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The Dietary Supplement That’s Proven to Prevent Cancer

By Lee Euler / September 28, 2022

Scientists are pointing to one supplement that can slash the risk of a variety of cancers in patients at high genetic risk. The scientists call the new findings “unexpected,” “exciting,” and “vitally important.” What is this powerful supplement? A constituent of oats, peas, and beans… I’m talking about, wait for it… good old fashioned dietary […]

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The Anti-Cancer Herb Too Few Cancer Patients Use

By Lee Euler / September 25, 2022

What if there was a natural compound that could help you recover from – or prevent – cancer? Without dangerous side effects? A large and growing body of evidence from 30 years’ worth of studies suggests that curcumin is exactly such a natural compound. Over the past five years many health-conscious people around the world […]

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Aromatic Herb Assaults Cancer Cells

By Lee Euler / September 21, 2022

The Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of many forms of cancer as well as lowers the risk of dying from the disease. To discover the reason, research has focused on the variety of anti-inflammatory foods— from omega-3 rich fish, nuts and seeds to olive oil and fresh vegetables and fruit. But the Mediterranean diet also […]

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The #1 Cancer-Fighting Beverage

By Lee Euler / September 18, 2022

Four centuries ago, the Chinese began brewing the leaves of this plant and drinking it as a hot beverage. Today, it’s the world’s most popular beverage besides water. Hundreds of millions of people drink it. However, it’s never been as popular in America as in the rest of the world – despite its many benefits. […]

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Is Your Stove Giving You Cancer?

By Lee Euler / September 7, 2022

If you’re a gas stove person, then you probably find it hard to cook on any other type of stove. The speed in which a gas stove reaches temperature, sometimes called “immediate temperature response” is the reason many people love their gas stove. And in a culture where immediate gratification is celebrated, the appeal makes […]

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What Does A Nine-Volt Battery Have To Do With Healing Cancer?

By Lee Euler / August 28, 2022

In 1800, Italian-born physicist Alessandro Volta built what became known as the electric battery. It was the first device able to produce a steady electric current. Now, some European and Chinese doctors have embraced a therapeutic use of this invention that the U.S. medical establishment refuses to acknowledge, namely… …electrical currents can dissolve and destroy […]

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