Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Does This Vitamin Actually Cause Cancer?

By Lee Euler / March 18, 2018

This powerful antioxidant helps your body fight inflammation, use vitamin K effectively, create red blood cells, and keep your immune system healthy. It’s mainly an antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals before they can harm DNA — and normally this should help prevent tumors and gene mutations. But when it comes to fighting cancer, Vitamin E’s reputation […]

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Those Home Cures for Skin Cancer Have a Few Problems

By Lee Euler / March 7, 2018

Dermatologists across America are witnessing an alarming trend. More and more people are self-treating their cancers with a powerful cell-killing substance bought online. They say this topical paste is doing enormous harm and disfiguring patients. On his TV show last year, Dr. Oz described this touted cancer remedy as “downright frightening” and “dangerous.” And yet […]

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The Cancer-Healing Secret of Earl Grey Tea

By Lee Euler / February 28, 2018

If you know bergamot at all, you probably know it as the exquisite added flavor that makes Earl Grey tea a favorite of tea-drinkers who know their stuff. Because of its delightful fragrance, the essential oil of bergamot has also been added to perfumes and cosmetics since at least 1714. It’s even used in aromatherapy and massage […]

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Outsmart Big Pharma by Activating Your Immune System for Free

By Lee Euler / February 25, 2018

The mainstream medical community has a new tool for fighting cancer, which they’ve dubbed the “fifth pillar” of cancer treatment. What they’re referring to is immunotherapy, or harnessing the power of a patient’s immune system to attack tumors. It’s hardly a new concept to those well-versed in the natural cancer-fighting ability of a well-cared-for body. […]

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This Delicious Fruit is a Vicious Cancer Killer

By Lee Euler / February 21, 2018

Today’s subject is a popular fruit that seems sweet and juicy to us, but turns into a deadly assassin when it sees a cancer cell. Research show it slows down the growth of breast cancer cells and their ability to spread. It contains polyphenols, which can be a helpful addition to current chemotherapy methods to […]

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Best Type of Fiber to Fight Cancer

By Lee Euler / February 14, 2018

“Cereal” is pretty much equal to “breakfast” for millions of Americans, maybe hundreds of millions. The tradition of cereal runs deep, going back hundreds of years in Western cultures, often beginning with hot cereals like oatmeal and porridge. It wasn’t until 1891 that John Harvey Kellogg, a doctor and son of a factory owner, created […]

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