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2,000-Year-Old Mint Plant Kills Cancer Cells

By Lee Euler / August 10, 2022

Nearly three decades of research confirms that an herb from the mint family consumed for thousands of years in Asia may be highly effective in wiping out thirteen different forms of cancer. The news is no surprise to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors who’ve relied on this plant to treat a variety of health problems, […]

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Does This Ancient Chinese Remedy Heal Liver Cancer?

By Lee Euler / August 7, 2022

One of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s ancient natural therapies is being tested as a possible treatment for liver cancer – even for cases once thought hopeless. Studies suggest that berbamine, a nutrient from the barberry plant, does work and can help block the growth of liver cancer cells. Let’s take a look at the evidence… There’s […]

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Choosing A Naturopath, M.D., Or Both…

By Lee Euler / July 24, 2022

If you’ve read much about alternative health, you’ve come across the word “naturopath” or you’ve seen the initials “N.D.” (instead of “M.D.”) following a doctor’s name. The doctors we interview in our Special Reports are often N.D.’s. The initials stand for Doctor of Naturopathy. You’ve probably seen the word, but you may wonder what it […]

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The Truth About DMSO And Cancer

By Lee Euler / July 17, 2022

DMSO has long been a favorite therapy of alternative cancer doctors because it calms inflammation, gobbles up free radicals, and boosts the effect of cancer-killing therapies such as high-dose vitamin C and laetrile. In fact, one of Mexico’s top cancer doctors, Gilberto Alvarez, M.D., used only those three therapies — DMSO, laetrile, and vitamin C […]

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