Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Is This the Most Natural Way to Fight Cancer?

By Lee Euler / March 17, 2019

Your body has a natural way to fight cancer that too many of us undermine (and, no, I’m not talking about our bad eating habits). The natural tool I’m referring to is so effective, researchers are now calling it a “tumor suppressor.” It’s simple to put this basic bodily function to work on your behalf. […]

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Chemotherapy is Not Always Bad

By Lee Euler / March 13, 2019

Cancer patients are admonished to discuss their ideas and concerns with their oncologist. But when they ask about alternative treatments they’re told it’s all quackery and will endanger their lives. The vast majority of oncologists don’t have a clue about natural medicine. Please understand this: They know NOTHING about it. When they tell you it […]

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A Simple Answer to the HRT-versus-Cancer Debate

By Lee Euler / March 10, 2019

The topic of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, can be as polarizing these days as politics. Even members of the medical community can fly into a rage about it. And the massive amount of misinformation on the internet helps nobody. I’ve heard doctors spout off advice about how important it is to consider risks versus […]

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