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Treating Cancer with Ozone

By Lee Euler / October 13, 2021

Ozone therapy is not a standard treatment for cancer. However, many alternative cancer doctors around the world use this simple therapy and believe that it could not only improve cancer survival rates, but make existing cancer treatments more effective. So what is ozone therapy and how does it work? Keep reading to find out… Ozone […]

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The “Mushroom of Immortality” Fights Cancer Too

By Lee Euler / October 10, 2021

At first glance, it sounds like a miracle mushroom: “Tames inflammation!” “Builds stamina!” “Relieves fatigue!” “Supports the immune system!” It has even earned the nickname, the “mushroom of immortality”. Is it possible Ganoderma does all that and more — even though very few people seem to have heard of it? While Ganoderma is certainly not […]

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Early Warning Signs of the Forgotten Cancer

By Lee Euler / October 6, 2021

This cancer doesn’t get the press that other cancers do. Yet it takes someone’s life every hour. In fact, this cancer is so deadly that only half of those diagnosed with it today will still be alive five years from now. And among those who do survive, almost all of them caught their cancers early. […]

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Humble Garnish Contains Surprising Cancer-Fighters

By Lee Euler / October 3, 2021

It’s the proverbial low-calorie snack… also the taken-for-granted turkey stuffing ingredient and the predictable garnish in a Bloody Mary. But don’t underestimate the healing power of celery. Not only is it a dieter’s delight… it’s also a potent cancer fighter. Read on to discover how much this humble stalk can do for your health. Celery […]

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Tropical Plant Reveals Rare Cancer-Fighting Molecules

By Lee Euler / September 29, 2021

During the last three decades up to half of all approved drugs, including those for cancer, have been derived from nature. One plant that’s come to the attention of cancer researchers grows in the Caribbean and is called Jatropha curcas. In a recent breakthrough, chemists can now synthesize a compound in the plant that’s able […]

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Stay on the Sunny Side and Lower Your Cancer Risk

By Lee Euler / September 22, 2021

If you follow the advice of many conventional doctors, you might never let a single ray of sunshine touch your skin unless you’ve already slathered yourself with a thick coat of sunscreen. That’s because those medical folks have become so obsessed with the possibility of ultraviolet rays from the sun causing skin cancer, they’re in […]

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Common Spice is “Fertilizer” for Cancer

By Lee Euler / September 19, 2021

Most of us associate MSG – monosodium glutamate — with certain Chinese food restaurants or can’t-stop-eating potato chips. Neither is known for being healthy. But MSG has a much broader reach. In fact, it’s almost everywhere. It’s sprinkled on just about every packaged item the food industry finagles onto our grocery store shelves. The damage […]

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