially if you’re fending off the effects of cancer or trying to prevent it altogether – you may want to consider synthetic versions of SOD. These come in the form of creams, supplements, and even injections.

The problem with getting supplemental SOD through pills taken orally is that stomach acid destroys most of the nutrient. It never makes it to your bloodstream. Some health advisors believe certain supplements, like the medicinal mushroom chaga, can overcome this. Chaga has about 10,000 to 20,000 active SOD units per gram. Proponents believe it delivers substantial SOD to the body when ingested.

Rather than eat SOD-rich foods, which may not survive your stomach acid, another approach is to eat things that help your body make more of this crucial antioxidant on its own. The aim is to eat foods that contain specific molecules necessary for boosting SOD production. Wheat sprout extract is one example of such a building block and has been shown to raise the body’s levels of SOD.

Another approach is to bond SOD to a biopolymer that can be readily absorbed by the body, like the wheat component gliadin. Studies show a pairing of the two can protect the delicate SOD molecule from harsh stomach acids so it eventually makes it to your bloodstream.

Definitely something to keep your eye on

I’ll certainly be following the research on SOD, as it appears to be an important line of defense against free radicals. I’m glad to see we’re moving past the recent dilemma where it was tough to raise your levels of this beneficial enzyme. Thanks to orally bioavailable SOD in the form of nutritional supplements, we may be getting close to a solution. For now, if you seek out SOD in supplement form, my research indicates it’s more likely to be effective if it’s coated with gliadin.

These supplements and especially SOD-boosting foods are worth a try. The evidence suggests that if you raise your levels of SOD, you’ll be better protected from cancer and other diseases. You’ll probably live longer.

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