Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

A Cancer-Killing Food You Can Eat Every Day

By Lee Euler / December 9, 2018

The word superfood is bandied about for such a large number of products these days, I think many of us tune it out. “Oh, another superfood. What’s on TV tonight?” It’s become just more marketing hype. So forgive me if I fall back on the term today, because there’s one plant that really does live […]

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Beware of Foods that Look Too Pretty

By Lee Euler / December 2, 2018

Over the last century, the processed-food industry has worked hard to create synthetic, shelf-stable colors, flavors, and preservatives. Today I’m going to focus on the colors and set aside the chemical flavors and preservatives. For colors, the goal was to create cheap hues that were easy to concoct in laboratories and insert into foods to […]

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A Soda a Day Keeps the Doctors at Bay

By Lee Euler / November 21, 2018

Most of us know soda (or soda pop, as we say in my native Midwest) is bad news – whether it’s regular or diet. But there IS one soda that’s an exception. It’s unconventional, for sure, but it does taste good and I’ve taken to it lately. It can improve your energy levels, cut your […]

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Highly Toxic Carcinogen Lurks in Everyday Foods

By Lee Euler / November 11, 2018

Described by scientists as among the most potent mutation-causing and carcinogenic substances known, these chemicals already destroy a quarter of the entire world’s food crop annually before it even gets to anyone’s plate, and in a bad year the economic losses in just the corn crop alone can top $1.7 billion in the US. It’s […]

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