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The Overlooked Vitamin Deficiency That Can Lead to Cancer

By Lee Euler / October 28, 2020

This little-known vitamin plays a key role in your good health and is critical for stopping numerous diseases, including cancer. However, unless you’re supplementing with vitamin K, you probably aren’t getting enough from your daily diet. Vitamin K was first discovered in Germany nearly a century ago, when scientists realized it was critical to blood […]

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Fountain of Youth or Funnel for Prostate Cancer?

By Lee Euler / October 25, 2020

Millions of American men now get regular doses of testosterone, enticed by the promise that they’ll feel more energetic, alert, confident, mentally sharp, and sexually functional. And many of them do experience these benefits. But as always, there’s a lot more to the story, including controversy over potential complications and cancer risks… What is testosterone […]

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The Cancer Treatment Hiding in Your Kitchen

By Lee Euler / October 21, 2020

The old kitchen staple baking soda has long been praised for its powers to clean, disinfect bacteria and remove odors in the kitchen. It can also help brighten your laundry, even whiten your teeth when used as toothpaste. But natural health enthusiasts point to a number of internal health benefits that most people never hear […]

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The Common Cucumber’s Cancer-Fighting Super Nutrients

By Lee Euler / October 14, 2020

While you’ve probably never heard of a class of phytonutrients found in nature called cucurbitacins, if you’ve ever eaten a cucumber you’ve tasted their bitter flavor. Despite not being widely known among the vegetable-munching public, cancer researchers have had their eyes on cucurbitacins for years. That’s because these powerful phytonutrients have shown remarkable abilities in […]

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Easy, At-Home Tips to Fight Cancer and Breathe Better

By Lee Euler / October 7, 2020

While it’s pretty obvious these days that the air we breathe contains loads of hidden cancer-causing toxins, what’s not as readily discussed is how you avoid them, especially when certain products, materials, and habits are such an important part of our daily life. It’s a fact that our modern world contains thousands of toxins that […]

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How the “Mushroom of Immortality” Helps Fight Cancer

By Lee Euler / October 4, 2020

In Asia, it’s known as the “mushroom of immortality,” or the “mushroom of spiritual potency.” It’s better known in the United States by its Japanese name, reishi, and in China it’s called lingzhi. For more than two thousand years, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors have relied on this mushroom to promote good health, youth, vitality and […]

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Juicing for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

By Lee Euler / September 30, 2020

The vibrant hues of fresh juices have captured consumer attention over recent years, not to mention a pretty substantial share of the health foods market. From juice bars to grocery store shelves lined with cold-pressed organic juice, the big question at this point is whether juice really deserves all the attention. And the answer is […]

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How Gum Disease Can Spread Cancer All Over Your Body

By Lee Euler / September 27, 2020

Gum disease isn’t just bad news for your teeth, but for your entire body. As the Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr. Nigel Carter, explains, “The link between oral health and overall body health is well documented and backed by robust scientific evidence. “Despite this,” he continues, “only one in six people […]

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