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Cancer is totally curable, this doctor says

By Lee Euler / October 25, 2017

by Andrew Scholberg

This is the first of two reports about the 2017 Cancer Control Convention and Doctors’ Symposium, held over Labor Day weekend at the Glendale Hilton Hotel in Glendale, California.

Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D., is the picture of health — full of optimism, energy, and cheerfulness. She’s in excellent physical condition and particularly loves to shoot baskets. She still plays all of the sports she enjoyed at age 30 — even though she’s now 80!

You’d never suspect that she went through a grim struggle for survival 24 years ago when a deadly tumor first appeared.

Dr. Day, who began her career as an orthopedic trauma surgeon, is the author of What Does It Take to Get Well and I Will Give You Back Your Health Again. Her talk at this year’s Cancer Control Society Convention was on “Advanced Breast Cancer: Now 20 Years Cancer-Free.”

In 1993 she learned she had a nasty case of breast cancer. The cancer was all through her chest wall. She began a vegan diet, but in nine months her tumor returned. It was about the size of a marble. What could she try next?

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Dr. Day knew that chemo and radiation cause cancer and destroy the immune system, so she decided she wasn’t going to have them. Another disadvantage of chemo is that it can cause “chemo brain” — an impairment of brain function that can last ten years or more.

She declared, “No cancer has ever been caused by a deficiency of chemo or radiation.”

Her tumor was huge — sticking out of the middle of her chest. She showed the audience a photo of it. It was an angry shade of red, indicating severe inflammation. She tried alternative treatments like laetrile and high dose vitamin C, but the tumor kept on growing.

She became bedridden and at one point wasn’t even expected to live through the night, and her tumor was so painful that she rarely got more than two hours of sleep. Cancer wasn’t her only problem. She also developed Parkinson’s disease, which caused her hands to shake and tremble.

A change of mind about God

Dr. Day had been an agnostic all her life, but she was at the end of her rope. So she did something different. She humbled herself and started to pray. She also did something else different. She started to read the Bible, and she took it seriously.

She told the CCS audience, “I had nowhere else to turn.” Severe cancer was the “foxhole” experience that caused her to ask God for help. As the saying goes, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”

Believe it or not, she got rid of her cancer and her Parkinson’s disease. She held out her hand to the audience to prove that it was as steady as a rock. Indeed, her hand didn’t shake or tremble a bit.

How did she accomplish this? She explained, “Cancer is caused by lifestyle factors. I changed them. All of the things that prevent and cure cancer are also anti-aging.” She pointed out that one overlooked factor is dehydration, “which contributes to all disease.”

She said something else that I’ve learned people don’t want to hear: “If you have cancer, you gave it to yourself. Admit it. Then you can get well. Imagine someone who has a mangled thumb that won’t heal. The doctor asks, ‘How did it happen?’ The patient replies, ‘I bash it with a hammer every day.’ Stop! Put down the hammer!”

You don’t need money to beat cancer

On the other hand, Dr. Day said something that most people DO want to hear: her cancer cure is dirt cheap.

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of the key elements of the cure that are free or nearly free. Drink lots of water and fresh vegetable juice. Breathe outside air. She said cancer grows twice as fast when you breathe inside air. Healing hormones are active at night, so get plenty of sleep.

The “to do” list continues: Manage stress. Get moving. Walking is an excellent form of exercise. Get plenty of sunlight. Dr. Day declared, “Sunlight doesn’t cause skin cancer. In 1900, 75 percent of Americans worked outdoors, and skin cancer wasn’t a problem. Now 10 percent of Americans work outside, and skin cancer is everywhere.”

Another must: Don’t eat processed food or sugar. It’s important to nourish the body by eating the right things, and food isn’t free. But you’re going to eat anyway, and she pointed out that it costs about the same to eat right as to eat poorly. She recommends a vegan eating plan.

Dr. Day said, “The cure for cancer is known, but it’s not easy. You have to starve the cancer cells to death. Cancer cells need sugar, animal products, and stress to grow.”

Three doctors had told Dr. Day that she would die without chemo and radiation. She ignored them. One of the doctors died of a heart attack after bypass surgery. The other two died of cancer. Perhaps they weren’t the best authorities?

Dr. Day’s cure may be the least expensive on planet earth. She describes her recommendations in a comprehensive package of self-help materials that’s available for $160 from her website,, after which everything that’s in the cure is free. As the picture of health, she’s a walking billboard for her own treatment, which is also a powerful anti-aging remedy.

Dr. Day’s case proves that curing cancer isn’t just a matter of taking the right supplement or getting the right treatment. One of the most important changes Dr. Day made was changing her attitude. Several other speakers also emphasized how important that is.

Attitude adjustment

Another speaker, Carolyn Gross, is the author of Treatable and Beatable. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. After examining her, one of Mexico’s top cancer doctors, Geronimo Rubio, M.D., told her, “I think we can save your breasts.”

He gave her immunotherapy, detoxification, and good nutrition, but Carolyn learned that “all health begins in the mind.” She said, “Emotional health is a team sport. Forgiveness is essential. Don’t hold grudges. Avoid self-pity. Fortify your health with friendship and forgiveness. Some people are put in your life so you can learn to forgive. To forgive equals no more cancer.”

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., is the author of The Cancer Revolution. She told the CCS crowd, “We can prevent cancer completely today, and no one knows that. It’s more aggressive today because of toxicity. We must detox!”

“It takes 10 years to get cancer. It’s preventable.” She emphasized that detox is needed not only for the body but also for the mind: “Every day achieve peacefulness. Your mind is your power, and your power is in your mind. You need someone caring about you and listening to you.”

Dr. Kevin Conners, D.C., is the author of Stop Fighting the Cancer and Start Treating the Cause. He had sold his practice and was helping an orphanage in Mexico when a woman approached him because a doctor had told her that her breast cancer was so bad she would be dead in three months.

He ordered a Rife machine, which uses sound frequencies to kill cancer cells, and cured her with it. He uses Rife with all of his cancer patients, and they go home with Rife machines, which they use at night during sleep. Like many of the previous speakers, he recognizes that it also takes a certain attitude to get rid of cancer. He said, “Stop fighting the cancer. Look at it differently. Look for the cause.” You can download his books for free from his website:

Dr. Christine Salter, M.D. spoke on “Strategies for Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer.” She said metastasis (circulating tumor cells that spread) is what can kill patients. Yet conventional doctors focus on the tumor while ignoring the circulating tumor cells. Then patients are shocked when the cancer “comes back.” Dr. Salter’s response to that is, “No. It never went anywhere in the first place.”

She strongly recommends exercise because it both treats and prevents cancer. “Exercise is really, really important.” She also said it’s necessary to “resolve anger, be at peace, forgive, and have no bitterness.”

Peter Starr, who turned himself into an authority on prostate health by curing his own prostate cancer, produced a remarkable documentary, “Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery, Drugs, or Radiation.” He told the group, “Not everyone can handle lifestyle changes, but you can cure yourself.” He urges cancer patients to “live a purposeful life.” Making good decisions about life management is the path to healing and health.

Are electro-magnetic frequencies
“the ‘tobacco’ of the digital age”?

Dr. Devra Lee Davis won the Cancer Control Society’s Humanitarian Award for her 50 years of dedicated work for public health. She spoke on “The Secret History of the War on Cancer.” Her talk focused on the dangers of cell phones and other devices that emit electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs).

She said the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has identified radio frequency EMFs as a potential carcinogen for humans, causing an increased risk for glioma brain cancer associated with wireless use.

In America, some states have taken notice. Connecticut authorities have advised, “It’s wise to reduce exposure.” Maryland authorities have recommended that schools be wired, not wireless.

Dr. Davis said that children are particularly vulnerable because their skulls are thinner and their immune systems are still developing. She urged parents of infants to just say no to baby monitors because of the high EMF level: “Baby monitors? They’re not worth it! Listen to your child.”

Not a good idea: iPhone next to the body

Dr. Davis urged the audience members to take their iPhones out of their pockets, go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “About” (which is at the very top), then go to “Legal” at the very bottom. Then go to RF exposure. It says that iPhone testing was conducted with a five millimeter space between the device and the body. Five millimeters is nearly a quarter of an inch.

Dr. Lee said you can get three to four times the amount of exposure if the iPhone is held against your body. She said holding it against your ear is dangerous because it brings the device too close to the brain. Putting the phone in your pocket is dangerous because it places the device so close to the reproductive organs.

It’s fairly common for girls and women to use their bras to hold their smartphones, putting them at higher risk for breast cancer. She urged women to stop doing that and “save the ‘girls.’”

Dr. Davis said, “This is a big deal. We’re exposing ourselves and our children to radiation levels that have never been tested. We’re guinea pigs. This exposure can be avoided.” She pointed out that a laptop placed over a Petri dish of sperm damages the sperm after four hours. The microwaves impair male reproduction. It’s known that the sperm counts of American males have been dropping. Dr. Davis believes microwaves are a cause.

Dr. Davis urged everyone to keep smartphones away from the body. If it’s necessary to carry one on your person, she recommended putting it in airplane mode. If it’s not in airplane mode, there’s a risk of exposure to harmful EMFs because the smartphone is constantly telling the nearest tower, “Here I am?” while the tower constantly asks the smartphone, “Where are you?”

If you take a call on a smartphone, Dr. Lee recommended putting it on speaker phone and holding it well away from your ear. Instead of putting a laptop computer directly on your lap, place a thick book between the laptop and your body. Instead of holding a tablet next to your body, place it on a thick book or on a table.

Finally, she added, “We need to move beyond requiring proof of human harm. Thomas Edison’s assistant died of radiation poisoning. Madame Curie died of radiation poisoning, and her notebooks are still too hot to handle because of the radiation.”

Growing evidence of EMF harm

Another speaker, William Cadwallader, added his weight to Dr. Davis’s conclusions. He uses scientific devices to measure the EMF level and has found particularly high levels in microwave ovens and baby monitors.

According to Mr. Cadwallader, Bluetooth earpieces are also dangerous, and he said that wired is better than wireless. He urged those who have WiFi in their homes to turn off the wireless router at night, and he suggested using an inexpensive automatic timer device that turns your WiFi on in the morning and off at night.

He said, “EMF is the ‘tobacco’ of the digital age.”

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Lee Euler,

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