Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

We’re All at Risk for Parasites

By Lee Euler / February 13, 2019

Ask nearly anyone on the street, and they’d peg parasites as a problem in the developing world — but certainly not in America. And they’d be sorely mistaken. It’s estimated that half the U.S. population has intestinal parasites – or parasites of other types — and I’m not talking about flu bugs or common bacteria. […]

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New Proof the Ketogenic Diet Plan Fights Cancer

By Lee Euler / February 6, 2019

Since ancient times, healers have known that food can be medicine – even if our conventional medical establishment has stubbornly resisted this fact. But now mainstream medical researchers are finally getting around to exploring some of the ways that you can modify your food habits to prevent and treat specific illnesses. Long-time readers of this […]

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These Are the Germs That Could Someday Cure Cancer

By Lee Euler / January 27, 2019

Most of what you hear about probiotics focuses on what they do in the digestive tract – processing nutrients, nourishing the cells of the intestinal walls and keeping out “bad” microbes. Those benefits have been enough to prompt millions of people – including many who are not fans of alternative health — to take supplements […]

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