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What’s the Best Cancer Fighting Food?

By Lee Euler / December 8, 2019

(And How You Can Still Reap Its Rewards, Even If You Hate It) In 1990, George H. W. Bush – W’s dad – famously declared that he didn’t like broccoli and as President of the United States he was not going to eat it. He was missing something. Two years later, researchers discovered a beneficial […]

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This Heart-Healthy Nutrient Can Also Fight Cancer

By Lee Euler / December 4, 2019

CoQ10 is well-known as a nutrient that helps support better heart health. It’s a powerful antioxidant that is used to help people with heart failure and improve their chances of living longer.1 Although its use in preventing and helping to treat cancer has been controversial, studies are continuing to show it possesses important anti-cancer powers. […]

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Astounding News about Aspirin and Cancer

By Lee Euler / November 27, 2019

The evidence for taking aspirin to prevent cancer has been building for decades. The US Preventive Task Force advises people in their 50s to take low-dose aspirin to prevent colorectal cancer. But can we really trust this recommendation? My readers know that drugs are always a last resort, as far as I’m concerned, and taking […]

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This Fruit Packs a Potent Punch Against Cancer

By Lee Euler / November 20, 2019

When I was growing up (back before the Civil War), strawberries were a special treat of early summer. Then it was over for another year. Nowadays you can get them year-round in supermarkets, although you have to choose carefully, because most of the store-bought ones lack the scrumptious flavor I remember from my childhood. And […]

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The Startling Cancer Therapy EVERY Patient Should Do

By Lee Euler / November 13, 2019

If you fall victim to cancer, there’s one surprising natural therapy that can help you fight tumors and improve the way you withstand the awful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. That therapy is exercise. But don’t worry, exercise to help heal cancer doesn’t have to be a sweat and feel-the-burn daunting kind of physical […]

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