Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

This “Heat-Seeking Missile Therapy” Boasts a Success Rate Four Times Higher Than Existing Treatments

By Lee Euler / June 20, 2018

Doctors are seeing increasing levels of success by casting off caustic cancer treatments in favor of those that work with the immune system instead of destroying it, as chemo does. It’s not something you can do without help from medical professionals, but the results are astounding – even for patients who were “hopeless.” The procedure […]

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Scary News: Could Essential Oils Cause Cancer?

By Lee Euler / May 27, 2018

Essential oils are widely considered not only safe, but medicinal. They’re used in scores of healing balms and medicinal products meant to help people get over illness and discomfort. So it comes as startling news that essential oils might be a factor in causing new illnesses. What a lot of people don’t realize is that […]

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