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The Startling Cancer Therapy EVERY Patient Should Do

By Lee Euler / November 13, 2019

If you fall victim to cancer, there’s one surprising natural therapy that can help you fight tumors and improve the way you withstand the awful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. That therapy is exercise. But don’t worry, exercise to help heal cancer doesn’t have to be a sweat and feel-the-burn daunting kind of physical […]

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Pixie Dust or Snake Oil? The Real Health Benefits of “Sour Wine”

By Lee Euler / November 6, 2019

“Sour wine,” or vinegar—apple cider vinegar in particular—has been touted as a virtual cure-all. You’ll find reports of apple cider vinegar improving everything from cardiovascular health and diabetes to curing the common cold, promoting weight loss, even fighting cancer. Proponents point to apple cider vinegar’s wide array of nutrients, including probiotics, antioxidants, and a vitamin […]

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These Firefighters Have a Detoxing Secret You Can Use

By Lee Euler / November 3, 2019

The risk of cancer may haunt us all, but in some professions that risk increases ten times over. Firefighters are one of these groups, due to regular exposure to dangerous toxins through the combustion byproducts of burning materials. So as if being a firefighter weren’t dangerous enough, just think about this: Cancer is responsible for […]

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The Truth About Fried Foods and Cancer

By Lee Euler / October 20, 2019

If you’re like me, you instinctively love the smell of frying food. The rich fragrance of French fries or fried chicken—oh, it makes me hungry just thinking about it! Interestingly though, researchers found that it’s not actually the smell of frying food— or any food for that matter— making you hungry, but the sensation of […]

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“It’s Like Armor for Your Breasts”

By Lee Euler / October 16, 2019

As the number one cancer afflicting women in the U.S., breast cancer affects more than 300,000 women every year. Many sufferers must endure disfiguring breast surgeries, harsh radiation treatments, or toxic chemotherapies in the name of a cure. But in alternative medicine, the key to success in curing breast cancer has less to do with […]

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