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Unleash the cancer killer insider your cells

By Lee Euler / May 4, 2011

How to unleash the cancer killer inside your cells!

Could the same drug doctors use to treat rare metabolic disorders also unlock a natural cancer killer in your body? A group of Canadian investigators says ‘YES’—and they have clinical study results to prove it.

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, a professor at the University of Alberta Department of Medicine, has shown that a molecule called dichloroacetate (DCA) causes regression in a variety of cancerous tumors. This inexpensive and non-toxic substance could give chemotherapy drug makers nightmares!

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For decades, doctors have used DCA to treat rare metabolic disorders linked to diseases of the mitochondrion. This cell component or “organelle” produces energy to help your cells survive and function properly. The mitochondria are often called the cells’ “power plants” or “energy factories.”

Since the 1930s, researchers have known that these tiny organelles malfunction when cancer is present. Doctors assumed that mitochondria suffered permanent damage under these conditions.

But Dr. Michelakis suspected this might not be the case. He decided DCA might be able to activate an enzyme that would ‘resuscitate’ mitochondria affected by cancer.

His hunch proved right. Michelakis and his colleagues discovered that DCA restored the function of mitochondria in cancer cells. Their findings proved that cancer had suppressed the mitochondria’s energy producing ability—but did not permanently damage them.

What’s more, they discovered that reviving the mitochondria in cancer cells actually halted growth of cancer tumors without affecting normal cells!

In January 2007, researchers at the University of Alberta published a study in the journal Cancer Cell suggesting that DCA showed promise in shrinking tumors in lab rats as well as inhibiting growth of cultured human cancer cells.

This caused a stir in the medical community—but barely caused the ‘Big Pharma’ bigwigs to lift an eyebrow. You should know that remedies like DCA that cannot be patented don’t get a whole lotta love from the pharmaceutical giants.

Nevertheless, the Canadian researchers were able to garner enough financial support from public donations to conduct the first human trial of DCA in October 2007. I recall seeing an appeal for donations in Alternatives, a well-known health newsletter edited by Dr. David Williams. Here’s the exciting advance those donations bought…

Is it tough enough to tackle brain cancer?

According to results published May 12, 2010 in the journal Science Translational Medicine, Dr. Michelakis’ team initiated a two-year study to examine the effects of DCA on 49 brain cancer patients.

The patients suffered from an aggressive form of the disease called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). This is the most common and most aggressive type of brain tumor in humans.

Doctors first tested DCA on tumors surgically removed from the patients. Based on the positive results in these tissue samples, they decided to administer DCA to five patients suffering from advanced GBM. Patients with advanced GBM normally don’t have much of a chance.

For one month, each of these patients received 25 mg per day per kilogram of body weight (divided into 2 doses). They subsequently received a daily regimen of 50mg/kg of DCA, divided into 2 doses, for an unspecified period.

The dose was reduced by 50% if patients experienced any side effects such as fatigue or upset stomach. Researchers followed these patients clinically for up to 15 months.

When they compared tissue samples taken before and after DCA therapy, researchers found that DCA:

1. Produced the same reactions in humans as those observed in laboratory tests;

2. Suppressed the growth of cancer cells without affecting normal cells;

3. Altered the metabolism of GBM stem cells—the very cells thought to be the root cause of cancer recurrences!

In a U of A statement1, Michelakis’s team said that while the results of the study are encouraging—they cannot say conclusively the drug is effective in patients with this form of brain cancer, due to the small number of patients tested.

They emphasize the need for larger clinical trials to further establish DCA as a safe and effective cancer treatment. In the meantime, one cancer clinic has decided to forge ahead in offering DCA as an alternative cancer therapy…

Those courageous ‘Canucks’
are cancer treatment trailblazers!

In 2006, Dr. Akbar Khan founded the Medicor Cancer Centres in Toronto, Canada. The organization’s website2 states that its goal is to provide optimal care in the treatment and healing of cancer patients.

With over 15 years as a practicing family physician, Dr. Khan worked closely with many cancer patients and their families. His experiences convinced him to explore non-traditional approaches to managing and treating cancer.

Medicor is currently the only cancer treatment facility in the world to offer DCA in conjunction with other therapies. By April 2009, they’d treated nearly 350 patients with brain, breast, colon, lung, ovarian and other cancers.

The group’s observational data suggest that cancer patients treated with DCA enjoy a positive response rate of close to 70 percent!

Researchers note that taking DCA at doses high enough to halt cancer tumor metabolism may produce side effects such as fatigue, numbness in fingers and toes, or tremors in some patients.

Medicor investigators found that combining DCA with supplements such as alpha lipoic acid and vitamin B1helped manage the neurological side effects.

Both Medicor and the University of Alberta researchers are encouraged by early results of DCA testing. The U of A team hopes to secure more funding to continue clinical trials with DCA at the university.

DCA has yet to enjoy widespread support from Big Pharma or the mainstream medical community.

But early evidence indicates DCA could provide the ‘jolt’ that your cells need to power up their energy factories—and slow down or stop cancer.

DCA doesn’t appear to be a magic bullet, but it sounds like it could be helpful as one part of an overall treatment program, especially if further trials show it’s indeed non-toxic. When doctors or researchers say a cancer “responded” to a treatment they mean a tumor shrank or stopped growing, not that the disease was cured.

This is the first I’ve heard of the Medicor Cancer Centres, and this article shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement until we have a chance to visit their facilities and interview them. I’d like to know more. From their website, it sounds like DCA is a major part of their approach.

The website mentions they use “other evidence-based natural therapies.” Among those mentioned are intravenous vitamin C, a treatment we endorse strongly, and LDN, a very promising drug therapy we wrote about in Issue #43. (You can see back issues at www.cancerdefeatednewsletter.com.)

Apparently Medicor also offers High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) instead of conventional prostate surgery, and I was encouraged to see that. Prostate surgery is a last resort, in my opinion. But if you feel you must have it done, I think HIFU is the least harmful way to do it. We haven’t been able to find very many facilities that will perform HIFU “surgery” so it’s good to find another.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

1 University of Alberta DCA website. 2010, May 12. DCA research team publishes results of clinical trials. Retrieved April 14, 2011 from http://www.dca.med.ualberta.ca/Home/Updates/2010-05-12_Update.cfm
2 Medicor Cancer Centres. 2009. Misson Statement. Retrieved April 14, 2011 from http://www.medicorcancer.com/aboutUS.html
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