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A cancer “doctor” goes to jail

By Lee Euler / April 24, 2011

Cancer Doctor Goes to Jail,
But Don’t Write Off his Potent Formula

Many folks were saddened by the passing of Coretta Scott King, wife of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King. In her battle against ovarian cancer, she sought treatment at the Hospital Santa Monica in Rosarita, Mexico. This is not a clinic we’ve ever recommended in any of our publications. Keep reading and you’ll see why. . .

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A U.S. President refused America’s
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Americans would be shocked if they knew that President Reagan, while still in the White House, turned his back on American cancer treatments. He secretly sneaked off to a German clinic — and lived another 19 years.

Why? Because German cancer doctors are better — thanks to breakthrough treatments that are labeled “quackery” in the U.S. (maybe because they cost a fraction of American treatments, so there’s not much profit for the cancer industry).

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Hospital staff said Mrs. King died before treatments could begin. Despite that, news accounts in the United States claimed or implied that she’d died because the alternative treatments failed. Clearly, she was near death at the time she arrived at Hospital Santa Monica. She died very shortly after arrival.

Whether she received any treatment there is not clear, but if she did, it probably included a cancer-fighting supplement called Oncotox.

The product contains five natural cancer-killers in a blend formulated by Dr. Kurt Donsbach, the founder of the Hospital Santa Monica. As I’ll explain, this famous formula is just fine. The problem is…

…authorities maintain that Donsbach never attended an accredited medical school and is NOT a medical doctor! For this reason, I’m going to refer to him as Mr. Donsbach. If he provides me with proof he’s a doctor, I’ll be happy to print a correction.

Before I tell you more about the Oncotox product, I think it’s only fair that I tell you more about what’s happened to its owner and promoter…

The authorities cracked down hard

Mrs. King’s death in January 2006 turned the spotlight on Mr. Donsbach and his Mexican cancer clinic. Shortly after she passed away, Baja California authorities shut down the operation in February 2006 citing reasons that included:

a) Unknown substances marketed under Mr. Donsbach’s name

b) Incomplete medical records and the practice of unconventional treatments

c) Offering unauthorized services, such as surgical procedures

Mr. Donsbach’s legal troubles intensified in 2009 when he was arrested and charged with treating patients without a license… misbranding drugs for sale… unlawfully dispensing drugs as a cure for cancer… and falsely representing a cure for cancer.

In December, 2010, Kurt Donsbach pleaded guilty in a California court to 13 felony charges. These were not related to the Coretta King case. Among many charges, he admitted to inflicting great bodily injury on one of the victims related to the unlicensed practice of medicine.

Just a week ago, on April 15, 2011, Mr. Donsbach was sentenced to one year in jail to be followed by ten years probation. He was also fined $60,000 and prohibited from practicing any type of medicine including chiropractic.

I’m reserving judgment

I haven’t investigated whether the charges against Donsbach are true or not. The fact that he pled guilty will have to speak for itself. It’s not even clear to me why he was prosecuted in the United States since I thought his health practice was in Mexico.

I do know that he was treated respectfully by some good people in the field of alternative cancer treatment. I’d like to think he’s another innocent doctor who’s been prosecuted for offering alternatives. I’d love to receive a copy of a valid M.D., N.D. or chiropractic degree. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

This guy might just be a bad egg. I find it disgusting that anyone would claim to be a doctor when he’s not.

We never recommended his clinic in our reports on Mexican cancer clinics because, at the time we started publishing in 2006, his clinic was actually closed and for most of the last five years he’s been dogged by controversy and legal problems. In fact, his whole life reads like a series of messes and legal problems.

I have to admit I instantly distrusted the guy the two or three times I saw him — just my take, based on nothing more than the way he talked and acted.

Some of the finest clinics in the world are in Mexico

We’ve had no trouble finding great Mexican cancer clinics that didn’t have all this baggage.

Adios, Cancer, the new edition of our guide to Mexican alternative cancer clinics, is packed with highly reputable doctors and institutions that have never had any legal problems. Some of them have been doing business at the same address for decades, and countless happy patients got cancer under control with their help. Many of the doctors are sought-after speakers at international healthcare conferences and seminars. That’s a fact.

I just spent a week at one of these clinics and it was the classiest, most professional medical facility I’ve ever seen in my life. Admittedly, this clinic, called Sanoviv, is at the top, but there are MANY other Mexican clinics I’d go to gladly.

Sanoviv diagnosed several medical problems that other doctors have misdiagnosed for decades (low thyroid function, for example) and now I’m on my way to getting them solved.

So, there’s no need to dwell on Mr. Donsbach and his checkered past—but I do want to talk about the product he developed, Oncotox. You might be surprised to learn that its primary ingredients are accepted by many cancer experts as remarkably effective natural cancer killers! It’s a good formula.

I do think it’s interesting that his most famous product contains ingredients that are helpful to cancer patients and almost certainly can’t harm anyone. Not a single conventional oncologist can make the same claim. In a fair world, many conventional oncologists would be the ones in jail.

One man’s recipe for a cancer-killing cocktail

The Oncotox blend contains five effective cancer inhibitors—all with extensive research studies documenting their potency as adjunct cancer therapies!

Cancer patients at the Hospital Santa Monica took Oncotox twice daily during their hospital stay. They were also instructed to continue its use during their follow-up home protocol.

The cancer inhibitors in Oncotox are as follows:

1. Arginine—is an essential amino acid which has been found to consistently inhibit tumor growth. National Cancer Institute scientists found that injections of arginine into tumor-bearing rats consistently halted tumor growth. NCI reports showed tumor size was reduced to 80 percent of the initial size within two weeks of receiving the injections.

2. Curcumin—is the active compound in the spice tumeric. Test tube studies have shown that curcumin stops cancer cells from multiplying. And scientists also discovered that the turmeric in curry powder helps stop the spread of breast cancer1. Texas-based researchers found that curcumin inhibits the spread of breast cancer into the lungs2 and improves the effectiveness of current remedies. And scientists believe this spicy warrior encourages apoptosis—or cancer cell suicide!

3. IP6®— contains the B complex vitamin inositol phosphate bonded with inositol. These nutrients occur naturally in every cell of your body. This combination acts as an effective antioxidant which helps prevent free radical cell damage and boost immunity by revving up your natural killer (NK) cells. University of Maryland research3 shows that IP6 is an extremely effective cancer therapy that helps enhance the effects of chemotherapy, control cancer metastases, and improve quality of life!

4. Lactoferrin—is a protein with a unique ability to bind to iron. Studies show that excessive amounts of iron in your diet may increase your risk of developing certain types of cancer. Researchers believe many diseases and cancers use the iron to reproduce and grow.4,5 When lactoferrin binds with iron, it is unavailable to the tumor, essentially starving it to death! See our issue #16 for more information about lactoferrin (www.cancerdefeatednewsletter.com).

5. Resveratrol—is a type of plant compound called polyphenols. A number of studies have suggested resveratrol’s effectiveness in treating cancer. In one study that examined different types of prostate cancer cells6, resveratrol was the most potent of all polyphenols tested against advanced prostate cancer cells. See our issue #61 for more information about resveratrol.

The nutrients in his Oncotox formula boast some pretty impressive credentials, even if the controversy surrounding Mr. Donsbach makes you leery about it.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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