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Proven Heart Saver Fights Cancer Too!

By Lee Euler / July 11, 2021

You know how coenzyme Q10—commonly called CoQ10—is a heart-saving miracle. This nutrient provides the fuel your heart needs to maintain its steady rhythm of 100,000 beats per day. But recent clinical studies suggest this heart helper could be an outstanding cancer-fighting nutrient too! According to the National Cancer Institute, coenzymes such as CoQ10 act as […]

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Brighten Your Mood with This Cancer-Fighting Nutrient

By Lee Euler / July 7, 2021

Many cancers have a genetic component and can begin when one or more genes are turned “on” or “off.” Certain diet and lifestyle changes can help keep genes well-functioning and prevent cancer. So can a little-known nutrient. SAMe (pronounced “Sammy”) is also known as SAM-e, S-adenosylmethionine, or ademetionine. Despite the complicated name, it’s a nutrient, […]

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Often Forgotten Cancer-Causing Danger of Summer Time

By Lee Euler / July 4, 2021

Summer time is often the worst time for exposure to a chemical that scientists called “a mutagen, carcinogen, and endocrine disruptor” in a scathing toxicology report. This chemical was banned in food products and food packaging in 2018 because it was shown to cause cancer in animals. Trouble is, many people will still be exposed […]

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A Soothing Massage Can Speed Cancer Recovery

By Lee Euler / June 30, 2021

Anybody who has had a good massage can tell you it feels great, but could a massage actually be used as part of a treatment arsenal against a potent enemy like cancer? It’s almost hard to picture if your idea of a massage involves meditative music, candles, and the relaxing scent of essential oils. But […]

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