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Do this for the “ugly cancers”

By Lee Euler / June 1, 2011

Here’s what you do for the “ugly cancers”

(Second of two reports on the 2011 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Conference held in West Palm Beach, Florida)

by Andrew Scholberg

Dr. Walter Wainright, a Ph.D. researcher, presented a remarkably potent remedy that devastates cancer cells without pulling down the immune system or killing healthy cells. It’s a fermented soy product I’d never heard of before: Haelen. Dr. Wainright declared that “fermented soy is for the ugly cancers.”

An ugly cancer requires an equally serious remedy — not a remedy like high-dose chemo or radiation that destroys your immune system while indiscriminately killing your body’s healthy cells, but a powerful natural remedy. This could be it.

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Secret of People Who Don’t Get Cancer

A century ago, a British doctor stumbled across a remote and isolated tribe at the extreme northern end of India. He lived among the tribe members for seven years to learn the secret of their robust health.

In 1921, Oxford University published this doctor’s remarkable findings.

He reported that the tribe members were “unsurpassed” in freedom from disease. Cancer was unknown in this tribe. The doctor also discovered they had a long life expectancy.

He also noted a peculiar thing about what they ate: they ate a great deal of a certain highly nutritious food. And get this: It’s a food that most people in the U.S. and Europe throw away! Why?? Because hardly anybody knows it’s good to eat — and good for you, too!

Click here to keep reading, because this food is one of the most important secrets we’ve found to preventing cancer AND curing it if you’ve already got it.

Unlike Dr. Wainright, I’m not a scientist. I’m only a layman, like most of the people reading this article. I regret to admit that just about everything Dr. Wainright said in explaining how Haelen works sailed right over my head. But fortunately I was sitting next to Ursula Jacob, M.D., one of Germany’s top cancer doctors. Immediately after Dr. Wainright’s talk, I turned to Dr. Jacob and asked her, “Does he know what he’s talking about?” She said yes. She uses Haelen at her clinic in Germany’s Black Forest.

Haelen has no side effects, it’s cheap, and it’s easy to get.

Compare Haelen to the popular chemo drug Avastin, for example. Avastin costs an astounding $100,000. The benefit of Avastin for all this money? Studies purport to show that Avastin could extend someone’s life a couple of months — perhaps as much as five months. And Avastin has severe side effects.

By contrast, Haelen costs only $900 for an effective course of treatment: less than one penny on the dollar compared to Avastin. It’s effective against cancer — even ugly cancers. And it has no side effects.

Make no mistake: there’s no silver bullet against cancer. But there are quite a few effective therapies that work well when used together to get rid of cancer: Haelen, high dose vitamin C, detox therapies, DMSO, laetrile, etc.

The next issue of this newsletter will carry an in-depth report on fermented soybean products (including Haelen) and their remarkable benefits.

Americans still go to Mexico for laetrile

Laetrile was one of the topics Dr. Ralph Moss addressed in his talk at the conference. Late in the 1970s, about 70,000 Americans went to Mexico to get laetrile because news of its effectiveness against cancer leaked out.

Incredible as it sounds, Dr. Moss pointed out that the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion, Illinois, was giving Laetrile and DMSO in the late 1970s. Laetrile was freely prescribed — right here in America! No longer is that the case.

Laetrile is now verboten in America, and any American doctor who prescribes or recommends it can expect a huge hassle from the government or from the medical board or from both. Doctors who’ve given laetrile to their patients have been given free room and board — in other words, prison.

No wonder so many Americans still go to Mexico for cancer treatment. For more information about the top Mexican cancer clinics in safe, secure areas, check out my Special Report, Adios, Cancer.

Even though the Cancer Treatment Centers of America doesn’t offer laetrile any more, it’s still better than the conventional cancer hospital because it offers some alternative therapies plus nutrition and counseling. For information about the top alternative cancer clinics in America, see my Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA.

Ignoramus gives Marisa six months to live

One of the most dramatic stories I heard at the conference was from Marisa Harris, a stage four pancreatic cancer survivor. Marisa’s conventional doctor told her, “Nothing can be done. You have four to six months to live.” Then, after giving her this death sentence, he quizzed her and said, “You’re not going to do any of that alternative stuff, are you?” She replied, “Of course not!” He patted her shoulder and said, “Good girl.”

Not only was that doctor an ignoramus, but also — please pardon me for saying this — he was a pompous ass!

Fortunately Marisa found another doctor with two important qualifications: humility and useful information. The new doctor asked her, “Do you really want to live?” “Yes,” she replied. The doctor responded, “How much are you willing to do?” “Everything,” she said. The doctor pointedly asked, “Are you sure?”

What filled Marisa with a bright ray of hope were the new doctor’s words: “There’s so much you can do! Doctors don’t even know when they’re going to die. How can any doctor possibly know when you’re going to die?”

Amen! Any doctor who gives patients just months to live is a fool, pure and simple. No doctor knows the future. Only God knows how many months someone has to live.

To beat cancer, the patient needs a robust immune system and vibrant health. Mark Kaylor gave a talk on what cancer patients can take to achieve radiant health, a remedy he called the “missing element” in health and healing. Getting rid of a disease counts for something, but what if the patient still feels “blah” or even rotten? Medicinal mushrooms are a powerful remedy that can help bring back one’s pep, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.

Kaylor said that three different mushrooms have a dramatic effect for better health: 1) Eating 9 to 12 shitake mushrooms a day is an anti-fungal that also revitalizes the liver. 2) Chaga mushrooms are extraordinarily strong and show great promise for strengthening your constitution. In fact, the body of the 5,000-year-old “Iceman” of the Alps was found with a medicine pouch containing similar mushrooms. 3) Kaylor’s favorite is the reishi mushroom, which is good for sleep, and for the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys — just about everything.

Dr. Troy Sanford, N.D., spoke about water ionizing machines that activate hydrogen, which scavenges free radicals. He said 15 percent of Japanese homes have water ionizers, which create “living water.” Like an inflated balloon, this water has energy, according to Dr. Sanford. It’s an easy way to alkalize your diet.

Dr. Sanford said that your body will alkalize your blood — one way or the other. But if your body has to rob calcium from your bones and magnesium from your muscles to accomplish this, it would be at a high price. Instead of forcing your body to rob Peter to pay Paul, drinking alkalized water will make it easy for your body to alkalize your blood. The by-product of the ionizing machine is acidic water, which is useful for washing food because it kills food-borne pathogens — even E. coli. He says you can get a good water ionizer for about $2,000.

Nutrition can cure even brain cancer, study proves

Believe it or not, eating the right foods alone is enough to beat some cancers. In Dr. Jeanne Wallace’s talk, she cited a study that involved 341 glioblastoma brain cancer patients. This is an ugly cancer — the kind that killed Senator Ted Kennedy. Glioblastoma is considered a death sentence, and hardly any patients are alive a year or two after their diagnosis. But with good nutrition, an astounding 15 percent of the 341 patients were still alive after five years!

That’s the astonishing difference good nutrition can make. What does Dr. Wallace recommend you should eat? She highly recommends things like cinnamon, blueberries, cammomile tea, black walnuts, and oat bran.

Dr. Wallace also listed the ingredients of her “superfood” salad: garlic/onions, parsley, avocado, flaxseed meal (fresh ground flaxseeds for which you need a spice grinder in your kitchen), fresh squeezed lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil.

To quench inflammation, Dr. Wallace recommends curcumin and resveratrol — not one or the other but both.

Another speaker, Dr. Helayne Waldman, gave her recipe for an anti-inflammatory “Cream of Green” soup:

1. Four cups of fresh green veggies (broccoli florets and/or asparagus and/or green beans and/or chard and/or greens of your choice)

2. Two cups of organic chicken broth or vegetable broth

3. One cup of organic coconut milk

4. One large onion, fried

5. Add garlic to taste

6. Be creative with your spice rack, adding curry or curcumin or ginger or oregano, etc.

7. Blend everything

Dr. Waldman urged the audience members to give their overtaxed livers some help! She mentioned three things anyone can do: 1) Take olive oil mixed with fresh lemon juice with your salad or at bedtime. 2) Take hot water with lemon in the morning. 3) Take milk thistle extract — available at any health food store — for good liver health.

The best way to promote intestinal health, Dr. Waldman said, is to eat raw kraut — the kind that has to be kept under refrigeration in the store. Not only is kraut (fermented cabbage) a cruciferous vegetable, but in its fermented state it’s jam-packed with the probiotics your intestines need for optimal health. Raw sauerkraut is expensive to buy, but it’s cheap and easy to make at home. “Raw kraut is fabulous. You can’t beat it,” she said.

Dr. Waldman also addressed a topic cancer patients must consider: dental health. Because root canals and other jaw infections can cause cancer — even cancers of the breast and prostate! — these dental problems must be solved. Conventional dentists — i.e., those who are doing the root canals in the first place — may not be of much help. To find a biological dentist, Dr. Waldman recommends this website:

Another excellent resource is Cancer Defeated’s Special Report The Secret Poison in Your Mouth. This 53-page guide provides numerous resources for finding a good biological dentist — plus much other information about the bad dental work that’s destroying the health of millions. Most alternative cancer experts consider mercury fillings and root canals to be prime causes of cancer. In fact, one famous Swiss clinic told us that nearly ALL breast cancer patients have had a root canal.

No one who attended the 2011 Annie Appleseed conference would deny that there’s so much a “terminal” cancer patient can do to live in good health for years. The speakers who gave their testimonials proved this point.

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