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Cancer From an Unlikely Source

By Lee Euler / June 13, 2021

The other day, I listened as a radio personality voiced a segment on things people did 100 years ago that seem strange today. Bloodletting with leeches and using heroin as a cold remedy were two of the most shocking.1 But then she went on to talk about remedies and health practices in use today that, […]

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Protease Enzymes: The Overlooked Cancer Fighter

By Lee Euler / June 9, 2021

Enzymes are one of the cornerstones of alternative cancer therapy. Many alternative cancer doctors recommend either enzyme supplements or diets that are naturally rich in enzymes. Enzymes are safe, harmless, and (as far as I’m concerned) proven effective in thousands of patients. But it wasn’t until the last decade that mainstream scientific research started to […]

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Cancer-Killing Power of “Horn Root”

By Lee Euler / June 6, 2021

Horn root is a plant that dates back to the 1st century in ancient China and India. Ancient healers used horn root medicinally while ordinary folks enjoyed its strong flavor in cooking. If you think you’ve never heard of or seen horn root before, you have, only by another name. Horn root is the translation […]

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Common B Vitamin Fights Deadly Brain Cancer

By Lee Euler / June 2, 2021

Glioblastoma is one of the most common brain tumors, and without a doubt the most lethal.1 Once diagnosed, most people live fewer than 15 months.2 In an attempt to find an effective treatment, researchers examined 1,040 compounds against glioblastoma in mice. When they tested the vitamin niacin, otherwise known as vitamin B3, they were stunned.3 […]

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Should You Eat More of These Trendy Foods?

By Lee Euler / May 19, 2021

Trends can be helpful – sometimes. But they can also be wrong. That’s why it’s always smart to try to understand the science behind any trend or to see if there even is science to understand. One of the hottest nutritional trends today is the role of fermented foods in human health. Fermented foods are […]

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