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Simple Self-Help Therapy Reduces Visits to Doctors

By Lee Euler / September 29, 2019

Today I’m going to talk about a unique therapy that lifts and empowers people who are sick, anxious, stressed, or depressed. According to some experts, it improves their outlook and quality of life. Cancer patients use it as a coping mechanism and a way to stay sane (or at least saner) while they undergo treatment. […]

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Some Infections Boost Survival in Cancer Patients

By Lee Euler / September 25, 2019

Some viruses provoke a runny nose and sneezing. Nastier types can cause paralysis. At their most virulent, they can kill you. While viruses may be unpleasant, crippling and even deadly, they also have another role, one that’s new and still in development. And that is to fight cancer. Can you put this unlikely side effect […]

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New Electrical Therapy Zaps Cancer Cells to Death

By Lee Euler / September 22, 2019

Phillip Stricker, an Australian urologic oncologist says, “You can’t underestimate the potential of this technology.” And Boris Kuvshinoff from New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute agrees that it’s “one of the real exciting technologies that’s come out in the last few years.” It’s already been trialed in patients with prostate, liver, kidney, lung and pancreatic […]

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The “Hulk” of Anticancer Beverages

By Lee Euler / September 18, 2019

Though it’s long been a staple in other countries, Americans rarely drank green tea until about 20 years ago. Most Americans had never even tasted it. We’re in the minority on this one, because outside of water, green tea is the most popular beverage worldwide — mostly owing to its huge popularity in Asia. Now, […]

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